• Show Date: 17/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Shinkfield Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cocker Spaniel Club

Breed: Breed championship show

The Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show

Sunday July 17th 2022


It was an honour and a pleasure to judge bitches at this prestigious Championship Show and I thank the exhibitors for preparing and bringing their dogs under me. The extreme heat was a major concern and resulted in a number of absentees. With doors and windows open across the hall the atmosphere remained manageable and safe throughout the day and the dogs and their handlers coped admirably. I kept my notetaking as short as I could in order for folk to get back into the breeze! I had the privilege to judge some wonderful examples of our lovely breed and I was delighted with the quality of my CC shortlist. My unbeaten puppy line up shows great promise for the breed going forward. Some classes were varied in terms of depth of quality making decisions quite difficult; from the ringside some faults are not always evident to the observer. I am moved to mention some factors that need watching including dentition, lack of forechest, narrow and/or weak rear ends and tails carried too high; these are matters to consider seriously in breeding plans and may explain some of my placings today. Weight can be managed, I mention this as some were carrying too much, affecting outlines and toplines and a few barely enough; in some classes this cost places. Presentation, on the whole was excellent but as I have said following previous judging engagements-please don't hide your dogs' virtues with excess, flapping coat! “Merry” attitude was evident throughout, so lovely to see happy, wagging tails in cockers so keen to please their handlers.

I was also pleased to see relatively new exhibitors showing today and I wish them well as they progress in the breed. It has been a joy to me to learn about this wonderful breed over the years, I hope it will be for you too!

Black, Black & Tan

Puppy (6,1ab) 1. Roberts &Smith Joaldy Miss Kind. Short, cobby and well balanced puppy with pleasing head and expressive eyes. Stands on well boned legs and tidy feet. Confident, happy mover using herself well. 2. Carpenter Joaldy Miss Magic, Litter sister to 1, similar remarks. Shown and handled well; sound movement. 3. Kidd Laurellakes Dream Come True with Freestone

Novice (7,2ab) Heads varied.1.Ward Wensum Dancing in the Dark. Very pretty bitch with correct, well balanced head and dark expressive eyes. Well boned and with correct body. Tidy front assembly. Shown in good coat and well handled. Happy and confident on the move. 2. Pop Manacas Thelma or Louise at Bocablue. Black bitch with super body, well ribbed, short and deep. Well boned with good legs and feet. Sound and happy moving. 3. Twemlow Senoia's The Midnight Sky

Graduate (3,2ab) 1. Taylor-Kistner Rizi Bizi Lois at Frieljoanipa (Imp. Serb.) placed in previous class, handled well, moved ok.

Special Open (5) A good class, splitting hairs and no doubt they could change places on other occasions .1. West Sheigra Super Special JW, balanced all through, good head and sweet expression. Shown in full coat and in hard condition; moves with good driving action from well rounded quarters, short, strong hocks and well padded feet. 2. Davies Kerriglow Honesty JW Lovely type all through but carrying a little extra weight over her neck and shoulders today. Moved out well, happy and confident at one with her handler.3. Kengyelics Hebdene Harbour Nights

Red, Golden, Liver, Liver & Tan

Puppy (2,1ab) 1. West Sheigra Super Secret a very sweet and promising puppy with lovely soft expressive eyes. Well made body; well boned legs and tidy feet. Sound and merry on the move showing confidence and enthusiasm.

Novice (4,1ab) My notes say a class of “characterful cockers!”1. Taylor's Taylor Maid liver and tan, pleasing head and eye; clean neck into decent shoulders, good coat quality, shown in good condition and moving well using strong quarters to drive well. 2. Mace Marlen Street Nina Ricci, short, cobby bitch with with pleasant head and expression, shown and handled well. 3. Yaylor-Kistner Frieljoanipa Olea

Graduate (2) 1. Ward Wensum Let's Dance very pretty youngster with good reach of neck, clean over the shoulder and well ribbed body. Good legs and well padded feet. Very well handled and moving soundly . 2. Frieljoanipa Olea lively bitch which gave her patient handler a hard time; not as compact and cobby as winner.

Special Open (1) 1. Bard Withiflor Fairy Tale very well made golden with the best of legs and feet. Lovely in profile and presented in immaculate coat and good condition. Merry and confident on the move holding a firm topline and using her quarters to advantage.


Puppy (7) A strongly contested class 1. Grice Kyna Tanya headed a trio of lovely puppies. My notes say “cheeky puppy”, lovely head and expressive eyes; so happy and unphased by what was going on around her.Front assembly pleased, good forechest. Strong in body, well made quarters with good width across her beam. Shown in full coat and great condition. Hocks well let down. Moves with great enthusiasm. She has much potential, one to watch as she settles to her showing 2. Mitchell Glowhill Chiquitita quality blue baby with very good body properties. Another confident, sound puppy both standing and moving. 3.Flowers Totenkopf Hip Hop

Novice (2) 1. Mason Sandlauga Candy Crush short, cobby bitch with strong body and ribbing. Sweet head and eye. Strong bone and good legs and feet. Well presented in full coat and moving well holding her topline. 2. Edwards Winnothdale Violette for Manlinson, rangier bitch, not the head of winner. Well made in body. Not as steady on the move.

Graduate (7, 1ab) Another class where heads and expressions varied. 1. Torbett Kirlinjis Handmade this clever breeder knows how to turn out sound, honest cockers that are pleasing to handle. So well made all through. Good forechest and front assembly, flows neatly over neck and shoulder with firm topline. Drives soundly from strong quarters. 2. Tavernor Regaltav Moonbeam very well presented in full coat and hard condition. Strong body and good bone. Moved soundly but not the driving action of 1. 3.McBride Topday Tiny Dancer

Special Open (2) 1. Williams Sh Ch Amaroanne Athena at Wilmerella Ir. Jun. Ch. Well known bitch shown in good order and well handled.Well balanced head and kindly expression.Well off for bone and body with good ribbing reaching well back. Stands on good legs and feet. Sound and merry on the move. A worthy champion. 2. Kozak Royal Quest Fool For You Pl/Lt Jch very well presented and handled; coat of silky quality.Well off for body. Not as short as winner. Moved soundly.

Special Open (other than Blue Roan) (4) 1.Kozak Multi Ch. Royal Quest Body Wishes JCh striking tri shown and handled well to win this class. Beautifully presented, good body and well conditioned. Pleasing head and front assembly. Moved with drive, sound and true. 2. Nicholas Nickarlyn Voodoo Doll pretty bitch shown in lovely coat and condition, presents a well balanced outline stacked. Not quite the drive of the winner on the move. 3.Hill Princehill Shining Star JW

Any Colour

Veteran(4,2ab) 1. Reed Delindere Dressed For Fun. Good looking cobby black and tan shown in great coat and condition, lovely to see her rich tan unfaded by age. Just right for body and muscle. Sound, confident driving action using her strong quarters well. The years, and her owner, have treated her well. 2. Hill Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill shown in beautiful full coat and good condition though with a little excess weight over her neck and shoulder. Moved out soundly.

Minor Puppy (13,5ab) Some very promising puppies including a couple of real babies who were unplaced today, hopefully they will continue to develop and do better as they mature and settle to their showing. 1. BMPIS Craig Alisma Aloonah outgoing, confident baby, stood four square and presenting a lovely outline. Pleasing head, neck and shoulder placement into firm topline; short, deep body, good legs and feet and moving well. One to watch. 2. Whiting Annilann Miss Scary Poppins, nothing scary about this baby, she is a quality puppy just right for her age, short and deep in body and with good ribbing. Perhaps feeling the heat a bit on the day moving soundly but quite the verve of the winner. 3.Lewis Haradwater Vanity Fair at Penmartan (Imp. PRT)

Puppy (12,6ab) 1.BPIS Morris Riondel Blu Savana, another breeder who has found the right recipe for breeding lovely cockers! I loved everything about this beautiful puppy. She is short and cobby with super body, good forechest and the desired width across her beam end. Moves off well made limbs from strong quarters. A1 presentation. I hope she goes on to achieve her potential, one to watch. 2. Roberts & Smith Gilbert Chocolate Delight very well made liver and tan shown in excellent coat and condition.Well bodied and with good bone, standing on good legs and feet. Pleasing head and gentle expressive eyes. Moved soundly. 3.West Sheigra Super Secret

Junior (13,4ab) 1. Rahman Buddonness Irish Aoife, this young blue bitch presents a lovely, balanced picture from her pleasing head down to her tail stacked. Shown in good body and condition, clean neck into good shoulders and leading to a firm topline. Stands on well boned limbs with good feet. Very well handled and showing enthusiasm on the move with an ever wagging tail. Pushed hard for top honours, no doubt her day will come. 2. Tavernor Regaltav Moonbeam 3. Beever Dandyjan Tiny Dancer

Yearling (12,5ab) 1. Mitchell Glowhill Sweet Magnolia. Another considered in the final line up. Such a lot to like about this sturdy bitch, very well constructed with great body and ribbing. She stands on well boned limbs and has tight cat like feet. Bright, intelligent expression with just a hint of mischief which I liked. Moved with drive and confidence. 2. R.Moonbeam 3.Brothwell Wissant Dear Darlin

Maiden (8,2ab) 1. West Sheigra S.Secret 2.Pop Manacas T or L at B 3. Atkinson Drewrimic Gabbro'n'garnet

Tyro (6,1ab) 1. Torbett Kirlinjis H. 2. Macfarlane Cooleela As Sweet as You Are smart black bitch shown in gleaming jacket and hard condition, well made body with good bone. Very well handled; moved with drive. 3. Daniels Charbonnel Dream Come True at Senoia

Special Beginners (5,1ab) 1.Tavernor Cachel in the Moonlight at Regaltav, won this class on her sound movement around the ring.Short and cobby with a good outline stacked. Well presented and in hard condition. 2.Hutton-Baber Esqueen Following Star at Babtonkelpie (Imp. Pol.) slightly larger frame but sound and honest all through, shown and handled well. Coat in good order. Not quite the steady movement of winner. 3. Taylor Triveka Moaning Myrtle

Post Graduate (20,8 ab) A strong class. 1. Torbett Kirlinjis Kustom Made such a lot to like from this very well made bitch. Well balanced head and soft expression. Clean neck and shoulder, firm topline; deep, well ribbed body and good width across her beam. Short and strong hocks and powerful quarters used to advantage on the move. 2. Kengyelics Hebdene Haute Couture very smart black shown in good order, full coat, good body and bone. Tidy front assembly with good return of upper arm. Lovely head and kind, expressive eyes. Moves at pace with ever wagging tail. 3. Ready For Love De La Terre D'Opale

Minor Limit (5,3ab) Two bitches with much to commemd them. 1.Darby Glowhill Silver Sleighbell at Classicway. Very sweet and gentle light blue, feminine head with soft expressive eyes. Stands four square on good legs and feet. Nothing overdone, shown in good coat ,correct weight and well muscled. Moved with precision and wagging tail, using her quarters well and holding her topline. 2. West Sheigra Simply a Star JW well made all through with strong body, good reach of neck and firm topline. Pleasing head and soft expression. Moved out with drive from strong quarters.

Limit (9,4ab) 1. CC & RBIS/BOS Adams Whinburn Winter Eclipse, today this very attractive bitch sparkled and was in the best form I've seen her. Presentation was spot on; her black jacket gleamed. Lovely headpiece with a soft glint in her dark eyes. Movement was excellent, driving from strong, well muscled quarters, hocks well let down and holding a firm topline throughout. Balanced in body, clean neck and shoulder, tidy front assembly with good forechest and well boned, good legs and feet . At one with her handler. She could not be denied her 3rd and crowning ticket and later Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex in agreement with my co-judge Neil Woods, well done 2. Lhote Only You De La Terre D'Opale another very smart black which was shown in good order and hard condition. Presented a pleasing outline stacked, clean over neck and shoulder and firm topline. Moved with drive. 3. Sablons Sunset D'Hell Osez Dior

Open (12,5ab) Another strong and interesting class with some bitches I have judged as youngsters, now developed into well rounded adults with much to commend them. 1.RCC Hillier Sh Ch Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW . Much has been written about this very sound bitch; she has matured in head and body since I last judged her, so well put together and presenting a balanced outline stacked; strong body and super quarters. As always handled to get the best from her especially on the move where she is happy, sound and covers the ground with ease. A most worthy champion. 2. Simonelli Int.Sh.Ch Madinina Des Maloumy. This black bitch looked like she could show and move all day long, driving from strong, well muscled quarters. Firm, well ribbed body, clean neck and shoulder and tidy front and rear construction. Well balanced head and intelligent, expressive eyes. Shown and handled well. 3. Todd & Rahman Grandtully Gabrielle.

Challenge Certificate Bitch -Adams Whinburn Winter Eclipse

Reserve Challenge Certificate Bitch- Hilliers Sh Ch Coedcernyw Calendar Girl JW

Best Puppy Bitch - Morris Riondel Blu Savana

Best Minor Puppy Bitch- Craigs Alisma Aloonah

Best Veteran Bitch- Reeds Delindere Dressed for Fun

Judge- Sue Shinkfield

Best in Show -Amos Jones Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW

Reserve Best in Show- Adams Whinburn Winter Eclipse

Best Opposite Sex in Show “ “ “ “

Best Puppy in Show- Morris Riondel Blu Savana

Best Minor Puppy in Show- Craigs Alisma Aloonah

Best Veteran in Show-Amos Jones Sh Ch Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW