• Show Date: 30/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Roger Perkins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: HWHV, Lagotto Romagnolo and YKCMS


 Puppy Dog/Bitch (2)

1st: HARRIS’ Fitzrovia Take A Chance – 10 month old young dog and nothing overdone in any way with the correct amount of coat and furnishings for his age. Masculine balanced head, muscular neck, straight front sloping shoulders with a deep brisket and well sprung ribs. enough rear angulation and hocks well let down. Moved well and straight coming and going. BPIB and RBD

2nd: ELDERS’ Enryb Pink Panther – 6 month old dog built on the same lines as the first. Head in proportion and correct shape, straight front with enough bone, well laid back shoulders, level back, moderate rear angulation. Not as sure on the move as the first.

Junior Dog/Bitch (3)

1st: HARRIS’ Fitzrovia Gideons Way – dog with enough coat and furnishings straight front, strong pasterns, would prefer more lay back of shoulders. Level back, moderate rear angulation hocks well let down. Moved with drive.

2nd: GARDEN & GARDEN’s Leiborschy Theano – bitch longer in body than the first, feminine head, muscular neck , deep chest with moderate spring of ribs, muscular hindquarters with hocks well let down. Moved ok when she settled. RBB.

3rd: BONE’s Fitzrovia Eric The Red

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (2/1)

1st: BONE’s Fitzrovia Eric The Red – dog on a larger frame and lacked coat and furnishings, head balanced with kind expression, good bone and straight front, strong pasterns, depth to his brisket. Moved ok.

Open Dog/Bitch (2)

1st: ELDERS’ Sh Ch Enryb Skye Blue – young bitch with everything in moderation and full of breed type. Attractive feminine head with kind expression, correct amount of furnishings. Angulation correct from and back, level back, ribs well sprung and carried well back, with the correct wire coat all over. Moved well with strong hind driving action. BOB

2nd: MOSS’ Sh Ch Ewtor Nobody Does It Better – dog and another full of breed type just starting to show his age now, masculine head with correct amount of furnishings, muscular neck, straight front with strong pasterns. Ribs carried well back, level back, hocks well let down, not as foot perfect on the move as the first. BD


Puppy Dog/Bitch (3)

1st: MORT’s Arcticbreeze Truth or Dare – very promising 10 months old girl, liked her overall proportions and balanced outline, pleasing head and expression, correct length of neck, good depth of chest and rib for age, correct length of back. Moved soundly around the ring. BP

2nd: WHITTICK & WHITTICK’s Allsong Nuova Luna – 7 month old young bitch not the ring presence of the first, correct head shape, well set ears, compact body, Coat well formed, dense and curled of pleasing slightly rough, moved ok when she settled.

3rd: TAYLOR’s Mina imp ita naf taf

Junior Dog/Bitch (3)

1st: MORT’s Arcticbreeze One And Only – liked her overall shape, and moved truest in this class. Head balanced with intelligent expression, straight front with correct oval bone, body in proportion with angulation correct front and rear. Her coat of the correct texture and evenly distributed.

2nd: BOND’s Hazelnut King of the Truffles NAF (Imp Serb) – another young bitch who needs to settle on the move as she spoils her front movement. Head in proportion and correct shape, neck short and powerful, deep chest, muscular hindquarters with good bend of stifle.

3rd: MANGHAM & YOUNG & DUIGENAN’s Foogel Roberto at Onyxro (imp Fin)(AZ1)

Post Graduate Dog/Bitch (1 Entries) Abs: 0

1st: BOND, RAWLINSON & RAWLINSON’S Vodka King of the Truffles – young bitch certainly full of confidence which see demonstrated on the move., full of drive. Presented in correct coat and pleasing condition lovely square outline solid and well constructed throughout. Coat well formed, dense and curled of pleasing slightly rough texture firm topline, compact short coupled with well sprung ribcage. RBB

Limit Dog/Bitch (2)

1st: BENELLI’s Il Granaio dei Malatesta Rublo - Well balanced dog with square compact outline. Well proportioned head with high set ears. Deep chest with elbows set close, correct topline and tail set. Strong hindquarters with large hocks. Moved well on a good active stride. BD

2nd: WHITTICK & WHITTICK’s Moonreed Warbler at Allsong - squarely built young bitch, feminine well balanced head, straight front. Angulation correct front and rear, deep chest with well muscled hindquarters, correct coat finish and quality. Moved ok.

Open Dog (2)

1st: WHITTICK & WHITTICK’s Arcticbreeze Turbulence at Allsong - mature dog of typical shape, masculine correct shaped head with kind expression. Neck short powerful and muscular, straight front with enough lay of shoulder, deep chest with slight tuck up. Correct dense curly coat of woolly texture. Moved well with plenty of drive and the correct tail carriage. RBD

2nd: TAYLOR’s Vasco imp ita naf taf- lacked the overall quality and balanced outline of the first. Masculine head, well boned fairly narrow front without exaggeration ribcage correctly shaped and enough spring of rib. Not as confident on the move as the first.

Open Bitch (2)

1st: MORT’s Arcticbreeze Outbraker – super young bitch full of breed type, correct size with nothing overdone, square in shape, very feminine head correctly proportioned, angulation correct front and rear with a good turn of stifle, enough depth to her chest, loin short, and carrying enough muscle. Accurate on the move both fore and aft and covers the ground effortlessly. BOB

2nd: TAYLOR’s Disi imp ita – 13 month old and not the ring presence, confidence or the shape of the first. Feminine balanced head with kind expression, good oval bone, deep chest, correct coat texture, moved ok when she settled.

Special Beginners Dog/Bitch (1)

1st: 352 WHITTICK & WHITTICK’s Allsong Nuova Luna

Young Kennel Club Stakes (7/6)

1st: MACDONALD’s Cloudhowe Bonnie Ecosse, Cocker Spaniel - well balanced bitch, lovely head and expression, clean in outline, well boned with good angulation front and rear, strong and compact in body, moved well.

2nd: WILLIAMS & WILLIAMS’ Auristela Lady Luck at Lamhryn, Golden Retriever - young bitch, with a balanced outline and excellent bone and substance. Very pleasing head and kind expression, straight front, angles correct front and rear, good depth to brisket, well sprung ribs moved well.

3rd: CHARLISH’s Farepoint Jeremy Fisher, Pointer