• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susanna Zubair Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Golden Retriever Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Southern Golden Retriever Society Championship show 14/5/2022

Bitch critique

Judge: Susanna Zubair

I would like to thank the committee for the invitation to judge at this Championship show.

My co judge and I were in complete agreement regarding the final winners with the bitch LINIRGOR TEACHERS PET AT TREEVEVILLE JW winning Best in show and the lovely young male RAMCHAINE YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND IN ZENEVIEVA JW going Reserve Best In Show.

Best puppy in show was GOLMAS GUARD OF HONOUR AT JARABEES and Best veteran in Show was the lovely male SH CH/INT CH LINIRGOR PIED PIPER AT MEIEPERE who still looked in great condition.

The venue was lovely and we were lucky with the weather. I had a very nice entry but sadly quite a few absentees but as we know this is to be expected with bitches due to seasons and coats. Thank you to everyone who entered under me.

As an overall observation I felt the puppy classes lacked the same quality as my older classes. There were quite a few short upper arms and lack of forechest, long bodies which affects the toplines. Temperaments as a whole were very good, and I saw no bad mouths.


1st Beer’s TASHEEN ELEGANCE, Lovely shape to this 11-year-old mid gold lady, beautiful head with dark eye and pigment, good flow of neck into well positioned shoulders, level topline and tailset, balanced front and rear angulation with lovely forechest and upperarm, straight front and good feet, moved well in the class but was tired at the end of the day as a warm day.

2nd Mandley’s MALTQUDOS MISS MASH, Hard to believe this cream girl is 12 years old, still looking great for her age, sweet head with dark eye and soft expression, compact body with a strong level topline, more moderately angled than my winner she still present a very balanced outline, strong straight legs with good bone, moves well holding her shape. Very nicely handled and presented.


VETERAN (9 entries, 6 absent)

3 super girls in this class.

1st O’Gorman’s CH RATHCLOON HUNTER IN PINK FOR BERRYMEADE JD, what a lovely well balanced girl this is, Most gorgeous feminine head with dark eyes and pigment, Short compact body with good length of neck and well positioned shoulders, Looks best when free stood wagging her tail, straight front legs with good feet, moves well driving from short strong hocks holding her level topline and perfect tail carriage. BEST VETERAN BITCH and it was a tough decision for BVIS but the dog really looked in tip top condition on the day.

2nd Magson’s CASTLEGOLDEN CLASSY LADY JW Cream quality girl who also presents a lovely outline, beautiful well shaped head, dark soft eyes, Compact body and well off for bone, straight legs and tidy neat feet, Moves with plenty of drive holding her topline, very nicely handles and presented.


MINOR PUPPY (10 entered, 4 absent)

1st Byer’s BALIBEAU THONS A TERRA Cream girl of good size, well up on her legs, matching front and rear angulation, lovely feminine head with good pigment and eye colour, straight front and neat feet, Moved well using her short hocks. BEST BITCH PUPPY

2nd Tarsey’s MITCHNELL YOU PIERCE MY SOUL Smaller than my winner this sweet girl presents a well-balanced outline, feminine head, straight front and good bone, moved well holding her topline, unfortunately not in the best coat today but still very nicely presented and handled.


PUPPY (12 entries, 4 absent)




JUNIOR (5 entries, 4 absent)

1st Russell-Bond’s ROSINANTE SILHOUETTE, stood alone in this class, lovely mid gold girl with the most beautiful well shaped head, clean strong neck, lovely front with good upper arm and forechest, well developed ribcage and good depth of chest, moved well. Unfortunately not in her best coat today which is why she was placed further down in the next classes, nicely handled.

YEARLING (13 Entries, 5 absent)

This was a lovely class full of quality

1st Nelson & Ashton’s WILLOWLAWN STAYCATION AT CADWST Good sized cream girl who the handler really gets the best out of, Beautiful well shaped head with the soft kind expression we wish for, strong clean neck flows well into her excellent shoulder placement, short coupled body with strong topline & correct tailset. She has good length of leg and balanced angulation in front matching her rear, moves with drive and carries herself well.

2nd Crookes & Jenkinson’s QUAKERHALL FLARE BY PANDORA Close decision to my winner, just preferred the shorter body of nr1. Lovely ‘elegant’ girl with a beautiful head, excellent length of neck flowing beautifully into her laid-back shoulders, good bone and feet, moves well and handler really gets the best out of this girl too.


MAIDEN (11 entries, 3 absent)

1st O’Gorman’s Berrymeade Kinvara A lovely mid gold short coupled girl, she has the most pretty feminine head with lovely dark eyes & black pigment, excellent length of neck flows nicely into well laid back shoulders, strong level topline standing and moving, lovely tailset and good length of leg, would have preferred tighter fitting elbows, she moves very well using her strong hind quarters, nicely handled and presented.

2nd Mandle’s MALTQUDOS MISS NORDIC ISLA This girl has the most lovely head, so soft with dark eye and pigment, short coupled balanced boy, Would have preferred a little more upper arm and forechest, lovely strong topline standing and moving, just a little proud of her tail today. Very nicely presented and handled to advantage.


NOVICE (14 entries, 6 absent)




UNDERGRADUATE (10 entries, 3 absent)

1st Falconer’s SONEVE SIMPLY SPECIAL FOR SIATHAM JW Cream girl at the lower end of the standard, full of beans today giving her handler a testing time, beautiful head with a soft expression lovely dark eye and pigment, Short coupled body, carrying a little too much weight for me today, lovely flow of neck into excellent shoulder placement, tight fitting elbows, balanced front and rear angulation, moved well holding her level topline and correct tail carriage, good drive from her short hocks.

2ns O’Gorman’s Berrymeade Kinvara


GRADUATE (14 entries, 8 absent)

1st Harding’s EVENINGHILL GOING DUTCH, Balanced cream girl of quality, lovely feminine head with dark eyes and black pigment, straight front and good bone, short coupled body in good condition, Moved well keeping a level topline.

2nd Taylor’s PANDREFT QUITE A MELODY, mid gold girl with a lovely shape, slightly longer in loin than my winner, stronger head but still feminine, lovely length of neck flowing into excellent shoulder placement, level topline, balanced front and rear angulation, good bone, not in her best coat today, moved well with plenty of drive, nicely handled.


POSTGRADUATE (9 entries, 3 absent)

Another lovely class where I wanted more 1st place cards.

1st Hill’s SANDAULA THIS WILL DO (AI) JW This girl has a lovely head with the softest expression, beautiful dark eyes, well off for bone, Not overdone in any way she presents a balanced outline, short coupled body, lovely neck and shoulders, moves well holding her level topline and tail carriage. Unfortunately she did not show as well in the challenge due to change of handler.

2nd Robbin’s & Rowark’s BREKSWOOD LADY ELEANOR Substantial mid gold girl with a lovely head, strong yet feminine, short coupled body with balanced angulation, lovely flow of neck into shoulders, short body, well angulated read with good width to stifle, well off for bone moved with good reach and drive, it was a close decision, just preferred the winners topline on the move.


MINOR LIMIT (7 entries, 2 absent)

1st Nelson’s CADWST ETERNAL FLAME, mid gold girl at the taller end of the standard, stronger head but still feminine with a soft expression, lovely length of neck that flows into correct shoulder placement, lovely front with correct return of upperarm and tight elbows, deep through the chest short coupled loin, well angulated rear, would just prefer slightly shorter hocks, moves well holding a level top line & tail carriage, very nicely handled and her good quality coat is very well presented.

2nd Clunie’s WARRENTOR CAIPIRINHA JW Different type to my winner, sweetest of heads with a lovely soft expression, well off for bone, good angulation in front and behind, level topline and tailset, moves well with good drive, very nicely handled.


LIMIT (16 entries, 3 absent)

Best class of the day and I was truly spoilt for choice

1st Youngson’s LINIRGOR TEACHERS PET AT TREEVEVILLE JW, This lovely cream girl screams out balance, nothing too much but still has enough of everything, Beautiful well chiselled head with a soft expression, would have preferred a slightly darker eye but that is being picky, good pigment, well boned straight legs with good feet, short coupled body with balanced angles in front and rear, lovely flow of neck into correct shoulder placement, level topline & perfect tailset, short coupled loin, strong short hocks that she uses well on the move driving behind and good reach in front, in beautiful coat that is well presented, her handler really gets the best out of her and was delighted to award her the CC and with agreement of my co judge BIS.

2nd Ives’s TREWATER BUSY LIZZIE AT BALSAMINA Another lovely cream girl who has so much to like, Most beautiful head with dark eye and soft expression, Strong neck of good length that flows nicely into the shoulders and a level topline, correct tail set, balanced construction in front and rear, lovely straight front, moves well with correct footfall holding a lovely topline and perfect tail carriage, thought she would be my RCC winner but would unfortunate not move at all in the challenge. I am sure her owner will have many more lovely wins with her.


OPEN (9 entries, 3 absent)

1st McCormack’s SH CH FLYNGALEE TEPPUM This is another very well-balanced girl, nothing overdone at all, lovely well chiselled head with a soft expression, good length of neck that is strong, short coupled body with well boned legs and correct feet, short strong hocks that she uses well on the move, holds a lovely outline on the move, she is in good mid gold coat, very nice handled and presented.

2nd Simms-Stelling’s POPPYGOLD FIRE OPAL WITH STVINCENT Different in type to 1 but appealed a lot, Most gorgeous head with a dark eye giving that lovely soft expression, excellent length of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, lovely front angulation with correct forechest, well angulated rear quarters, slightly longer in loin than my winner which caused her to loose her topline at times, moves well with good reach and drive.


KC GOOD CITIZEN (8 entries, 4 absent)

1st Hill’s SANDAULA KISS FROM A ROSE (AI) Well balanced girl of a lovely type with good length of leg, short coupled with excellent length and flow of neck, well placed shoulders, well angulated front with good forechest matched by well angulated rear quarters, Beautiful well chiselled head with a dark eye and pigment, well off for bone and in glorious mid gold coat, moves well just has a tendency to ‘roll’ a bit which detracts slightly.

2nd TSARMONT STARLET Neat short coupled girl, sweet head, lovely straight front with good bone. Good length of neck and well placed shoulders, Strong hind quarters with lovely short hocks, in good coat and moved well.