• Show Date: 10/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sara Pepper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Great Dane

Three Counties Great Dane critique 10.06.2022

Thank you to all exhibitors for your entries. I had super puppy classes in both sexes, which hopefully augurs well for the future. Also some lovely young black girls coming through the ranks including my RCC winner.

In general I was surprised at some very upright pasterns which made the Dane appear on tiptoes and affected movement, which in quite a few left a lot to be desired. Lack of muscle tone does not help in this department and of course poor construction. A few harsh expressions unfortunately spoiled heads.

I was very happy with my major winners and over the moon to see my BOB get Group 4. Congratulations

MPD (2.1a)

1st Donelly’s Primus Law Man.

8 month old fawn. Well constructed boy with plenty of bone and substance. Strong head, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders. Good tail set and angles all round. Loose on the move at the moment. Unfortunately completely out of coat.

PD (5,1a)

1st Price’s Devorin Washington Via Leamap

10 month old black. Good solid black lad. Well balanced head with a kind eye. Correct bite. Not the heaviest of pups but elegant throughout with good angles all round. Good tail set and croup. Soundly constructed which showed in his easy movement covering the ground and moving true coming and going. BPIB

2nd Williamson-Cotton’s Zebeldanes Back In Black

10 month old black. Again a pleasing head with good expression. Not the lay of shoulder of my winner nor the strength of croup but a nicely maturing pup who again moved soundly.

3rd Janssenswillen’s Danskerven Nightwatchman

JD (5,1a)

1st Jaques & Kirby’s Jacqukir No Regrets

17 month old fawn. Good head with correct bite and enough reach of neck. Well angled shoulders. Would like more strength over his loins and more muscle tone behind. This would improve his hind movement.

2nd Williamson-Cotton’s Zebeldanes Back In Black

2nd in puppy.

3rd Lipman & Booth’s Rimor Aurelius

YD (1a)

PGD (2,1a)

1st Draysey’s Jaemluk’s Remy Of Clunton

Black dog of reasonable stature. Too overdone in head but good front and rear although tail set a bit low. Moved OK.

LD (1)

1st Lawson’s Creek Danes Out Of The Darkness At Droolakiss (Imp USA)

Blue dog of 18 months. A lot to like about this boy. Balanced head with good bite. Reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Ample body with good croup and tail set. Good angles all round and moved well enough. Tail tends to be a bit gay on the move.

OD (6,2a)

1st Mackenzie’s Carsan Vincent

Lovely blue boy I have admired from ringside in the past. Honest workmanlike dog, nothing overdone. I’m sure he could easily do the job they were bred for. Good head with a gentle expression. Correct bite. Reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Close coupled body into good strong quarters, ample bend of stifle and well let down hocks. Good tail set and muscle tone throughout. Strode out good and true with everything going in the right direction! Delighted to award him the C.C. and BOB

2nd Donnelly & Toohey’s Ch. Primus Breakin Rules

Worthy champion. Cracking fawn dog with tons of bone and substance. Standing is an absolute picture. Everything in the right place. Handsome head and well put together body. Movement just let him down today. RCC

3rd Dyson’s Ch. Samdice Nobody Does It Betta (AI)

MPB (6)

1st Harrison’s Rioco My One And Only

6 month fawn girl. Well constructed puppy with balanced head and correct bite. Good reach of neck into well proportioned body. Nice angles all round. Good tail set. Moved well. Look forward to seeing her mature in the future. BPB

2nd Middleton’s Carsan Agustina

6 month blue girl. Similar comments to my winner. Pretty girl with everything in the right place. Movement a little erratic but she will settle and again look forward to seeing her mature nicely.

3rd Laidlaw’s Zefather’s Glamour Girl Kantalar

PB (4)

1st Cubitt’s Zebeldanes Paint It Black

11 month black. Finer boned, more elegant girl. Pleasant head but would like a tad more drop of lip. Well put together although slightly leggy at the moment. Good enough angles and tail set. Moved steadily, good and straight fore and aft.

2nd Collett’s Foaldown Dark Secret

11 month black. Stronger girl than my winner with plenty to like. Good head and neck. Slightly long cast but good angles and strength in quarters. Moved well. Just lost out to winner as she was out of coat.

3rd McGuinness & Nelson’s Dinahtron Pumpkin Pie

JB (3,1a)

1st Page & Concannon’s Novavida Purple Calla Lily

Another good black of 13 months. Good size and bone. Balanced head with correct bite. Reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Strength through the body. Good croup and tail set. Well angled all round and moved soundly and straight.

2nd Draysey’s Jaaemluk Roselle Of Clunton

Harlequin of 17 months. Reasonably marked with good general construction. A bit unsettled today so she didn’t show at her best. Movement erratic but could be promising when she learns to calm down.

YB (4,1a)

1st Southgate’s Malbecio Rioja

Spoiled with yet another lovely black girl of 18 months. Solid with good bone and substance. Good head planes, dark eye, correct bite. Clean neck into well laid shoulders. Strong front. Good balanced body with strength over loins, good croup and well set tail. Moved straight coming and going and when she got in her stride powered round the ring. Please to award her the RCC.

2nd Williamson-Cotton’s Malbecio Minerva

18 month old black I see is litter sister to my winner. More elegant stamp of girl, again a good solid black. Not quite as good a tail set and croup as her sister but moved well enough. Plenty of muscle tone throughout.

3rd Kingsley’s Dainoak Forever In Blu Genes (AI)

PGB (4,3a)

1st King, Dolby & Beall’s Eppwood Indiana (AI)

Fawn girl. Tall elegant type of bitch. Nice enough head but lacking the look of dash and dare. Not badly put together but I would prefer more bend of stifle. Moved ok. I think the heat was probably starting to get to a few of them now.

LB (4,3a)

1st Cubitt’s Annadanes Turkana At Zebeldane

Blue girl. Looking a bit matronly now after her litter. Reasonable head, correct bite. Reasonable angles but slightly lost her body shape. Moved ok.

OB (4,3a)

1st Faulder & Cook’s Keirkane’s Picture Perfect At Elvantiedane JW

Fawn girl. Lots to like about this girl. Very good looking with correct head planes, kind eye and expression. Correct bite. Reach of neck into good sloping shoulders. Solid front with good tuck and strong loins. Correct angled stifles and good tail set. Well balanced girl throughout. Moved sound and true. Delighted to award her the CC.

Judge – Sara Pepper, Sarawen.