• Show Date: 02/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: AV stskes


AV stakes

QUEEN’S JUBILEE OPEN STAKES - Although as usual with stakes classes there were many absentees, some absolutely top class dogs were present each day. First day: 1 Wildsmith & Brown’s Sh Ch Trimere Tickle Me Fancy, definitely the dog of the show for me from these classes, a glorious animal with an obvious air of class and quality, beautifully balanced with sufficient length of leg to produce the breed’s distinctive outline, well chiselled feminine head, smooth line through the neck and shoulders, fully mature in body and in immaculate coat and condition, moved in true English Springer style, rather special! 2 Graham’s Sh Ch Eald Dances With Wolves among Nyliram, fell in love with this oh-so-handsome Sussex while he was still a puppy and he hasn’t disappointed me, low to ground but without exaggeration, male head in proportion, moves with freedom, determination and that ‘decided roll’, plenty more to come from this one I’m sure; 3 Ward’s Vizsla Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz. Second day: 1 Leech’s Ch/Ir Ch Gavelkind Conquistador by Jamchala, good looking Basset Fauve whose great asset is his free, active movement in profile, covering plenty of ground with great drive and style and retaining a perfect topline, correct coat texture, real showman; 2 Curtis’ Ch Verumamicus Aurora of Brakemill, good to see how well this Skye has matured since I admired her as a puppy, another who comes into her own going round, soundly made, her length of body derives from a correctly formed ribcage, coat now in its full glory; 3 Makey’s GBGV Ch/Int/Bel Ch Gairside Good Lord. Third day: 1 Santoriello’s Ch Pinicio Wrapped In Red, this beautiful Min Pin’s super clean-cut outline is emphasised by her smart showmanship and responsiveness to her handler, lovely neck and topline and with her characteristic action looks a picture going round; 2 Watkins’ Albionspitz Blue Moon, has been a wonderful ambassador for the Eurasier breed, another superb showman with a classic outline, the right amount of neck, ideal topline and fluid movement, in peak coat and condition. So close up here as indeed was 3 Walton’s Bichon Ch Ashoka Blaze Of Glory at Keunnevek. Fourth day: 1 Pletz-Kazantzis & Busby’s Ch Foxearth Fandella, such a showy Smooth Collie making the most of herself today, super expression and a very clean balanced outline, absolutely true coming and going and kept her shape going round; 2 Asquith’s Wangdak Cherry of Baarnayotms, eye-catching Tibetan Mastiff, gather she is now a Ch, distinctly feminine but with the required bone and substance, soundly made and moved in unison with her handler; 3 Kelly’s Boxer Casemates Gandalf.

RCC WINNERS STAKES - Wouldn’t be surprised to see a number of these progress to the next level, if indeed they haven’t already done so. First day: 1 Burgess’ Gunalt Vettel to Hantzburg, very masculine Weimaraner with plenty of ring presence, super bone and feet, well ribbed, powerful mover; 2 Loakes’ Goldbirch Hearts Desire, rather fell for this English Setter, just a baby in this slow maturing breed but the framework and angles are there plus a degree of class and quality, best of luck with her; 3 Vaughn’s Pointer Teisgol I Am What I Am at Phlynnies. Second day: 1 Goddard’s Awbrooksky Never Back Down, this Border Terrier took my eye as soon as he came in, wonderful make and shape topped off with such a typical head and expression, superb flowing neck line and correct deep narrow body, in great coat and condition and looked just as good on the move, surely destined for stardom; 2 Thornton’s Julemark Primrose at Maplelayne, Beagle I’ve admired since she was a baby, classy head and expression, correct neck, sound mover retaining her topline; 3 Grimes & Watson’s SCWT Janeyjimjams Jem Devlin. Third day: 1 Barnes & Andrew’s Claran Copper Nebula at Izlou, smart Mittel Spitz, stood four square with an excellent topline, well carried tail, alert expression, keen showman; 2 Hall’s Balgay Shab Tra, scopy Tibetan Spaniel, correct eyes and ears, sufficient neck, shapely, suspect he can mature even further; 3 Carr’s Bichon Daveyluvs Hot Tramp I Luv U So. Fourth day: 1 Groves & Lafford’s Lateagain Satisfaction, clean outlined Dobermann, well laid shoulders, true front, compactly built, smart mover with drive and enthusiasm; 2 Harrison & Khawaja’s Malandex Xceptional Love at Anfranjo, quality Bearded Collie, close up, in good form at 10 years, shapely body, moved true if not with quite the enthusiasm of 1; 3 Shrieves’ Polish Lowland Mybeards Hope.