• Show Date: 04/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: stephanie O'Brien Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Whippet Club Of Wales

Breed: Whippet

The Whippet Cub of Wales 04/12/22 Bitches

I would like to thank the committee of the Whippet club of Wales for inviting me to judge at their Championship Show and my two Stewards for all their hard work.

A special thanks to you the exhibitors for the quality entry of beautiful girls for me to judge. I was truly humbled given the difficult times we are all living in.

Minor Puppy Bitch.{12}

1st Samsons Dapperdiva Milk & Honey 9-month-old Fawn/white trim this girl oozes quality. Balanced and correct size. Melting expression with good rose shaped ears. Strong elegant neck into well laid-back shoulders, good depth of chest and stands on tight feet. Correct rise over the loin giving the perfect whippet top line and curvy underline. Strong well-muscled rear with well let down hocks. On the move she is so correct with strong driving action.

2nd Morland’s Zorden you are my universe 8month old Fawn/white Expressive head and strong jaw with good pigmentation long neck into correct shoulders with elbows nicely tucked in. Well sprung pasterns with tight feet. Good depth of chest with well sprung rib and strong back and loin. Very balance rear quarters. Very sound on the move with long low stride.

Puppy Bitch (13) 2 abs

1st Howgate & Hull Palmik a million dreams 10-month-old pale Fawn/white trim she catches the eye with her expressive look at me attitude. Up to size but so balanced. Femine with lovely dark eye and strong jaw. Long neck into clean shoulders. Super front fill and depth of chest for one so young. Curvy underline and top line. Well-muscled rear which she uses so well on the move.

2nd Smeaths Ch/Aus. Ch Dachlah its only make believe at willingwisp 11-month-old Fawn/white trim correct size girl with lots of attitude. Dark eye with good jaw and bite. Clean neck into good front assembly. Nicely sprung pasterns with tight feet. Well sprung rib with rise over the loin. She has a well-made rear with good muscle tone, hocks well let down. She moved sound out and back with nice daisy cutting action.

Junior (14) 3 abs

1st Lloyds Barnesmore fairy snow via penwincoed Brindle 15 months Rangy girl with pretty expression dark eye and good ear set. Clean neck into well-made front. Straight legs with good feet. Well sprung rib with good length of loin. Nice top and underline. Well-muscled rear which she used on the move with a strong driving action

2nd Hoskins Bodlon kind of magic at shelsue 13-month-old Brindle /white trim good head with correct ears. Strong jaw and good dentation. Clean strong neck into nice shoulders. Good deep chest with tight elbows, stands on good feet. Would like a tad more length in loin to balance her. Well-made rear with well let down hocks. Moved sound out and back.

Yearling Bitch (15) 4 abs

1st Morris, Waddell & Mycroft Crosscop True Love 16-month-old Fawn/white trim Super-size shape & make. Very sweet expression with dark eye and pigmentation. Her neck flows into well laid-back shoulders with good ribbing and strong loin. Her top line is so correct. Deep chest with good tuck up. She stands on tight feet. Her rear is well muscled with good second thigh and well let down hocks. She flowed around the ring with super sound movement.

2nd Gillespies Penbriar Beewitched 18-month-old Black/white trim Bigger framed than class winner but lots to like about her. She has kind expression with strong jaw. Long neck into clean shoulders. Well-constructed front with depth of chest and front fill. Good bone and feet. Strong back with nice rise over her loin. Her rear is strong and muscular. She moves freely with reach and drive

Novice Bitch (16) 2 abs

1st Howgate & Hull Palmik Truth about Love 10-month-old Fawn/white trim This girl is truly stunning she catches your eye from the moment you see her. Sweet expression with melting eyes. Long neck which flows into her laid back shoulders. Your hands flow smoothly across her body. She has a strong back with a gently rise over her loin. Her depth of chest flows neatly into a lovely s shaped underline. Well-made rear with good width of second thigh and let down hocks. Stands on great feet over plenty of ground. She excels in movement with a free low long easy reach and drive from the rear. Pleased to award her the reserve CC and Best Puppy Bitch.Will follow her Career with interest.

She was also Best puppy in show on agreement with Co Judge Mr.M Smith

2nd Nicholas Crosscop walk with me 11-month-old Fawn/white trim Larger framed than class winner pretty head with dark eye and strong jaw. Long neck into well made front with good lay of shoulder. Straight front with nice springy pasterns standing on good feet. Deep chest with well sprung ribs. Nice top and underline. Strong quarters well-muscled. She moved true out and back

Graduate Bitch (17) 4 abs

1st Morris, Waddell & Mycroft Crosscop just a notion 18-month Fawn/white trim very balanced girl of correct size. Classic head with kind expression good underjaw. Straight front with good front fill. Elbows well tucked in. Deep chest with good spring of rib. Strong back into well-made hind quarters. Moved freely out and back holding top line.

2nd Ellis Railfield Quatrain 2-year-old Fawn/white trim Bigger framed than the class winner gentle expression with nice dark eyes. Long nek into well laid shoulders. Plenty of depth in chest. Good bone and well sprung pasterns with tight feet. Nice rise over the loin into well-constructed rear with good second thigh. Moved with ease around the ring.

Postgraduate Bitch (7) 3 abs

1st Fryers Osterfen Lakota at stonefox 22-month-old Fawn/white trim Correct size with a sweet expression. She catches the eye on entering the ring. Good dark pigmentation with well-set rose ears. Your hands flow from her long neck into a well-made front. Curvy top and underline into muscled rear. Moved with a free flowing long low stride.

2nd Groucett Ardfwyn sweet Unique 3-year-old Fawn/white trim good head with a kind eye. She has a clean neck into her shoulders. Deep chest with nice tuck up. Good length of loin with well-made rear. Well let down hocks. She stands well over the ground on good feet. A little uncooperative with her handler at times but showed enough on the move.

MId Limit Bitch (14) 3 abs

1st Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mycroft Crosscop Candle in the wind to Supeta Fawn/white trim 28-month-old who shuts look at me. Nothing overdone correct size, shape & make for me. Her expression is melting. Her neck flows into good laid-back shoulders. Deep chest with sweeping underline. Elbows fitting snuggly. Good springy pasterns with tight feet. Well ribbed with nice rise over loin. Muscled rear quarters with good width of second thigh. She moves so soundly out and back with perfect footfall.

2nd Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell Crosscop you are my Destiny at Ardencote 32 months Fawn and white so balanced nothing overdone. Alert expression with strong jaw. Her neck is well arched and muscular into clean shoulders with nice flat muscle. Straight front with well sprung pasterns and oval feet. Deep brisket with broad back which is well muscled. Her rise over the loin is smooth and graceful. Hindquarters are well developed with good width of second thigh. She moved soundly out and back.

Limit Bitch (10) 1abs

1st Woods Crosscop she’s a lady at Ardencote 31 months Fawn/white trim her headpiece is so eye catching. When you look closely her eyes draw you in with such a sweet expression. Muzzle is powerful with good underjaw. Neck is long and elegant into good lay of shoulders. Front assembly is straight with nice bladed bone, elbows sitting tight, pasterns well sprung with good feet. Her deep brisket curves so gently into nice tuck up. Ribs well sprung with muscled back into good length of loin with just the right amount of rise. Your hands flow smoothly down her hind legs with good muscletone, width and bend of stifle. She flowed around the ring using her hind legs to propel her forward with a Long low front movement.

2nd Lawleys Crosscop its magic for Lawleymoon 5.5 years Fawn/white trim Very similar to the class winner in size and type. Good head with alert expression. Clean neck with laid back shoulders. Front straight with good front fill. Deep chest with sweeping underline and top line. Broad across the thighs with well let down hocks, Feet well split up between the toes with nice arched knuckles. Moved soundly out and back.

Open Bitch (10) 2abs

1st Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mycroff Ch Crosscop Let it shine for Supeta Jw osw 5.5 years Fawn/white trim. You cannot deny the quality of this girl. She stands out in the ring with her presence. A true show girl who carry’s herself with grace and elegance. She moves with an effortless stride driving forward without the need for a co pilot you feel. So beautifully constructed where your hands flow smoothly from her nose to the tip of her tail. Alert sweet expression with strong jaw. Her neck is elegant and strong with well laid-back shoulders with flat muscle. Her angles are so in proportion. Straight front with springy pasterns. Brisket deep with plenty of fill in front. Underline curves gently back giving the perfect S shape. Back is broad and muscular with graceful arch over a strong loin. Her hind quarters are muscular, broad with good second thigh. Stifles well bent with let down hocks. You could watch her move all day fit for function without doubt. Pleased to award her the CC today and best in show on agreement with co Judge Mr.M Smith

2nd Browns Ardencote Sweet Destiny for BlueStreak 5.5 years Fawn and white Parti Another quality girl who has a cracking head. Gentle soft expression with neat rose ears. Strong neck into good lay of shoulder with flat muscle. Her front is straight with tight feet elbows lying neatly under the withers. Deep brisket with good ribbing. Back firm and well-muscled with nice rise over the loin. Her hindquarters are strong with good width in her second thigh. Hocks well let down. She is true on the move with a free-flowing action. Just denied today on the movement of the class winner.

Veteran Bitch (12) 3 abs

1st Browns Ardencote Star Maker 8.5 years Fawn/white trim What a surprise this girl is. She is on the smaller range in height but so in proportion. Classic whippet shape and make. Good head with lovely bright alert expression. Her neck flows into good shoulders. Her front assembly is straight with good feet. She has ample brisket with front fill. Ribs well sprung with a firm muscular back. Gentle rise over the loin and a nice tuck up. Her rear is strong with well let down hocks. She moved with a free-flowing stride with a good top line, true out and back.

2ns Snelgroves Huntinghill Jazzamatazz 11.5 years Fawn white parti not showing any sign of her age. Eyes bright and alert with a clean strong jaw. Her neck is arched and strong flowing into good shoulders. Front straight with nice spring of pastern standing on good feet. Good depth of chest with elbows snuggly set. Back muscular and firm with elegant arch over loin. Her rear is firm and well-muscled with well let down hocks. She naturally stands over a lot of ground. Her movement is free flowing with a long low stride. She moves like a youngster.

Stephanie O'Brien