• Show Date: 17/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Steve Myring Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Rottweiler





I would like to give a big thank you to the officers and committee and my excellent stewards of Darlington Dog Show Society for looking after myself and my wife at your recent Championship Show, we really enjoyed our day and a thank you also goes to the exhibitors for your entries at this financially difficult time of the year for so many people.I know shows are struggling to achieve filling their classes and I am very gratefull for the 46entries I received. I had some very good dogs and just a few bad mouths and tails.

Veteran D. (No Ent)

M.P.D. 4 (no abs) Mrs J. Harvey & Mr D. Harvey’s Rottamore About Bruno, (6 mths) Four very nice puppies in this class that I feel will all change places over the next coming months, my winner moved well and was very well balanced, he has a nice head correct dentition and shows a lot of promise for the future. 2nd. Mrs L & Mr E Parry’s Gilcoru Rhodri The Great TAF, Slightly older than my winner but not much between them, he moved okay on very uneven ground, his head is good and he has a pleasing expression. 3rd Mr A.Baillie & Topping, Miss W & Miss S. Hendry’s Stairvale Gino.

P.D.2 (2abs)

J.D. 2. 1st & R.C.C. Miss L. Carmichael’s. Kayshillblue Zeus of Lorayla JW, (14 mths) A very well made boy who moves well without faults covering this very uneven ground without any problems, in profile he looks the business and has a mature way about himself, I feel he fits in well in the show world. 2nd Mrs A.Bunton’s Seittor’s Look Of Love, I liked his head and overall conformation, he moved well and was not far behind the winner when it came to choosing between the two.

P.G. 3 (2 abs) 1st Mrs A Bunton’s Seittor Moment In Time.He stood alone but well deserved his first prize, he has a pleasing expression and is nicely balanced, He stands well and looked good in profile.

L. 4 (1abs) 1st Mrs I Nicol & Mrs R. Rushfirth’s Jacraila Viking Warrior, a very nice looking dog who moved as well as he could on this uneven surface, he has a pleasing head and expression and I like his over all conformation. 2nd, Hunter & Finlayson Mr & Mrs A & E.Varenka The Mediator, 4 yrs, A well balanced dog who looked well on the move and stands well, it was close between these first two, 3rd Mr A. Baillie & Mr J. Shaws, Stairvale Frazer JW.

O. 6 (1abs) 1st and DCC & BOB, Mr.G & Mrs C.Appleyards Jantavia Fleetwood Mac, nearly 2 yrs, he stood out in this class and he well deserved his fourth CC. He never put a foot wrong and stood like a statue, he moved effortlessly around the ring, not just in the class but in the challenges too, he was shown in a shining coat and looked so mature for one so young at 23 mths, he was a pleasure judge and to later award him BOB. 2nd, Mr I Trueman & Miss C. Brownridge & Mr L. Cartwright’s Steigen Nevada Mit Jaegerot, He was up against it today with the winner showing his socks off, he did nothing wrong, he looked well and moved without any faults. 3rd Mr M & Mrs JM Powell’s Varenka Silver Arrow For Riversrock JW.

V.B. 1 (1abs)

M.P.B. 4 (1abs) 1st Mrs G & Mr K Clark’s Botlierskop Capella, 7 mths, a very pretty puppy who looks good in conformationand moves well, she has a godhead and body and a very pleasant expression and was well handled, she should do well in the future. 2nd Miss L. Carmichael & Mr J. Yardley@ Stairvale Gisele. Another pleasing puppy with good over all conformation and tail set, she covered the ground well and appeared to be enjoying what she was doing. 3rd Mr M & Mrs JM Powell’s Varenka Silver Spirit for Riversrock.

P.3 1st & BPIP & RCC Mr J Plimmer’s Victorem My Funny Valentine. A very nice puppy who moved so well, she stood well and in profile looked a picture and then did everything that was asked of her, I liked her head her ear carriage, top line and her movement, she was well turned out and handled very well. 2nd Mrs J. Tibbs’s Salonga Sweet Dreams, a nicely made girl who appeals to the eye, she has a pleasing expression and looks good in profile, just beaten by a better mover on the day. 3rd Miss G Raine’s Victorem Luck Be A Lady.

J. 2 (1abs) 1st Mrs V.Jones & Mrs M.Monk’s Westfallen Love By Design with Olearia, styood alone but deserved her first place, she looks nice on the stand and well balanced, she moved well on uneven surface.

PG. 8 (3 abs) 1st Miss J Raine’s Botlirskop Star Garnet, she has a kind expression and moved well for her handler covering the ground without any problems. She is nicely made and is pleasing on the eye. 2nd Mrs C Apocalypto’s Fambe by Rominjay. She moved okay and is well balanced and pushed hard for a first place but didn’t mquite have the movement of one, everything else I liked. 3rd Mrs J & D Harvey’s Rottamore Schwarzenegger.

L.5 (2abs) 1st BCC Mr J Plimmer’s Jaegerot Rockin Robin. A very nice looking girl with a good dark eye, she is well marked with a level top line and was the best mover in the class with her handler getting the best out of her. 2nd Mrs M Topham & Mrs A Maltas and Miss D. Maltas’s Wild Heart Athena At Virlees JW. A nice looking girl with good dentition , she moved well and covers the ground easily, her top line could be better. 3rd Mr S. Dea’s Bugarivo Caoimhe.

O. 2. 1st Mrs V.Jones’s Olearia Western Girl From Westfalen. I wish there had been a bit more of this girl, nicely marked with good dentition, good dark eye and moved well. 2nd Mrs Y Wilkinson’s Megalmar The Mocking Jay, she has a good mouth and a nice dark neye, she moves well for such a big girl, I would like to have seen I bit less of this girl which made it hard to choose between the two, very close.

                                          Judge Steve Myring. (Fortezza) 25/09/2020