• Show Date: 08/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Shane Flint Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Bearded Collie

SWKA - Bearded Collies

8th October 2022

Judge Critique - Mrs Shane Flint

 I must apologise to all my exhibitors for the delay in publishing this critique. Those that know me well will understand that over many years of judging I have always made my critiques a top priority but unfortunately on this occasion I have had to focus on my husband who has been really ill through late October and November. Matters have been further complicated as my ageing iPad that held all my photos and initial draft lost all power. Fortunately, I have recently received it back just after Xmas fully repaired courtesy of Apple with all my content intact and so I am pleased finally to publish my comments on my appointment.

Firstly, I would just like to thank SWKA for my appointment and all my exhibitors for a super entry which I was thrilled with. Also many thanks to both my stewards who organised the awards and kept the ring flowing.

Just a few points to highlight. I thought both Dogs and Bitches were very even in quality and of a very good standard which bodes well for the breed. The larger entry classes were very competitive and I was pleased that there was enough quality exhibits in depth to easily make my selections.

Heads and eye in particular were very good as was coat quality and physical condition which in many was excellent. I was a bit concerned that we were possibly losing that lovely arch to the neck which is so important in creating the correct profile, my winners were all excellent in this regard. One final concern was in relation to the tendency in a number of exhibitors to micro-manage the placement of feet, which I felt was detracting from the dog’s overall performance.

Whilst I understand the desire to show off the dogs in correct profile it is also important to let that typical alert, happy Beardie temperament shine through.


Veteran Dog (3, abs1). 1st Glasspool’s Bonny and Clyde’s this Boy for Gildenmede (Deu Imp). 8 years s/w dog of quality, masculine in every way. Broad head with darkest of eyes. Well laid shoulders deep chest, excellent front and rear and so balanced on the stand and when moving. Impressive profile. Well presented. This boy was in super hard condition, alert and on his toes and enjoying his day out. Couldn’t deny him his win. 2nd Curry’s Davankirk Bromley Main. Also 8 years s/w dog, good skull with eyes toning with coat. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good length of back coming from rib. Excellent harsh jacket and well handled and presented. Another good quality veteran boy but just preferred the alertness and personality of my winner.

Minor Puppy Dog (2, abs1). 1st Roper-Sands’ Amylay Queen of Life April Snow of Dougalston (Imp Due). Just 6 months s/w boy and his first show. Very much a baby and just a little overawed with the surroundings. head developing, a little light in eye at the moment, good reach of neck and forechest . Good length of back, nice turn of stifle. Really didn’t want to move but saw some glimpses of his potential. Just needs time to grow.

Puppy Dog (2,abs1). 1st Buckley’s Holtend Beyond the Blue. 11 months bl/w dog, excellent profile on the stand. Broad and flat head with excellent colour eye, moderate length of neck, shoulders well placed, firm level top line, excellent turn of stifle and neat low hocks. Good mover but really needed moving at a brisker/ faster pace to release his full potential to impress. Pleased to award him Best Puppy.

Junior Dog (2,0). 1st Peddar’s Saint Laurent de Chester at Caldermist (Im Fra) JW. 15 months s/w dog, excellent head, still developing, with dark eye and typical Beardie expression. Excellent length of neck going into well placed shoulders, Excellent ribbing and length of back, short loin. Excellent muscle throughout and right amount of bone. Moved smoothly and true out and back, Excellent reach when moving in profile. Nothing to fault in this youngster. His excellent movement and impressive profile will ensure he is a serious contender as his career develops.

2nd Buckley’s Holtend Beyond the Blue. Yearling Dog (1,0). 1st Ayrton’s Aoibh Drummer Boy JW. 20 month s/w boy of quality. Although he stood alone I quite liked this youngster. Masculine shaped head with lovely soft expression. Good reach of neck, Nicely constructed with overall correct size ratio. Nice in profile with good level topline which he kept on thestand and when moving. He is still maturing and just needs to settle into his frame. An really honest dog of good type.

Post Graduate Dog (8, abs1). 1st Baker & Van de Hoef’s Malandex Most Xquisit 2 years. Dark Slate dog, plainly marked with minimal white. Masculine head of excellent shape and proportions with a dark eye which oozed expression, excellent rib shape and length with short loin. excellent muscle and condition throughout, firm tight feet. This boy’s super construction all showed through in his effortless movement with drive and reach. One of my best movers on the day in a very strong class. 2nd Beech’s Dychix Never Ending Story. 2 yrs. Another quality dark slate dog plainly marked with minimal white, which I very much like in the breed. Excellent shaped skull with the darkest of eye. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, good length of back, good turn of stifle with neat low hocks. Well muscled boy in good condition. Another very good mover that responded well to his handler. Liked him a lot but just lacked that extra quality and performance of my 1st place, in a very strong class. 3rd Wilding’s Denters Whirlwinds Dream Lover at Bendale (Imp Deu)

Limit Dog (9.0). 1st Burfitt’s Ramsgrove Coruscation for Breaksea 5 years dark s/w dog that oozed quality and caught my eye as soon as he came in the ring. Correct skull size & shape, dark eyes which had that melting Beardie expression . Correct length of neck, excellent fore chest, excellent ribs of good shape and depth, firm topline, totally balanced front and back. Effortless natural movement with excellent reach. Finished in a lovely harsh jacket and an impressive profile on the stand. This boy just commanded my attention and got serious consideration in the dog challenge. In the end I was pleased to award him reserve DCC. 2nd Atkins & Charles’ Memorylane Do The Tra-La-Laa at Snikkles (Imp Fin) JW. 5 years s/w dog with a masculine head with good skull proportion lovely dark eye with soft expression lovely arched neck, well balanced throughout. Good ratio height to length, moved with drive, held topline standing and on the move. 3rd Stead and Edwards’ Ramsgrove the Great Oopsie.

Open Dog ( 8, abs2) 1st Atkins & Charles’ CH Snikkles Swashbuckler JW. 3 years s/w dog. Top quality boy, very classy in profile and got my attention immediately he set up. Hands on didn’t disappoint, definitely constructed with the breed standard in mind. Well balanced throughout. Gorgeous strong masculine head with that typical Beardie expression. Correct length of neck, nicely arched into well placed shoulder. Excellent fore chest, correct length and depth of rib with short loin, excellent turn of stifle with low neat hocks. Finished in excellent harsh coat. He moved so soundly with excellent drive and reach. This boy had so much presence and personality and I loved the way he showed himself off so naturally without too much fussing or intervention from his handler. Maintained his performance and sparkle throughout both challenges. A worthy DCC and BOB. 2nd Waldron’s CH Snowmead Shades of Grey JW. 5 years bl/w dog. Another top quality boy of real substance and masculine in every way. Although slightly different in type there was nothing to choose between this boy and my winner in terms of quality and construction. Superb masculine head that oozes breed type and very distinctive. Excellent length of back, classic Beardie proportions. Top condition and a physically powerful boy. Eye catching in profile finished in that blue shaded harsh Jacket. Thought he was a bit within himself today especially on the move. The small ring certainly didn’t play to the strengths of this powerful boy. A very close second, in a very strong class of quality, to my winner who took it on overall performance. 3rd Jay’s CH Farmarens Drums of Spring at Talraz (Imp Swe) JW.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (2,0) 1st Hodgson & McCourt’s Malandex Extremely Brown. 7 years. As his name says dark br/w boy with super dark eyes, Excellent masculine head of correct proportion, correct reach of neck, excellent length of back, firm short loin with rounded croup and low set tail carriage, excellent muscle tone, level top line standing and moving, easy sound mover and such a happy Beardie which is good to see. Would like to have seen him in the veteran class.

2nd Kitchen’s Mollyfleck Gift of Gold 3 years another br/w boy strong head, eye could be darker but still expressive, well bodied with correct ribbing and short loin. Didn’t move his best today.


Veteran Bitch (5,0). 1st Goodbrand’s Kiltondale Isn’t She Lovely for Braesnobel. 7 year s/w bitch just entered the veteran ranks and in super overall condition, balanced in every way. Strong head but still very feminine, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated hindquarters with low hocks, well muscled throughout, moved with reach and drive, finished of in a quality harsh coat. Presented well and performed with real enthusiasm for her handler today which won her the class. 2nd Patterson’s Corimist Musical Sole at Eltimaris another 7 year old s/w girl excellent skull of correct shape and proportion with dark eye colour. Well constructed with good angulation in shoulder and hindquarters, firm top line on the move and standing. Easy mover. 3rd Hollis’ Pretty Bear Wild Flower Pit Adjucet (Imp Ger)


 Minor Puppy Bitch (1,0) 1st Roper-Sands’ Amylay Queen of Sands April Lady of Dougalston (Imp Deu) 6 month s/w girl her first show, took the whole thing in her stride. Very promising. Feminine head with a soft expression excellent fore chest, good length of back coming from ribs, a little bum high at the moment, good reach in front, moved with balanced easy gait. Lots more development to come, lovely happy, confident girl, super temperament.

Puppy Bitch (0,0).

Junior Bitch (6,abs2). 1st Harcourt-Brown’s Orora’s Oriana 12 months dark s/w bitch. Top quality girl just out of the puppy ranks and my star find of the day. She took my breath away when she came into the ring. Oozing breed type along with such alertness, presence and personality which is so good to see in the breed. What a show girl, definitely one of those “once in a life time dogs”. Top quality construction throughout and everything in balance. Feminine head with the darkest of eye which she carried like a watch tower on that beautifully arched neck. Excellent bone and muscle and not yet 13 months. Smooth stride with drive and reach, the more she moved the better she got. Whilst there were some super quality bitches to consider in the challenge I couldn’t deny this stunning youngster the BCC. 2nd Betts’ Pipadene Xtraa Hint of Chilli JW 16 months s/w another quality bitch, outstanding, in good hard condition. Correct skull type with excellent eye and pigment colour giving that soft Beardie expression. Excellent reach of neck flowing into well laid shoulder and upper arm, excellent angulation front and rear. Good bone and lovely low set hocks with tight feet, this very feminine girl is so neatly put together. Moved effortlessly with drive and purpose. Well presented and in top condition which was as expected from this breeder. Happy to have placed her 1st on any other day but the presence, personality and finish of my number one couldn’t be beaten today. 3rd Jay’s Talraz Song of Summer.

Yearling Bitch (10, abs4). 1st Edwards’ Kelham Like Dreams Do at Roxilyn.16 month s/w girl balanced throughout gorgeous feminine head with correct proportions, lovely dark eye. Good length of back coming from correct length and shape of rib, short loin. Excellent muscle tone throughout. Well put together girl that was on her toes and moved with real drive and purpose. Well presented, handler and dog were in complete harmony which won them the class.

2nd Bird’s Irisaddition She’s All That with Bridus 18 month s/w girl, up to size. Strong head beautiful proportions and so feminine with darkest of eye, lovely soft Beardie expression. Excellent fore chest, nothing to fault in construction with excellent quarters front and back. Super lay of shoulder straight fore leg, neat strong pasterns. Excellent turn of stifle, good bone throughout. Harsh Jacket still developing. Was looking for a bit more from her on the move just didn’t show the sparkle and movement of my winner. 3rd Jay’s Talraz Song of Summer.

Post Graduate Bitch (10, abs2). 1st Baker & Van De Hoef’s Malandex So Xquisit 2 years br/w bitch, Gorgeous girl of real quality and so well made throughout. Excellent head and eye colour toning in with coat. Good reach and correct shape of neck. Excellent shoulder placement and length of back coming from rib, very nice turn of stifle, with low set hocks and tight feet. excellent muscle tone and condition throughout. Another excellent example from this Kennel that never disappoints on movement or condition. One of my top movers of the day which earned her Reserve BCC. 2nd Rigler’s Back to Bob at Barbudo 3 years dark s/w bitch, up to size, you really have to go over her to fully appreciate her attributes. Strong head yet feminine, lovely dark eye. Moderate neck of correct shape into well placed shoulders. Excellent length and depth of rib, totally balanced front and back with excellent angles, firm top line, good muscle tone, neat hocks, moved effortlessly. Mature dark coat, feminine and classy profile. A well deserved 2nd that stood out from the rest of the class. 3rd Styles’ Ragellie Fairytale

Limit Bitch (9, abs1) 1st Carter & Palmer’s Nellbrook Incantation of Woodacre. 5 years s/w bitch. Impressive in profile and so balanced. What you see is what you get with this girl. Feminine head with excellent skull, dark eye and lovely soft expression. Very nice reach of neck of correct shape flowing into excellent shoulder placement. Excellent forechest, really good length of back and firm strong hind quarters and neat hocks all contributed to her long effortless stride on the move. A really elegant girl nicely put together and finished off in a very good harsh jacket. In the class she stood out and moved with real drive and purpose. Gave her serious consideration in the challenge but she had lost her focus and didn’t repeat her class winning performance.

2nd Edward’s Roxilyn Take A bow JW 3 years s/w very balanced bitch in every way, excellent head proportions. Lovely arched neck, good spring and depth of rib, short loin and rounded croup with good tail set. Balanced front and back and in good physical condition. Another excellent mover. Really liked her, responded well to the excellent handling and presentation of her owner. Well deserved 2nd place in a very strong class. 3rd Harkin’s Corimist Galway Girl at Claudalla.

Open Bitch ( 5, abs1). 1st Sewell’s Alistair’s Designed Just Right for Kemelstowe (Imp Swe). 4 years bitch of good quality. Lovely to go over, another of excellent overall construction, well balanced throughout. Strong head of correct shape and proportions but still very feminine. Excellent fore chest, excellent length of back, right amount of bone, another lovely girl in super condition, tight feet. Although a bit too much coat for me I loved her length and profile and easy fluent movement with super low tail carriage which won her the class. 2nd Edward’s Nellbrook Pure Imagination. 5 years s/w girl so well balanced, standing and moving, nothing to hide excellent skull and eye colour, excellent arched neck into clean well laid shoulders firm topline strong muscled hindquarters. Moved with real drive and reach. Well handled presented . 3rd Fielder’s Malandex Xpressly Made For Malarkey

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (2, abs1). 1st Kneeshaw’s Adjucet Stand By Me. 2 years dark br/w bitch, loved her colour, very feminine, Gorgeous head of excellent shape and proportion with such an expressive eye, moderate neck slightly arched. Excellent front and rear angulation that gave her such balance and fluency on the move. Gorgeous really harsh dark brown jacket. A really beautiful girl of excellent type and without any exaggeration. Although she stood alone it didn’t detract from her 1st place. Would liked to have seen her with her peers in Post Graduate.

Shane Flint (Mrs) Sandytrail