• Show Date: 08/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Farrell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Newfoundland

Judging Critique for Saint Bernards

East of England Championship Show – 8th July 2022

Judge – Sarah Farrell, (Lazeybears)


I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge and to my most experienced stewards who managed the ring in their usual efficient and professional manner.

I found eyes and dentition a concern

Class 298 Minor Puppy Dog. 3 Entries 0 Absentees

1). MacDonald’s Sputnik Du Temple D’haoma for Chedham TAF. Ample bone on large frame, correct bite on square muzzle with prominent stop. Dark eyes which are slightly loose but this should tighten as head develops. Large skull to come on this youngster. A little loose on movement but to be expected on this young boy as his frame develops. Preferred overall balance and angulation to 2nd. Very promising youngster. Best Puppy In Breed.

2). Lyons & Grubb. Snowfordhill Nimrod. Similar in shape and build to No. 1. Another large frame, loose youngster, who in time should grow and fill out. On the move a little closer behind than 1, again to be expected at this age.

Class 299 Puppy Dog. No Entries

Class 300 Junior Dog. No Entries

Class 301. Yearling Dog. No Entries

Class 302. Graduate Dog. 1 Absentee

Class 303 Post-Graduate Dog – 2 Entries, 0 Absentees

Two very different type of males in this class.

1). Deuchar-Fawcett’s Saranbeck One & Only. Impressive head on this smooth boy. Slightly longer in loin than no 2). With lovely dark tight eyes which won him the class. Correct angulation and moved well around the ring both coming and going. If I was being picky I would like a little more substance.

2). Bell and Jeffries’ Bellfries Paco Rabanne. More compact than 1. Moved steadily around the ring. Lovely profile, correct angulation and super tight feet. Slightly wet eye on the day which cost him this class.

Class 304. Limit Dog. 3 Entries, 2 Absentees.

1). Forrest and Thomas’ Tombears Ready for Anything at Philandros. Large male who stood alone. Made good use of having the ring to himself. Ample bone and angulation, a little proud of his tail. Another on the day who had slightly wet eyes. Enough width of skull for age with good wide nostrils. Would prefer better dentition.  

Class 305. Open Dog. – 2 Entries, 0 Absentees.

1). Bell and Jeffries’ Tizine Wielkopolski Berardyn for Bellfries (Imp Poland). Large, mature, compact masculine male of size and substance. Great spring of rib, well off for bone with correct angulation. Broad skull, square padded muzzle, defined stop and good tight eyes. Strong neck down to good shoulder placement with broad chest. Good tail set. This boy moved so soundly around the ring. Happy to award him the CC.

2). Forrest and Thomas’ Ch. Tombears Who Dares Wins Over Philandros. Different type to 1). Large in rib and loin and with ample angulation and enough bone. Side profile on move ok but a little close behind when going away. Another who had a proud tail on the move. Good headpiece although would like a tighter eye on a male of this age. Very worthy of the Reserve CC.

Class 306. Veteran Dog. 1 Entry. 0 Absentees.

1). Forrests’ Mountsaviour Druesburg. Stood alone but a credit to his owners. This boy took everything in his stride. Well muscled given his age, correct angulation and tail set. Old English head with a lovely dark tight eye. Held his topline well on the move and went around the ring with ease.

Class 307. Minor Puppy Bitch. 2 Entries, 0 Absentees.

1). Drinkwaters’ Pippanabbey Winter Wonder. Raw 6th month old bitch, short in loin and of ample bone. Broad chest and well angulated. Has a feminine head with dark eye which should tighten as her head develops. A little unsettled on the move but everything was in the right place.

Class 308. Puppy Bitch 1 Entry, 0 Absentees.

1). Drinkwaters’ Pippanabbey Winter Wonder.

Class 309. Junior Bitch. 4 Entries, 1 Absentee.

1). Sheehans’ Parleshan Coco Loco. Quality, well balanced 15 month old bitch who caught my eye when she entered the ring and when having my hands on her she didn’t disappoint. Feminine clean head with the darkest of eyes, benevolent expression best on the day by far. Square muzzle and balanced skull led to strong neck which followed through to her tail. Broad chest but maintained femininity, ample bone and held strong topline both on the move and when standing. Shown in excellent condition. A pleasure to award her the CC and BOB. Delighted to see her shortlisted in a strong working group.

2). O’Reillys’ Fantagira Wielkopolska Bernadyn at Streillys (Imp Poland). Another feminine girl, in profile held strong topline, correct angulation and depth of chest. Slightly tapered away at the muzzle. Good spring of rib, short in loin and correct tail set. A little lighter in eye than one and would prefer better dentition.

Class 310. Yearling Bitch. – No Entries

Class 311. Graduate Bitch – No Entries

Class 312. Post Graduate Bitch. 1 Entry, 0 Absentees.

1). Deucher-Fawcetts’ Amazing Passion Wiekopolski Bernadyn Saranbeck (Imp Poland). Smooth bitch and well covered. Good broad chest with correct shoulder placement and ample bone. Well angulated, standing on lovely light feet. Feminine head with square muzzle. Would have benefitted from more muscle.

Class 312 Limit Bitch. 1 Entry, 1 Absentee.


Class 313 Open Bitch. 2 Entries, 0 Absentees.

Again, two very different types in this class.

1). Thomas’ Tombears Once Upon A Time. Well off for bone but maintaining her femininity. Strong topline which she held on the move. Well angulated but would like slightly more spring of rib. Well laid shoulder. Clean head, good tight eye, would have preferred a little darker. Covered ground well on the move. Well worthy of the Reserve CC.

2). Sheehans’ Parleshan Jewel In The Crown. Smooth female in well muscled condition. Broad chest and held topline well on the move which she did with purpose. Just preferred eye of 1).    

Sarah Farrell