• Show Date: 08/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)



Judge Sarah Taylor

I had not judged the breeds since pre covid times and as we all know sadly things are not as they used to be. I do thank the exhibitors who kindly entered as I am only too aware it is a costly exercise and one does wonder how things will hold up going forward in these difficult times. My two stewards were great and thanks go to them.

Whilst numerically neither entry was big and there were a number of classes with no entries it was a huge relief to find a selection of quality dogs and therefore no need to address the dreaded withhold option. In fact both Best of Breeds are out of the top drawer and between them have won many CCs of late plus some good group success. Today saw the Cardis scoring here with a Group 2 and a Puppy Group 4. I guess this is something we should be proud of as go back ten years or so and Cardis rarely made any impact in group competition. I watched the group judging with interest and thought both my Pembroke & Cardigan BOBs looked outstanding.


Minor Puppy Dog (2 Abs 1)

1st Cliftons Joseter Willy Wonka

This brindle point tri shows lots of promise at 8 months with his lovely head type displaying good proportions and when ears settle he will look the part. Still needs to come together in front and tighten up in the rear but with good length of body and neck he certainly shows a good outline. Best Puppy and delighted to see later he went Puppy Group 4.

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1st James Keerside Glenkiln at Bwthyn

A 19 month old tri of good size and length with good bone and enough substance. Could use a touch more angulation and needs to settle.

Limit Dog (2)

1st Langfords Caprian Challenger

Brindle of very good overall type with well let down mature front. He went well behind but I just felt he lacked a little front angulation hence not the forward reach which cost him in the challenge.

2nd Coopers Haveback Beech Haven

Shorter bodied brindle point tri and a happy boy shown in good condition. Would prefer more length of ribcage and better angulation.

Open Dog (3)

1st Davies Ceranda Greatest Showman

My goodness me how different this boy looked with a different handler. Obviously all the essentials of breed type have always been there but they just needed projecting. He is now a mature brindle and his size and substance plus good overall conformation were what I was looking for. He moved up and back well and certainly strode out well in profile. Put down well and a comfortable CC win. On this form he must surely gain his title.

2nd Essenhigh & Bishops Faarup Yn Symil Coch to Brynlluan

An interesting red dog who has recently gained his title. He is a bit different in type to the winner but nonetheless has plenty of qualities to appreciate. Masculine head type and balanced body propotions. He stode out well particularly behind to take the Res CC.

3rd Apperleys Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo

Good citizen Dog (2)

1st Apperleys Wildcard Ace at Nanaimo

Blue merle scored here for overall quality and went fairly well on the move. Coat not at best.

2nd Coopers Haveback Beech Haven

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st Sanders Gregory’s Girl

Nice type brindle tri looking good at 9 years old. Good head type, well made front and enough bone she moved well for age on correct feet.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Hunts Kerman Caught Ya Looking at Huntsville

Just 6 months old and this brindle girl is very much a baby but there is potential and when she settled gave glimpses of this. Went reasonably on the move and good in length and topline

Puppy Bitch (2)

1st Thomas Gowerston Guinevere

Brindle tri of heavier type in this class and the more mature of the two. She scored here with a good head type of correct proportions. Sadly her front let her down which was evident both standing and on the move however went well behind.

2nd Langfords Caprian Adrianna

Brindle point tri of smaller type and still needing to mature. Could use a touch more rear angulation just lacks a bit of drive.

Junior Bitch (2)

1st Evans Lidoffad Llew Gwillt

Brindle who scored for her overall type and head quality. She has plenty of length and carries a good topline but could move with a bit more drive.

2nd Langfords Caprian Adrianna

Post Graduate Bitch (6)

1st Irvings Twinan Hold My Halo

I have been watching this brindle point tri for a while now, she has so much quality and potential but is so often her own worst enemy. I love her overall type, strong and well made in body well let down in front and good feet. Good reach of neck, level in topline leading to correct tail carriage. A real Cardi head. Beautifully put down and she did just enough with a different handler to take the Res CC.

2nd Hunts Kalwig Believe in Magic for Huntsville

Somewhat different in type but this red with some lovely sable shading has much to like and scores for her sound conformation good reach of neck and strong topline. I just preferred head type of winner but on the move she looked good.

3rd Cauls Glynaeron Glesni at Rhiwelli

Limit Bitch (4)

1st Cauls Aethwy Winter Wonderland at Rhiwelli

Pretty blue merle who is well put together and moved soundly if not the most animated. Put down in good order and showing well.

2nd Langfords Caprian The Vixen JW

Smaller type brindle point tri with an attractive head type. Shows a balanced outline and went well on the move.

3rd Thomas Markados Pordios Freya for Gowerston (Imp Rus)

Open Bitch (2)

1st Irvings Ch Pi-Et-Ra of Trefilio Borntobe Avalanche JW (Imp Hun)

A really lovely brindle showing the qualities of breed type that I look for. She is so well balanced and of ideal size with just the right bone and substance to look strong but still retaining a feminine look. Interesting head type which I found I liked more on close inspection than I had thought although for me her kennel mate who took reserve in the challenge appealed a touch more in this department. She moves with style and scores in profile. Put down in great order, CC, BOB and later a Group 2.

2nd Cliftons Joseter Four Candles

Such an attractive brindle with good head proportions giving a feminine expression. Could use a touch more hind angulation but she moved well and was in lovely condition.

Good Citizen Bitch (1)

1st Apperleys Nracigroc Charlotte Jayne

Attractive headed brindle who was rather apprehensive. Would prefer more bone.