• Show Date: 29/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stuart Pearson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Dalmatian

Driffield 29th August 2022 – Dalmatians

Due to contractual reasons and the joy that is Covid it was just under 5 years since I last judged the breed, albeit at a different level. The weather was quite kind to us in that other than a small threat of rain in the later bitch classes it turned out to be what I would think was perfect showing weather for both dogs and exhibitors. As we had the largest entry in the Utility group the society provided us with a great ring which allowed me to assess all aspects of the breed’s movement. I was looking for those exhibits that showed the unexaggerated balance that the standard calls for as well as the ability to move around the ring elegantly with reach and drive. It’s cliché to say but I was pleased to see that when I turned around to check both line ups that I had stayed true to that.

It has been said before by previous judges that tails are becoming an issue and it is quite off putting to see exhibits winking at you as they move away, this is something that can be addressed as it used to be seldom seen … unfortunately it is heading to becoming the norm in the ring. On the whole temperaments were good and I could get my hands on every exhibit. Overall the breed is in a good place and I thank every exhibitor who brought their dogs under me for my opinion.  

I would also like to thank the officers and committee of Driffield Championship Dog Show Society for my first CC appointment and to my two stewards Brian Doyle and Melvin Parrington who kept me going with laughs along the way, it was good to be able to have a laugh away from the serious business of judging.

Veteran Dog (1 Entries) Abs: 1

Puppy Dog (2 Entries) Abs: 0


12 months old black spotted male, pleasing head with moderate stop and broad across the skull. Dark eyes, ears carried close to head on the move. Well defined muscle throughout, balanced front and rear angulation. It is on the move where he impresses most as he shows he can cover the ground once he relaxes, I am sure that his confidence will grow as he matures.


2nd: WHINCUP, Mrs Donna Louise & WHINCUP, Mr Kevin Tamilanda Instant Envy

7 month old black spotted dog, so a difference in maturity of the two in this class. Outgoing temperament, an elegant balanced head and his ears carried to frame his head. Balanced angulation fore and aft and muscle at the correct stage of development for his age. Good size and correct feet, just felt 1 was more positive in his front action today.

Junior Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: CROFT, Ms Rebecca Koroyza Viking Voyager

Almost 18 month old Liver spotted dog, head decoration can cause a bit of an optical illusion from a distance but when examined up close you can see that everything is as it should be. In good hard condition, wouldn’t want much more muscle on him as that would detract from his elegance on the move that won him this class. Good size and everything he has is balanced, a Liver colour that you don’t need to look twice at to be sure that he is Liver.

2nd: SIMS, Miss J Koroyza Hrafna Floki For Snowspeeder

Litter brother to 2, black spotted but a lot that has been said about 1 can be said here (except the bit about colour). Would like his feet to be a bit tighter and pasterns to strengthen. He needs to develop the movement that his brother exhibits.  

3rd: WOOTTON, Mrs Elaine Tolkain Caliban

Yearling Dog (3 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: SMITH, Mrs Angie Rapanooey Sugar Donut JW

15 month old black spotted dog, up for size and hope that his growing is done. Saying that he is still balanced. Superb temperament and nice to go over, muscle matches his age and size. Broad across his skull giving him quite a strong head, but again that all ties in to his overall shape and balance. Moved with reach and drive in this class.

2nd: CROFT, Mrs Linda Dalmark The Rule Breaker (AY3)

Black spotted, just 12 months, lacking confidence but did allow me to get over him and check what needed to be checked. Dark eyes, elegant head, muscle tone correct for age strong over his loin. Movement erratic at times but when he did put the strides together I could see that it is in there.

SBD (6 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: CROOKES, Miss T Dalberry the Starburst

Caught my eye on the initial go around as this boy moves with reach and drive, tail is set correctly but was a little high on the move but that didn’t detract too much from his overall picture. Rich Liver colour with well-defined decoration. Amber eye, ears used to frame his masculine head. Good size with front and rear angles complimenting each other allowing him to move the way he does.

BSpBD and SpB Grp 4

2nd: SMITH, Mrs Angie Rapanooey Sugar Donut JW

Repeat of Yearling Dog.

3rd: WOOTTON, Mrs Elaine Tolkain Caliban

Post Graduate Dog (7 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: JOHNSON, Miss Emma Louise Dvojica Evergreen

The more I saw of this boy the more I was drawn to him, he did everything his handler asked of him. Black spotted male approaching 2 years old who has developed into a good sized male, nothing is over done on him. Elegant head and used his ears to advantage in showing his expression, one of the few exhibits who didn’t fidget too much during going over. Deep chest and sprung ribs giving him what is needed to be able to go all day. Moving he caught the eye as it seemed to be effortless for him, the balance in his build allowing for this.



2 year old Liver male, another of good size. Another that seemed overawed on the stand but came alive on the move. Rich Liver colour and muscle tone and condition matched his size and age, pleasing head and expression with eyes a nice shade of amber. One to watch as he matures, as again he possesses that balance the breed needs.

3rd: GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W J E & J M Wrendragge Stone The Crows

Limit Dog (10 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: GREEN, Mrs J S & SEARS, Mrs J A Alphadal Aint Misbehaving At Judally JW

Took this class on his condition and movement, unfortunately he did not show that same movement during the challenge and seemed to hold himself back. Loved his size, again the coat colour was a rich and obvious liver and his spotting was very pleasing to the eye. Elegant head, but still masculine, eye catching on the stand.


Unlucky to meet 1 in the form he was showing and suffering from dreaded Dally rash on his head and back. Another whose head decoration can cause an optical illusion until appreciated up close, 2 year old male presented with ideal muscle and development for his age. Good size with balanced front and rear angulation, handler gets the best out of him and did push the winner hard.  

3rd: PHILIP , DUNNACHIE, Mrs L , Mr M L ,M Dvojica Enrique

Open Dog (6 Entries) Abs: 0

I found this class difficult as all exhibits varied in type.

1st: RICHARDSON, Mrs L Ch Mapplewell Pocket Rocket

3 year old black spotted male shown in good hard condition, handler really gets everything from this boy standing and moving. Up to size, but again balanced with it. Spotting pleasing to the eye. Elegant, masculine head with a kind expression. Deep chest, strong across the withers and maintained a level topline with tail flowing off his back whilst powering around the ring with reach and drive.


2nd: LOCKE-MCFADZEAN, Mrs A Ch Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras (Imp USA)

4 year old black spotted male and now having got my hands on him can see why he has been appreciated by so many other judges, however the tail just spoiled that picture I have in my head of the flowing lines that I think a Dalmatian should have. Shown in excellent condition, everything in proportion and has the showmanship a top winner needs.

3rd: SMALL, Ms Eimear & SMALL, Ms Aisling Int Ch Ir Ch Alioth Moonlight Surprise CW19 Ir J C

Good Citizen Dog NO ENTRIES

Veteran Bitch (4 Entries) Abs: 1

3 lovely 9 year old bitches showing the longevity of the breed.

1st: DAWSON, Mrs Julie Washakie Endless Summer

Black spotted, good honest bitch that appears to be having a second lease of life. Shown in good condition, good angulation fore and aft and today was the best I have seen her move in recent times, she left nothing behind in her performance. Darkest eye, sweet feminine head and the boldest of spotting on a clean white coat. Deep chest and slightly longer in loin than 2, but her overall performance won her the class.


2nd: BARRETT, Miss Lisa Jane Dalamanti Ice Ruby JW Sh.CM VW

Another black spotted, smaller built than 1, but still has the muscle and condition of a bitch in her prime. Everything in proportion on her, preferred the head of 1, but still a lot to like about this one. She has great lines however on the out and back just felt that 1 was truer in her movement.

3rd: GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W J E & J M Ch Dvojica Black Again at Wrendragge JW Sh.CM

Puppy Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: ALEXANDER, Mrs J Offordale kalinda

9 month old black spotted, shouts out femininity. Ideal for size and carrying just the right muscle tone. Bold black spotting on a clean white coat, dark eye, feminine head. Excellent bone down to strong pasterns and tight feet. Always attentive to her handler, moved out freely with reach and drive. Just needs time to mature and will be a contender for top honours.

BPIB and Puppy Group 4

2nd: DE ROZARIO, MS Maggie & BROOKS, Miss Collette Jemblewood Jelly Baby

11 month old black spotted bitch, liked her a lot just preferred the overall presentation of 1. Again a head that oozes elegance and a kind, attentive expression to her handler. Didn’t quite have the rear drive of 1. Put down displaying good angulation front and back without anything looking exaggerated. Another with a bright future ahead.

3rd: PAGE, Miss C & PAGE, Mr I & PAGE, Mrs K & PAGE, mr Winflash chanel paris

Junior Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 1


14 month old black spotted, similar in type and stature to the winner of the puppy bitch class. Well off for bone without losing any elegance, carrying a touch too much weight over her loin today but that didn’t stop her moving around the ring today as if she owned it. Dark eye, elegant arched neck into her body with a plenty of heart and lung room. A nice sized honest bitch with plenty to like, holds her top line on the move and carries her head and tail to her advantage.


2nd: VOCKINGS, mrs Elizabeth & VOCKINGS, mr Mike & VOCK Bellehoud Tipple at Portunes NAF

Just 12 month old liver bitch, again a nice size and an honest bitch to be gone over. Another that is free from exaggeration. Amber eyes, ears carried well with lovely broken decoration. Rich liver spotting on a white coat and balanced throughout, level topline and clean underline on the move. Unfortunately for her she can become a little too focussed on the stand but I am sure that additional sparkle will come with age and experience.

3rd: CHANCE DODDS, Misses H G & P C Dotlun Apache Inch Perfect

Yearling Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 3

1st: QUAYLE, Mrs B Cubalibre On One

23 month old Liver Bitch, of a nice size and again displaying obvious liver spotting. My notes have her down as having good body, correct angulation and moved out with reach and drive. She certainly knows how to put on a performance as she does have nice clean lines both standing and moving. 

2nd: FOSTER, Mrs Lauren Perdita's Tomorrowland

18 month black spotted bitch, best mover in the class however when stood in the line just didn’t really want to be there not due to nervousness but her mind was on other things. This made it really difficult for me as her build, shape and type are right up my street. Hopefully this is just a blip due to typical female hormones as there is a lot to like about her.


Special Beginners Bitch (7 Entries) Abs: 0


23 month old liver bitch, quite fine and would prefer a little more bone on her however this did not detract from her overall performance in this class. Stood with good angles and attentive to her handler and moved with great style and precision. Lost out in the challenge for Best Special Beginner to the dog’s better substance.


2nd: HORSCRAFT, Mrs M A Perdita's Anastasia At Manchando

Heavier built 2 ½ year old black spotted bitch. Shorter in leg than 1 but does move out with reach and drive. Tail seems to have a uniform thickness from insertion to point to the tip which detracts from the overall picture when standing. Intelligent expression, excellent lay of shoulder.

3rd: SCHEFFER, Revd Rachel Louise Squires Carodal St Oswalds Way

Post Graduate Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 2

1st: HAYWOOD-RIDGWAY, Mrs S Luccombe Strawberry Fizz

4 year old black spotted bitch presented in pristine condition. Dark eye, just enough forechest. Standing she presented me with what I was looking for, movement was steady and foot sure. Another bitch of good size and type caught my attention in the class but didn’t have the same sparkle in the challenge. Her maturity and foot steady movement won her this class. 


2 year old black spotted bitch of good size and build, heavier spotted than 1 but still has a lot to like. Presented to me in good hard show condition and the sweetest temperament, all of her lines are in the right place, unfortunately today she was a little over keen at times on the move which I am sure the owner will work on as she gets older.


Limit Bitch (8 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: VALENTINE, Mrs S Wrendragge Rainbow Dream 

Black spotted bitch approaching 3, one that can be quite easy to overlook, although she does nothing wrong, she is possibly too good at her job as there was no fidgeting or resetting her up. She has what I would call a classic head for a bitch which can be seen through the handbooks through the various years. Her owner and handler need to be commended for keeping this bitch in tip top condition and putting everything they have into displaying her movement. She holds her topline on the move and seemed to show herself off more and more in the challenge than she did in the class which earned her the top honours in bitches.


2nd: HOPKIN, Mrs Julie Dvojica Evangelista JW

Another black spotted bitch, coming up 2 years old. There is a lot to like about her and a lot said about 1 can be said about her, her head is a different type to 1 and that is what made my mind up. She is very much the show girl and kept catching my eye with her bold black spotting on a clean white coat. When called back in to challenge for the RCC she just didn’t seem to move with the same drive that pushed her so close to winning this class.

3rd: TINGEY, Mrs Helen & TINGEY, Mr Roy Dallyador Secret addiction

Open Bitch (9 Entries) Abs: 1

1st: RICHARDSON, Mrs L Ch Mapplewell Limited Edition

Black spotted bitch, 3 years old, mid standard in size but packs a lot in that. A picture of balance and gives her handler everything she asks of her. Plenty of bone giving her plenty of strength in those legs, which she used to propel herself around the ring. Dark eye and spotting that most breeders would aim for. A very nice bitch and a pleasure to award her the Open Bitch class.

2nd: GARDNER, Dr & Mrs W J E & J M Ch Dvojica Chilli Chutney for Wrendragge JW

A surprise for me and a lesson in not to judge a dog until you get your hands on them. 6 year old liver bitch, presented in A1 condition. Amber eye and such elegance in her lines, good spring of rib and depth of chest, strong loin and powerful rear quarters. Moved around the ring and probably would have went on all day if asked, holding her head and tail perfectly to keep that profile picture that I was looking for.

3rd: NEATH-DUGGAN, Mrs S A & BAKER, Miss S Ch Buffrey Hanky Panky By Dalleaf JW

Good Citizen Bitch (2 Entries) Abs: 0


2 year old Liver bitch, good size and temperament which of course you would expect in the good citizen class. A bit finer built than I prefer but still put in a class winning performance. Carried herself well around the ring and when stood was presented with acceptable lines.

2nd: FOSTER, Mrs Lauren Perdita's Tomorrowland

Repeat of 2nd in Yearling

Stuart Pearson (Kelevra)