• Show Date: 10/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Susan M Benyon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Newfoundland

Three Counties Championship Show 2022


Although not a large entry, being a weekday, it was full of quality, leading to many close decisions. Overall, the entry was beautifully presented with the sweet temperament classic to the breed. Since I judged last some males are getting a little long in the loin and close in the rear movement which is not correct for a draft and water breed. Also, heads need to stay moderate without excessive flews and muzzles clean of wrinkles although eyes are improving overdone heads will reverse the trend.

PD (2:0) 1. Leech’s Bulwayo Faundland at Mileoak taf , 9 month old White and Black with a beautiful markings, perfect outline for his age with a well developed head, correct ear set and lovely width showing great promise, would prefer a slightly tighter eye but should improve with maturity. Correct construction giving a sound effortless movement BPIB and Working Puppy Group 2 2. Blakes’s Bear Croft Couldn’t Care Less in Sandbears (naf Taf) Imp SWE another very promising 9 month old puppy, with a nice outline good bone and tight feet. Lovely head not quite as developed as winner and earset a little low but will improve as head develops. Lively and positive on the move.

JD (1,0) 1. Drakeford’s Sasquatch Zero to Hero just over 12 months with a pleasing outline, a good topline with sloping croup and tailset slightly low. Handsome head with dark eye maybe a little too round, good width of chest and angulation. Prefer less ‘toeing in’ but steady and happy on the move.

PGD (3,2) 1 Payne’s Newetta’s Let’s Party at Squestpaws 21 month old White and Black with good markings. He is a big boy who will need time to mature but coming on well. He has lovely front construction but would prefer a little more angulation on the rear. Topline is good and tailset correct, currently too proud of his tail. Good tight feet. Beautifully presented and handled.

LD (4,1) 1. Blake’s Sandbears Masterpiece 2yr old black with the fitness and presentation I would expect from this kennel. Beautiful head with dark eye, strong bone, good front assembly and tight feet, well angulated rear. Proportions a little long to height. Moved beautifully which easily won him the class and strong in the challenge. 2. Morris’ Vodahond Chief Of Clan Brodie 3yrs old Black. Great proportion with attractive head with dark eye, good width of chest and spring of rib, strong bone and level topline but clamping his tail and tense over the rear. Moved well but tending to throw his weight forward in the free stand. 3. Burrows’ Mayoss Rising Star

OD (5,1) Superb class. 1. Springthorpe’s CH Millthorpe Mr Rochester JW 5yr old Black. Outstanding majestic silhouette, classic head, short square clean muzzle with correct depth of jaw and flews, good dentition. Strong neck into well placed shoulders and correct angulation. Good width of chest and substantial bone, straight front legs with good shaped feet. Strong topline and croup with correct tail of good length. Moved well once he was engaged, showing good reach and drive and holding the topline. Superb profuse coat which was not to his advantage in the heat of the group DCC 2. Latham’s Disoranto Diplomat in Morrelham 5yrs Black Lovely breed type for size and shape. Showing real compact balance. Attractive head with dark eye and good expression, correct width of skull for a mature dog with short clean muzzle of correct depth. Great strength of neck flowing into his level topline. Strong loin giving great profile on the move, matched coming and going. 3. Black’s CH,LuxCH Gunnersnewf Black Desire for Blackcoast

VD (2,0) both beautiful dogs 1. Hosie’s Newfoundlove New Edition at Shadowrise 9yrs 3mths Black. No one told him he was a veteran A large boy whose width now matches his height to give a classic outline with size and proportion, slightly light in eye colour but did not detract from his kind expression. Good dentition. Substantial bone and substance with good angulation and topline which comes into it’s own once settled on the move. Acts as if he would like a bigger ring to show off. RDCC BVIB 2. McPhail’s Spirebear Golden Barley 7 yr old compact Brown of good colour with lovely construction and beautiful head and expression, level topline with a broad back and good spring of rib, correct croup and tail set but feeling the heat a little so could not match the enthusiasm of the winner. A credit to his owners.

PB (5,1) 1. Thompson’s Saskinbears True Blue for Safeharbour 9mths and well grown for her age Good proportions carrying a level topline which she maintained on the move, Pleasing head with a dark eye and good ear set framing a pretty face. Sufficient bone and good angulation so moved very well.BPB 2. Farrar’s Darkpeak Starlight Express 7mth black, changing coat at present but still showed a lovely outline with good angulation. Still a baby so not the maturity of winner, but moved well on tight feet. 3.Coldwell’s Zentaur Let’s get Fizzical

JB (6,1) 1. Coldwell’s Pump Up The Jam 13mth black bitch compact and well balanced, good clean head with correct length and depth of muzzle, a dark eye and sweet expression, good front construction, well angulated, little flighty but settled to good movement driving from the rear. 2. Mercer’s Larkharbour Blade 17mth black Attractive outline, showing balance, pleasing head and kind expression, good length of neck leading to firm top line. Good front construction but slightly narrower on the rear movement. Excellent presentation. 3. Short’s Barachois Chim Chim Cheree

PGB (3,0) 1. Lloyd’s Cewrirdwr Llyn Eiddew 4yr Black of good size and maturity, with classic outline. Pretty head with dark eye framed by correct ear set. Excellent front and rear angulation so moved with drive. Good bone and tight feet. Her beautiful natural stand is much better than her stack, owner should trust his dog. 2. Pallett’s Yulla for Sheenmarie Von Baywatch (Imp DEU) 16mth brown only young but mature for her age. Beautiful head and muzzle of correct proportion, ear set could be a little higher for perfection. Lovely length of neck and strong topline. Good angulation and moved with drive. Very promising. 3.Alexander’s Vodahond la Primavera.

LB (7,1) 1. Coldwell’s Zentaur This is Jam Hot 4yr old Brown of good colour. Excellent proportions and the best rear movement of the day. Lovely head type with beautiful expression , perfect proportions of head and skull to present a striking outline. A strong neck flows into a broad level back and correct croup and tail set. Tail of good length. She has a strong front of good width achieving a powerful presence whilst remaining feminine. Good bone and tight feet with free and easy movement coming from good musculature, powered her way to the BCC 2. Springthorpe’s Sandbears First Class at Millthorpe 3yr Black slightly smaller build but lovely proportions. Very pretty head with a dark eye framed by her correct ear set. Good length of neck flowing into a level top line held on the move. Good bone and construction would prefer a little less convergence on the move but positive mover on good tight feet. 3. Burton’s Sparky Bears A Star Is Born

OB (5,1) 1. Mercer’s Ch IrCH king Of Helluland Keep Distance at Larkharbour (ImpSVK) 5yr Black topping a superb Class. Preferred the length to height proportions of this bitch with a moderate length of neck, lovely head with clean muzzle of correct depth, dark eye and framed by good ear set. Good width to chest and straight front with tight well shaped feet. Good length of leg and correct angulation give her a light easy movement with pleasing profile to complete the picture RBCC 2. Cameron’s CH Nandobears I’m What I’m Camnoire (Imp DEU) Quality 6yr old Black, but would prefer a bit more leg for perfect proportion on an other wise excellent bitch with lovely head and expression, good front and rear angulation with excellent movement and presented in superb condition. 3. Farrar’s CH Disoranto Juliana Blue at Darkpeak (Imp POL)

VB (2,0) 1. Payne’s Bridgestone Grande Dunes at Squestpaws 8yr White and Black with lovely compact proportions and a beautiful clean head with sweet expression and dark eye. Well marked and free of ticking with good angulation broad front, level topline and steady on the move with straight limbs coming and going. 2. Franklin’s Shinglebay High Hopes 8yr Black of good size with a lovely feminine head and expression. Well constructed with good spring of rib and forechest but today her movement could have been smoother.

Susan M Benyon (Judge)