• Show Date: 05/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Alaskan Malamute


05 AUG 22




PD 2(0)

Somewhat of a disparity at this important age for puppies.

1. Ellis-Payne’s Chayo Spellbinder. A 9 month old male, good but immature head, balanced overall proportions, well angulated, correct bone, easy ground covering gait.

2. Loades’ Whitewalker’s Winter Snowolf. A 6 month old male and at this age frankly rather ‘gangly’ however he has a good head, good strong top-line and parallel ground covering gait.


JD 2(1)

1. Brandenberg/Smith’s Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits. 17 month old male, masculine head, strong top-line, good croup, correct balance of angulation, good tail set and carriage, correct pasterns, good feet, light footed upon the move.


PGD 2(1)

1. Brandenberg/Smith’s Chayo It’s Kurt for Taronakits.


LD 4(2)

1. Smith’s Snowshoes Who Dares Wins. Nice 2 year old male, super head, good reach of neck, powerful shoulders, good bone and balanced on the move, on the out and back he moved a little wide at the outset at a slower pace which is very typical of a lot of sled dogs that work in harness but the movement converges when moved slightly faster.  

2. Murray’s Snowmischief Burning Love. 5 year old male, very aware of his surroundings on the day, not quite the balance of 1 but has moderate angulation front and rear and a well held top-line, shown in good hard condition.


OD 4(1)

1. Palasinska’s Anson Del Biagio. I just preferred 1 on the day for his ease of movement, well balanced male, correct head, strong top-line, good shoulder, correct reach of neck, overall covered the ground with ease, RDCC.

2. Ellis-Payne’s Ch. Chayo Cause Celebre. A dog I have had the pleasure of judging before and placed in the Working Group but today he was somewhat cumbersome or laboured on the move and whilst not detracting from his undoubted qualities this did not work to his advantage on the day.

3. Jelfs’ Lapema Malizioso.


VD 3(1)

1. Loades’ Ch. Snowolf Black Ice Buddy. A superb 7½ year old veteran male, masculine head, correct reach of neck, excellent angulation, good top-line and easy light footed gait, excellent example of the breed and he will remain a credit to the breed for some years to come, DCC, BV & BOB.

2. Nevinson’s Ch. Chayo Golden Touch. A significantly larger male but absolutely sound for his veteran years, moderate angulation front and rear, strong top-line and an easy languid gait.


YB 1(0)

1. Jelfs’ Lapema Bella Dannata. Very nice 16 month old bitch, lovely feminine head, good bone, strong top-line with an excellent parallel and efficient gait, shown out of coat but a very nice prospect.


PGB 2(1)

1. Murray’s Snowmischief If I Can Dream. A raw 3 year old who clearly needs some practise but when settled she has potential to progress, balanced angulation, feminine head and expression and plenty of opportunity to progress in the future.


LB 2(0)

1. Ellis-Payne’s Chayo Distinctive. Very nice young female, excellent lovely head and expression, good bone, happy disposition, well angulated and easy efficient gait, BCC.

2. York’s Chayo Starstruck with Snowstruck. Significantly larger in type but feminine head and expression, moderate angulation, level top-line but not as free and easy on the move as 1.


OB 6(3)

Two very different examples of the breed, I preferred the movement and athleticism of 1, given the origins and characteristics required of the breed.

1. Jelfs’ Lapema Gia Visto. Correct bone, excellent angulation and combined with good condition to move to advantage, RBCC.

2. Smith’s Ch. Snowshoes The White Witch. Beautifully handled and presented bitch, balanced front and rear, level top-line, lovely head but not the athleticism of 1.

3. Quinn/Harrison’s Palasi Snowflake of Alaska Absolutely Victory.


VB 1(0)

1. John’s Cristakell April Showers at Chardicea. Very nice 7 year old bitch, lovely feminine head and expression, very well angulated front and rear and an easy gait, just a tad short in the leg for me.




JD/B 2(1)

1. Mafi/Slater-Mafi’s Wroxwood Omar’s Kumala. Lovely 9 month old bitch, super head and expression, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulder, correct bone, well held top-line, easy languid gait, correct feet, very well handled, nice prospect, BB & BP.


OD/B 2(1)

1. Mafi’s Tommaso Goffredo’s Taro. 5 year old male who I have had the pleasure of judging on previous occasions, an excellent example of the breed, good masculine head without excess wrinkle, well set ears, powerful front, strong shoulder, good top-line, easy languid gait and an excellent example of the breed. I was subsequently very disappointed to learn that this dog that was my BOB was not passed for the veterinary check because, although meeting all the health requirements, and this is a dog that has undergone and passed 50 or so veterinary checks, on this occasion he did not pass because of a spot that was discovered on his elbow pad but I am delighted to say that all other aspects met the health requirements of the breed, BD & BOB.




OD/B 2(0)

1. McLure’s Hightimbers Ticket to Dream at Kanukalos. 2 year old bitch, super in profile, excellent angulation, nice forechest, good turn of stifle, good croup, easy ground covering gait, RBB.

2. Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro. Lovely veteran male, good dark eye, correct bone, strong top-line, just not quite the get up and go of 1 on the day, BD.


VD/B 3(1)

1. McLure’s Kanukalos Burletta. Very nice veteran bitch, excellent angulation, shown in full coat and good hard condition, correct bone, well knuckled up feet, good pasterns and proved to be very impressive on the move, BB, BV & BOB.

2. Allen’s Kanukalos Allegro.




PD/B 1(0)

1. Bruintjes-Schaap’s Wyfke-Opale vd Vanenblikhoeve. Very nice 8 month old bitch, good dark eye, well angulated, strong throughout, medium length neck, good top-line, excellent efficient gait, good prospect, RBB & BP.


OD/B 2(0)

2 very nice examples of the breed, just preferred the 4 year old male who displayed more reach and drive on the move.

1. Hill’s Ingo-Ushi vd Vanenblikhoeve (imp NLD). Nice dark eye, correct head proportions, good angulation, strong and powerful throughout, very impressive on the move, BD & BOB.

2. Bruintjes-Schaap’s Sennah Damy vd Vanenblikhoeve. 3 year old bitch, shown in full coat and good condition, well angulated fore and aft, powerful driving movement when viewed from behind, BB.