• Show Date: 12/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Steve Rooney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)

Crufts Critique

Smoothcoat Chihuahuas 


Well the day finally arrived. The day that dreams are made of, when the honour of judging at The Worlds Greatest Dog Show actually happened. Sadly, not every exhibitor gets the opportunity allowed to me, and I will be forever grateful to The Crufts Judging Committee, for giving me the opportunity to judge at this prestigious dog show. After two dreadful years with Covid, having such devastating effect on the world, and of dog showing, it’s wonderful that we are getting back to some normality, and Crufts is back again. Under the circumstances, I was pleased with my entry of 112, considering the odds were against bumper numbers, with Covid, higher entry prices and the current war situation, which has impacted on all breed entries. The quality of the entry was mixed to say the least, with much higher depth of quality in the dogs, with bitches needing a lot of work in the future. I was worried at one stage, that I may not find a bitch worthy of the CC, due to the poor quality in some classes. To qualify for Crufts is not a difficult thing to do of late, due to almost a year of shows, with lower entries than precovid, so smaller classes enabling easier qualification. It’s long been said that easier qualification, enables bigger Crufts entries, which gives more quantity, than quality, and arguments can be made for both. To maintain quality at shows like Crufts, judges would be expected to withhold, at qualifying shows, which is not an easy thing to do, and may put some off showing all together, but maybe the only way to get the standard and quality more aligned. In saying this, I do not wish to sound too negative, as I did manage to end up with a super line up of both males and females, and was very pleased with all my class winners.

Exhibitors were charming, polite, friendly and very sportsmanlike, and accepted my decisions with grace and professionalism. I’m very proud to be involved in our breed. 

Veteran Dog. 5(1)

1st. Joda De L'isle Au Vert Coteau avec Lovchi (Imp Fr) (Mrs R Lovric) A black and fawn seven year old boy, that I previously judged, when in his prime, and awarded him the CC. He still has the ring charm he had back in the day, performing just as well, and full of aplomb. He’s still as he was, nicely put together, with a understated charm. Thought no less of him today, as I did back in the day, as he still has that lovely spring in his step when he strides out. Still love him. 2nd. Nikitos Namethatdog (Mrs S Crowley). Smartly put together, red sable boy, with a good head and body shape. Correct tail carriage and required topline. Not as firm behind as the winner today, but a pleasing exhibit nonetheless. 

3rd. Copymear Little Ceasar at Lovchi (Mrs R Lovric). Lighter red boy, with decent head and large ears. Did well for his 11 years but was a little outshine by the two youngsters ahead of him. 

Minor Puppy Dog 4 (1)

1st. Parisland Parti Animal with Manchino TAF NAF (Mrs M K & Mr P Mann). Rich Red and white boy with decent head, large ears on a finer muzzle. Decent body, can carry tail a little low. Moved soundly on the go. 2nd. Davixity Goldfinger at Lilliputchi NAF (Mrs M A Hill). Lovely refined quality boy, with strong head, short muzzle, mouth needs to settle. Cute and typy that went well. 3rd. Christalchi Taittinger (Mrs S Crowley). Place this dog third of three, as in my opinion his quality is poor in comparison to the first two. Large in type and untypical. From a show perspective point of view, sadly this dog does not meet the brief. 

Puppy Dog 6 (1)

1st. Anadeia Maikoh (Mrs H Dodd). Cream boy, with a sweet head and expression, good dentition, and decent length of muzzle, not overdone. Compact and slightly squarer in shape, and would benefit from a little more neck, but his overall appearance is well balanced, although would benefit from being slightly slimmer. Went around the ring with style and confidence, and earned his place from his overall performance. BPD. 2nd. Shadow Hunter De Petit Roi Mojito at Casiatodo (Imp Deu) (Miss E Hicks). Red boy of a finer type with a lovely head, large ears and decent expression. Dainty in type and body, but still moved well. A pretty boy. 3rd. Nikitos Nozzinlikeziz (Mrs B Sutton). A very handsome boy, with the loveliest of heads and expression. Large flaring ears, framing this high quality head piece, which was my favourite feature of this boy. Larger than the first two, but by no means big. Still retained a fineness about him, but his slightly stilted front action prevented nice free flowing movement, although carried a firm topline. Three very different types. 

Junior Dog


1st. Bondor Given Arfa Chance for Akashic (Miss S Lyons). Stand out class winner. Super young boy of the highest quality. Very smart red and white boy who was a treat to go over. Extremely well put together. Lovely head, sitting onto enough length of neck, strong shoulders and super level topline.  

Decent angulation. All put together creates a lovely silhouette when standing. Can sometimes carry his ears a little high. On the move he’s a dream to watch in profile, but a little wide coming towards you. Tail can sometime be carried a tad tight at times, but I knick pick, as these minor criticisms takes nothing away from what is a top quality example of the breed. Was up very close for top honours. A dog schooled to perfection, and a credit to his handler/owner. 2nd. Bermac Bound for Glory (Ms A Mcallister). Larger red boy very unlucky to meet the quality of the winner, but a decent boy, bigger in type and of good quality. Decent head, onto a longer body type. Moved well around the ring. 3rd. Bajtzik Centlí vom Soden Öst Jug Ch (Mr C D, Mrs, Dr. D. I. Stoll). Red/white boy with a very strong masculine head, and pleasing expression. A decent sized boy, but tends to carry his tail a little low extending his length somewhat. Moved quite well. 

Yearling Dog 6(0)

1st. Starceylon Love to The Moon (Mr C & Mrs L Tyson). Cream boy of quality. Good head with lovely expression, and muzzle, with correct dentition. Really nice shapely dog carrying required tail set. A little chunkier than I’d like, which slightly impairs his overall shape, and I’m sure, with a session at weight watchers he would be transformed. Moved very impressively, and was handled with great sensitivity, from his young clever handler. 2nd. Pablo del Rey De Petit Roi Mojito at Casiatodo (Imp Deu) (Miss E Hicks). Another fine young man from this exhibitor. Fine both in quality and type. Super appealing dog with very attractive head properties. Nice to handle with everything in the right place. At his best he is rather eye catching, but can be hard to handle and make life difficult for his handler. Did enough for his worthy second place. 3rd. Reynoldco Sweet Solo at Roovena NAF (Miss L Black). Another nice dog with lots to like. Fawn boy with sweet head and expression. Well constructed and nice to handle. Did well on the move, but tail a bit tight otherwise a nice boy. 

Post Graduate 13 (2)

1st. Diamonchi Button Moon for Moltobello (Mrs S T J Hunt). Darker shaded red of super quality. Really nicely put together, and very pleasing to handle on the table, where his qualities come to the fore. Neat and tidy dog, with a lovely head and expression, and not over done in any way. We have some neck, which is a bonus, and sadly lacking with some specimens, and that flows beautifully into a very level topline. Tail set just as it should be, which finishes the overall very attractive outline. Then onto the floor, where he covers the ground with style, holding his shape at all times, and this is what swung it for him, both in the class, but more importantly in the challenge, where he fought his corner, to earn him the well deserved RCC. 2nd. Lozmarchi Class Act (Mrs L S & Mr M Daly). Blue Fawn boy, also of nice quality, but slightly finer muzzle, but impressive ear size and set, which seems to be another feature of the breed we lack sometimes. Neat front with good body and tail. A dog that could further impress, if he’d just pull himself together and tighten up his frame, and his look would be transformed. Earned his second place in this large class on his overall quality. 3rd. Jorazan Top Gun Flyer JW (Mrs A Halls). A smart boy of overall good quality. Slightly larger in type but refined in bone and body. A little higher on the leg than his competition, but this enabled some rather engaging movement as he carries himself quite proudly. Topline and tail finish the picture well. 

Limit Dog 12(2)

1st. Davixity Nijinsky (Mrs F A Murray). A super tri-boy from the top drawer. Full of quality and type. Correctly compacted body, with just enough length of body over height, to not be square, and be appropriately balanced in outline and shape. Excellent in head and expression, with correct dentition. Pencil straight front. Solid example of the breed, who covered the ground with sound and solid movement. Showed at his best, and was up there with the top dogs, and another contender for higher awards. I’m sure his day will come. 2nd. The Golden Boy De Casa del Hermitano Gestavo (Imp Esp) (Mr D & Miss J Milton). Dark cream boy with a super strong head, and dentition, but slightly harsher in expression than the winner of this class. Great shape on the table, and ideal for size. Has many attributes, and when moving in profile is very impressive. Would prefer a tidier front movement, but has a lot going for him and still has style and ring presence. 3rd. Charonchi Billy Super Duper (Mrs S H Slavinec). Ultra masculine boy with a strong head and good dentition. I would prefer a softer expression. Well made with solid body construction. Moved well showing off his shapely frame. 

Open Dog 11 (1)

1st. Ch Parisland Pans Little Man at Manchino (Mrs M K & Mr P Mann). Red and white boy of superior quality, that one could say has it all. Ticks all the boxes for quality and style. Being an already successful winning dog, one tends to approach the dog, with a mixture of emotions and thoughts, and even pre- conceived opinions, obviously unfounded, having never judged the dog previously. I’m sure we’re all guilty, of the guessing game, of what a judge will do and won’t do. and that’s the nature of the beast, and therefore my job is to judge without prejudice. This dog for me is worthy of all his success to date. His format when hands on judging him is very impressive. From head to toe he commands attention. His head is shapely and correct with good dentition. Shapely skull with correct ear set and pleasing expression. His body is firm in substance, without being stocky. Good rear angulation. Comes into his own when on the ground, and hits the floor running with style and panache. Carries his super shape without any distractions, showing off his superb topline, and tail set and carriage. Shows and moves faultlessly and screams winner. Delighted to be able to offer him the CC and Best of Breed, and he was a joy to watch in the Group, where he excelled in his showmanship, and represented our little breed in big style. You did us proud, many congratulations. 2nd. Cib/it Ch/hr Ch/slo Ch Furio Camillo Di San Gimignano (Mrs Schm Dols-Kurvers). Super boy of a more finer and diminutive type, but has all the essentials of a top class example of the breed. Carries a super head and expression. Neat and tidy construction with everything correct. Moves very soundly, but occasionally losing his topline when standing, but was handled to advantage by his owner. A very nice example of the breed. 3rd. Davixity Bruhn Spinillons (Mrs J Davidson-Poston. Another very good example of the breed. Tri boy with lovely head. Nice chiseled muzzle with deep stop. Neat front and sturdy body. Tail placement correct. Moved with drive and very sound. Started to become tired towards the end, but maybe that was the judges fault, as I was asking a lot of these quality dogs to earn their place. Still a quality exhibit and handled with true professionalism, as always from this exhibitor.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog 2(0)

1st. Moltobello Pride and Joy of Hulawawas (Miss W J Smith). Larger boy with good solid body and tidy front. Decent tail set. Would prefer slightly more dome to the skull which would improve his head, but an overall decent dog. Covers the ground nicely. 2nd. Quechua Pancho Villa (Ms J Bradshaw). Smaller type dark red Fawn boy, who is showing his age, but did his best. Tends to pin his ears back and drop his tail which spoils his look but seems to enjoy being out and about. 

Veteran Bitch 4(0)

1st. Ch Diamonchi Moonlight JW ShCM (Mrs D Fothergill). 8 yrs old white girl from the top drawer. Excellent type, well made and nicely put together. Compact and shapely with an advantageous and extrovert temperament that wins the day. Covers the ground at the pace of a youngster. Worthy Champ. BVIB. 2nd. Multi Ch Sejamore Bodacious Belle (Miss Madeleine Eriksmoen). Another 8 yr old Fawn girl, smart and tidy and nicely made with good body. Slightly longer in the muzzle. Moved okay. Did a good job on the day. 3rd. Belldinla Mystic Delight at Chinzaes VW (Miss L & Mrs R Black & Howie). 9 yr old tri girl. Sweet type of girl with good body, but carrying too much weight, although did not prevent her from putting on a great performance and showing well. Would prefer a more correct tail, but still a lovely veteran. 

Minor Puppy Bitch 1(0)

1st. Davixity Galore (Mrs F A Murray). Sadly stood alone in this class, but by no means diminishes the merits of this cracking little girl. A real sweetie, with femininity running through her bones. The prettiest of heads, with delightful expression, and good dentition. Swan like neck falling into a firm body. Good length of body, meeting the brief, of body to height ratio. Correct tail set and super hind angulation. Shows like a dream, and moves good too. May have stood alone, but could challenge the best of any company. Her youth did not detract from her top notch quality, and ticked the boxes for me for top awards, therefore simply couldn’t resist her, so handed her the RCC against some lovely competition. 

Puppy Bitch 4 (0)

1st. Moltobello Bootylicious (Mrs S T J Hunt). Fawn girl who I found to be very smart with superb construction when handled. Full of breed type. Good dentition with a very pleasing head. Another with a sprit level topline carried to her advantage. Very stylish young lady. 2nd. Mikichi Diamond Marquise (Ms M D Poyner). Another attractive exhibit with required shape, tail and topline. Finely muzzled. Good substance, moved well but slightly wider front. A nice example of the breed. 3rd. Jurachiclare Aprils Fool (Miss C Higgins). A sassy little cutie that has lots of appeal. Very fine and dainty. Would prefer more body size and substance, but this didn’t deflect from her clear breed type, and she showed herself to advantage. 

Junior Bitch 10 (3)

1st. Arkoschi Diamond in The Ruff (Ms L Taylor). A super duper quality Chihuahua this girl is. A beautiful head, leads the way to an excellent shapely frame and firm body. A dream to handle on the table, where her qualities need to be seen to be appreciated. 

She flies tidily around the ring, where she really can pull herself together. Let’s herself down slightly on the stand, and tends to lose her shape, and appear to have a low set tail, but when on top form could challenge the best. Another contender for higher honours.

2nd. Moltobello Miss Myrtle of Hulawawas (Miss W J Smith). Blue tri colour girl of nice quality, who needs hands on to appreciate her quality. Good firm solid construction, a little longer in the back than I’d prefer, but still has the attributes of a quality girl. Can lack some confidence at times, but comes into her own when on the move, as she’s as sound as a pound and moves with real style. Decent all round chihuahua, cleverly handled to bring out her best. 3rd. Chihuahua del Valle Kyla Jun Ch (Mrs L Kralj). Smaller type, pretty girl with correct dentition and earset. Finely boned. Has some very attractive features. Nice girl. 

Yearling Bitch 6 (0)

1st. Charonchi Who Is Silvia (Mrs S H Slavinec). Super quality darker cream girl with the best of heads and eye catching expression. Good for size and substance and correct tail. Not the best of fronts which impairs neater movement, but the best of the bunch in this class. 2nd. Angique Spirit of The Moon (Ms A Wright). Red Fawn girl with a characteristic head, and nicely sculptured muzzle, and deep stop. Fine in bone and feminine, with good straight front. Moved well enough to gain her second place. 3rd. Manchino Lilac Daiquiri (Miss K Brooks). Very attractive blue Fawn whose head is her crowning glory. Performed well enough on the day, carrying a good topline, but makes her handler work hard. 

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (2)

1st. Chibull Boom Shakalak (Mrs J Davis). A very eye catching chihuahua, with a very impressive head, expression and correct dentition. Well put together, with everything ticking the boxes for quality and breed type. Moves beautifully in profile, and looks hard to beat, but her front movement slightly tipped the balance for higher awards, but without doubt, a worthy winner, and I’m sure she will continue to thrive, and have more success. 2nd. Amtula All That Jazz (Miss A Wilcox). A really lovely girl this is. Closer inspection finds a very pleasing head with the loveliest of expressions and correct earset. Moved really soundly, taking her to second place but a tad overweight, spoiling her overall outline and a slimmer frame could see her climb the ranks. 3rd. Milendo Upika for Perlanera (Mrs A M Incerti). This girl has such a lot going for her, with her very impressive head properties and advantageous body construction and size. When at her best, she’s a picture, but tends to lose interest very quickly, which can be a very frustrating trait of this breed. We are at their mercy, and boy do they know it. A girl I really liked, and as a judge, I also feel the exhibitors frustration. 

Limit Bitch 11 (4)

1st. Davixity Bright One Jodeschi (Ms J & Mr D R Ginger & Parkinson. Gold and white girl, with the most admirable of heads, and the prettiest expression. Small and compact, with good body, but a little lacking in neck, which can effect overall outline, but still a class act who moved very nicely, clinching the deal for this class. 2nd. Sweetpanache Maleficent (IKC) (Mrs J Buoey). Very smart tri coloured girl with impressive head properties, and nice dentition. Good strong body and Covers the ground very well, with slight dip in her top line, but still impressive in all other areas. 3rd. Stanghurst Time to Shine (Mrs S Stangoe). Larger cream girl, bigger in type than the two placed above her, but still has quality and a lot to offer. Very strong head with almost masculine expression. A bit of a handful to show, but when she settled her qualities can be seen. Nice and sound when settled. 

Open Bitch 12 (1)

1st. Swiss Ch Definitely Maybe Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Miss M & Mr J Jolidon & Borges Naf). Well what a lovely surprise, to be presented with this gorgeous gorgeousness of a Chihuahua. One that was new to me, and a hidden gem, that came to the surface and shone like a diamond. Really jumped out at me when entering the ring, and I hoped, and prayed she would be as good as she seemed at first sight. On the table she absolutely did not disappoint. Thee most beautiful of heads, and ultra feminine expression, with the darkest of pigment, enhancing an already lovely face. Large dark glossy eyes. Neat little body, with plenty of substance, but retaining her refined frame. Level topline with perfect tail, set just at the right angle to perfect her outline. On the move she covered the ground with style, panache and grace, and when at her best, she was unbeatable. I know I gush and gush, but she filled my eye, and I completely fell for her charms. and as we say in England “she was just my cup of tea”. CC, RBOB. I chose the dog over the bitch for BOB, as I believe the Group ring more fitting, for the impressive style and confidence of the dog, and didn’t want to push the Queen of the day further than she may have wanted to go. 2nd. Indiana Malkanorah (Mr J L Santiago Pier). A very close up second for this girl, who was for me, a different type than the winner, but none the less quality, and a definite Princess of chihuahua type. Very stylish and well put together. Good head and dentition, leading to a super level topline and correct tail. Firm straight front. Excels in movement, maintaining her very attractive frame. Yet another contender for top honours. 3rd. Bramerita Posh Totty (Mr K & Mrs S Hornby). An attractive exhibit who has all the makings of a winner. Sweet and lovely for type, with a lovely head and correct dentition. A little short on the leg, which can make her look a bit tubular, but when on her toes she’s quality for sure. Can motor around the ring with the best of them. Sadly, she was not in the best of moods on the day, and didn’t give of her best, which was to the advantage of the higher placed dogs. One that holds their owners to ransom I’m sure. 

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch 1 (0)

1st. Valenchino Delicate of Hulawawas (Miss W J Smith). An okay girl that stood alone today, so was somewhat on the spot. Wasn’t showing to her advantage, and after a long day I’m sure she was feeling the effects. Moved well enough to earn her place. 

And so ends my wonderful Crufts experience,

and again, I thank everyone involved in making it happen. 


Steve Rooney 

Yorone Chihuahuas