• Show Date: 24/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Parsons Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern Counties Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Long Haired)


MINIATURE LONGHAIRED - I appreciated the entry at this show held in conjunction with Leeds. The erratic weather forced us to dodge in and out throughout the classes, but we all coped!

V (2) 1 Broad’s Ch Neertanauf Sea Magic, handsome shaded red in amazing form at 11 years, looked and acted half his age, wish I knew his secret! Super head, excellent bone, reach neck carried well, sensible well fitting coat, well laid shoulder, prominent forechest, moved steadily round the ring holding his topline, pleasure to judge. BV; 2 Breese’s Silkdown Phoenix Rising, typy 7 years red, another in super condition, good masculine head, good slope of upper arm, perhaps not quite the shoulder of 1, OK ribbing, correct topline, sound well angulated hindquarters. Looked well standing, a touch unruly on the move today and winner went better in front. PD (2) 1 Broad’s Bronia Wolfgang Puck, quality neatly made small red boy of 9 months, attractive head, firm topline, well ribbed back, matching angles both ends, moved a shade close in front but has a steady side gait retaining his shape, perhaps slightly happy with his tail but I’d rather see that than one who looks a misery in the ring; 2 Beckett-Bradshaw’s Hutaka Hot Shot, chalk and cheese, complete contrast in type, bigger scopier shaded red with a hound outline, super masculine head, good neck and shoulder, OK hindquarters, would prefer a shade longer ribbing, needs to body up and settle on the table and on the move. JD (1) 1 Latham-Jackson’s Hanishan Neapolitan Urishay, bigger typy red with an appealing outlook, super masculine head with correct eye shape, excellent shoulder and upper arm, good front, well padded feet, good topline, loin could perhaps be a shade shorter, can firm up a little in hindquarters, very good reach in front and retained his topline on the move. YD (2) 1 Norton’s Halunke Dreams Of Magic, impressive red with a quality look as usual from this affix, good head type, well angulated shoulder and upper arm if perhaps a shade forward placed, though still has a good prominent forechest, firm front, smart outline, perhaps a shade long in loin, OK hindquarters, strode out well retaining his topline; 2 Oxley’s Dinkidax Secret Santa, dark shaded red, smaller neater type, OK head, preferred eye shape of 1, OK neck, good upper arm, slightly upright in shoulder, stands well in front on well shaped feet, firm topline, moved soundly but not quite the reach and drive of winner. LD (4) 1 Woodvine-Shone’s Hanishan Fire Cracker, handsome shaded red with a degree of ring presence, super eye and arrogant expression, true front, strong bone, perhaps could have a bit more front angulation, well bodied, firm topline standing and on the move, OK ribbing, good hindquarters, moved round the ring with style and self-importance; 2 Oxley’s Lokmadi Rio Bravo at Dinkidax, longer, lower shaded cream, good male head, well ribbed back, OK topline, moved a shade close in front and winner was slightly more ‘of a piece’ going round; 3 Drady’s Tolberg Black Adder at Indiko. OD (5) 1 Wood’s Ch Wildstar Wrobinson, the key word here is ‘correct’, this red is so refined and yet still masculine and has an air of quality, properly made all through with the right angles, has a super expression and moves soundly with great dignity. CC, which I gather is his 60th, and BOB; 2 Hall's Cliffmere Woodman, handsome shaded red who turned out to be a son of 1 though a slightly different type, lovely masculine head, plenty of scope, super bone and forechest, strongly made hindquarters, moved true. Put up a very serious challenge to his sire, standing could have gone either way but in the final analysis he didn’t retain his topline quite so well going round. Good luck for his title. RCC; 3 Dunhill’s Zarcrest Flash Gordon at Gellijam.

B (1) 1 Tremble’s Dinkidax Auretta, pretty feminine shaded red, quality head, eye shape slightly rounder than ideal, good neck and topline, well ribbed, sound front, could have a shade more drive behind. MPB (4) 1 Mitchell's Bronia Day Dreamer, such an appealing ultra-feminine cream, well balanced, enough bone, true front and feet, well ribbed, matching angles resulting in a steady ground-covering side gait. BP, RBPIS; 2 Fletcher and Stephan’s Walnutfarm Demelza, liked this one too, very typy shaded cream, excellent neck and shoulder, plenty of substance and a super outline. Winner just kept her shape slightly better on the final go-round; 3 Dunhill & Knight’s Calgreg Glory at Gellijam. PB (2) 1 Phillips’ Summerview Daisy May, promising quality b/t of a very attractive houndy type, excellent head and eye, true front, plenty of bone, well padded feet, good front angulation, enough substance, OK hindquarters, true mover with good reach and drive. Difficult decision against the minor puppy whose topline on the move narrowly won the day; 2 W Demelza. JB (4) 1 Hall’s Cliffmere Edith, scopy red with a super head and overall outline, excellent neck and topline, shoulders well laid and placed with the front legs well under the body, well ribbed, sound hindquarters, enough ground clearance. Looked a picture standing, just tensed up a little on the move but I’m sure will do well when she learns to relax a little; 2 Metcalfe’s Metadale Harmonia, such a pretty cream of a lower to ground type, very feminine, OK head, preferred winner’s eye, neat and well made all through, steady mover who just needs to carry her head a little more proudly; 3 Carey’s Honeysuckle Scent to Me via Debbiejay. YB (4) 1 Wood’s Wildstar Wrolanda, gorgeous red of ideal type and balance, super clean outline, sensible correctly fitting coat, sound steady mover retaining her topline, thought she would prove hard to beat in the challenge but didn’t quite show the same enthusiasm on the move as she had here. Will follow her progress avidly! RCC; 2 Shutt’s Starlight Angel of Donnadoon, attractive lengthy b/cream, good head and reach neck, matching angles, well bodied, steady mover, not quite as strong in hindquarters as 1; 3 Heather’s Ravensbeech Beansprout of Whiteorchard. PGB (5) 1 Mason's Crownlake's Queen Bee, this lovely b/t is a real eye-catcher, gorgeous outline, loved her feminine yet houndy head, super neck and firm topline, excellent bone, well muscled hindquarters, good ribbing to loin proportions, the right amount of properly fitting coat, moved true and kept her shape as she strode round the ring, exceptionally well presented and sympathetically handled to maximise her chances. CC, her first, good luck for the other two; 2 Latham-Jackson’s Urishay Pennyroyal, quality b/cream whom I liked a lot, not quite the sheer panache or showmanship of 1 today but a very well made girl who coves into her own going round, head, ribbing and hindquarters all good; 3 Shutt’s Littl Fut Pandora's Secret for Donnadoon. LB (6) 1 Pain’s Cwmdarhian Radio Gaga Ravensbeech, quality b/t of good overall type and outline, excellent neck, clean shoulders, true well boned front, long ribcage, moved soundly with OK reach and drive but didn’t quite hold her topline as well as her competition in the challenge; 2 Drady’s Tolberg Cream Surprise at Indiko, attractive elegant cream with a feminine head, prominent forechest, correct feet and firm topline, not quite bone of winner; 3 Birdsworth’s Ambyth Up Town Girl. OB (4) 1 Wood’s Ch Wildstar Wrivera, another red beauty from this line, top quality all through with nothing to dislike, pretty feminine shaded red, so neatly made and held herself together on the mover, excels in hindquarters, splitting hairs with her kennelmate in the challenge; 2 Goddard’s Ch Minard Darque Angel, larger framed impressive b/t with a distinct look of a certain other ‘Darque’ that we all remember! A houndy type with super neck and topline, preferred closer fitting coat of winner; 3 Whitfield-Roberts’ Ch Dandydayo Kiss The Girl. Three lovely females of three different types.