• Show Date: 16/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Simon Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North West Border Collie Club

Breed: Border Collie


16 OCT 22


I would like to thank the North West Border Club very much indeed for the opportunity to judge bitches at their Championship show in particular Steve Atkinson, the Chairman and Christine Richardson, the Secretary and congratulate them on organising such an excellent show. The venue, the Thompson House Equestrian Centre at Wigan was excellent and I was delighted with my entry of 69 bitches on the day. The quality of presentation was, without exception, excellent and I was delighted with the good sportsmanship and I would just like to mention that there were one or two exhibits who were a little uncomfortable with their surroundings on the day but on another day would have placed higher had they not displayed nervousness with their surroundings. It was a pleasure and delight to judge with my co-judge Eric Broadhurst and we were in agreement with our final decisions on the day.




MPB 4(0)

1. MacDonald/Turner/Alexander’s Locheil Delia Smith. Won the class on her exceptional reach and drive, feminine head and expression, good reach of neck, excellent angulation, an excellent prospect for the future.

2. Gorley/Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Why I Believe. A youngster with lots of potential for the future but was a little up behind on the day however moved with an excellent parallel gait and will come together in time.

3. Green/Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Call It The Blues. Another nice prospect, good head and expression, balanced angulation front and rear and will come on with maturity.


PB 5(0)

1. Shahmatova’s Nashdom Lost In Your Eyes. Lovely head and expression, keen dark eye, balanced throughout and covered the ground with ease, BPB & RBPIS.

2. Alexander/Turner/MacDonald’s Locheil Back In Style. Just didn’t quite match the reach of 1 but a nice prospect, well set ears, good reach of neck and well set shoulders.

3. Smith’s Arrodare Seen It In Colour. Another youngster with potential shown in full coat, excellent condition and has all the potential to come on in maturity.


JB 10(0)

1. Morley/Rogerson’s Chikaramor Hall Of Fame. Very nice junior, feminine head, good top-line, excellent angulation, correct feet, good pasterns, shown in full coat.

2. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Boogie On Again. Another nice youngster, as much length of back as I would like but balanced angulation, good croup, tail set and carriage and moved well in profile.

3. Simmons/Inverno’s Simmovon Sheer Delight. Very appealing feminine head, nice reach of neck, good bone, good feet and pasterns, not quite the reach and drive of 1 and 2.


YB 9(3)

Strong class with two particularly nice bitches.

1. Kempton’s Borderbrook Winter Sunset JW. Never put a foot wrong, lovely head, excellent angulation, nice reach of neck, well held top-line, parallel ground covering gait.

2. Johnson’s Tidespring Simply Love. Lovely feminine head and expression, correct bone, good feet and pasterns, nice top-line and croup, shown in full coat.

3. Lee/Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Rebel With A Cause JW. Not quite the finish of 1 and 2 but nice head, balanced angulation with a quick light footed gait.


NB 9(1)

1. Morley/Rogerson’s Chikaramor Hall Of Fame. 1st in JB.

2. Walters’ Goytre Red Rose. Very smart youngster, more compact in type, attractive head, balanced throughout, not quite the reach and drive of 1 but well handled and presented.

3. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Boogie Nites. Very nice prospect but reluctant to be examined on the day, excellent angulation, good feet and pasterns, impressive driving movement.


GB 5(0)

1. Rettie’s Sashdan Diamond Diva in Glenfound (imp AUS). Won this class with her free, ground covering gait, still a little up behind at this stage but attractive feminine head and balanced fore and aft.

2. Smith-Siraal/Smith/Wiltshire/Deteren’s From Borders Home Egyetien Csillag. Very well handled and presented, good shoulder but her movement did not complement her overall structure when viewed in profile.

3. Walker’s Ravenskirk Pretty In Pink. Moved so much better in this, her second class, good feminine head, moderate angulation front and rear.


PGB 4(2)

1. Jones’ Chikaramor So Magical for Sianworth. Feminine head, keen alert expression, well set ears, powerful well set neck, nice shoulder, good croup, tail set and carriage, quick efficient ground covering gait.

2. Spurr’s Dreamwork Picture Perfect. Excellent shoulder, good turn of stifle, covered plenty of ground on the move, tended to raise her tail slightly above the horizontal on the move.


MLB 4(2)

Two lovely bitches, just preferred the reach and drive of 1 on the day.

1. Morley/Rogerson’s Chikaramor Who’s That Girl. Nice head, good dark eye, correct muzzle proportions, good reach of neck, nice bone, strong top-line, good croup, excellent example of the breed.

2. Wiltshire’s Caleykiz Jitterbug. Another lovely bitch who has much quality but was a little unsettled on the day, good angulation and balanced throughout.


LB 11(3)

Strong class and the first 3 were very similar in type.

1. Greening’s Kanamaren Take These Pearls. Good overall proportions, correct bone, attractive head, strong top-line, moved to advantage.

2. Ambler’s Caleykiz Do The Locamotion. Another lovely bitch, super head and expression, good shoulder, nice turn of stifle, as much back length as I would want but moved to advantage.

3. Surridge’s Tonkory Jasmine. Another lovely example of the breed, good head, strong top-line, shown in full coat and good condition.


OB 11(0)

This was a challenging class to judge in the context of representing a range of type within the breed.

1. Lee/Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Royal Flush. A very smart blue, lovely head and expression, semi erect ears, good top-line, good reach of neck, well set shoulders, nice croup, good tail set and carriage, never put a foot wrong on the day, well handled and presented, BCC & RBIS.

2. Gregory’s Tonkory Putting On The Style. A lovely example of the breed, balanced angulation, correct bone, moved and shown to advantage, would have preferred a little more condition.

3. Green/Ratcliffe’s Sh Ch. Fayken I Am Love JW. A nice bitch, balanced throughout, as much back length as I would like, shown in full coat and with sufficient condition.


SpOB (AOC except Black/White or Tri) 5(0)

1. Hadden’s Locheil Lilac Dream. Very nice 8 year old, absolutely never put a foot wrong, well angulated and excellent on the move, BVB.

2. Wilkinson’s Altricia Luck Be A Lady. A merle with very good angulation and shown in good condition, just didn’t quite have the movement of 1 on the day but well handled and presented.

3. Spurr’s Dreamwork Collat’ral Beauty. Attractive head, good reach of neck, moderate angulation front and rear, easy ground covering gait.


SpOB (Members) 3(1)

1. Kempton’s Borderbrook Fame or Fortune ShCEx. Attractive head, good dark eye, well set shoulders, strong level top-line, good croup, good feet, good pasterns, well handled and presented, RBCC.

2. Jones’ Chikaramor So Magical for Sianworth. 1st in PGB.


VB 9(1)

1. Walters’ Sh Ch. Goytre Daddy’s Saucie Girl JW. A lovely veteran bitch shown in full coat and condition, attractive head, balanced angulation and absolutely sound on the move, a credit to her breed.

2. Griffiths’ Janbell Zafrina. Another nice veteran who took 2nd place with her absolutely sound movement, not quite the coat and condition of 1 but nevertheless a nice example of the breed.

3. Baldwin’s Melneg Magic Mystery at Breevana. A 9 year old who completely belied her years and moved with tremendous reach and drive.