• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Russell F Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)


Hungarian Pumi

Held on: Sunday 29th May 2022    Judge: Mr. Russell F. Jones (Quemerford)

This is a lovely show to judge at and the show ground is so well looked after.  We had a good-sized ring with plenty of room for everybody.  All exhibits were clean and well groomed and the presentation on the whole was good.  I appreciate the effort and time that you put into the presentation of your dogs. There were just a couple that needed to keep an eye on the movement.  Many thanks for your sportsmanship on my placings.  Also, many thanks to the committee for the invitation and to the exhibitors for the entries.

PD (3,0), 1 Kirkwood, Mrs. Yolanda & Kirkwood, Mr. Stephen, Schnaubern Draco Star: A very nice 9mth old grey dog.  He was of very nice type with a nice out-line.  He was very friendly and happy.  He has a good bite and palate, very pleasing head and eye, good neck and front. Good back, neat tuck-up, and good angles to the rear. Moved well around the ring. BPD.    2 Smee, Miss M., Mykabel Elkurud Schnaubern: Another very nice white dog of 6mths, very similar attributes to 1st.  So found him a very neat dog, just beaten on movement, but could easily swop with 1st placing.    3 Pike & Carter, Mrs. & Mrs., Julie & Ashlie, Pumiden West is Best For Breezelyn, (NAF): Another white dog this one is also 9mth old and is of a pleasing type with a nice out-line.  He needs time as he is not quite as mature as the other 2, but he has time on his side.

LD (2,1), 1 Harvey, Ms. M.E., Pumiden Very Special Agent: A 2yr old dark grey dog that stood alone in this class. He is a good size with a square out-line, very neat type and moved well. He deserved to win this class.

OD (2,0), 1 Smee, Miss M., Schnaubern Centaurus Star: A 14mth old dark grey dog, that is well up to size.  He has a neat head and good ear placements, good bite and palate and nice eyes.  I liked his good neck and neat front with plenty of substance.  Good rear end and he has a good square out-line.  Pleased to award him Res. BD. Moved out well around the ring.    2 Pike & Carter, Mrs. & Mrs., Julie & Ashlie, Breezelyn Ear Sumut Special: A 3yr old dog is a little smaller than 1st and is a slightly lighter colour, grey.  He has good head properties, a good neck and front and is of a good shape, type and out-line.  Just needs to settle down on the move.

VD/B (2,1), 1 Smee, Miss. M., Int. Ch., Ir, Ch. Balthazar Pumida Avec Schnaubern, (Cze Imp): An eye catching 7yr. old white male.  He has a great out-line and is of a good type.  Good head and ear set, correct bite and palate, good muzzle and dark eyes.  I liked his length of neck and his neat front and deep brisket.  Good tuck-up and strong back end, and neat hocks.  A dog that has plenty of substance.  Moved out freely around the ring.  Pleased to award him BD, BV. Well done.

PB (5,2), 1 Harvey, Ms M.E., Pumiden Bold Silverado: A well behaved two- tone grey 9mth old girl.  She is of a good type with a nice out-line and stance.  Correct head with good ear set, correct bite and palate.  Good neck, brisket and neat tuck-up, nice front and rear.  Moved out nicely around the ring using it to her advantage.  Pleased to award her BPB and later BPIB. Well done.      2 Smee, Miss M., Mykabel Electra Star: At just 6mths of age this dark grey bitch was the baby of the class.  She is of a lovely type with a nice out-line.  A sweet girl that should do well when she settles down.    3 Johns, Mrs. A., Breezelyn Ears A Breakthrou, (NAF, TAF): Another 7mth old bitch that is dark grey in colouring.  She is very neat and is of a nice type with a nice out-line.  Just needs to settle but has time of her side.

LB (2,0), 1 Harvey, Ms. M.E., Pumiden Prime Suspect: A 2yr old dark grey bitch that is of a pleasing type with a neat out-line.  She has a good head and neck, neat front and rear.  She moved out well using the ring to her advantage.    2 Johns, Mrs. A., Breezelyn Ears A Top Tip At Alepenkye: A grey 2yr old girl who should have won this class as she is a very nice young lady.  She is really nice to go over, but today let her self-down whilst on the move.  Such a shame.

OB (2,0), 1 Smee, Miss. M., Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern, (Cze. Imp): A dark grey 2.5yr old bitch what a cutie, loved her from the beginning.  Lovely out-line and stance with a good tail set.  She is nice and square with a good head, correct ear-set, good eyes, correct muzzle, bite and palate.  I liked her neck, neat front and deep brisket and rear construction, back end and neat hocks. Moved out well around the ring using the space to her advantage.  I liked her, pleased to award her BB and BOB. Well done.    2 Rose, Ms. B.I., Zaydah The Whole Of The Moon: A 4.5yr old grey bitch of excellent type with a nice out-line.  Just pipped at the post by the 1st today, she has a nice head, good ear-set, correct bite and palate.  Neat neck and front assembly, good brisket and neat tuck up and neat rear end.  Just pipped by the movement of 1st today.  Pleased to award her Res.BB.