• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sue Gudgin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Brittany

Firstly I would like to thank the Three Counties Committee for inviting me to judge the Brittanys, my stewards Chris & Linda Pact for their efficient running of the ring along with the exhibitors who entered their dogs. It was a warm day and some dogs appeared to find the heat difficult and placings could change on another day.

JD: (1) 1. Andersons Rochus Scarlet Pimpernel. O/W Cobby and compact, workman like, good head, neat ears deep chest to brisket. Level topline, short in loin and well ribbed, good quarters and moved Ok..

PGD: (3) 1. Wilson & Hayes’s Tillybirloch Otto O/W roan, Super dog, masculine head with a gentle quizzical expression, slightly exaggerated stop but good ear set which he used to his advantage. Square, deep chest and an excellent barrel ribcage. excellent topline, short in loin and nicely rounded rear quarters with excellent bend of stifle. Correct depth of body to length and once he settled on the move he had a super correct clipped and straight gait. RCC 2.Taylor & Gill’s Rennes de Pasmazgeng Tricolour, well up to size, good head proportions, eye colour in harmony with coat, alert expression., Square, good length of leg, Just a little too much rear bend of stifle but held his topline on the move. This dog is not yet mature but has time on his side.

LD: (3) 1. Robinsons Tarward Our Joe O/W roan, Well up to size, loved his masculine head with moderate stop, tapered muzzle tight lips, and oval eyes in harmony with his coat. He has the typical Brittany alert gentle expression with high set ears. Neck set well into shoulders, square and cobby body whist retaining that workmanlike appearance. Deep chest, good top line slightly sloping to the croup. Good leg length and bone without heavyness, super bend of stifle and had a clipped gait when moving in profile, away & toward. DCC & BOB After completion of judging I was pleased to hear that this was his 3rd CC making him up to a Sh Ch. 2. Williams & Drozdova’s Bonapartist Peaky Blinder avec Aukskara O/W roan, Masculine head, moderate stop, high set ears, eyes in harmony with coat, slightly fuller appearance around the cheeks and neck than I would like. Cobby with a barrel ribcage and good bone. He held his topline standing and, on the move, however, he was pinning in at the front today.

OD: (2) 1. Andersons Rochus Marvin B/W Slightly longer cast than 2 but, I loved his soft kind expression in his masculine head with tight lips and tapered muzzle, ears high set and slightly rounded Skull. Cobby and workman like in profile. Level topline standing and on the move, would just prefer less rear angulation, moved ok. 2. Cook’s Sh Ch Highclare Only One Avec Tailliside (A.i.) JW O/W roan Strong masculine head and I would prefer a more moderate stop. I was unable to go over his head and ears today due to a painful sore he had. However, his eye colour was in harmony with his coat. Square, cobby outline with a level topline. excellent bend of stifle and angulations. Moved with a clipped gait. Just preferred the head of 1 today.

PGB: (4) 1. Finch’s Patouche Peiam am Cetgueli B/W, Feminine head with parallel lines, moderate stop with tapered muzzle and tight lips. She had the alert quizzical expression and high earset. Square, Level topline and short in loin, excellent bend of stifle and moved with a lovely clipped brisk stride whilst keeping her topline. Just needs time to mature. 2. Stevens’s Sanbosier Renes Dream O/W, workman like, good head proportions, high ear set, alert expression, deep chest, good spring of rib, level topline good angulations front and rear. Correct depth of body to length of leg. Just didn’t move as one with handler today.

LB: (2, 1 Abs) 1. Ryans Patouche Oriana Avec Petillant Tricolour, Sweet feminine head with moderate stop and oval eyes in harmony with coat, high set small ears and alert expression. Deep front, square and cobby with a good barrel ribcage. Level top line, short in loin, excellent bend of stifle and moved with a clipped gait on straight forelegs with tight feet. Would just like more of her.

OB: (2, 1Abs) 1. Cutlers Tarward Precious Pearl with Jayricnbrits O/W roan Good feminine head proportions with tight lips and tapered muzzle, oval eyes in harmony with coat, she demonstrated the required alert expression. Deep chest with brisket reaching her elbows presenting a square cobby outline. Short in loin and rounded rump with excellent bend of stifle. Today she just didn’t maintain a level topline while standing but on the move the topline was level. RCC

VB (3) 1. Ryans Patouche Jaimee Avec Petillant AW(B) O/W roan, 7 yrs old, Lovely tight lips and tapered muzzle, oval eyes which contributed to her quizzical expression with her high set ears. Lovely head proportions without any exaggeration. Square, compact, barrel ribcage whilst retaining the workman like appearance, she has substance but without heaviness. Level topline, short in loin and maintained her topline standing and on the move with a super foot placement clipped gait. excellent rear angulations and shown in muscular condition. CC 2. Robinsons Rochus Hazel to Tarward 9 ¾ years old o/w roan, lovely feminine head proportions with good eye colour and a gentle expression, deep chest and brisket reaching to elbow, ribcage well rounded moved with level top line short stride and gait, she just didn’t have the quizzical and alert expression of 1 today.

Sue Gudgin