• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Stella Oliver Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: English Setter


11th December 2022

Many thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invitation to judge at LKA. I thoroughly enjoyed the appointment and would like to thank my most efficient stewards. Huge thanks also to the exhibitors who turned out on a foggy snowy day with beautifully groomed dogs, I fully appreciate the effort entailed. It is difficult to watch our breed suffer the consequences of changing circumstances both in lifestyles and financial considerations, but hopefully as a numerically compromised breed with enough enthusiasts we will survive. I found that although most dogs were well muscled movement was a concern, I do feel however that the surface was very slippery, and a lot of dogs found it challenging. I had to give the benefit of doubt to several dogs because it was difficult to decide if the floor was the culprit, this is reflected in my critique.


Minor Puppy (3:2a)

1st MCKEIRNANs Bushbane Celtic Patriot Well grown 9-month-old, Classic shaped head with dark expressive eyes, good length of neck into clean shoulders, moderate body length, good depth of chest super stifle, nice tight feet. In excellent coat and condition. I moved him first so he could settle himself the second move was better but still erratic. BP

 Graduate (3:2a)

1st TUCKER’S Mariglen Nightwish For Walshaw This Blue boy is in that ‘in between stage’ still needs to fill his frame. Masculine head with dark well shaped eyes, shortish neck and appeared quite narrow in front, good depth of chest and level topline. Would have preferred more width across stifle, he lacked the drive to propel him around the ring, I think again the floor was a challenge for him. Lovely tail action.

Limit (4)

1st WATTS Walshaw Brushstrokes Smart dark tri, masculine head with dark eyes, pleasing expression. Good length of neck into clean shoulders, good return of upper arm, his depth of brisket level topline, short coupled with super sweep of stifle presented a balanced outline. In lovely coat and condition. Coped well with the floor. Good forward extension and drive behind.

2nd LAWSON’S Wansleydale Dorian Grey JW Lighter framed dark tri, with same attributes, have judged this quality boy before 3 years ago and like his namesake he has remained youthful. Lovely head and expression would prefer his ears cleanly trimmed although this is my personal preference, I think it would smarten his appearance, it is after all a beauty parade! He is beautifully balanced in outline, but he appears totally fed up in movement, with little enthusiasm for the job in hand, unlike some others he managed well with the floor surface.

3rd BRYANT BRYANT & HOLLIS Silvamoon Stormtrooper For Phenset JW

Open (6:1a)

1st DARLEY’S Severnsett Firecracker Here he was, my star of the day. Almost everything I look for in my interpretation of the standard. Beautifully elegant head with no hint of coarseness cheeky expressive eyes that dare you to disagree he is the’ bee’s knees’, he has lovely reach of neck into good lay of shoulder, firm level topline, tail set good. Excellent sweep of stifle well-muscled through first and second thigh, in wonderful coat and fit hard condition. Movement can be a challenge with a young enthusiastic dog especially on the slippery surface, his footfall was good with drive and forehand extension. Beautifully handled to take the CC & BOB

 2nd ATYEO & TAYLORs Samelen Comeback Special I have always liked this very smart blue and it was a pleasure to judge him today, he did not disappoint. A touch heavier than 1 he still presents an elegant picture, gorgeous head and expression, dark eyes. Correct length of neck into good lay of shoulder. Firm topline, tail set correct, good depth of chest. In full coat and hard condition, he was so close to 1 but not so positive on the move. I had to bring him back to challenge for the RCC and was pleased to award it to him.

3rd ARKLEY & ARKLEYs Hartsett Flashdance



1st BRYANT BRYANT & HOLLIS Phenset Firefly 7-year-old orange who oozed femininity. Classic head with dark eyes and sweet expression overall presented a balanced outline. Managed to move elegantly on a floor that had most slipping, she looked very happy with super tail action and although on her own deserved to be BV

Minor Puppy (4:2a)

1st STEPHENSON’S Mariglen Wave Dancer For Bondgate Pretty 7 month old blue baby who is at the very beginning in terms of growth, maturity and ringcraft. Classic head shape, super expressive eyes good reach of neck, nice straight front, well ribbed, short in loin with good rear angulation. Tail set a little low. Movement hard to assess as she seemed overawed by the occasion, would benefit from more positive handling. BBP

2nd CORFIELD & CORFIELD’S Indiebrooke Poachers Pride Orange baby of 7 months very different to 1 in type but similar in comments, short coupled with superb tail set, good sweep of stifle. Good length of leg, tight feet. Lovely coat and condition. Still lots to learn but did not seem phased by the atmosphere.

Puppy (4)

1st MCDOWELL & MCDOWELL’S Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Bydales. Pretty dark blue bitch liked her cheeky expression, classic head with good length of neck, short in upper arm and very little depth at this time which made her front appear loose. Compact body, a touch ‘bum high’ in profile. Having said that she appealed to me, her movement was good and very happy with slashing tail just needs ringcraft to improve and show off her attributes.

2nd RIDSDELL’S Sharnyx Reyn Fall Very attractive tri bitch would prefer more oval skull and a darker eye. Good length of neck, short in upper arm making her shoulders look stuffy. Nice compact body, correct level topline. Lacking in muscle which hindered her drive, I felt she was lame but again was it the floor, she really did have the benefit of doubt.

3rd RIDSDELL’S Sharnyx Here’s Bonnie


1st KEMP-TAYLOR’S Quensha Strawberry Swing At 18 months this dark tri is at that in between stage. Nice head with clearly defined stop, eye shape correct with gentle expression. Short in neck which results in upright shoulder and slightly dipping topline. Just needs to fill her frame and tighten up Movement was a bit haphazard, but she looked happy using her tail well.

Graduate. (5:1a)

1st BEASLEY’S Wansleydale Mayflower Quality blue bitch whose exquisite breed type stood out in this class. Classic head with sweetest expression good ear set. Lovely length of neck could be a touch tighter in front, clean in shoulder, level topline and tail straight off her back. Movement was ok but would prefer more drive off her hocks. Presented a balanced picture when standing.

2nd WHITE’S Paduan Nightingale Orange who earned this spot because of her superb movement, handled the floor so well. Head nicely shaped but would prefer more length of muzzle, good reach of neck, mature body, level topline and good tail action. Not in her best coat, presentation could be improved.

3rd HUTCHINSON’S Monaysbridge Iris

Post Graduate (2)

1st WALE’S Chanina Golden Rose JW This stunning orange really is a class act, gorgeous head with raised brows and well-defined stop, super sweet expressive eyes. Good length of neck into clean shoulders, level topline, correct tailset. In wonderful coat and condition moved accurately with plenty of drive. Still young and for me time is on her side, but I have no doubt she will attain top honours, delighted to award her the RCC

2nd THACKERS Hartsett Vanity Fair Very nice orange with the sweetest of heads. Good length of neck into clean shoulders little short in upper arm and slightly long in body. Moved well with good drive but totally out of coat and although nothing to hide, at this level coat needed to complete the picture.

Limit (8:2a)

1st SHARPLES Mariglen Serendipidy At Kanietter I am looking at the photo I took of this orange bitch and that is what she is ‘picture perfect’ when going over her she is a beautiful example of our breed. Exquisite, sculpted head with that rare treat in an orange a dark expressive eye. Correct length of neck into clean shoulder, good depth of brisket, gentle spring of rib, level firm topline and correct tailset. Super bend of stifle, well-muscled and moved with front extension and drive behind. Feet could be tighter and pasterns firmer, but I am covering everything. I loved her, she was beautifully presented in full coat and hard condition and once again fulfilled my interpretation of the standard. When awarding her the CC I was told this was her crowning ticket. Congratulations.

2nd BEASLEY’S Wansleydale Amaretto Another very classy bitch, tri who is elegance personified. Classic head with bright expressive eyes, long neck into clean shoulders, straight front with good depth level topline and correct tailset. Nice tight feet good angulation fore and aft, on this occasion not driving sufficiently from behind, did the floor trouble her? When standing she looks ‘goose rumped’ which spoils her outline, this can be remedied with attention to correct positioning of her back legs. I brought her back for consideration, it was a close decision.

3rd MUGFORD’S Alolfrana Sugar N’ Spice At Lynwood JW

Open (4:1a)

1st DENNIS HARRIS & MORGAN’S Sh Ch Gemsett Ice Cold in Alex At Mariglen JW Such a beautiful specimen of our breed top quality very well-known orange bitch. What more is there to say about her she could not put a foot wrong, Stunning outline totally balanced just looking at her at any time she stood beautifully with very little handling, flawless movement. I have seen her in better coat and condition but there is no denying her quality.

2nd GRIMSDELL’S Sh Ch Tattersett Dark Honey JW Very elegant orange with outstanding forehand, beautiful long neck into crisp clean shoulders, very short coupled with good bend of stifle, held her topline on the move and used her tail enthusiastically, but not so sound on the move. Very well presented.

3rd WHITING GRANT & GRANT’S Tattersett Frankel’s Storm At Ormstiga

Good Citizen Bitch

1st Wansleydale Amaretto

2nd Hartsett Vanity Fair