• Show Date: 14/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan Porter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Golden Retriever Society

Breed: Retriever (Golden)

Southern Golden Retriever Society 14.05.2022

Dogs Miss Susan Porter ‘Shearstone’

I would like to thank SGRS for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show and also my ring stewards who were very efficient. When it came to deciding BIS etc I was in complete agreement with my co judge, and we didn’t need the referee. My veterans were stunning, and I had some lovely examples to go over. I did find the depth of quality in the lower classes somewhat disappointing.

Special Veteran Dog 2

1st McCormacks Sh Ch Flyngalee Alonso I’ve done this boy well before and have always thought him a stunning example of thee breed, he is well made throughout and free stands always attentive to his handler, he’s one of those dogs that looks easy to show, you would struggle to make him look bad. Still moves out well.

2nd Linfield Tonara Rio Grande JW ShCM Smaller than the winner but another lovely boy with a handsome head on him. He has good front angulation, super bone straight front with tight feet. He still holds his top line, lovely backend. I just felt my winner had better reach of neck flowing into his top line.

Veteran Dog 2

1st Saarniit & Fosdike Sh Ch /Int/Est/Fin/Bal/Lva/Ltu Ch Linirgor Pied Piper At Meiepere Est/Lva Jch It was a privilege to be given the chance to go over this boy. He has a stunning outline and is as close to perfect as you can get. At pushing ten I did consider him for top honours.

2nd Loverock & Waldron-Smith Lovissa Space Dust ShCM Another well-made boy with a handsome head, he has a well put together front and a lovely backend. Just preferred the movement of the winner especially in profile.

Minor Puppy 3,1a

1st Garget & Morriss Goldmarker Coming Home to Garvin (AI) Very promising baby that is very much at that loose movement stage. He has a lovely head with nice eye shape. Good reach of neck into nice shoulders, good amount of bone with neat cat like feet. Level top line, good turn of stifle.

2nd Davies Lanreiver Krackerjack Lad Just 6 months old and very raw. When he was stood up properly, he had a nice outline and he moved soundly. First show for owner and puppy & both would benefit from going to ringcraft classes.

Puppy 9, 3a

1st Millingtons Golmas Guard Of Honour at Jarabees When viewed in profile he had the most pleasing outline in this class he was shown in super coat and moved out and back very well. He is very balanced for his age. BPIS

2nd Kipps Wheatcroft Rainbow Another lovely puppy that has a balanced outline. He has the darkest of pigment super reach of neck into a well-made front, level top line and nice turn of stifle. Just preferred the movement of one today.

3rd Taylors Pandreft Rock Steady

Junior 6

1st Haines Leighsham Tullamore JW This class was headed by 2 super juniors. The winner was handled and presented to perfection. He has a lovely head with dark eye. Good reach of neck that flowed into his top line. He has good upper arm with corresponding layback and elbows close fitting. Good bone and feet straight front. Deep chest short coupled with a level top line and tailset.

2nd Munceys Kennelridge Captain Tom This boy has a stronger head than one but it’s still attractive. He had a lovely flow of neck into a level top line. He has good front and rear angles. Really like him but he just acted a fool on the final out and back which is why he ended up second. He came back into the next class and was much more settled.

3rd Taylors Pandreft Rock Steady

Yearling 9

1st Kellys Ramchaine You Spin Me Right Round In Zenevieva (IKC) JW Wish this young man was mine. He has a balanced head with gentle expression, lovely reach of neck into well made front. Nice amount of bone, straight front legs with tight feet. Elbows that fit close, deep chest, short coupled. Dead level top line that he holds so well on the move. Super turn of stifle with a good width to it. Really strides out with purpose and showed no signs of flagging. CC & RBIS

2nd Munceys Kennelridge Captain Tom

3rd Carters Kadaka Kauldrun JW

Maiden Dog 7,2a

1st Millingtons Golmas Guard Of Honour at Jarabees

2nd Taylors Pandreft Rock Steady Really promising young man, very balanced front and rear end angles he moved out really well. He wasn’t in the best of coats today.

3rd Williams Berrymeade Kilternan Of Busheyhall

Novice Dog 10,2a

1st Millingtons Golmas Guard Of Honour at Jarabees

2nd Collis & Tregaskis Rendez Vous Avec Steval Du Bois De La Rayere (Imp Fra) My reserve place in Yearling, nicely put together he has it all there, but he is at that rather in between stage and will no doubt look better with maturity. He moved really well.

3rd Kipps Wheatcroft Rainbow

Undergraduate 5, 1a

1st Johnsons Palton Party On Dude At Niallgold This boy looks very nice when stacked up but he is a nightmare on the move, gave his runner a hard time. He won this class on his overall maturity.

2nd Williams Eveninghill Detroit Red He has a lovely outline with nice angles front and back, but he is very much a baby & looked immature against the winner. He did look lovely in profile movement.

3rd Kipps Wheatcroft Rainbow

Graduate 6,1a

1st Foreman Ambersun Heart And Soul Lovely head with a dark eye, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, good forechest on him. Deep body with elbows close fitting. Level top line. Super turn of stifle that had plenty of width on it. Shown in super coat with lovely waves that enhance. His tail never stops wagging and is so happy standing and on the move.

2nd Maynards Chinnordale Grand Finale Lovely dark golden boy with lovely head, super reach of neck. Super angles front and back, held his top line both standing and moving. Wish my first had his length of leg but lost out on the complete picture.

3rd O’Gorman Berrymeade Moscow Mule

Post Graduate 8,3a

1st McGeoch Nedlezah Lochlea, I can’t remember seeing this boy before, but he is lovely. He has a nicely proportioned head with well-shaped eye that gives a soft melting expression. He had a lovely flow of neck into well-made front. Level top line, deep chest, short in the loin. Super turn of stifle. Straight front and rear. Moved well in his class, but unfortunatley just gave up in the challenge in the larger ring, maybe the heat got to him, I was so disappointed.

2nd Smiths Thornywait Iluminati At GoldMarker He’s a well-made boy with a strong masculine head that’s well proportioned, in good coat and turned out well but was giving his handler a hard time on the move.

3rd Wallingtons Wynrita School Daze

Minor Limit 5,1a

1st Kinchella Honeymill Elder Warrior Liked his size and type, intelligent head with dark eye. Good reach of neck. Good upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Straight front with tight cat like feet. Level top line. Nice turn of stifle. Stands himself four square. Moves out well.

2nd Vernons Graceleigh Popeye Smaller boy than one, he has a good looking head with a good reach of neck that runs nicely into his top line. Lovely angles front and back.

3rd Taylors Alibren Eccles At Tannadice JW

Limit 8,2a

1st Randalls Kelverquest Portland Bill JW Lovely boy that’s so balanced, everything where it should be. Has the best of fronts with super upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Level top line that he holds well when moving. Nice turn of stifle. While he may not be the flashiest of movers his foot fall is spot on. RCC

2nd Williams Thornywait Full Monty At Trebettyn Under all that abundant wavy coat you find a nicely made dog, he moves out well coming and going. Just preferred the reach of neck into shoulder of my first.

3rd Ropers Catnnels Inside Story For Brensham SGWC

Open 6,1a

1st Kipps Sh Ch Cadwst Flash Flame To Wheatcroft This boy is presented so well, he has lovely angles front and back. Lovely gentle head with melting expression, Super reach of neck into well placed shoulders, good bone with tight feet. Elbows close fitting deep through the chest. Short coupled. Level top line with good tailset. He moves out well and his profile movement is stunning.

2nd Angell Sh Ch Millanza Toy Story JW Good head proportions on him. He has lovely front and hind angulation. Sound mover shown in profuse coat.

3rd Loverock & Waldron-Smith Sh Ch Thornywait Space Cowboy At Lovissa JW

Sp Working 0

Special Open Dog 3

1st Maynards Ch Chinnordale Cue Card JW Stood out in this class, beautiful head and expression. Good reach of neck into well made front. Elbows fitting close super spring of rib. Short coupled lovely turn of stifle. Dead level top line. Moves so well.

2nd Roper Catnnels Inside Story For Brensham SGWC A lovely type my third from limit. He is soundly constructed and moves well.

KC Good Citizen 4

1st Clunies Warrentor Bold As Brass JW Very eye catching boy who stands four square with wagging tail and a gleaming dark gold coat. He has a lovely head and expression attentive to his handler and has a look at me attitude.

2nd Ropers Catnnels Inside Story For Brensham SGWC

3rd Blacks Gunhills Puss In Boots Del Avrain