• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sheila Luxmoore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Breed: Siberian Husky

National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society

Saturday 16.07.22

Have to say this has always been one of my favourites so thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge. I last judged in 2017 and was so pleased to be invited two years later from when I was originally suppose to judge in 2020. 

Many new exhibits with the majority being new to me which was lovely. A lot has changed, many over the standard height, pigment issues and lack of correct coat. Poor front angulation has always been a problem in our breed in general.

Yes the weather was warm and we also had ones that had been born during the pandemic which needed some reassurance. 

As always our breed standard allows for a lot of variation so in a lot of cases one had to compromise.

Puppy Dog Class (5) 

 1st: WAKELING Klewagin Major Zamora. One of 4 11 month old puppies, slow maturing as Siberians do. G/W Foxy head, oblique set eyes and keen expression, ears in proportion, not too big or too small, correctly fitting lips. Medium throughout, size, not too tall, firm top line, correct depth of chest for his age. Handling and movement was difficult to assess but balance was good looking from the side. 

2nd: WAKELING Klewagin Grant Gunnar! Littermate to one. G/W of lighter colour, good pigment, foxy head, ears in proportion, not too big or too small, correct scissor bite nicely fitting lips. Correct size and shape at this age, correct depth of chest. Just preferred one which could change on another day.

3rd: COOPER Forstal's Frankie For Janskcoo

Res: ROGERSON, & DALGARNO, Arcticskies Fernando Avec Kessem
VHC: SPRATLEY Cyanda's Carnage

Junior Dog Class (2) 

1st: WAKELING Frank Reno Another brother, Wolf Grey, nice foxy head, depth of chest okay, quite lean, narrow through the frame, very immature and lively. Movement difficult to assess as he was so excited

2. Trailhunters Polar Breeze for Janskcoo left the ring

YD (3 Entries) 

Totally different class to puppy where all the dogs were just BIG and over standard.

1st: SEWARD Elleonia Unbreakable Heart, Blue eyed, G/W, coat okay, 4 major bones quite large, long in the back but held a strong top line on the move. Moved quite smoothly.

2nd: BOSWELL ARCTICTREKS RUNNING MAN AT MARVIEGELAS Tall Dark Grey/white big dog all round, preferred length of one, may change with maturity, angulation okay, front right foot turned out, muscling? May be a training issue. 

3rd: BOLSOVER Charmedkelz Fozzie Bear

PGD (5 Entries, 3 abs)

 1st: SNELSON Azgard Monticristo at Ashtrax Lovely B/W piebald, Nice head, dark brown eyes, pleasing expression, good reach of neck, correct angulation, leg length, pasterns okay, correct depth of chest, moved positively, lovely coat and condition RCC

2nd: BOSWEL CRYANREUCH STARGAZER AT MARVIEGELAS Another big/tall G/W brown eyed dog only 3 years old, still some maturing to do. Pleasing head, good ear set, almond shaped eyes, squarish in shape, good depth of chest, feet and croup all okay, out of coat.

LD (6 Entries, 1 abs)

1st: FLETCHER & FLETCHER 3 year old- Azgard Bolivar Lovely type, G/W piebald, masculine male, foxy head with a keen expression, obliquely set brown eyes and correct ear size, balanced proportions, height to length ratio correct, nice depth of chest, firm top line with nicely arched loin held well on the move. Head held correctly level with top line with effortless light footed movement won him DCC.

2nd: SNELSON Salazka's Mr Abernathy At Ashtrax 5 year old B/W, Lovely head type, finely chiselled, obliquely set eyes, good ear set, and tightly fitting lips. Correct length of neck, good depth of chest, firm top line, croup okay. light footed movement, just would prefer a bit more bone as in one.

3rd: RANBY, Mrs E J & HUGHES, Mrs Kelly & HUGHES, Miss Siberiadrift Secret Rea

OD (7 Entries) 

1st: WAKKER,& WAKKER, Shaytaan's Doctor Watson at Ceannabeinne (IMP CAN) 7 year old white male with brown eyes, loved the foxiness, equal proportions occiput and muzzle, correct scissor bite, tight fitting lips, well constructed, good depth of chest, strong top line, covered the ground well.

2nd: CUNNINGHAM Miss R Icebex Dare to be different. tall rangy 2 year old G/W still to mature, pleasing head and expression, almond shaped eyes, good pigment, moderate angulation, chest will change, pasterns okay, firm top line, nice coat and condition, moved well with handler

3rd: LIGHTFOOT, Mrs Helen & LIGHTFOOT, Mr Tony Icebex Tolya

 VD (3 Entries) 

1st: PLATT, Ms Julie Rykalov's Sparks at Wightflight this nearly11year old, blued eyed wolf grey is looking great, just loosing some coat but in good weight. Lovely head and expression, correct length of neck, balanced proportions, firm top line with slightly arched loin, correct tail set, moved well with handler.

2nd: PATRICK Ch Tom bombadil of Poliarine arktika at coldasice Moderately compact eight and a half year old, R/W had a pleasing head and expression, almond shaped amber eyes, thick coat, moderately angulated, level topline, moved well with handler

3rd: PIKE, Miss Stacey Louise Paripassu's Wolfs Bane To Kinguyakkii

SBD/B (5 Entries) 1 abs

Quite a varied class with dogs and bitches.

1st: WELLS, Miss P Harpan's Parisa TAF (Dog) This 13 month old Wolf Grey youngster was very unsettled and a lively youngster. Pleasing head and expression, finer coat, good weight, moved okay when settled and not pulling on the lead. 

2nd: SIMMONS, Miss Nicole Forstal's Jetska at aurorasdream (Bitch) Just a year old, lovely feminine blue eyed B/W, Foxy head, obliquely set eyes, good ear set. Top line okay but was a little hunched up and needed to settle. Quite fine through the frame. Moved okay when settled. 


 PB (5 Entries) 1 abs

1st: WAKELING, Mrs Teresa Klewagin Dietrich 

Nearly a year old Wolf G/W, feminine foxy head, balanced and in good proportion, correct depth of chest for size, firm top line, arched loin, good croup and tail set. Balanced through out. Moved well. BP

2nd: EMERY, Mrs Helen Margaret & EMERY, Mr Matthew Alepenkye Makita Kite Over Navajos Feminine 10 month old B/W, lovely head and expression, nice eyes and ears, balanced proportions, moved well, just preferred the depth of chest of one.


JB (4 Entries) 

1st: ALLEN, Mrs A Harpan's Taivas 13 month old B/W Brown eyed feminine, foxy head, excellent front angulation, correct balanced proportions, correct depth of chest, firm topline, arched loin and correct tail set Excellent weight, lovely movement, one to watch in the future

2nd: SIMMONS, Miss Nicole Forstal's Jetska at aurorasdream See SBD/B


 YB (4 Entries)

 1st: ALLEN, Mrs A Harpan's Halo Littermate to previous bitch winner in previous class! Wolf Grey, head proportions- slightly longer in muzzle, gives a different expression, good weight nice coat, moved well

2nd: BOLSOVER, Miss Kelly Jayne Charmedkelz Kuma Bear 18 month old B/W lively rangy bitch, fine bone, needs more weight especially as she was out of coat. Moved okay.

Res: SPRATLEY, Mrs C Siberiadrift Lucky Charm

PGB (9 Entries) 3 abs

1st: PLATT, Ms Julie Wightflight Einich B/W 2 year old, feminine head, good weight and muscling, balanced throughout, sound coming and going, moved well with handler.

2nd: BELLCOURT, Mrs Georgina TSARITSA PANTERA AT HYSGIYDDRAIG Another 2 year old B/W piebald, bi-eyed youngster, in good weight but a little narrow in front, hopefully will broaden with maturity, moved well with handler.

3rd: JOHNS, Mrs Angela Azgard Kastella for Alepenkye

LB (9 Entries) 3 abs 

1st: JONES, Ms Sharon Icynights devils desire, feminine B/W 3 year old, head finely chiselled and fox like with typical Irish markings, correct head proportions, oblique almond shaped eyes, ears correct, good reach of neck, strong top line, well angulated with correct tail set and carriage. Effortless ground covering movement. Presented and handled well.

2nd: LIGHTFOOT, Mrs Helen & LIGHTFOOT, Mr Tony GB Forstal's Elu Flo of Footlite G/W brown eyed bitch, foxy head, balanced and in proportion, good depth of chest, nice bone, good angulation, croup and tail. Moved well, just preferred one which could change on another day.

3rd: CAUDY, Miss Jayne Penkhalas Amka

Res: SPRUCE, Miss A J Mysticwolf Diesel's Dream

VHC: NORMAN, Miss L E Skimarque Shades Of Midnite

OB (7 Entries)
 3 abs

1st: COOPER, Miss J Janskcoo's Strength N'honour JW Lovely 6 year old G/W who on the day pulled out all the stops, head finely chiselled and fox like, correct eyes and ears, good bone and correct coat. “Elbow to ground” could be slightly more but I forgave this for the lovely overall type. Correct depth of chest for heart and lung room, excellent top line, arched loin, croup and tail. Moved effortlessly with handler well deserved BB and BOB

2nd: SPRUCE, Miss A J Mysticwolf's El Unico 4 year old G/W blue eyes, standard fitting, feminine, correct head, eyes and ears. Medium bone, correct coat. Well sprung ribs, balanced, firm top line, moved well with handler.


Res: BIDDLECOMBE, Mrs Christine & BIDDLECOMBE, Mr Steph Zarchenski taboo Lornabo at Tsaritsa

VHC: SHELFORD, Miss Adele Ch Joy Av Vargevass At Polarquest (Imp Nor)

VB (8 Entries) 

1st: SEWARD, Miss Danielle Elizabeth Forstal's Crystal with Elleonia JW G/W piebald, feminine 8 year old, standard fitting, pretty head, blue eyes, obliquely set, good ear set, nice arched neck, plush coat, correct depth of chest, strong top line, effortless movement, well deserved the RCC.

2nd: SPRUCE, Miss A J Mysticwolf Maicoh another lovely G/W 7 year old, lovely head and expression, with correctly fitting lips, blue eyes obliquely set, balanced through out, loosing coat, everything moderate, good depth of chest, firm top line moved well with handler. 

3rd: CUNNINGHAM, Miss R Icebex Yippee Ki Yay

Res: SHELFORD, Miss Adele Snowtrekka Enchantress

VHC: NORMAN, Miss L E Skimarque Anna Pavlova