• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Wilkinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Irish Wolfhound


I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled and honoured I was to judge my breed at Crufts. When the invitation first came in 2018 I read it many times not quite believing that this was actually for me. As time went on it impressed my non dog show friends immensely because of course Crufts is the only show they have ever heard of…. I must admit I was quite nervous before the show, however, on the day I had asked my good friend Bill Ashcroft to steward for me and with Mrs M Hasledon they made sure that all was run efficiently in the ring, and all I had to do was judge the hounds .

I was blessed with an entry of quality hounds, who without exception had good temperamements were kindly handled, and for me the lasting memory of that day was looking into the eyes of these the most wonderful of dogs The Irish Wolfhound .

The upper classes had many dogs of champion quality , and to award such a dog a 4th or no place at all seems very unfair.

I judged the breed as I saw it on the day, .a snapshot in time….

 I am pleased to say that on this entry the breed is in good fettle. Thank you for being sporting in accepting my very difficult placings in some classes.

A day I shall never forget.


1ST Ch Ravensbeech Revenio Whiteorchard 7 year old of good type, he has a lovely head, good eye colour and expression, well folded ears, Strong straight bone and good feet, good topline which he kept on the move. Well muscled and shown in good jacket. BVD and BV

2nd Das Purkayastha Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebahgh ShCM, loved the kind expression of this lad, he almost smiles at you. Well arched neck onto good shoulder placement, strong hindquarters, which are well muscled , beautifully presented and handled, not in quite as hard condition as winner, but two lovely veteran litter brothers.


PD 5(1)

1st Gregory and Warwick Cairnstorm Renegade, 10 month old brindle , with everything in the right place, masculine head of good proportions, excellent reach of neck, nice width of forechest, well off for bone, good topline, strong over the loin, easy action fore and aft. BPD BP

2nd Evans Killoughery Ricochet with Braewisan, more rangy pup than winner, super reach of neck, pleasing head and dark eye, well off for bone excellent temperament, moved out well but not as tidy coming and going as winner.

3rd Pantoja Killoughery Rockafella, much to like about this puppy, kind head and expression, good shoulder and topline, good hindquarters, well let down hocks, kindly handled and shown in excellent condition, three very promising baby dogs

JD 8(1) (1w/d)

A very nice class

1st Pateman’s Whiteorchard Atlas, I really liked this 16 month old lad, he has such a lovely head with typical gazehound expression, he stands over a lot of ground and is very impressive even at this teenage stage. He has good width all through, strong neck into well held topline , well angulated hindquarters, well arched over the loin. Muscular hindquarters, with good width , shown in good coat, and he moved with power and drive.

Morris Salgreys Sagremor to Amarach (imp RU), upstanding dark brindle,he too is very impressive and commands that he be looked at. Kind head, dark eye, and expression, ,well made front construction, well off for bone , good top and underline, moved true, shown in excellent condition.

3rd Bosnman-Van Rooijen Gaileifs Return of Shengail , another well constructed wheaten youngster, dark eye, masculine head with kind expression. Well arched neck into good lay of shoulder, straight forelegs into good feet, well defined tuck up, muscular rear, he was easy and active on the move.

YD 3(1)

1st Dawson Red Rock Canyon if King Howard Legends of Shalico (Imp Fra)

Wheaten shown in super condition, he has the darkest of eyes with a melting expression, well folded ears, strong bone and good feet, well sloping shoulders, deep chest , a little steep over the croup, muscular hindquarters , moved out with a steady even gait covering the ground.

2nd Bosman-Van Rooijen Trojanhuckelberry vd Tortelduif, dark brindle of good type, , masculine head and good expression, he has enough forechest, well ribbed back , keeps his topline on the move, harsh coat, well presented and handled……


1st Severn-Kumar Gaelmarque Russet Roman, classy hound, kind far away expression, good strong forelegs, well filled forechest, excellent lay of shoulder, deep chest arched loin, good tuck up, well bent stifle, muscular rear, good tail carriage, harsh jacket, beautifully handled to show off his easy and active movement. Such empathy between dog and handler..

2nd Sumner Dukesarum Tulio, a lovely hound, slightly smaller frame, but well constructed, pleasing head, deep brisket, balanced front and rear, well let down hocks which he uses well to cover the ground with an easy action ..super handling

3rd Ashby Ashgroave Alfie Bumble, rising 2 year old upstanding dark brindle, head of good proportions, dark eye, good reach of neck into well angulated shoulder, good sweep of underline, nicely muscled not moving out with as much drive as first two, but a good representative of the breed . Lovely temperament in all three hounds.

LD 11(3)

Sumner Ballyphelan Amadeus, this striking dark brindle headed up an excellent class, shown in superb condition as I would expect from this kennel., he has the kindest of heads, and a far away expression, excellent fill of forechest, good in top and underline, strong muscled hindquarters with good width through stifle . Balanced and he moves out with an easy gait, a lovely hound.

2nd Macaulay and Marston Pollock Ashgroave Forester via Gartlove..loved this hound for his type , his lovely head and expression, lots of facial furnishings, he has that true ethereal expression. Long muscular neck into good shoulder angulation, straight forelegs and well ribbed back, arched loin, sound mover, would have preferred a crisper coat, but one to be proud of.

3rd Harpwood Gaelmarque Dark Horse at Finloren, lots to like about this two year old brindle, kind head, strong neck and topline, not the easiest to show, moved very soundly but not always co-operating with his sympathetic handler, excellent tuck up, shown in hard muscular condition.

OD 11 (3) Fabulous class

A wonderful collection of stallion hounds, and I really needed more red cards

1st Amoo Ch Sade Paris, this dog demands that you look at him, he really does have the commanding appearance, shown in tip top condition, appealing head of good length , dark eye, muscular neck, well filled forechest, strong straight forelegs into good feet and pads.. He has plenty of heart and lung room, long back arched loin, muscular rear, good width through stifle and he moves out with such style, demonstrating the easy action that is desired in the standard. Delighted to award him the DCC and later BOB, he excels in breed type and soundness and his handler gets the very best out of him. What a performance he put on in the group, I was so proud that he made the final cut in a very strong hound group.

2nd Webb’s Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys, another hound out of the top drawer, so balanced all the way through, kind yet masculine head, arched neck , good breadth through forechest, well off for bone, deep chest into plenty of heart and lung room, strong arched loin, muscular hindquarters moved out with ease going at a steady gait. Beautifully handled and in the challenge he deserved the Res CC in very strong competition.

3rd Belis Int Ch/Bel/NL/ Fr /Ben CH TSJECH CH/WW 2021 Phoenix from Grahams Ark, another shapely and substantial hound shown to perfection, kind in head and expression, dark eyes, good straight bone, clean outline, excellent tuck up and he has breadth across both thigh and stifle. Moved out really well, good tail set, a very worthy multi champion.

Good Citizen 2(1)

1st Ravensbeech Romanus among Neckrebagh Sh Cm

VB 1

1st Paulian Ch Int(Lux Ch ) J K Rowling of Kird Ground Castle Jun Ch

This ten year old bitch is in such amazing condition, she has the loveliest of heads, with a wise expression, loved her for type, she retains her muscle tone, and this grand old lady is still fit for function, to still be able to show an Irish Wolfhound at this age and in this condition is a remarkable achievement for her owner and of course her breeder. Thank you for bringing her..


PB 2

Two very promising babies, I liked them both.

1st Gregory Kiloughery Redemption, 10 month old brindle, pretty head of good length, well rosed ears, good fill of forechest, well ribbed back, and nice depth, good bone, easy and active on the move and a lovely personality.

2nd Austonley’s Kandie Madinton, much to like about this youngster of also 10 months. Beautifully presented, well held topline, feminine head, good eye colour and well arched neck, good hind angulation. Not quite so tidy on the move as winner today, but she has much to commend her and she should do well.

JB 8(2)

Difficult class to judge, as many at varying stages of development, but lots of quality.

1st Montfort Rurik De La Mascotte Couronnee 16 month old grey brindle, she won this class on her commanding appearance, she is tall and long legged, kind expression, strong arched neck, well off for bone, strong topline, and strong over the loin, muscular hindquarters, and good width of second thigh. Harsh coat and powerful on the move.

2nd Heather’s Whiteorchard Ad Astra, she has a beautiful head, and very typy all through, strong straight forelegs, well arched neck into good lay of shoulder, good bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Moved up and back not quite the drive of winner.

3rd Heather ‘s Whiteorchard Aurora litter sister to above, today not quite as confident as her litter mate, but she has a beautiful head, I liked her for type, when she settled she moved with an easy gait, shown in excellent condition, her handler showed her in the most kindly manner to get the best from her in the ring.

YB 5(1)

1st Forret Valkiria Della Bassa Pavese at Culvercroft (Imp ITA)

Lovely bitch full of quality, feminine head with lots of facial furnishings, good fill of forechest, straight forelegs into good feet, nice reach of neck , excellent hindquarters and tail set, good in top and underline, shown in good coat moved out with an easy stride.

2nd Bur Sw Ch Rose of Tralee of King Howard Legends Grey bitch, with a sweet head and endearing expression, good bone and feet, showed herself off well, well arched loin, Very shapely, good long rib cage, well tucked up, sound mover.

3rd Mcswiggan Balnuth Walk on, this bitch upped her game in this class, moving and showing better. She has a kind head and expression, well ribbed back, and good underline, nice width across the stifle, and shown in good coat.

PGB 17(5)

1st Pinkney Hydeback Dream of Dreams, this 3 year old red brindle has such breed type, lovely feminine head, she holds herself with an air of importance , well off for bone, straight forelegs, well arched neck, good lay of shoulder, strong topline, and powerful rear with nice sweep of stifle, she moves out sound and true, shown in great condition.

2nd Sumner’s Dukesarum Maudegann smaller frame than winner, but she combines strength and elegance, kind head and expression, muscular neck, good front assembly, excellent tuck up, nice width all through, powerful hindquarters with a good sweep of stifle., well let down hocks, excellent presentation and coat.

3rd Severn-Kumar Gaelmarque Etheldreda she has that far away look that I just love to see in a hound, balanced front and rear, strong arched loin, good tail set, deep chest and well ribbed back. Moves with an easy action.

A trio of beautiful bitches.

LB 17(8)

Fabulous class, so many quality bitches truly spoilt for choice

1st Dukesarum Meg, a beauty indeed, everything in the right place, loveliest of heads with a melting expression, strong jaw, good reach of neck into sloping shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed back , good feet and powerful muscled hindquarters. Her effortless movement won her the class and the Res CC


Crosse Goldswift Sweet Discovery so much to like about this grey brindle, presented in great condition, harsh coat, feminine head, deep in brisket, plenty of heart and lung room, hindquarters well muscled with nice width through second thigh, super mover, so very sound, nothing over done and all in the right place.

3rd Severn Kumar Gaelmarque Caroline, nothing flashy about this girl, but she has breed type, elegance and strength, on the move she is graceful and sound. Lovely expression, dark eye, arched neck , strong topline, one who I could visualise hunting and catching her prey, and handled to perfection… Three very lovely Irish Wolfhounds

OB 14(5)

A difficult class to judge but for all the right reasons, such depth of quality was a joy to see.

1st Turini Salamon Ch /Eur/W Ch Sarabi Della Bassa Pavese ..a cracker, presented in peak condition, this hound has class, and breed type, a head of correct proportions, which she proudly carries, strong jaw, good eye colour clean well arched neck, good breadth of chest, deep brisket, well ribbed back, strong straight bone, . Hindquarters in hard muscle tone , good bend of stifle, excellent coat texture, Sound and true on the move, a worthy winner, she I felt commanded the ring for bitches, delighted to award her the BCC and she pressed the dog hard in the challenge..

2nd Amoo Ch Sade Rainbow, such a pretty name for a lovely girl, her owner shows her to advantage, so that she displays her many virtues, kind head, rosed ears, good reach of neck, strong back and loin, good bone and feet, nice width all through, muscular hindquarters, good tail set and carriage, easy mover, a lovely hound indeed.

3rd Maison and Freitas Rivoli Du Grand Chien De Culann, this girl filled my eye, she has quality all through, typical gazehound expression, long muscular neck into well laid shoulder. Good in top and underline, muscled rear, good bend of stifle. Presented with such style and flair to show off her easy active gait, but also shown with great kindness and empathy.. both handler and hound put in an excellent performance..

These three bitches all of champion quality.

Good Citizen 4(3)

1st Taylor Amarillo Rose, I always admire exhbitors who qualify their hounds for this class. No easy feat to combine willingness to be a good obedient companion with what is required in the show ring. Pretty bitch with excellent temperament, nicely presented and moved out with ease ..

 Sue Wilkinson (Judge)