• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Finnish Lapphund

LKA - CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW Finnish Lapphund - CC’s

Held on: Saturday 10th December 2022     Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

I would like to thank the Committee of the LKA for the invitation to judge Finnish Lapphund with CC’’s at this show which was to be the last one to be held at this venue. The floor today was quite slippery as there was no matting available. This caught out quite a few exhibits. Thank you for the entry and for taking your placings with grace. All exhibits were clean and well-groomed which I appreciated greatly as I come from a coated breed. Not an easy task tyring to keep dogs clean and well exercised with the weather that we have been having. I was more than pleased with my entry and the high quality of those that were present. Also, many thanks to my 2 Stewards who kept the ring running smoothly.

Junior Dog (1,0), 1 Bright, Mrs. K.L. & Bright, Mr. T.K., Alkantara Talvi Myrsky: A 13mth old dog that was on his own in this class. He had an abundance of coat that was of a cream & grey colouring. I felt that he needed to tighten up on the move as he was a little loose. That said he is pleasing enough, just needs to shape up a little more.

Post Graduate Dog (9,1, 1w/d), 1 Anderson, Miss K.L., Limishka Vainamoinen: A 2yr old dog that was shown in good coat of sable & white colouring. He still needs to settle in the ring, but he was able to handle the floor the best in this class. He has a good head, neat ears, good stop, muzzle and bite. Moderate neck, legs were well under him with neat angles front and rear.    2 Rutter, Miss A.L. & Mortimer-Hampson, Mr. Alexander, Lapponnia Lunar Cosmos: A 3yr old black dog of a nice upstanding type. He has a nice shaped head with dark eyes, strong muzzle and good bite. Liked his good strong neck, good body with neat angles and his nice type and out-line. Un-fortunately could not handle the floor as well as 1st today.     3 French, Mrs. K.A. & French, Mr. P.B., Elbereth Teemu Pukki, (AI).    4 Long, Mr. Timo & Long, Mrs. Pia, Lumikoira Lumilieijona.

Limit Dog (5,0), 1 Lee, Mr. Andy, Kaijartuu Ihmissusi, JW.: A 3.1/2yr old sable & grey dog that I like a lot. He is a masculine dog with a good head, good ear-set, defined stop, good muzzle and bite with dark lips. He has a good neck, particularly liked his front and rear angles, strong back and rear with neat feet. Moved out easily on the floor, which had already caught a few out. He was shown in good coat which was of correct texture, which was clean and well groomed. Pleased to award him the class and Res. DCC. Well done.    2 Allison, Mrs. N.J., Oberitz Kaamoksen Ruhtinas, J.W.: A 2yr old black coated dog, just a little smaller than 1st. Not quite as masculine, that said I loved his head proportions and colouring, and his very pleasing expression. He has an excellent neck, very deep brisket and neat angles to front and rear. Not quite as strong in rear hock as 1st but should strengthen in time. He was shown in super coat which was well presented.    3 Sisley-Smith, Miss., Scarlett Tabanyaruu Qtamo Onni RL3EX.    4 Long, Mr. Timo & Long, Mrs. Pia, Lumikoira Lumileijona.

Open Dog (4,2), 1 Forsey, Mr. Edward & Forsey, Mrs. Tate, Ch. Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon at Muzoku: A 3yr old dark coated dog. A dog that oozes quality and is very masculine. He was presented in tip-top condition and expertly groomed and handled. He has an excellent head, loved his ear-set, strong muzzle with excellent stop. Good eye colour, good bite with dark lips. His strong neck went into his neat shoulders with excellent lay-back, deep brisket, making a neat front. Strong back and neat tuck up, excellent angles to rear and good tail set. Neat hocks allowing him to move with ease, pleased to award him the Dog CC. Well done.    2 Thomas, Mrs. A. & Thomas, Mr. Barry, Ch. Elbereth Tuulenpoika, JW: A 5yr old dog with a dark coat. Another neat dog with a good coat that was presented in tip-top condition. He is a worthy Champion with many good points. Just lacked a little confidence when moving on the floor today.

Good Citizen Dog (2,0), 1 Bright, Mrs. K.L. & Bright, Mr. T.K., Thistleglen Fred: A 7yr old brown dog that is of a pleasing type. He has a neat out-line and is sound enough. Was just a little sluggish on the move. He was shown in a nice coat with a nice texture.    2 French, Mrs. K.A. & French, Mr. P.B., Elbereth Timanttimaki, (AU3): A dark coated 5yr old that was shown in good coat with a nice texture. Although I don’t know what happened to his tail, he likes to tell everyone that he is around that amused me. But he is pleasing enough and he moved ok.

Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,1), 1 Treasure, Mr. Mark & Treasure Mrs. Jane, Infindigo Riemu Emmi, Sh.CM. VW: A 10 rising 11yr. old dark coated bitch that is very feminine and of good type with a nice out-line. Maybe showing that she is an elder stateswoman but showing her heart out and handling the floor like a pro. She still has strength all through and moved out well. Pleased to award her BV. Well done.    2 Bright, Mrs. K.L. & Bright, Mr. T.K., Thistleglen Fred: A dog. As before.

Puppy Bitch (2,0), 1 Collingwood, Mrs. F.M. MacVicar, Elbereth Yksi Ja Ainoa, (AI): A 7mths old blonde & white bitch. When she came into the showring she made herself known. She had the carriage and stance of a stallion and the front movement to die for. She is lovely type with correct head, good ear-set, excellent stop, eye and muzzle, good bite, with tight lips and a very feminine expression. I liked her neat front assembly and deep brisket. Her good back and neat back end, with tidy hocks. She was well groomed and presented in a good clean coat. She moved out soundly around the ring. I was pleased to award her Res.BCC and BP. Thank you I was really taken with her.    2 Pelling, Miss Lauren, Tabanyaruu Aurora Ankera: An 11mth old dark coloured bitch, pity she came up against the 1st today. She is of a super type and out-line. She has pretty head markings which keep her very feminine. Nice ear-set and nice eyes. Neat neck and good angles to front and rear. Good hocks which she used on the move. A very nice young lady.

Junior Bitch (2,0), 1 Collingwood, Mrs. F.M. MacVicar, Elbereth Yksi Ja Ainoa, (AI): As before.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,0), 1 Anderson, Miss K.L., & Nardone, Mrs. S., Limishka Kareitar, JW: A 2yr old fawn & brown bitch that headed up this class. She is quite and eye catcher, very feminine with an excellent out-line. She has a well-proportioned head with good ear-set and nice eye. Good neck into nice front with good angles and strong back. Neat rear with strong hocks and good tail-set. She moved well around the ring. I liked her a lot.    2 Sisley-Smith, Miss Scarlett & Sisley-Smith, Mr. Andrew & Sisley-Smith, Mrs. Rachel, Tabanyaruu Wihta Kuu Laspi, (AI) RL1 EX: A 3yr old blonde bitch that is well muscled and is of a very pleasing type with a nice out-line. Just lacked the overall finish of 1st today. She is an honest bitch with all the attributes you want and she moved well on the floor.    3 Woollard, Mr. A.D.M. & Woollard, Mrs. C.E. & Woollard, Miss M.J.M., Infindigo Onnekas Kielo, (AI).    4 Allison, Mrs. N.J., Oberitz Tumma Ruhtinatar.

Limit Bitch (4,2), 1 Critchlow, Mrs. Sammy & Francis-Christie, Mrs. V. & M. Evans, Pavoskas Cancan: A 5yr old dark coloured bitch that is if a pleasing type with a nice head, neat ear-set, nice eye and nice bite. She has a nice neck and pleasing front and good brisket. Good back and nice back end. Best mover in this class today.    2 Bright, Mrs. K.L. & Bright, Mr. T.K., Glenchess Satakieli of Alkantara: A 5yr old cream & dark coloured bitch. She is pleasing enough just lacks the finesse on the day. She has a nice ear-set, nice eye and good bite. Pleasing front with nice angles to rear and moved ok.

Open Bitch (5,2), 1 Ilvonen, Mrs. Johanna & Ilvonen, Mr. Markus, Fin. Ch Ahulin Supina, Hew-21, FIW-21, (Imp.): A 3yr old dark coloured bitch that is drop dead gorgeous. She is absolutely full of type and so very pretty. Her head is so feminine with a real kindness expression. She has an excellent head, good ear-set, fabulous stop, nice muzzle and dark eyes. Liked her correct bite and tight black lips. She has a nice neck and deep brisket, excellent withers, good angles to front and strong back. Excellent rear end with a good turn of stifle, correct tail set, strong hocks. She was put down to perfection, her coat was well groomed and it shone. She moved out well around the ring not putting a foot wrong. It was her day and I was pleased to award her the BCC her 3rd and BOB. And later to watch her take Grp3 in a very strong Pastoral Grp. I was over the moon to see her placed. Many congratulations to her owners and her handler on an amazing day for all.     2 Lee, Mr. Andy, Ch. Kaijartuu Hopea Noita, JW: A 5.1/2yr old fawn & grey bitch that is a worthy Champion. She is as very nice-looking girl pity she came up against 1st today. She is of a very nice type and out-line, delivered well on all aspects and is a tidy mover.    3 Graystone, Mrs. S.B., Ch. Norval Helina Keiju: Very worthy champion.

Good Citizen Bitch (2,0), 1 Pelling, Miss Lauren, Tabanyaruu Aurora Ankera: As before.    2 Thomas, Mrs. A. & Thomas Mr. Barry, Elbereth Suvituuli, JW: A 10yr old dark coloured bitch that is of a pleasing type and out-line. Although beginning to show her age she still has a lot to offer.