• Show Date: 18/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Bull Terrier (Miniature)



PD (1) 1 Harper’s Olympusbulys Cronus, handsome 9 months br/w, well filled head with gentle profile, wicked eye, ears on top and used well, reachy neck, true front with correct shaped feet, OK front angles, could have a shade more rear angulation but strode out reasonably well, true coming and going, already quite the showman. JD (1) 1 Hull’s Risibully Anarchy In The UK, attractive compact br/w, similar type to Cronus, typical head with super profile, enough fill, OK eye and expression, good neck, short back with slight roach, straight front, perhaps could have a shade more angulation, moved true in front, could use a little more drive behind. LD (3) 1 RCC Barr & Novak’s Entertainer Got A Hangover at Giffenbull, eye-catching solid brindle who shows off his super make and shape to perfection, quality head, small dark correctly shaped eye, excellent neck flowing into good topline, well bent stifle, matching angulation front and rear, moved absolutely true, reasonable reach and drive, tail carriage a shade high. Liked him a lot, just preferred bone of CC winner. Hope to see him titled; 2 Heard’s Kiltonthorpe Jonny Fox with Louwab, close up, impressive slightly taller b/br, another with a shapely outline, well filled head with wicked expression, winner had a shade smoother profile, good topline, well made hindquarters, perhaps could have a shade more front angulation, moved true with reasonable reach and drive; 3 Wilson’s Duvessa Sheer Khan. OD (2) 1 Llewellyn’s Bullypins Kirios, very handsome white, scored decisively on bone and substance, super head, turned and filled plus a correct mouth too, good eye, bit reluctant to use his ears but we got there eventually, super front with the legs set the right distance apart, big body, moved true with good reach in front and drove well from his hocks, could just have held his topline a little better on the move. A proper Bull Terrier in miniature. CC, his second; 2 Harper’s Chattanooba Choo Choo Aedestaurum, have previously admired this typy red for his super outline, short back and keen showmanship, very compactly built, excellent head profile and expression, reasonable fill, excellent neck leading to a compact body, moved OK coming and going, could have a shade more reach and drive. Put up a strong challenge to RCC winner, dentition a deciding factor.

VB (2) Hard decision between two lovely seniors both in great form and condition, both with much to admire, 1 Peakin’s Byzantine Blanche, very shapely 7 years white, good head type with plenty of fill and good profile, still has a wicked expression, a shade steep in upper arm, plenty of substance, super topline and bend of stifle, feet could be tidier. Moved OK in front, a shade close behind, steady going round. Dam of RBCC; 2 Bennett’s Quayardson Lady Delacour at Phunsize, most appealing 8 years brindle, scored on size, quality head, well filled muzzle, good profile if slightly more angled than 1 whose eye I preferred, super short back, well made hindquarters, a little upright in front, moved true in front, a shade close behind, reasonable reach and drive, sparkling showgirl. PB (2) 1 Harper’s Olympusbulys Maia, promising elegant feminine white, attractive head with good fill, OK eye, super bone, front and feet, good neck into well laid shoulder, shade steep in upper arm, OK hindquarters, moved well in front and with great enthusiasm going round, tail carriage should improve when she settles a bit! BP, should have a lot of fun in the ring; 2 Thompson’s Oakfayre’s Empress Eternal, 7 months br/w with an impressive head, eventually deigned to use her ears, good reach of neck, OK front, plenty of bone and substance, at this stage not so balanced in outline as winner, time could make all the difference. PGB (2) 1 Stevens’ Byzantine Blaise, was rather taken with this elegant feminine white who has super make and shape, quality head with fill, turn and an excellent expression from well placed eyes and ears, very good head of neck, OK shoulder, true front, shapely body and well made hindquarters, moved true. Decided it was playtime while going round the ring but after several tries she eventually settled and was thankfully much more ‘together’ in the challenge where I was happy to award her RCC. One for the future I hope; 2 Wilson & Harper’s Olympusbulys Athena, typy b/br/w, good strong well filled head, excellent expression, not quite the profile of 1, reachy neck, firm topline, big ribs, preferred pasterns and angulation of winner who moved a shade truer, but this one has many virtues too. LB (1) 1 Hughes’ Graymor Glacial Whisper, you didn’t need a measure to tell that this is one of those rarities today, one well within the Standard height! And good that this isn’t a result of short legs, in fact she’s nicely balanced in outline. Pretty refined quality white, neat feminine head, filled and turned, perhaps a shade kind in eye, OK neck, good short back, could have a little more front angulation, OK hindquarters, moved true both ways, reasonable going round. A pretty girl whose coat wasn’t at its best today. OB (2) 1 Llewellyn’s Bullypins Kadenza, really lovely b/br/w. Litter sister to DCC with all his virtues, plus some of her own. Real Bull Terrier balance, beautiful head, feminine yet with plenty of fill and excellent profile, eye and expression, clean lines from neck to tail, compact well ribbed body, like her brother scored on bone, matching angles, moved true and with remarkable reach and drive for such a strongly made girl. Feet not her fortune but there’s always something and overall she made my day. CC, her third, and BOB, thanks for staying for the group, she looked well on the live stream; 2 Heard’s Aedestaurum Fancy Dress at Olympusbulys, br/w, another quality girl, typical head, well filled if not quite the profile of 1, plenty of substance, good bone and scored on feet, moved almost as well as 1 going round, a shade close behind. CC and RCC winners were a shade shorter but I liked her a lot. Dam of Cronus and Maia.