• Show Date: 25/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sjoerd Jobse Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Blackpool & District Canine Society

Breed: Retriever (Chesapeake Bay)

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Thank you so much for the exhibitors to give me such a good entry for the breed. I know this is a breed with a rather wide range of different types and I felt like I got quite a few different types in my ring during the day. In general they were of very good quality, the best of temperaments, some with overdone in body and substance and some were not having the correct coattexture which is such an important feature in the breed. It was a pity for the youngsters in this breed that during he breedjudging there was heavy thunder going on which made them a bit unsure, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt for that in the younger classes.

PD (1,0): 1. Murray´s Muireatai Teris Love, 7 months old puppy, masculine enough in head but needs more time to fill in skull and muzzle, correct stop, good length in muzzle, lovely expression, good neck, good topline and tailset, well angulated, needs time to strengthen on the move, very much a puppy in overall appearance in the ring, lovely thick, oily coat.

LD (4,0): 1. Broomfield´s Glaneils Count On Me, powerful male with good size and proportions, lovely broad well shaped head with correct stop, correct set of neck, excellent topline, a bit high tailset and carriage, excellent deep body with good spring of ribs, short coupled, excellent bone and well shaped hare feet, coat of excellent texture, oily and harsh with good undercoat, moved with strength and power, as said the tail is carried a but too gaily but he had so many other important features for the breed that were correct. He became my Best Male.

2. Murray´s Dakota Nathan, strong male with very good size, well balanced masculine head with good stop, correct small ears, very good neck, correct topline, adequate frontangulations, good backend, well bodied and short coupled, moved with good drive and enough reach in front, excellent coat of correct oily texture.

3. Duncanson´s Arnac Bay Invincible for Dunakitts

OD (1,0): 1. Rigby´s Chesepi Waco, very nice male of excellent type and proportions, rather heavy in head with enough stop, good ears, well set neck, ok topline and tailset, deep body with good length, enough forechest, strong bone, moved with good sidegait but a bit unstable in front, very good oily harsh coat,

VD (1,0) 1. Barker´s Next Generations Chesepi Range Rider, beautiful veteran of excellent typ and well balanced proportion but unfortunately not shown in the best coat today, lovely head and expression, very good stop, good earset, lovely set of neck, correct topline with slight hollowness, excellent spring of ribs, a touch long in loin, excellent bone and lovely hare feet, moves with fantastic reach and drive, I am sure he would have gone to the top spot if he was shown in coat with the correct texture which is so typical for the breed, but he was my Reserve Best Male and Best Veteran

PB (3,0): 1. Pont´s Amore of Ridsome, lovely puppy of excellent breedtype, the most amazing head and expression with correct broad and round skull with medium stop, well set smallears, strong jaws, excellent body and substance with breedtypical topline with slight hollowness. Strong quarters and excellent bone with hare feet, lovely tail, when the class was being judged there was heavy thunder above the showground and she was a bit influenced by that during her movement, she had the most fantastic oily and harsh coat with correct undercoat, loved her for type and breed characteristics and I am looking forward to follow her career as she grows up as I think she will be something special. She was without a doubt my Best Puppy.

2. Broomfield´s Glaneils Don´t Worry Be Happy, feminine bitch with good proportions, head still needs to break, strong muzzle, very well angulated both ends, good depth in body but could do with a better spring of rib and more substance, lovely bone and feet, very good oily coat, moved with good stride.

3. Murray´s Muireatai Miracle of Dreams

JB (2,0) 1. Searles´ Oakmarsh Indian Dream Make for Cravessa, lovely bitch of excellent breed type, good size and proportions, very nice broad and round skull, excellent muzzle, well set ears, good neck and correct topline, very good tailset, balanced quarters, lovely body, short coupled, lovely bone, moves with excellent sidegait and carriage, today somewhat dry in coat and could have better breed typical texture.

2. Watts´ Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh, nice bitch with good size, rather long in body in overall shape, feminine head with enough stop, well shaped ears, good neck and strong enough in topline, well bodied with good length and depth, long in loin, moves with good drive, not in the best coat today lacking the oily texture.

YB (2,0): 1. Searles´ Oakmarsh Indian Dream Make for Cravessa

2. Watts´ Oakleaf Manor Bay of Oakmarsh

LB (6,2): 1. Broomfield´s Glaneils Cut Your Groove, beautiful short coupled bitch with excellent size and proportions, very nice head with correct length, small ears, nice expression, good set of neck and strong topline, a bit high tailset, excellent body and substance, lovely bone and well webbed hare feet, moves with great reach and drive and fantastic oily harsh coat with correct undercoat. She became my Reserve Best Bitch.

2. Watts´ Oakmarsh Freedom very nice bitch with lovely head and expression, correct length in skull and muzzle, good set of neck, very good topline and tailset, very good quarters front and back, lovely deep body, short coupled, strong bone, moves with excellent drive and good reach in front, today rather open in coat and could have a better texture for this breed.

3. Watts´ Oakmarsh Gamora

OB (3,0): 1. Murray´s Ir Sh Ch Riverrun Everybody´s Friend, stunning high quality bitch of excellent breedtype with a beautiful broad and round head and correct stop, excellent skulle muzzle ratio, small ears, correct set of neck and topline showing slight hollowness, excellent angulations fore and aft, deep body with correct spring of ribs, short coupled, well webbed hare feet, strong and powerful mover with excellent carriage, shown in magnificent coat and condition. I was very pleased to award her Best Bitch and without a doubt BOB.

2. Watts´ Oakmarsh Chestnut Rather long bodied bitch that could be more short coupled for better balance, feminine headwith enough stop, good muzzle, excellent set of neck, correct topline and tailset, very good angulations both ends, deep body with good ribs, long in loin, moves freely around the ring, not shown in the best coat today which is so important for the breed.

3. Pont´s Oakmarsh Dancing Diva

VB (3,0): 1: Watts´ Oakmarsh Acorn, 12 year old strong and powerful bitch that could be more feminine all over, very nice head and expression, strong muzzle, excellent neck and still having a strong topline with correct tailset, very well angulated front with good strong backend, deep in body, strong bone, moved with good reach and drive for her age, today she was not shown in the best coat, very dry in texture and could be more oily.

2. Barker´s Sh Ch Chesepi Santana lovely girl of excellent type, very good size and proportions, well shaped head with good length of muzzle, well set ears, good neck and still solid topline, good angulations in front, still strong enough behind, deep in body, she looked rather tired on the move, not showing the spirit of a Gundog, fantastic coat of correct oily harsh texture.

3. Hewitson´s Melseed Ruby Roo

Sjoerd Jobse (Sweden)