• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Roy Nunn Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Paignton & District Fanciers' Association

Breed: Chow Chow

Paignton & District Fanciers Association Ch. Show Sunday 7th August 2022

Chow Chow

Sp.B.Dog Class 2015 1st 4035 STEWART-BEAVIS “Booneeks Chewie”. shaded red dog 15mths Bodily balanced, Tail well set over back moved well. Would prefer a stronger head and muzzle with smaller thicker ears, good mouth and pigmentation. Best Sp.Beginners

P.Dog Class 2016 1st 4009 ALEKSEENKO-SIMPSON “Legend of “My” Heart Angel Gloria (Imp Blr)” 10mth Crème dog extremely well presented for one so young. A quiet temperament dog that enjoyed being handled, head was of good proportions, broad muzzle well filled out under nice clean eyes, small thick ears with head well set above the top line. Mouth to include complete scissor bite nice black pigment. Good strong bone, broad and deep chest with good spring of ribs short in back. Movement was free and stilted. Res. DOG CC & Best Puppy (in Breed)

J.Dog Class 2017 1st 4011 BIDDLE “Booneeks Obie” Self Red 15mths good size self red slightly heavier bone and spring of rib would complement the picture, good mouth and pigment Moved well.

Y. Dog Class 2018 1st 4018 GREEN “Jamarhys Koal Dragon” Black Dog. Of good sjze, with good spring of rib and substance. Movement fore and aft controlled on the move. Head of good size and proportions with good ear placement good mouth and Pigmentation 2nd 4035 STEWART-BEAVIS “Booneeks Chewie”. As Sp.B.Dog

PG.Dog Class 2019 1st 4034 PHILIPs “Lechan Black Muse At Fulang” Black Dog of good size and proportions, strong in Head good width of scull, nicely placed ears with good mouth and pigment. Moved well and controlled. 2nd4013 CUMMINS “Booneek Red Emption” Shaded Red, pleasing in head, eyes, ears and pigmentation. Nicely bodied but would prefer this in a shorter frame. Shown and presented well.

L.Dog Class 2020 1st 4008 ALEKSEENKO-SIMPSON “Jupiter-Rising Angel Gloria Imp (Blr) “ This young man commanded my attention on entering the ring. On closer examination he didn’t disappoint. Strength in bone, nice strait legs, excellent top line short in back, good spring of ribs. His neck is strong set well on his shoulders to present the head over the topline. His head was very pleasing and sufficiently strong with good width of scull not overdone on muzzle, good ear and eye placement, good mouth and pigmentation. Presented and moved well to advantage. Dog CC & BOB

2nd 4026 LOVELL “Dragonsway Bogden At Pamlor” I found this Exhibit to be slight all round, both in terms of body and frame.

O.D Class 2021 (0)

V.D Class 2022 (0)

Sp.B.Bitch Class 2023 1st 4031 PALMER “Raining River” Self-Red Lacking in bone structure, slight in body and little substance.

P.Bitch Class 2024 1st 4030 MCCALLUM “Burlesc Something Wicked” A black Bitch nicely balanced when stood and on the move. Good width of chest, good bone, nice straight legs. Feminine looking, facially with nice clean eyes, good mouth and Pigment, well presented.

2nd 4010 ALEKSEENKO-SIMPSON “Valtinchows Mon Amour” Shaded Red well boned generally throughout, adequate spring of rib slightly longer than 1st Facially pleasing with nicely positioned ears and eyes good mouth and pigmentation. Moved and presented well.

J.Bitch Class 2025 1st 4021 HOLLIES “Jabrevia Dotti Doris” A Red bitch of good size and proportions. Pleasing feminine head with nicely positioned ears and eyes. Good mouth and pigmentation. Good bone structure straight front legs good width to chest. Short coupled and good spring of rib. Liked coat texture. Presented and moved well. 2nd 4033 PHILLIPS “Fulang’s Follow Me Stargazer” A well balanced Bitch, slightly on the fine side yet pleasing Head. Good bone generally, nice spring of rib but a smidgen longer in back. Movement nice and straight fore and aft. Shown and presented well.

Y.Bitch. Class 2026 1st 4032 PALMER “Kentwone La Rouge Babe” Lite in bone structure generally, moved reasonably well. Nice eyes and pigment but would benefit with a stronger width of skull. Generally underweight, requires more preparation and presentation.

PG.Bitch Class 2027 (0) L.B Class 2028 (0)

O.Bitch Class 2029 1st 4023 JAKEMAN “Charids Chantily Lace Amongst Tanlap” A Feminine yet mature Bitch with a nicely balanced frame. Good spring of Rib, short in back, strong sloping shoulders supported by strong forelegs with her head carried well over the topline. Profuse mane of correct texture. Muzzle not over done with nice clean eyes and nicely positioned ears. Good mouth and Pigmentation. Very controlled and correct movement with exceptional presentation. Bitch CC

2nd 4012 CLUCAS “Ch Hiswin Star Dreams” Well presented 7yr old shaded red. Well bodied short in back. Facially for me a little fine, nevertheless good detail with ear placement, clean eyes strong teeth and good pigmention. Movement totally under control nice and straight front with rear feet skimming the ground freely.

V.B Class 2030 1st 4027 MACKENZIE-HAVERSON “Fullforge Fantastica For Cheuntao” An 8+year old Black Bitch with a good compact balanced frame, straight front legs of good width and depth of chest. Head nicely developed with good width of skull and muzzle, nicely positioned forward facing ears clean dark eyes, good mouth and pigment. Profuse coat well presented, liked the freedom of movement. Res Bitch CC Best Vet.

2nd 4012 “Ch. Hiswin Star Dreams” as per class 2029

Signed Roy N Nunn