• Show Date: 28/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stig Arne Kjellevold Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)

Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club Championship show 28th August 2022 Judge: Mr S A Kjellevold

BIS: Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors

RBIS: Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

BPIS: Elazlan Tribal Craft

BVIS: Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Rider

Dog CC: Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

R Dog CC: Elazlan Tribal Craft

BPD: Elazlan Tribal Craft

Bitch CC: Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors

R Bitch CC: Calvdale Flutter

BPB: Barecho Fame Queen At Eastriding NAF

BB&W: Elazlan Tribal Craft

Finally, the day arrived, I had been waiting with so much anticipation for more than 2 years now since my original appointment which was due at the start of the dreary pandemic in the Easter of 2020. I must extend my sincere gratefulness to the committee of the Lancashire & Cheshire English Springer Spaniel Club who so kindly re-invited me and looked so well after me, both outside of and inside the ring. A particular huge thank you to Lesley McCourt and Jane Eyington who steered me through the day with much enthusiasm and a healthy amount of humour. We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise for the people, it was just at times a little too hot for some of the dogs, when there was not a breeze. Also, the day was long, as the breed had been judged at Driffield Championship Dog Show earlier in the day. Still, so nice to be able to take advantage of the lovely ring and facilities of the general championship show, and it was so pleasant to be back for a real British dog show, they don’t do them like you do in the UK, anywhere else, nothing else can really compare, this is the real deal, and for us foreign pedigree dog enthusiasts, it is like coming home. You always make us feel welcome, and for that, both my partner and I extend our thanks. It was also a great pleasure to be accompanied by my three mentors in the breed, my own Frank Bjerklund, and our dear friends Bob and Frances Jackson of the Mompessons, and we all were well looked after by the club. You are the best, L&CESSC! And it was with a special fondness and emotion that it was this particular club, where my other mentors and great friends, the late Tom & Dorothy Bury were founding members, and very fitting as we always used to visit them at Lyndora in Eccleston, Lancashire. What a well of great memories this hobby has afforded us with. We have a lot to thank our dogs for.

On the whole I would say that the quality within the breed, being well aware that this might not be a representative sample of the breed, was mixed, as is often the case. The top winners, and particularly in bitches, were simply outstanding, and it makes my heart sing that we still can find quality like this in the breed’s country of origin. Also, that you have not lost the correct proportions, as your dogs in general had good leg length and not over long backs. Please be aware that we do not want an over coated breed. They are not Cockers, and long may that continue. There was a time when the dogs went out on a shoot on the Saturday and a dog show on the Sunday. Don’t make the coats more important than what’s underneath, that is what really matters, and when what is underneath is really good, don’t hide it under masses of coat. Good heads, strong bone and compact feet was also the rule and not the exception, so lots of points to be pleased about.


1. Elazlan Tribal Craft

What a way to start my judging with 2 such excellent examples of the breed. This one my class winner was simply outstanding, so well put together, very forward for his age without being overdone, just right, and even being so mature for such a young one, I don’t think he will finish coarse or heavy. Anyway, the judging is on the day, and today he was just brilliant with his super proportions, perfect size and correct breed type, all male, no doubt about that, but as stated, nothing coarse or heavy, simply a nicely matured puppy who has everything going for him. His headpiece is masculine, again without being heavy, nicely chiseled, good length of muzzle, dark eye giving a soft expression, strong neck which is beautifully arched, balanced angulations both ends, short in back, compact loin, good depth of brisket and defined fore chest, good spring of ribs, well off for bone and tightly knit feet, broad thighs, super coat, parallel and efficient pattern of motion, very friendly. I was a bit surprised that I ended up awarding him the RCC at such a young age, however quality cannot be denied. Best Puppy in Breed and Best Black & White in Breed. I must commend the skillful and sympathetic handling from maybe the youngest exhibitor on the day with her 15 years (but I realize she also has 15 years of experience within the breed). Well done!

2. Pinereoch No Stunts Larrie

No disgrace to come second to my RCC-winner, as this dog puppy has many virtues too. Slightly smaller in size but full of potential, I only hope he will grow a bit more length of legs to give perfect proportions, and that may well come in one so young, and I would also like him to get a bit more strength of foreface as he matures, throat can dry up a little as well, super fore chest and dept of chest, straight topline, however he don’t need any more angulations behind, sufficient width of thigh, excellent bone and feet, his movement is free and flowing, parallel coming and going, lovely coat and pleasant temperament.

PD 1 (1 Abs)

JD 1

1. Calvdale Ever Thus

Bang on for size and proportions, loved his easygoing attitude and zest for life, carries himself really well around the ring, could gain a little more strength in his foreface with time, beautifully arched neck, super angulations in front but cannot be any more angulated in his rear, marked withers, short, straight back, strong in loin, good spring of ribs, strong bone and well knit paws, fabulous coat, moves freely but could extend slightly more in front and still slightly loose in hocks, loved his kind temperament and that cheeky, mischievous glimpse in his eyes almost saying where is the fun!

YD 1

1. Nineoaks Bring Him Home

Another who was spot on for size and proportions, something that pleases me immensely, masculine and has a nice frame to develop within. I would have liked a longer and fuller muzzle and a darker eye. His neck is strong and lovely arched, but the shoulder could be better laid back whilst his upper arm is ok, his whole front assembly is pushed forward, and he could do with a better defined fore chest. Nicely sprung ribs for his age. Could be shorter in loin. Correct, moderate hind angulations. Super feet and lovely coat. A little short stepping in front, but he seemed maybe slightly affected by the heat and didn’t give his all on the day, moved a tad narrow behind. Excellent temperament.


1. Sandylands Xpress Delivery

I repeat myself when saying he is absolutely correct size and presents a very balanced and stylish picture, however he could have just that little bit extra leg length (his markings doesn’t do him any favours in that respect, even if that doesn’t matter when judging), his head is masculine, but I would prefer his foreface slightly longer and stronger, and his eyes still needs to darken. He could have been a little better angulated in front but is absolutely correct behind with moderate bend of stifle and low hocks, his thighs could be a little broader though. Excellent chest, bone and feet, super strong topline standing and moving, short in loin, a little narrow behind but fabulous side gait with long, elastic stride and such a showman. Presented to perfection.

MLD 4 (1 Abs)

1. Dexbenella Frilled To Bitz

Now this exhibit gave me a little bit of a headache, as I was absolutely taken with him, just loved his shape, proportions, and fantastic breed type, most attractive and could have brought him home in a heartbeat. His handler must have been puzzled over the way I hovered around him. He has still not reached his full potential in maturity, so his time will certainly come. His head is simply stunning, so balanced, correctly chiseled, good foreface and skull which is not coarse or overdone, and his expression is appealing even if his eyes still can darken. Slightly straight in front, enough body for his age, but as said, he still has some maturing to do, enough bone for my liking, short backed and really up on his legs, nicely angulated behind with good width of thighs, super topline at all times, correct side gait with a free and efficient step, maybe a little untidy seen from behind. Beautiful coat of the darkest liver nuance. Lovely temperament when going over him, but when in the challenge something made him at unease, and he wasn’t very cooperative just when it mattered, but he certainly was in contention for the very highest awards. Will definitely follow his future performance very keenly.

2. Calvdale Scaramouch Jones

Totally different in many respects, super stylish and very racy, but for me he gives a slightly long overall impression and there is just too much neck and hind angulation, a dog of his style would probably do really well in Scandinavia. He has a lovely head, masculine and well chiseled, and of good length, dark, almond shaped eye, well defined forechest, super front angulation, well sprung ribs, broad thighs, super bone and feet, moves a tad narrow behind and a little short stepping in front, excellent coat.

3. Cherishym Dofida

LD 3 (1 Abs)

1. Beresford Lockdown

Stylish male, spot on for size again, and good length of legs, masculine overall impression without any hint of coarseness. Lovely head but can still develop a stronger foreface which could have been a fraction longer. Decent eye colour. Beautiful neck, lovely arched and flowing into shoulders and topline. He is a little straight in front, which causes the topline to slope slightly. Excellent width of his thighs and thankfully, moderately angulated hindquarters to balance his front. Super body, bone, and feet. Fabulous profile movements, though a little narrow behind. Good coat, but his overall impression would benefit greatly from shortening his feathers. Very appealing temperament.

2. Cherishym Draconis

Very promising, super breed type, very much my taste, unfortunately this dog is not handled to get out his full potential, which is a real shame, as there is so much to like about him, and I am sure with more training, he can really trouble the best. I hope this is taken as an honest and well-meant piece of advice, it is not sour grapes, I just think this dog really has so much going for him that he must be shown to his full advantage.

His head piece is beautifully shaped, noble yet masculine, well chiseled, very light eye though. Somewhat straight in front, enough fore chest, he still needs lots of time to reach his full potential (but by then, I hope he is handled to show off all his attributes - so on with the practice). Moderate hind angulations, broad thighs, compact feet. Moves well as seen from all angles, but lacks a little enthusiasm, maybe affected by a long and warm day. Super coat, but like his classmate, he will only benefit from taking off some of the length. Lovely temperament.

OD 3

1. Sh Ch Beresford Night Train

Excels in breed type and overall shape, and he is indeed very good to go over, presents the finished package of a fully mature male of correct size and proportions. His lack of enthusiasm for showing cannot overrule his overall quality where he really excels. He is masculine without exaggerations, and he has good length of legs, balanced by a short back. Nicely sculpted head which also is masculine without coarseness, but could be a tad longer, and his skull is a little too rounded. Strong neck into adequately angulated front, well developed in chest and body, good spring of ribs, strong, level back, excellent width of thigh and moderate bend of stifle. Suitable bone, compact feet. Long, efficient stride which is unhurried and energy saving. The quality of his coat is correct, but there is just too much of it, hiding his natural outline and good construction and makes him look a little cloddy, so cutting the coat back a bit will do him the world of good. A top-class male, winner of DCC and RBIS.

2. Eastriding Royal Mayfair JW

Very stylish male with the correct proportions, masculine head of good length, a little heavy in flew but still not a coarse head and his dark eye gives him a lovely and mild expression. Sufficiently angulated front, but do not want any more angulations in his rear. Nice spring of ribs, however, could be slightly more developed in chest, time is on his side in that respect. Fitting amount of bone, broad thighs, and good width across his bum. Strong and medium long neck which is not exaggerated. Shows off great freedom of movement with his long stride on a loose lead, just a little narrow behind, expertly and sympathetically handled, suitable amount of coat, which was just a little wooly.

3. Kennair Diamond Geezer

Ch D 2

1. Sh Ch Beresford As Good As It Gets

Super size, just within correct proportions but couldn’t afford any less length of legs, sufficiently angulated front, correct moderate hind angulations. Masculine head but a little too heavy in skull and expression is spoilt by a round, rather light eye. Excellent width and depth of chest, strong, level back, broad thighs, rather efficient movements but narrow behind, another one who was carrying far too much coat.

2. Sh Ch Trimere Tipping Point Of Allenie

Spot on for size, but too low on his legs, apart from that super breed type and a gorgeous head with good length of foreface and with a dark eye giving a soft expression. Elegant arch of his strong neck which leads seamless onto his shoulders and back without any abruptness, level back, super width of thigh and moderate angulations in his rear. Excellent coat of just the right amount to not make him look lower. Moves out well in his profile gait, a tad narrow as seen from behind, friendly temperament.

VD 2 (1 Abs)

1. Beaters Baron JW ShCM VW

Veteran dog who belies his age and presents a super outline where his size and proportions are textbook, one of the most appealing heads of all the males, with dark eyes and the gentlest of expression. To be very critical, there could be slightly more of him all over, but he has super bone and good feet. Lovely neck which flows into shoulder and a level topline behind his withers, correct moderate hind angulations. Excels in his side gait, just a tad narrow behind. Dark liver coat, put down to perfection.

MPB 5 (1 Abs)

1. Barecho Fame Queen At Eastriding NAF

Really promising prospect, just needs to gain a little more experience, and boy did she do just that as the day proceeded, she just showed better and better as the day went on. Ultra-feminine all over, beautiful, well chiseled head, sufficiently dark eye colour for her age. A little straight in front, enough body for her age, suitable amount of bone for her size, compact feet. Level back, but she tended to look a bit low when moving, however that was more down to her lack of experience and improved each time she entered the ring. Correct broad thighs. Stands so balanced on all four feet, free and efficient mover. Beautiful coat. Well presented in the ring.

2. Pinereoch Amethyst Of Rosannoch

Super proportions with excellent length of legs and a short back, such a well angulated front, which is becoming a rarity within the breed, moderate hind angulations where her stifle hasn’t yet “come down”, presents a beautiful frame to grow into. Love the way her super neck flows seamless into her shoulders. Great body and chest already. Good width of thigh. Head needs to break and eye, a little round in shape, needs to darken, still a mild expression. Lovely bone and well-knit feet. Moves with lovely flow in profile, still very unstable behind. Fabulous coat and richness and depth of her liver colour.

3. Daenerys Moondancer To Cherishym

4. Bordacity Heaven Sent

PB 2 (1 Abs)

1. Meadowdale Kellys Heroes To Hanknight

Big puppy, very forward for her age but spot on for proportions, beautiful head, but neither head or the rest of her need to become any heavier. Good length of foreface and chiseling in head begins to show. Excellent and moderate angulations both ends. Lovely flow of neck into shoulders and further onto a level back and correct tail carriage. Super bone, rather big, but compact feet. Moves well when she gets out of her pacing. A puppy with lots to like, particularly for her very correct proportions and beautiful balance, just hope she doesn’t get too heavy.

JB 2

1. Trimere Time Flys

Beautiful model, substantial young bitch who retains her femininity, a tad long in body but excellent length of legs. Lovely head that still needs to break. Moderate angulations both ends. Strong neck of moderate length. Shall still develop in fore chest, but otherwise already good spring of ribs and enough depth of brisket. Excellent bone and feet, broad thighs. Efficient movement as seen from all angles. Very appealing temperament with constantly wagging tail. Beautiful coat with darkest of liver colour. Very promising youngster.

2. Spuffing Prosecco

Super model with just the right proportions, however, will need lots of time to reach her full potential, which of course is not a fault. Lovely frame to grow into. Beautiful, feminine head with good length and strength of foreface, already decent eye colour. Beautiful flow of neck into shoulders, further onto back and croup without any abrupt angles anywhere, correctly low tailset. Adequate amount of bone, compact feet. Excellent side gait, still a little unstable behind. Beautiful coat, also very dark shade of liver. Super temperament.

YB 2

1. Calvdale Flutter

Well, well, well – what a classic beauty, everything I look for in a Springer, combining raciness and substance, such a difficult combination to get just right - this is it. Just “my kind of girl” (like a famous namesake from the same breeder, who incidentally won the RCC last time I judged the breed). Rather different from her litter brother who was 2nd in MLD, much more moderate and displays so much quality. Correct height to length ratio. Exquisite head piece with a strong foreface of ample length, sufficiently dark eye, beautiful neck and seamless transition into withers and level back. Well developed chest and body for her young age, good spring of rib. Stable and efficient movement as viewed from all angles with power and drive. Perfect feet, just right amount of bone. Excellent coat and enough of it. Pleasantly natured.

2. Strathnaver Starstruck

Presents a lovely overall picture with a beautiful frame, such a gorgeous head with good strength of foreface, sufficiently dark eye for now, although a little round in shape. Strong neck, but still needs time to develop in fore chest. Good spring of rib although a little narrow in keel. Otherwise well developed in body. Well angulated behind, a little straight in front. Super bone without any trace of coarseness. Compact feet. Gorgeous coat and presented to a T. Lovely to see a Springer shown on a loose lead. Super side action, and particularly good front action, a touch narrow viewed from behind. Lovely character.


1. Alhambian Amy Winehouse

Perfect for size and proportions, incredibly beautiful girl who unfortunately doesn’t give it all when moving. Simply stunning head, maybe the best on the day with dark eye and the mildest of expression. Super neck flowing seamlessly into shoulders and level and strong back. Moderately angulated front and rear. Excellent body with pronounced forechest and depth of keel. Compact feet, broad thighs. Sound mover, just hasn’t her heart into it, real shame as she is a classic beauty and simply couldn’t be denied the class. Handler worked hard and must be commended.

2. Freeway Remembrance

Presents a totally balanced outline, sound and workmanlike. Feminine head and dark eye giving a melting expression. Strong neck. Could be a tad better angulated both ends, but rather this than over angulated hind quarters. Excellent body, marked fore chest , short in loin. Just the right amount of bone to suit her size and sex. The most fantastic feet (which Mrs. T would have approved of). Correct side gait, but could show a little more drive, and she is slightly narrow behind.

3. Melverly Burano


1. Gleadsbury Dynamite

Now this is a very harmonious bitch, so well built, just love her type and model, honest, good length of legs, a “what-you-get-is-what-you-see” kinda girl, just very classical. Gorgeous head shape, hyperfeminine in expression, well chiseled like carved from rock. Excellent neck into shoulders and a strong and level back and correctly slightly sloping croup. Ample spring of ribs, suitable amount of bone and compact feet. Long and efficient stride, although wouldn’t mind her showing a little more enthusiasm, parallel. Enough coat.

2. Sandylands Send The Roses

Beautiful and stylish, very clean and appealing silhouette, feminine head, a little round eye shape, excellent shape of skull. Lovely neck, well arched, with a smooth transition to her topline. A little straight in front construction, correctly moderately angulated behind. Thighs could be broader. Excellent body and spring of ribs. Could be a fraction stronger in bone. Moves a little close behind, where she really excels is in her side gait with her free flowing, seamingly effortless stride, sparkling attitude and her excellent coat is put down to perfection.

3. Sandylands Send My Love

4. Freeway Fortune

LB 5 (1 Abs)

1. Donarden Gin Fizz

Another top-class bitch who really was in contention for the highest awards, supreme quality, oozing breed type and with correct proportions with good length of legs and short in couplings, presenting an instantly appealing image. Feminine head piece with a super foreface of ample length and strength and in balance with a skull that is not too heavy. Her expression is just a little disturbed by her eye shape, but the colour is not bad at all. Super angulations both ends, not over angulated behind, always a relief. Lovely neck which just flows into her marked withers and further onto her correctly level and short back. Perfect tail carriage. Sound and efficient mover from all sides, unusually parallel. Excellent coat and condition. Pleasant temperament. One to watch.

2. Portrail Turns The Swag On For Pinereoch

Very attractive outline, correct size and proportions even if a little longer cast than 1. Another gorgeous head with well developed foreface. Dark eye giving a mild expression. Could have slightly more pronounced fore chest. A touch long in loin. Broad thighs and so balanced and correct in angulations front and rear. Long and efficient side gait, a little narrow seen from behind.

       3. Eastriding Glam Princess

      4. Kingsheath Total Diva At Felltops

OB 6 (2 Abs)

1. Shipden Alhambian Diana Dors

Now this is a bitch of the highest order if there ever was one. Quality is a word we use a lot when judging dogs, but it is hard to explain the exact meaning of it, much easier to point at it when it is in front of you, and here it was in bounties in all her splendour. Anyone wishing to study the breed, should make an effort to get a look at this bitch and retain her image in their mind as today this is quite rare. And when you come upon someone like her when judging your own breed, it is truly inspirational. She defines the word balance with her perfect height to length ratio and moderate angulations both ends, spot on for size. Maybe not the stunning head of her kennel mate from PGB as it could be a touch more refined, but more than adequate for me (and some might say I am obsessed with heads) and it has good balance foreface to skull and a beautiful dark eye. Strong neck which is beautifully arched and such a smooth transition to her marked withers and level and strong back, and a slight rise over the loin, just as it should be. Lots of body, marked fore chest and good depth of brisket without making her heavy. Broad, strong thighs. Her movement is a joy to watch and a lesson in Springer locomotion, stable, powerful, parallel – could watch her run all day. Super coat and presentation. Such a showgirl – what her kennel mate lacked, she had in buckets, so full of zest and flair. Could hardly take my eyes off her. I cannot believe that this was her first CC as she is richly deserving and we, breeder judges really owe it to the breed to recognize such quality. It was a true pleasure to award her BOB and Best In Show.

2. Carlyquinn Kisses Of Fire

Beautiful outline, a classic gem, perfect size, so balanced, a fraction longer cast than 1. Lovely and noble head of good length. Sufficiently angulated in front, good width of thigh, well angulated behind. Could do with just that little more fore chest. Super topline. Lacking a little in enthusiasm and animation. Moves out well in profile, a tad narrow behind. Fantastic coat and presentation of it.

3. Calvdale I Say Of Fallenleaf CJW18 CW18

4. Tigerrock Strike A Pose

Ch B 4

1. Sh Ch Melverly Lil Dancer

Very substantial bitch verging on being too heavy, but still such a quality bitch, and she really excels in correct proportions being well up on her legs and short backed making a captivating silhouette. Good head shape with a strong muzzle. Eye a little round. Strong neck, a little throaty but nothing disturbing. Correct and moderate angulations both ends, exceptionally sound behind. Could have a slightly more pronounced fore chest. Well off for bone, almost too much for a bitch, super feet and good width of thigh. Just enough spring of rib. Level topline. Fabulous side gait, she is really moving with a purpose, full of exuberance and so outgoing. Carries the perfect amount of coat - watch, and take heed.

2. Sh Ch Trimere Taylor Swift

Another substantial bitch, well up to size, also longer cast, but not as heavy as 1 apart from her too heavy flews. Otherwise, a good headshape and of ample length and skull which is not coarse, and a really lovely, mild expression. Well angulated front, however, would not like any more angulations in her rear. Could do with a little more fore chest but good depth of brisket. Strong loin and broad thighs. Long and efficient side gait, particularly good reach in front, a little narrow behind. Excellent coat.

3. Sh Ch Trimere Tickle Me Fancy

4. Sh Ch Meadowdale Jedi Of Hanknight

Sp Beg B 1

1. Tigerrock Strike A Pose

Well balanced bitch of excellent breed type and with correct size and proportions, very honest even if her markings doesn’t help her, so your hands will tell you her qualities. Beautiful, feminine head with good strength of foreface, slightly roman nose, dark eye. Strong neck of medium length. A little straight in front construction, nicely angulated in rear but would have liked broader thighs. Could have a little more pronounced fore chest and she has an ever so slightly sloping topline. Adequate amount of bone, tight feet. Moves with ease and a smooth and coordinated action. Lovely coat and presentation.

VB 3 (1 Abs)

1. Sh Ch Bordacity Honey Rider

Still in top condition at 8, presents a lovely outline with excellent proportions and good depth in body. Feminine head with dark, almond shaped eye giving a soft expression, good fore chest, super neck and transition to her marked withers and short and strong back. Slightly straight in front, correctly moderate hind angulations. Excellent bone and feet. Steady, efficient, and powerful movement with super attitude. BVIB.

2. Spuffing Molly’s Secret

Excellent shape and model, super size and proportions. Gorgeous head of good length, a little round eye shape but lovely dark colour. Strong neck, a little throaty, and could have a little more fill in fore chest. Exeptionally well angulated in front, moderate rear angulations. Short loin and broad thighs. Super bone, but a little large feet. Seems to be rock hard in muscle condition, but tends to drop in her topline, both standing and moving. Moves a little narrow behind, good side gait, but could do with somewhat more enthusiasm. Correct coat.

Stig Arne Kjellevold (Westaway, Norway)