• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Amos-Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)

CRUFTS 2022 - 13/3/22

Cocker Spaniel (Dogs):

A huge thank you to Crufts and the Kennel Club committee for the great honour of inviting me to judge at Crufts, without doubt a dream come true and I had a wonderful day. Thank you also to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to judge their dogs, I know only too well the time, effort and stress that goes into preparing your Cockers for any show but especially Crufts.

On the downside dentition was poor in quite a few exhibits. Some areas of a breed standard are open to interpretation by the individual judge, however one that is not (or should not) be open to interpretation is ‘jaws strong with a PERFECT, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws’. There were a lot who had some teeth scissor, some teeth level in their bite. Perfect means the whole bite has to be scissor. These dogs are being used at stud and this is likely to pass through so I’d advise breeders to check mouths on potential stud dogs, don’t assume that because they are winning that their mouths are correct. I really don’t think in a breed that is numerically strong that there is any need to be showing dogs with incorrect dentition. Something myself and others have said before is that very few dogs had sufficient forechest. Also there were a lot of wiry textured coats, certainly not silky. Finally, very disappointingly, very few were well muscled – I expect the muscle on a male’s hindquarters to fill my hands – I only have small hands so I don’t think it’s much to ask, the muscle on many was more like a chicken fillet, Cockers are gundogs and worked or not they should feel like they could do a days work if asked.

On a positive note however, I have to say I thought toplines had improved generally, temperaments were all excellent, all the dogs seemed to enjoy themselves and I was delighted with my final line up.


Super class of veterans, most of them were in better condition than some of the younger ones!

1) Thomas’ Abercrombie of La Vie Magnifique, I always liked this boy as a youngster so I was pleased to have the opportunity to judge him and he didn’t disappoint. He has a lovely head with soft expression, moderate neck, excels in front assembly, lovely forechest, well ribbed body, good width to quarters, short below the hock, sound happy mover;

2) Scott’s Kalispell Beaspoke, a 9 year old who has done well under me previously, quality typey boy, pleasing head and tight dark eye, moderate reach of neck, forechest well developed, big ribs, in superb condition, well muscled, merry mover, credit to his owner.

3) Cassidy’s Manchela Hugo Boss

Minor Puppy:

1) Ellison’s Spinoza of Merrily avec Withiflor, a new one to me, promising B/T with a well balanced head and gentle expression, compact body, firm topline, covered the ground well on the move, just needs to tighten a little in front movement still but has time for this, merry mover covering the ground well.

2) Sheridan’s Oktumi Mischief Maker, quality boy with lots to like, lovely head with sweetest expression, moderate neck, plenty of bone and substance, stands four square, good width to quarters and short below the hock, love his overall type, sound merry mover, just needs to firm up in topline and movement but he’s a baby and has loads of time, lovely to see a puppy whose coat hasn’t been pulled out before it’s ready! Should have a good future ahead of him.

3) Eastwood’s Rayol Back in the Blue,


1) Williams’ Wilmerella Outlander, this boy has really filled his frame since I last saw him, masculine head with soft expression, strong neck which flows into a super front assembly, plenty of forechest, well off for bone, big ribs, level topline, good width to his well muscled quarters, sound mover with a true merry bustle, BPD and BPIB.

2) Bevis & Norie-Miller’s Popocatepetl Tomfoolery, another lovely type, handsome head and appealing expression, moderate neck into well placed shoulder, compact body with big ribs, lovely bone and substance, sound and happy on the move, another lovely pup.

3) Beswick’s Esqueen Give a Gift for Cachel


1) Wiggin’s Snowgate Onyer Bike to Scapafield, top quality dog, well balanced head, lovely dark eyes attributing to his soft expression, love his overall type and balance, nothing overdone, moderate reach of neck, clean well laid back shoulders, moderate length of upper arm, well off for bone, short compact body, firm level topline, good turn of stifle, short below the hock, stands foursquare on lovely feet, flows through beautifully from nose to tail, sound and happy on the move, never put a foot wrong, pleased to award him his 2nd CC, I’m sure his 3rd won’t be far away.

2) Boam’s Heluin Take Applause, a new dog to me, lovely head and expression, well angulated fore and aft, compact firm body, well balanced throughout, lovely type, sound and happy.

3) Gonzalez and Martinez’ Corazon De Sibi The Beast


1) Robert’s and Smith’s Rayol Look Hu’s Talkin, balanced masculine head with kind expression, he presents a picture of balance and breed type, well developed sternum, good depth of brisket, well bodied, strong topline, sound positive mover.

2) Smith’s Craigdean Bolt from the Blue, another boy of lovely type, lovely balanced headpiece with tight eye and gentle expression, well developed forechest, strong body, short firm loin, well angulated fore and aft, quarters well muscled, sound confident mover.

3) Share-Jones Sharemeed Hendricks


Some lovely young dogs in this class some of which had to go cardless today..

1) Thomas’ Claramand Cracker, super o/r I have admired from the ringside and he did not disappoint on closer examination, a quality boy with lovely head, tight dark eye and soft expression, well developed forechest, shoulders well laid back and good length to upper arm, well sprung ribs, quality bone, well rounded quarters, sound and happy, really like him.

2) Cassidy’s Manchela Speechless at Cassoz, another lovely young dog I liked a lot, good head and expression, just preferred the slightly tighter eye of 1, good set on of neck into well placed shoulders, compact cobby body, good width to well muscled quarters, sound mover keeping his firm topline at all times.

3) Collin’s Bartonholm Prince of Tides


1) Saunders’ Carmelfair Corocenzo, handsome lad really like his well balanced head and soft expression, very cockery in type, moderate neck, well sprung deep ribs, short strong loin, stands on good legs and feet, sound happy mover, would just like him to carry a little less weight over his shoulders and could do with a little less hair on front legs and hocks.

2) Steele’s Rayol Caught You Looking in Zienne, another quality boy of lovely type from this breeding, well balanced head with true expression, strong neck, well placed shoulders, good length to upper arm, well developed forechest, big ribs, good turn of stifle, well balanced throughout, sound mover, just carrying a bit too much weight today but really liked him.

3) Cleland’s Belltrees Kandyman

Post Graduate:

1) Rahman’s and Williams’ Sensqui Blackout, one I have never taken a lot of notice of until now but he is lovely to go over, a top quality dog with lovely typical head and expression, strong neck into well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm, ample forechest, well off for bone and body, well angulated quarters, firm level topline, sound happy mover, would just prefer him to carry a little less weight.

2) McBride’s Topdays Jo’s Dan the Man, lovely overall type, masculine head with tight dark eye, strong compact body, short loin, good width to quarters, sound mover.

3) Thomas’ Claramand Cozmic

Mid Limit:

1) Keely’s Oakbeach Dare to Dream Big with Alhambian, smart blue, with appealing well balanced head and expression, clean over the shoulder, enough forechest, short well ribbed body, well angulated fore and aft, he has good width to his quarters, firm level topline and ever wagging tail, sound mover.

2) Maguire & Sugden’s Bencleuch Before the Storm, really like this dog, I last saw him as a raw puppy and he is maturing beautifully, super overall type and balance, moderate neck into lovely front assembly, well ribbed body, good turn of stifle, sound happy mover, close decision between 1 & 2 would just like to see him with more hair taken off the front of his head as it gives the appearance he is domed in skull which isn’t typical for the breed.

3) Pop’s Manacas Double Ideas with Bocablue


1) Whitehead’s Casanova of La Vie Magnifique, quality boy with lovely head, masculine but not overdone, soft expression, lovely front assembly, well developed forechest, short cobby body, lovely bone, good width to quarters, sound and happy on the move.

2) Platt & Clelland’s Charbonnel Time and Tide, typical head with soft expression, stands on good legs and tight feet, firm level topline, short loin, good width of quarters, love his type and balance, sound happy mover.

3) Lowery’s Amaroanne Apollo


A super class as you would hope, quite a few previous favourites in here who unfortunately had to go cardless today.

1) Todd & Rahman’s Chataway Hijacked, one out of the top drawer, he possesses a well balanced head and lovely expression, love his overall type and balance, he has a super front assembly, well developed forechest, good deep ribcage, short loin, well angulated hindquarters, this dog is at his best on the move where he keeps a firm level topline and really covers the ground with reach and drive, merry and accurate on the move. RCC.

2) Gombi’s Calvin Klein of La Vie Magnifique, gorgeous b/w who pushed 1 hard, sometimes b/w can be a little plain in head but this boy definitely is not with correct chiselling and melting expression, clean over the shoulders, well developed forechest, good length to upper arm, short deep body, another who is merry and really covers the ground well, just couldn’t quite match the footfall of 1 today but a very close decision, loved him.

3) Robert’s & Smith’s Rayol The Editor

Special Working Gundog:

1) Simonelli’s Meden Agan Lift Me Up, sweet head and expression, strong neck, well ribbed body, good width to quarters, moved with drive.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme:

1) Holland’s Crimicar Indigo Magic, nice type, appealing expression, short compact body, well muscled quarters, sound happy mover.

2) Ray’s Annilam Mr Blue Sky ShCM, well balanced head, clean over shoulders, good forechest, well ribbed, moved ok.

3) Graham’s Gentle Touch Sunforest Soul for Stiloga.

Judge: Sarah Amos-Jones