• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

LKA - CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW Old English Sheepdogs - CC’s

Held on: Saturday 10th December 2022 Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

I was very pleased to be invited once again to Judge at this show which was being held for the last time at the NEC. This was my 2nd time judging Old English Sheepdogs at this show and I note with caution, an observation, keep an eye on heads, I found short snipey muzzles, small teeth, light eyes and poor stops. The floor was quite slippery, there were no ring mats available. This sorted a number of exhibits out when it came to moving. I am quite sure that if we had been shown out-side placings could have been different. The majority of exhibits were well-groomed and well presented.

Puppy Dog (5,1), 1 Reed, Mrs. Terri & Reed, Mr. Michael, Argovian Rendez Vous with Charmlea, (Imp. Che): A 7mth old dog, that is of a nice overall shape and type. He has a good shaped head, nice stop, dark eye, muzzle and bite. Neat neck with good shoulders, nice deep chest and plenty of bone. Nice back, neat rear with nice angles and neat hocks. He was able to handle the floor and moved out well. Pleased to award him BPD.    2 Mann, Mrs. M. & Mann, Mr. D., Blairdon The Water Of Life For Flufebustles: A well grown 10mth old dog, and believe me there is plenty of him, which makes him strong and a bit of a handful. He needs more time to settle down in the ring. He has a good head, eyes, and muzzle. Good neck and front, plenty of bone, strong rear end. It will be interesting to see how he matures when he has settled down.    3 Jones, Mrs. E.S., Leader Del Nobilpazzi, (Imp. Ita.).    4 Gould, Miss Karly, Vuitton Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal At Merdelaine, (Imp. Bel.), NAF.

Junior Dog (2,0), 1 Cartwright, Mr. Christopher Charles & Cartwright, Mrs. Tracy, Mellowdee Pumpkin Patch At Applejem: A 13mth old dog that is of a nice shape and out-line and is well balanced. He has a well pro-portioned head, good stop with good length of muzzle, dark eyes, and correct bite. Good length of neck, good shoulders, neat front and good brisket. Plenty of bone and good ribs, good back with plenty of width. Nice rise and a good back end with neat hocks. He handled the floor well, just needs a bit more finish, but has time.   2 McDermott, Mrs. S., Dolce Diavolo Futrzak, (Imp. Pol.): Another 13mth old dog. He is a pleasing dog that is longer cast than 1st. Also, his coat needs to clear. His head is well balanced for size with good stop and bite. Nice neck and front and good rear with neat hocks. He also moved well on the floor.

Limit Dog (3,0), 1 Porter, Mrs. T., Beauvallon Pavarotti With Mellowdee: A 4yr old dog that pulled out all the stops today. He is a short coupled well-balanced dog. He has a masculine head with correct bite, large teeth, tight lips and good length of muzzle with good width. Good stop and dark eyes with pigment. Liked his width of head and correct ear set. Well arched neck of good length into excellent front, deep brisket and good spring of rib with plenty of bone. Short body which is great to see, short loin, excellent rise to loin with good angles to the rear and neat hocks. He was well handled and moved out well around the ring. Pleased to award him the DCC, well done.    2 Millward, Mrs. B. & Millward, Mr. W., Beauvallon Jack Frost At Wilbamil: A 2yr old dog that I have admired from the ring-side and he does not disappoint. He is of a good type with a nice out-line and was shown in a good junior coat. Liked his well-balanced head with good muzzle, good eyes, stop and correct bite. Good length of neck, good front with plenty of bone, strong back and good angles to rear and neat hocks. Just preferred the 1st on compactness. Considered him for the RCC.  3 Edwards, Mr. Martin & Edwards, Miss Lillia, Mopies Dr Zhivago.

Open Dog (5,1), 1 Rutland, Mrs. S. & Porter, Mrs. Tanya, Mellowdee Mask Of Zorrow, JW: A 2.5yr old dog that was shown in a light grey grizzle coat that was well presented. He stands 4 square and is very masculine. Liked his well- balanced head, good stop, and good muzzle that was well truncated. Good dark eyes with pigment. Good length of neck that is well arched. Excellent front and deep brisket, and strong bone. Strong back and excellent rear end with good angles and neat hocks which he used well on the move. Pleased to award him the Res. CC, he pushed hard for the top placing.    2 Farr, Ms. Sonja & Farr, Mr. Vincent, Ir Ch Int Ch Raggletaggle Very Rare Anch19 CJW19 Jun Ch [ATC ATCAW01440IKC]: Another 4yr old dog of excellent type with an excellent out-line that is very masculine. Good head and carriage. Excellent neck and front, deep brisket. Good back and strong back end and neat hocks. Lots to like about him, finished in a wealth of coat that just needs clear a little more. He moved well and was well handled on the day.    3 Kuijers, Mrs. Pascalle, Lux Ch Youandi Frappuccino, [ATC ATCAZ71280NLD].    4 Mills, G., Makaylen National Treasure At Mopill.

Puppy Bitch (7,4), 1 Miller, Mrs. D.P., Mellowdee Fancy Nancy: An 8mth old bitch, that is very feminine and of good type with plenty of substance and has a great out-line. Lovely head, good stop, muzzle and bite. Nice dark eyes. Strong neck and good front with deep brisket. Strong back, gentle rise to loin and nice angles to the rear. Her coat is changing nicely for her age. She moves out well and was well handled. Pleased to award her BP.    2 Adrian-Coleman, Mrs. D., Chasamagi Magic Dream With Barcole: Another 8mth old bitch that is a bigger type than 1st. She has a good out-line and is of a nice type. She has a good size head for size with correct bite, muzzle, good stop and nice dark eyes. Good length of neck, deep brisket and nice front. Strong back, good rear end with good neat hocks which she used.    3 Boohan, Ms. Jacqueline, Barkingclowns Moonlight Serenade [ATC AZ58945IKC].

Junior Bitch (2,0), 1 Boohan, Ms. Jacqueline, Barkingclowns Moonlight Serenade [ATC AZ58945IKC]: 3rd in last class. A 6mth old bitch that is well grown for age, she is slightly longer cast than I would like, she has plenty of substance and is well balanced to front and good strength to rear with neat hocks and sound enough for age.    2 Bayliss, Mrs. T. & Mr. Bayliss, Mr. M., Jandoes Forget-Me-Not: A 14mth old bitch in junior coat which is difficult to keep on top of at this age. Mainly because we have all been through this, the secret is look after the coat now and you will always have coat. That said she is well grown for her age and could be a little shorter. But nice to see someone learning to handle and groom well done.

Post Graduate Bitch (11,3), 1 Marron, Mrs. Rebecca, Brinkley Blue Lace: Heading up this lovely class was a 2yr old bitch. The first 2 were lovely bitches of excellent type. The first had a lovely feminine head with a good skull, dark eye, good stop and muzzle and good bite with dark lips. Excellent neck and good front, deep brisket, good ribs. Strong back, gentle rise, strong back end with good angles and neat hocks. Her coat is clearing nicely and she moved out well around the ring.    2 Porter, Mrs. T., Mellowdee My Girl Lollipop: Another 2yr old who came very close to the 1st. She is of a lovely type with a nice out-line. She has a very feminine head with a lovely expression. Good neck and front, deep brisket and good back and neat hocks. Her coat is lighter and clearer than 1st but both are good coats. She was just pipped on movement today. Both are very nice bitches.   3 Storey, Miss J., Twojos Little Miss Diva.    4 Castle, Mr. G. & Castle, Mrs. D., Molyneux Sweet Dreams, JW.

Limit Bitch (4,0), 1 Rathband, Mr. Alan & Fealy, Miss Joanna, Dalewood Rags to Riches To Keynell, (AI): A 3yr old bitch that is absolutely full of type and substance. I absolutely loved her, she stands four square and is extremely feminine with a gorgeous expression. She is so well balanced and is super cobby. I would have no problem awarding her the ticket but she could not handle the floor in the challenge. She has a good scull, good stop, correct bite and a good muzzle. Excellent neck, good angles to front and rear. Gentle rise and neat hocks. She was shown in a super harsh well-presented coat.    2 Noyce, Mrs. Susan. & Barham, Miss Chloe, Zottels Just As Nice At Lammorick: A 3yr old bitch shown in super coat and presented in top form, pity to come up against 1st today. She is a well-balanced type, with nice head and neck and good angles front and rear. She has lots to like about her, not quite as cobby as 1st.    3 Palmer, Mrs Debra & Palmer, Mr. Martin, Hazyland’s Cheeky Devil.    4 Wheeler, Mrs. Ellen, Makaylen Sweet Vienna.

Open Bitch (12,3), What a class this was. I would have loved to have shown in this class and I am sorry some really nice bitches which I admire were unable to be placed. 1 Mills, Mrs. P.L., Ch. Kerjalee Edna: Heading up this class was a 2yr old bitch who I have been up against with my own dog. She is a well-balanced bitch of excellent type and super out-line, and so feminine. She has a super head with correct bite with tight lips and good size teeth. Excellent square muzzle, capacious skull, correct ear-set lying flat to the skull, good stop, and dark eyes. Well arched neck to well laid-back shoulders, good angles to front, deep brisket, and elbows well tucked in. She has plenty of bone, good strong back and slightly longer in loin. Gentle rise and strong back end, good angles and good length to second thigh and well let down hocks. She is finished off in a crisp light jacket with plenty of under-coat. She is surprisingly strong for a girl and needs handling at all times to get the best from her. She handled the floor well. I was pleased to award her the BCC and BOB and to watch her pulled out in the group.    2 Harris, Mrs. Helen & Harris, Mr. Gareth, Beauvallon Lillianna: A quality 3yr old bitch that has come leaps and bounds. She is a super sound bitch of excellent type and out-line, she was expertly handled and presented on the day. She has a super head of feminine proportions, good stop, muzzle and bite. Excellent neck and front, deep brisket, good ribs, very neat front legs. Strong back, gentle rise, strong backend with plenty of muscle and neat hocks. She was presented in a good crisp coat of good colour. She moved out soundly with her handler and I was pleased to award her the Res. CC. Congratulations.    3 Engelen, Ms. Inge Van, Int Ch Youandi Millesime, JWW’18, [ATCAU02060NLD]: A 5yr old bitch that is a super sound bitch of good type with a good out-line. She is a very feminine girl who has lots of things to like about her. She moved out well around the ring when ever I asked. Any place in this class was a good place well done.    4 Bell Aitken, Mrs. Sarah & Bell Roy, & Bell, Julie, Shaggybo Spectacular Rival With Soulbobs.    5 Hastings, Mr. Colm & Hastings, Mrs. Rose & Richardson, Ms. Kay & Marder, Ms. Jere, Ir Ch Raggletaggle Angel’s Share, [ATC ATCAW01423IKC].

Good Citizen Bitch (3,1), 1 Poole, Mrs. E., Evertonian St. Domingo Girl: A 22mth old girl was in a strong Post Grad class. She is a pleasing bitch with a good out-line and nice coat coming through. She also moved out well in this class.    2 Cartwright, Mr. Christopher Charles & Cartwright, Mrs. Tracy, Fy Ng Halon Or Coed At Applejem: A 3.6yr old bitch who likes her food but did not like the floor. She was in good coat but it needs to clear. Has a nice happy temperament.