• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ronwein Phillips Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Retriever (Labrador)

A day that will always be so special, such a honour and privilege to have an entry of such quality. My thanks to my 2 ring stewards who kept everything following from beginning to end. It was hard to get 5 out of classes where I wish I had more cards to award and there were such a high percentage that deserved a card. The presentation of the bitches by the exhibitors was done in such a way that was easy and calm for me to assess them. Movement on the whole was clean and true I love to see a dog that moves at ease with their handler getting the best of their profile.After each class my hands were so clean and this is due to the time and preparation by their owners. I was happy with my unbeaten line up and there were some close calls. Again my heartfelt thanks for each one who exhibited and such a pleasure to be at Crufts after all that everyone has had to endure.

VB (22) 3A 1st Flocton's Dylsonleigh Tickled Pink 9 years old yellow good example of our breed moved and showed with such ease. Head is well moulded ,kind eye and expression ,ears set correct, which she used to enhance her expression. Deep through the body with clean lay of shoulder, level topline held well on the move,strong quarters which she used to drive in her correct movement deserved her win. 2nd Lennox & Morgan's Sh Ch Wilenmory Collarbro JW yellow another fine example of the breed shown in super coat and condition. Melting expression, correct eye colour and good pigmentation.Well boned legs and tight feet, deep through the body good angulation her tail never stopped, moved with drive fore and back glad she is back in good health. 3rd Mile's Llanstinan Macaroon paler yellow the sweetest of heads and melting expression, clean neck and shoulder neat in her outline but has clean and true movement drives off neat hocks in good coat.

MPB(3) 0A 1st Edward's Kimbajak Miss Jazz Swinger yellow baby of 8 and half months presents a picture of a clean and balanced outline which shows in her movement, has the sweetest of heads, good eye colour and pigment, clean reach of neck and clean slope to shoulder placement ,neat feet. Carried her topline level at all times happy tail action just as a minor puppy should look like showed well.2nd Young's & Parke's Potterzuri Wanda Vision yellow of 7months very much the baby of the class, but has everything in the right place,pleasant head and expression just needs time to finish which is quite acceptable at this age.Good clean front and neat feet, level topline tail placement correct moved true and showed steadily.3rd McGillivray's Antonine She's Like The Wind yellow of 7 and half months chunky built baby who has a pleasant outline needs to carry a little less weight which would help her to move cleaner in front has a good head eye of correct colour carries a super coat well developed quarters good otter tail which she used standing and on the move 3 typical minor puppies.

Puppy (10) (2A) 1st Lavelle's Crosscroyde Cheeky Emma yellow of just a year super head and expression with good pigment, strong clean front well boned legs,good depth of body and spring of rib,carried her topline level at all times carries a true coat, moved clean and true showed herself steadily nothing overdone but a very honest Labrador .2nd Wile's Trewinnard Mayfair of Richbourne 10month yellow who has a very pleasing outline similar to 1 in head, see they have the same sire, is shorter and heavier in body than 1. Well developed quarters short in hock carries super coat, moved clean and true.3rd McCrory's Claychalk Costa Timor 10 month chocolate has the most delightful head and expression , well set on ears, very good eye colour and pigment ,clean front and lay of shoulder, short and deep through her couplings, carries a very good double coat of a rich shade movement was correct and clean .

Junior (32) (5A) 1st Casey's & Jaye's Lapema Masquerade At Sandylands yellow who already carries her crown, has the sweetest of heads and expression neat ears correct eye shape and colour good depth of muzzle.Well boned front legs and neat feet, clean reach of neck, good depth to body and spring of rib, moves true and clean and has a balanced outline in final 4 for challenge just was not giving of her best although being handled with patience .2nd Percival's Wynfaul New Years Eve black who I loved so cleanly put together has everything in the right place.Lovely moulded head, correct eye colour, sweet expression, good front, short in couplings carrying a true double coat, moved around the ring with ease, neat hocks just a little less mature than 1. 3rd Powell's Seatallan Calypso black very similar to 2nd nothing overdone, but shouts Labrador at you ,super breed type ,good head and expression, clean in front well boned legs correct shoulder angulation, carried her topline level neat in hock moved with drive just not in full coat.

Yearling (29) (0A) 1st Percival's Wynfaul Dancing Flame yellow Looking a picture in good coat and condition, sweetest of heads and expression,eye and pigment correct, clean lay of shoulder,standing on good boned legs, deep in body really helped herself on the move, drove strongly off well developed quarters around the ring.2nd Dodd's Carriegame Precious Jewel black and precious she is, very honest type of bitch nothing overdone, but meets the standard correctly, melting expression, correct eye colour,clean in outline.Carrying no excess weight, good clean angles,well developed quarters, moved with drive .3rd Campbell's Binnaig Brene black who carries a dense coat more robust in outline than second, has a head with great expression lovely kind eye ,good depth of muzzle.Clean neck and shoulder placement deep and mature in body well developed quarters, neat hocks drives with power in her even balanced movement. Very pleasing trio of young bitches.

UGraduate (34) (3A) 1st Metcalfes's Baileydale Dizzy Miss Lizzy headed a class of young bitch's of exceptional quality the future is bright, black who has that presence that says look at me, and when you go over her you are not disappointed she is feminine in all departments melting expression, kind eye of correct colour, very clean angles fore and back, deep in body, level topline correct tail set.Her movement is clean and precise, which showed as she moved around the ring really well handled to get the best out of her .2nd Hopkinson's. Iris lace O'revolution at Rocheby black who with the winner were very similar, she has all the breed points that you look for, beautiful shaped head, sweet expression, clean neck and shoulder, neat feet, deep in brisket, held her topline standing and on the move, in good coat what a heartwarming achievement for her breeder.3rd Frazer's Silmarillion Gondolin yellow who I felt deserved her place in this very competitive class well off for size, her melting expression says kindness correct eye shape and colour,good depth of muzzle strong front with clean following lines over shoulder deep brisket and spring of rib, in good coat another who helped herself on the move .

Graduate (28) (10A) 1st Lally's Chyanhal Trezelah black what can I say just loved her not flashy in anyway but very honest and a true Labrador she won another quality class shown and handled to get the best out of her in very fit and hard condition has a classic black outline carries a double coat of correct texture, good spring of rib, well developed quarters, moves true and covers the ground with ease. 2nd Jones's Serengoch Solar Eclipse another black which I was pleased to say that today I found many that challenged the yellows, sweet head and expression, good clean front, enough bone to body mass balanced and true on the move good active hind movement could carry a little more weight to advantage.3rd Kent's Chyanhal Trevose of Trewinnard black litter sister to winner made on a size bigger, has that classic black stance and outline, really loved her head,super clean shoulder and front well boned front legs has good length of body to length of leg, well developed quarters movement was true and active shown in full coat.

PGraduate (29) (10A) 1st Neachell's Suttonpark Consuela a yellow who stands over her ground so correctly,her head is well moulded with neat ear placement which enhanced her expression ,correct eye shape and colour, clean neck and shoulder stands on well boned legs, deep in body carrying the correct amount of weight in super coat drove off well developed quarters and moved so efficiently around the ring.2nd Digweed's Willokin Wears Prada yellow who was doing all to demand attention,sweet head and expression, clean front and good bone, well laid shoulder flowing level topline deep in body, great developed quarters, in super coat.3rd Minchella's Abbeystead Psion at Haslelorhill black of great style and quality, has a super outline plenty of size with good length of leg. Her body is strong and clean she is built in one piece balanced and correct in all departments moves with little effort carries a dense coat,shown in hard condition .

MLimit (28) (8A) 1st Carpanini's Carpenny Berry black well put together, super head and expression , correct eye colour neat ears, good depth of muzzle well laid shoulder placement,strong clean front ample bone. Deep in body carrying a true double coat, well developed quarters moved true and showed well for her handler who I think was shell -shocked when I awarded her the Res CC .2nd Wood's Sundyke Secret Steps black of super breed type very pretty head and expression , good clean reach of neck level topline moved and showed well in full coat quality Bitch .3rd Woodley's A Sense of Pleasures Ella at Alkhamhurst black these 3 headed a very good class really appealing head and expression correct eye colour ,strong neck has great depth of body, strong quarters and good angulation drove off neat hocks another in good coat.

Limit (24) (9A) 1st Jones Hafnau Georgette black who came today looking her best kind head and expression strong muzzle clean in front with strong bone.Carries a good double coat stood and showed well paying attention to her handler really moved with strength and covered the ground with clean stride pattern.2nd Pegg's Jancet Aurora darker yellow who is different in style to winner, but is a bitch of quality,her melting expression and kind eye are all together a good example of a true Labrador head. Has a clean front and well placed shoulder, good depth of body her angulation is correct is and this shows in her true and precise movement showed happily. 3rd Lewis's Crammondkirk's Yo Yo JW black who has a lot of style and is shown to advantage stands off her handler , making the best of her clean neck and shoulder, level topline carrying a true coat moved off well developed quarters another 3 of super breed type.

Open (22) (9A). 1st Rowe's SH CH Rochevale Once Upon A Time yellow what a star, loved everything about her shown to perfection, is at one with her handler just a truly delightful partnership with her young handler. Has the most sweet and true Labrador head and expression , well set on ears, good depth of muzzle, clean strong front and good lay of shoulder has balance and style in body, her crowning glory is her clean and free movement viewed from all angles drives out with ease more than happy to award her the C.C in an entry of such depth and quality.2nd Pastusiak's Kiss Me Quick Sykstus of Labgold black who deserved her placing in this good class, happy showgirl who used her ears to enhance her kind expression ,correct eye colour, clean neck and shoulder well boned front legs good depth of body and spring of rib moved true in good coat .3rd Hodge's Sh Ch Naiken Etoile chocolate of very good colour in super condition , melting expression with good pigment , clean front and neat feet deep in body and carries her topline level strong quarters drove with clean true movement handled to advantage .

Field Trail (5) (0A) 1st Venturi Rose's Leospring Tiffin black raising 3 made to do a good days work, neat and clean in body sweet head, carries herself well moving and standing , covered the ground with good drive off her well muscled quarters.2nd Dyson's Hawksgarth Osprey of Tallamelie darker yellow built on very clean lines, a sweet head and expression carrying no excess weight active in her manner, handled with care and feeling by her young handler.3rd Dyson's Copperbirch Cabernet of Tallamelie darker yellow built on similar lines to 2 not as big overall again carrying no excess body condition pretty head and expression hope her young handler enjoyed her day.

Special Working Gundog (7) (0A) 1st Hodge's Ch. Naiken Carinsia black another quality Labrador from this consistent kennel who is well put together, has a correct moulded head neat ears strong depth of muzzle deep in body holding her topline standing and on the move covered the ground with ease has a true double coat,2nd Coode's Warringah's Gulwarra JW Sgwc chocolate built on lovely clean lines correct pigment and eye colour sweet head, in good jacket. short and deep in body showed and moved with style 3rd Dyson's Hawksgarth Osprey of Tallamelie .

Good C D S (18) (2A) 1st Rawlinson's & Balshaw's Halshimoor Pitch Perfect with Shanorrell yellow full of life enjoying her time in the ring lovely make and shape, sweet expression clean front and neck deep in body carries a dense coat moved and showed with energy.2nd Bysouth's Luckswarren Secreat Phoenix black has a lovely pleasing head and expression good depth of chest level topline well developed quarters moved and showed steadily.3rd Lambert's Mattand This is Me yellow strong put together with good bone and great depth of body very pleasing in head carrying a very good coat helped herself with clean and tidy movement .

Judge Ronwein Phillips