• Show Date: 19/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Robert Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Border Union Agricultural Society

Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Border Union 2022 – 19th June 2022

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

I’d like to thank all exhibitors who got up at some unearthly hour and travelled a long distances in most cases. The weather was kind and the showground was a credit to the organisers. There were some really nice dogs to go over on the day and the lovely younger exhibits bode well for the future.


1st Flaxela Illuminati (Mrs P & Mr J Clarke)

Impressive young boy of correct size. Gloriously clear puppy coat with a nice texture. Masculine head features with a perfect scissor bite. Dark eye and pigmentation. Good shoulder placement and deep rib. Box square. Tail carried well. Moved well when settled. Contender for the RDCC.


1st Silkcroft Shake It Off (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Again a dog of a correct size with a nice clear adolescent coat and mask. Good clean bite with big strong teeth. Body all in proportion with good rear angulation, which showed in his movement. Kept a level topline on the move and carried his tail high. RDCC


Class of the day with challenging decisions

1st Ch Flaxela Perfect Storm (Mrs P & Mr J Clarke)

Impressive dog of style and stature. Strong masculine head. Perfect mouth with a wider underjaw allowing for level lower incisors, which can be a problem in this breed. His coat has matured well with no hint of coarseness. Spirit level topline, straight front and a good bend of stifle . Well let down hocks. Moved effortlessly DCC

2nd Ch Eblanahalls Silkbeard at Raisingsands (Mrs J C & Mr J E Taylor)

Another super dog of correct size. Beautiful silky mature coat. Again, a nice masculine head. Dark eye and good pigmentation. Good neck length, firm body. Level topline, straight front and good rear angles, moved and handled well.

3rd Am/can Ch Silkcroft Freeze Frame JW Jww18 Bel Jun Ch (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)


Carkbark Good Luck Charm ShCM (Ms P Leverton)

8 year old youngster with spirit! A correct size dog with a decent coat. Mouth quite acceptable considering his age. Deep rib and very firm. Could have moved a little more quickly. Level topline, tail carried well. BVD


Some lovely puppies however 3rd and 4th placed were lovely, but need patience and more ring training

1st Flaxela Flirtini at Daisymaes (Mr S & Mrs B Howes)

Litter sister to puppy the puppy dog winner. Lovely feminine expression. Perfect scissor bite. Dark eye with good pigmentation. Ears nicely set. Jacket is coming along nicely for her age. Good length to height ratio. Walked really well for one so young. Definitely one for the future. RBCC

2nd Rouxboos Crazy Diamond (Mr & Mrs R & Mr & Mrs B Johnstone & Blackhall)

A lot to like. A nice size girl with a clear soft coat. Good bite and strong teeth. Level topline with good a tail set carried nicely on the move. Another good mover

3rd Surreygold Shimmering Snow (Mrs B & Mr G Lawrence)


1st Silkcroft Wildest Dreams (Mr C W & Mrs C L Satherley)

Not surprising that she is very similar her litter brother. Nice scissor bite with a lovely head. Coat soft and clear. Everything in proportion. Clearly has a great future.

2nd Calvenace Ruby Tuesday (Ms T J & Mr S Hammond & Evans)

Super girl you would expect from this kennel. Lovely appealing nature and expression. A little taller in leg than 1st but correct size. Good clean bite and a feminine head. Level topline Ears well set on. Perhaps could do with a little more ring training but she looked to be having fun.


1st Eblanahalls Gold Limerence (Mrs L N Lui)

Smaller sized bitch of decent proportions. Moved well. Could do with a little more coat for 16 months. Still needs to mature but has time on her side.


Two very different dog types and age groups

1st Abbeymead Capelli D'angelo (Mrs J Wright)

A good sized bitch and at 4 and a half, a full adult coat. Soft, wavy and wheaten in colour.

Good bite and nicely set on ears. Level topline and rear angles. Lively girl but moved well.

2nd Kirktonhill A Touch Of Snow (Mrs D MacGregor)

At around 18 months a much younger girl with a lighter and soft adolescent coat. Very feminine features and expression. A lovely nature. Correct scissor bite. Level topline and angled at the rear. Very much improved in ring behaviour than when I last saw her. She moved very well. Adorable,I could take her home.


1st Calvenace Super Trouper (Ms T J & Mr S Hammond & Evans)

Stood alone but a very worthy winner. Lovely head and expression. Everything in proportion.

Nice soft coat with no hint of coarseness. Good mouth and all round pigmentation. Walked well


Good quality class

1st Calvenace Lady Is A Tramp (Ms T J & Mr S Hammond & Evans)

Quality bitch that I was looking forward to judge at some point. She didn’t disappoint. Lovely clear soft coat. Very showy. Lovely expression. Good mouth, box square, straight front, level topline. Excellent mover.

2nd Rouxboos Varga Girl (Mr & Mrs R & Mr & Mrs B Johnstone & Blackhall)

Another quality bitch with nothing really to dislike so a close call. Again, straight topline and good quarters. Moved and handled very well

3rd Surreygold Celtan Musetta (Mrs B & Mr G Lawrence)


1st Ch Silkcroft Born This Way JW (Mrs C L, Mr C W & Miss D Satherley & Witheyman)

Outstanding bitch in her prime. Correct size, lovely and square. Really nice shoulders that is obvious when you see her move so well. Nice headpiece, correct bite, well angulated rear quarters, Lovely adult soft wavy coat. BCC BOB

2nd Ch Flaxela Weaver of Dreams JW ShCM (Mrs P & Mr J Clarke)

Lovey girl with a sweet nature and expression. I judged this bitch when she was just out of Puppy and now again at 6 and a half. It’s not hard to see why she’s had such a glittering show career. She still has a lovely bite for her age and she still moves very well.

3rd Eblanahalls Honeytrap JW (Mrs L N Lui)


1st Thistlebe Them There Eyes at Eblanahalls ShCM ShCEx VW (Mrs L N Lui)

Perhaps a little unlucky not to have gained here title in her earlier years. Still moves well for a nine year old, not dissimilar to the BOB winner today that can be moved effortlessly at pace BVB BV

Rob Jones (Silverluka)