• Show Date: 08/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sharon Bowers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Whippet

I would like to start by expressing my sincere thanks to Boston and District CS for inviting me to judge my first set of CC’s and to all the exhibitors for there wonderful entries.

I was extremely impressed with the quality of the dogs and the future of Whippets is in excellent hands, i had some very tough decisions and only wish i had more first prize cards to hand out on the day.

MPD (8,1)

1st Colooney Eat My Shorts (Ms M & Ms L Dillon & Bailey)

This young dark brindle boy was very raw but had everything in the right place, he has a chiselled head with correct stop, dark eye and correct front, beautiful neck flowing into correct shoulders, his outline is typical whippet and he was very sound on the move all ways, BPD, BPIB and I was so pleased to see him take HPG2.

2nd Crosscop My Boy (Mrs L, Mr G, Miss F & Miss S Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell)

Another quality young fawn boy, very smooth to go over, your hands just flowed, again moving very sound in all directions. In excellent condition.

3rd Afterglow Royal Stuart with Edenwhip TAF (Mr J & Mr G Winkley-Balmer & Poole)

PD (4,1)

1st Shalfleet Making Waves (Miss J Wilton-Clark)

A bridle boy who wasn’t quite so settled today, but could see enough he was full of quality, mature in body with clean lines, correct outline and moved true all ways with reach and drive.

2nd Zeglynn Hello You (Ms G Z Perkins)

A fawn boy who was unlucky to meet the winner today, still very raw but in excellent condition, i am sure as he matures he will come together, movement was very true all ways.

3rd Zeglynn Arnies Cute Helper (Ms G Z Perkins)

JD (5,0)

1st Brochinbelle A Wee Dancer with Jalwhipp (J L & A Dargue & Halliday)

One i considered for the RCC, just lost out on the day to maturity, a real quality boy with so much to like, correct size and well balanced, kept his topline on the move and was a picture stood. My hands just glided over him, from his masculine head, well laid back shoulders, flowing topline and well let down hocks which he used to power round the ring. His time will come!

2nd Edenwhip Can I Be Him (Mr J & Mr G Winkley-Balmer & Poole)

Another quality dog, shown in excellent condition, similar comments to winner but not quite as mature, moved well all ways. Im sure he too has a very bright future.

3rd Palmik King Arthur (Mr M & Ms Y Howgate & Hull)

YD (7,1)

1ST Aarminias Change The Game at Drumburn (J Bell)

Brindle dog of correct size, he had a beautiful head and expression with a dark eye. He has a really nice shape with the correct rise over the loin, a good deep brisket with a lovely tuck up making him a picture stood, moved sound all ways keeping his topline on the move.

2ND Kidaruka It's Showtime at Oxana JW (Miss S J Shepherd)

A fawn boy who was different in type and stronger in build to my winner, very balanced boy who was shown to his advantage, He has a classic outline which he kept on the move and in the line up.

3RD Lolani Cafe Amore (Miss D & Mr L R Yeates & Winter GD (7,1)

1ST Bowdonia Go The Distance for Stalwart (Mrs V Martin)

Brindle dog who stood out in this class for his smooth outline, he didn’t disappoint when i placed my hands on him, from his well constructed front with deep chest and correct infill to his curvy underline and his soundness when moving coming and going.

2ND Elmanash Glenburgie (Mr L & Mr K Daniels & Bridgman-Lewis)

Fawn dog of correct size, not as mature as the winner but non the less a classic whippet with smooth underline and good tuck up, not as settled as the winner but moved with purpose and moved true all ways.

3RD Selinko Festive Prancer (Miss T Dimmock

PG (5,2)

1ST Mossbawnhill Bit of A Dandy with Chaseover (Mrs R Hambling)

Very well put together dog, correct for size, compact and well balanced, lovely head and neck, correct topline, neat back end with well let down hocks, a picture standing and kept his shape on the move.

2ND Crosscop Born to Move for Jubrancy (Mrs K & Mrs E Parkes & Mckay)

Not as mature as the winner, but very nice to go over, good, strong head with dark eye and appealing expression. Nicely arched neck going into well laid back shoulders, good reach and drive when moving, true coming and going.

3RD Demerlay Charming Charlie (Mrs S R Hope)

LD (17,4)

1ST Snowleana Errol Flynn of Silkridge JW (Mr R J & Mrs C S Perkins)

This boy headed a really strong class, an understated fawn dog who pulled out all the stops to win this class, he has a beautiful head with rose shaped ears and your hands just flow over him, he has a good depth of brisket, correct rise over his loin and a real compact back end, he moved so well in profile and was sound up and back. Masculine yet refined, a true whippet.

2ND Starceylon Summer Bran (Mr C & Mrs L Tyson)

Black dog in gleaming condition, his silhouette was enchanting, true lines of a classic whippet with a curvy underline and correct topline, moved very well and pushed hard for this class, unlucky to meet the winner today.

3RD Oakbark Marksman for Railfield (Mr T K Ellis)

OD (8,2)

1ST Ch Silkridge Just Joey (Mr R J & Mrs C S Perkins)

This brindle boy just excelled today, he has the ‘look at me’ attitude and i just couldn’t ignore him, your hands just glide over every inch of him, he has the most appealing expression, dark eye and rose shaped ears, his neck just flows into well laid back shoulders with the correct return of upperarm, his topline has just enough rise over the loin, with a strong back end, neat hocks and tight feet, excellent front assembly which you could see on the move as he daisy cutted round the ring with such power and drive, no doubting this was a masculine dog with elegance and refinement throughout, i was pleased to award him the dog CC and BOB and was delighted to see him take HG4 in an excellent hound group.

2ND Richclass Run for Cover (Mr N J & Mr D N Richards)

A very unassuming, compact fawn dog, who again was all dog but not coarse in any way, standing he has a gorgeous shape, very curvy and neat, stood on really good feet and moved well throughout. Really appealing expression, well defined head with excellent ears and an elegant neck, flowing into that lovely curvy body. Pleased to award him the RDCC

3RD Crosscop I Want You TAF (Mrs L, Mr G, Miss F & Miss S Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell)

VD (7,1)

1ST Ch Citycroft High Society JW (Mr M Whitehead)

A fawn dog who has matured very well into an excellent vetran, he is a very correct dog, extremely well balanced with a shapely outline, he has a beautiful head, flowing lines, nicely arched good length of neck, he kept his topline at all times and moved like a 2 year old, pleased to award him BVIB

2ND Ch Danluke Lord of The Dance JW (Mrs H Johnston)

A brindle boy who does not look like a vetran! Beautiful pigmentation and appealing expression, excellent front assembly , well let down pasterns, tight feet, compact and neat back end which he used well in profile round the ring, very close up to the winner today, splitting hairs again !

3RD Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM (Mrs A M & Mr L Sampson) SBD (3,1)

1st Elmanash Glenburgie (Mr L & Mr K Daniels & Bridgman-Lewis)

A really nice fawn dog, without exaggeration, handled well and had that little spark about him, he moved soundly all ways and standing had a typical whippet outline with a good forechest, curvy underline and topline was held at all times.

2nd Jimanica Just Dreaming (Miss J Barkas)

Similar comments to the winner, just didn’t have as much spark as the first, stood well and moved soundly round the ring.

GCD (5,1)

1ST Crosscop May Be One More at Mulcair JW (Mrs J A Whitaker-Crosby)

A bitch i have judged before and she has come on well, she has an excellent coat which helps your hands glide over her smooth body, feminine head with beautiful ears, good tight feet with nice bone, very shapely and sound on the move all ways.

2ND Nevedith Zufor Zayni JW ShCM (Mrs A M & Mr L Sampson)

A vetran now who still showed his little socks off, really appealing expression, correct size and clean bone, handled to perfection to get the best out of him, stood proud and moved with precision all ways.

3RD Ringmore Dalrymple (Mrs V Leathart) MPB (21,5)

This had to be the hardest class of the day! An excellent class of exquisite minor puppies, the future is bright!

1st Colloony at Last (Mrs L & Mrs V Smith & Coulter)

A stunning black little girl at just 6 months, in gleaming condition, her size was spot on for her age, really good bone, tight little feet and silhouette was exquisite! The perfect s shape, she was very settled and held her own on the move, excellent forward reach and sound coming and going, the future i am sure is exciting for this little one! BPB

2nd Afterglow Princess Royale (Miss F & Miss C Smith & Goddard-Smith)

Another fantastic puppy, beautiful tight coat which felt like silk, i just flowed over her body with ease, excellent front with correct topline and sweeping underline, very feminine and again could not fault her movement in any direction.

3rd Barnesmore Crystal Orchid (Miss Se Thompson) PB (19.6)

1ST Silkridge Jasmine (Mr R J & Mrs C S Perkins)

Brindle and white girl with lots to admire ,feminine head and dark eye, correct for size and very well balanced, she has the shapely outline of a classic whippet, good front and neat back end which she used to power round the ring with true coming and going.

2ND Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne (Miss G Maxwell)

A sound fawn girl, bigger in frame than winner but still feminine, in gleaming condition, correct ears set well on her beautiful head, elegant neck into correct shoulders leading onto a shapely body, lovely topline and underline, moved well all ways.

3RD Silkridge Saffron (J Wilkinson)

JB (10,4)

1ST Citycroft Americano with Silkridge (Mr R J & Mrs C S Perkins)

Another black girl in gleaming condition, she stood out from the crowd today, very shapely, she has a lovely outline, stood and on the move. This girl has the most amazing neck, an excellent forechest, return of upper arm, well laid back shoulders. Moved exceptionally well all ways and excelled in profile.

2ND Crosscop Lullabye (Mssrs R & R Brown & Duckett)

A classic fawn girl, different in type to my winner and not quite as mature, beautiful head and expression, very feminine and full of quality, could not fault her movement.

3RD Silkridge Saffron (J Wilkinson)

YB (9,1)

1st Supeta's Little Darlin' (Mrs S M & Miss F S Mycroft)

Brindle bitch of excellent size, held herself proud in the ring today, really sweet expression and beautiful ears. Very well balanced throughout, she has a real depth of body, good spring or rib and a sweeping underline, she moved true all ways with reach, drive and soundness.

2nd Crosscop Proud Mary (Mr J S & Mr G Service & Poole)

Another classic fawn and white from this kennel, very similar comment’s to the winner today, very close decision again, i am sure these 2 will change places many times.

3rd Mollytop Fancy Lady (Ms R Owen

GB (8,5)

1ST Danluke Drag On A Dime (Mrs H & Mr L & Mr J Johnston & Wilson)

Very much a baby here, she has an ultra feminine head with the darkest eye, she needs to mature and fill into her curves but after learning she was still a puppy this was not a surprise, very neat little bitch who i am sure, in time, will have a bright future, mvement was true all ways.

2ND Pretty Fly Des Plaines Des Bruyeres avec Starceylon (Imp Fra) (Mr C & Mrs L Tyson)

Handled very well by her young handler, not as feminine as the winner but has different qualities, she has a good depth of brisket, well ribbed body with enough rise over her loin, steady on the move and went well especially in profile.

3RD Pagarni's Snow Far Snow Good at Betsymira (Mrs J A & Miss B C Nicholson

PGB (16,11)

1ST Crosscop You Are My Destiny at Ardencote (Mrs L, Mr G, Miss F & Miss S Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell)

2 beautiful fawns headed this lovely class, they are very similar in type and quality, both girls had excellent head and expression, very close call today on both of them, they both had a beautiful outline, with a smooth topline and curvy underline, both girls moved sound all ways.

2ND Danluke Dark Chocolate Drishaun (Mrs A M, Mr M, & Miss C Lancashire & O'donnell)

As the comments above as it was very hard to split these 2 today, both deserving of the 1st place

3RD Cyangrange Aleshanee (Miss A M Bray

LB (19,6)

1ST Crosscop Candle in The Wind to Supeta (Mrs L, Mr G, Miss F & Mrs S Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mycroft)

A stunning fawn girl in excellent coat and condition, the most feminine of heads and dreamy expression, flowing lines with excellent topline and the perfect ‘S’ shape, balanced throughout and true coming and going, this girl will have her day !

2ND Envisage This at Supeta (Mrs E & Miss F & Mrs S Mckay & Mycroft & Mycroft)

Different type to winner but still graceful and feminine, she has a classic shape but did not move as steady as 1.

3RD Citycroft Starfall JW (J Wilkinson)

OB (16,5)

1ST Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea of Danluke JW (Mrs H & Mr L & Mr J Johnston & Wilson) What a beautiful class!

This little bitch was literally ‘my cuppa tea’ Excellent for size, such an un assuming little girl who really didn’t know just how special she is. She has the most feminine of frames, yet still has substance and the attitude you need to win such a strong class, my hands just flowed from her chiselled little head with perfect ears and dark eye, to her shoulders that were well laid and her body held a good spring of rib, correct rise over the loin and perfect neat back end, tight little feet and excellent front. She showed off all the way round the ring with reach and drive and was sound away and back, i was nore than happy to award her the BCC making her a new UK champion, well deserved !

2ND Creme Anglaise's Irish Cream (Mr J W & Mr K Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf)

I also love this girl ! another i would happily take home, again she has all the attributes as the winner with a beautiful shape and could not fault her movement any way, such powerful back end that propelled her around the ring effortlessly very very close to winner today RBCC im sure her 3rd UK CC wont be far away!

3RD Creme Anglaise's Lafayette (Mr J W & Mr K & Miss Ineke & Mr J Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf & De Vos Brugman & Winkley-Balmer)

VB (6,2)

1ST Denmanwood Decision ShCM (Miss S Mitchell)

A fawn girl who was shown to perfection today, she really was ultra feminine with a classic whippet outline, pretty head with lovely expression and her elegant neck was set on to a beautiful body with a good front, good shoulder placement and moved true all ways.BVB

2ND Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM (Mrs J A Whitaker-Crosby)

Another classic fawn girl looking amazing for her age, in excellent condition, very similar comment to the winner, not much to split these girls today, another class i wish i has more first place cards.

3RD Cyangrange Giocomo Delfino JW (Miss A M Bray)

SBB (5,2)

1ST Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne (Miss G Maxwell) As 2nd in PB BSBBIB

2ND Mollytop Fancy Lady (Ms R Owen)

A fancy little fawn girl, shown well, correct outline, when stood she looked a picture, just not as committed on the move as the winner

3RD Moorhunter Hetherblue (Mrs C E Gilfillan