• Show Date: 28/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stig Arne Kjellevold Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Spaniel (Field)



BD & BOB: Sh Ch Fecimus Chase The Dream To Ewtor JW

RBD: Winfarthing’s Nice One Cyril At Walwal (Can Imp)

BB: Sonnetend Wake Up And Dream At Wireduck

RBB: Nadavin Yaling For Gembet

BV: Elgert Sweet Lies At Gadhelic

First of all, a huge thank you to the committee who invited me to judge one of my favourite breeds. A truly noble and aristocratic breed, which holds a special place in my heart. I have had the good fortune to have my hands on many Field Spaniels over the years and have judged the breed specialties in Sweden (with more than 50 exhibits) and Finland. I was also an eager follower of the late Peggy M. Grayson’s (Westacre/Westwind) columns in Dog World and Our Dogs and have read all her books, both specialist breed literature and fiction. She was a champion author and wrote the most comprehensive works on several Spaniel breeds, of which we all must be eternally grateful. I was lucky to meet her on several occasions in the UK, the last time she was well into her 90s when she came to watch at the United Retriever Club’s show. What a fountain of knowledge she had of the breed (and what an interesting life she lived and wrote books about – highly recommendable). Any breed should count themselves lucky with such knowledgeable people among its fanciers.

Also, a big thank you to my two ring stewards, who brought smiles and cheerfulness to all of us, and made sure I didn’t mess things up. What a glorious day in the sunshine at a good old fashioned dog show when they are at its best and where judging the dogs is the main focus. Super layout of rings and showground. I was there a year ago also, judging one of the breed club shows that was held in conjunction with the all-breed show, as I was this time – and I will surely be back as a spectator.

To the exhibitors, I also extend my thanks for letting me go over your lovely dogs.

JD (1, 1 abs)

OD (2, 0)

1 Sh Ch Fecimus Chase The Dream To Ewtor JW

Liver male with a striking outline, perfect for size, lovely breed type. Beautiful head, dark eye and gentle expression. Super front assembly with excellent depth and length of chest and nicely sprung ribs. Excellent topline and tail carriage. Broad thighs. He really excels on the move with his long, unhurried stride. Fabulous coat, put down to perfection. Very friendly disposition. BD & BOB, and a well deserved shortlist in the group competition.

2 Broomeece Firecraker Over Mishules

Black of correct size, good length of legs, a tad shorter coupled. A little coarse in skull and slightly heavy in flew. Super neck into a well laid shoulder but would prefer a little more return of upper arm. Excellent body for his young age. Good width in thigh. Moderate hind angulation. Well off for bone and compact feet. Correct tailset but tends to curve upwards at the tip (which is no big deal). Super coat in gleaming condition.

GCD (1, 0)

1 Winfarthing Nice One Cyril at Walwal (Can Imp)

Dark liver/roan, on the smaller side, incredibly well muscled but wouldn’t mind if he carried some more body weight as he gives the impression of being a little light all over. Beautiful head, but slightly round eye shape of sufficiently dark colour. Well placed ears. Excellent skull with marked occiput. Lovely reach of neck but a little straight in his front construction. Correct topline, which arches ever so slightly over the loin and leads on to correct tail carriage. Broad thighs. Free and efficient movement, but a little close as seen from behind.

VB (1, 0)

1 Elgert Sweet Little Lies At Gadhelic

Liver bitch with a beautiful outline, showing great balance, correct size, very feminine all over. Nicely chiseled head of good length. Well placed ears. Good eye colour. Lovely and clean neckline. Slightly straight in front. Marked withers, level back. Correct tailset. Excellent body with good depth of brisket. Suitable amount of bone. Moves out well as seen from all angles. Beautiful coat.

PGB (3, 0)

1 Nadavin Yaling For Gemelbet

Excellent proportions even if still very immature. Her head is ultra-feminine and so lovely chiseled as if carved in rock and she has the darkest of eye. Good length of foreface which could be slightly stronger. Strong neck of excellent length. Super front assembly, excellent fore chest and depth of brisket. Level topline leading onto correct set on of tail and carriage which was wagging non-stop. Super bone and feet, muscular thighs. Dark liver coat in top condition. Long stride, sound coming and going. RBB

2 Gadhelic Jennyanydots

Another with good proportions, and with slightly more length of legs, presents a lovely silhouette. A really classical head piece with a touch of a roman nose. Lovely, dark eye. Excels in neck which is well arched leading onto a correct topline when standing but tends to roach when moving. A fraction upright in upper arm. Excellent depth of chest for her young age, also good length of chest. Broad thighs and good turn of stifle. Dark liver coat of good texture. A little light in bone and feet could be bigger. Sound mover but would like to see more freedom of action in profile.

3 Ewtor Crazy Kinda Love At Pennybeck

OB (2, 0)

1 Sonnetend Wake Up And Dream At Wireduck

Black bitch of the most exquisite model, striklingly beautiful of excellent proportions, size and substance. Quality head, however, it cannot afford to become any heavier, still just right on the day, which is what matters. Marked eyebrows and occiput. Strong neck of ample length. Super front assembly with a marked fore chest and deep in brisket. Level topline standing and moving. Excellent bone and compact feet of good size. Moves well as seen from any angle, showing real power in her locomotion. Fabulous coat and presentation. Friendly disposition with her ever wagging tail. BB & BOS

2 Diptonia Gypsy Moth

A little racier and more elegant, still retains correct proportions. Lovely head which is well chiseled. Long ears. Occiput could be more pronounced. Excels in her beautiful neck onto marked withers, correct front assembly with lovely fore chest. Broad thighs and well angulated behind, however I wouldn’t like any more angles than this. Super bone and feet. Rather parallel coming and going, but a little unstable in her hocks yet. Moves just OK in profile but would have liked to see a little more animation. Good coat and temperament.

GCB (1, 0)

1 Sh Ch Elgert China Girl For Gadhelic

Another one who was a little racier but of excellent proportions and correct size. Feminine, noble, and well chiseled head piece, slightly heavy in flew. Pronounced occiput. Dark eye giving a soft expression. Excellent neck. Sligtly upright in her front construction. Nicely marked withers, strong back and short in loin. Excellent chest volume. Parallel and efficient movements with a long stride. Good coat for this time of the year. Friendly disposition.

Stig Arne Kjellevold (Westaway, Norway)