• Show Date: 28/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Robert Geary Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Italian Spinone


Minor Puppy (1,0)

1 Monnery’s Ellisbell Beaufighter, 6 month old, very much a baby yet, nice skull with divergent planes, square in outline, good bone, straight front, moved as a puppy still learning what he needs to do

Puppy (1,0)

1 Allman’s Macarica Debonair, 11 month old, masculine head with well developed occiput, soft expression, square in outline, nice front angulation, well bodied if a little long in loin. Would prefer more rear angulation. Moved well

Junior (2,1)

1 Kelly and Wains’ Talpalupo Lazzaro at Lajatica, 13 month old, lovely skull and with correct divergence. Strong neck onto good shoulders, best of fronts, good harsh coat. Correct square outline to body, correct topline and tailset. Enough rear angulation which allowed him to move freely. Just needs a little more confidence in the stack. Lovely prospect

Yearling (2,0)

1 Littlemoor’s Sh CH Inostricani Bell Ragazzo via Krismoor, o/w, 20 month old, still maturing very nicely and can see he has turned a few heads already. Best of heads with correct head/muzzle proportions, good eye giving that soft expression, strong neck onto excellent shoulders, deep chest. Loved his hindquarters which were strong with good width. Drove round the ring with the correct gait. Well handled to the Dog CC and BOB

2 Kelly and Wains’ Talpalupo Lazzaro at Lajatica, repeat

Post Graduate (3,0)

1 Lea’s Piccolonoce Candy’s Cosmo, o/w with good head shape and soft expression. Square in outline, good angulation front and rear, best mover in the class

2 Clark and Sharps’ Affilato Put a Spell on You for Cacciaro, o/w with correct head, well developed occiput and correct head planes. Would prefer more forechest, good oval bone, good coat and skin. Moved well

3 Colett’s Stagerun Kestrel

Limit (4,0)

1 Cook’s Connomar Butirro of Roughmoor, o/w youngster just coming in to his own, very balanced, lovely head with well developed occiput and divergent head planes. Super soft expression, strong neck onto well set shoulders, correct outline and tailset. Strong oval bone, good deep chest. Moved round the ring with correct gait. Liked this boy a lot and with more confidence will surely do well.

2 Collett’s Stagerun Matteo, o/w stronger in head with broader skull, soft expressiongood straight front, deep chest, slightly longer in body than 1, good rear angulation. Moved well

3 Dewar’s Macarica Harrys Rock JW

Open (3,0)

1 Gills’ Sh Ch Testaverde Enrico Caruso del Jocagil, brown roan, plenty to admire about this boy, masculine head with soft expression, good oval bone, correct front and rear angulation, correct outline and tailset, good coat and skin. In good hard condition with excellent width of thigh. Preferred the movement of my CC winner in the challenge, RCC

2 Luff’s Riccini Carluccio at Lyndyck, o/w with a good overall picture. Preferred the head of 1, however has the correct soft expression and divergent head planes. Good bone, coat and skin, straight front with correct angles. Correct outline and tailset. Moved well

3 Clark’s Afterglow Game Player


Veteran (3,0)

1 Belchers’ Ir Ch Hastabbi Tropicana at Sostelli CJW16 Ir J Ch, o/w in great overall condition for a veteran. Best of heads with correct roof like skull, divergent head planes and soft expression. Good front angulation with enough bone, correct outline and tailset. Harsh coat with enough skin. Moved well BV

2 Allum’s Sh Ch Inostricani Palmina del Macarica, o/w with correct square outline, another with a lovely skull and soft expression. Good front and rear angulation, good width of thigh, moved well. Preferred the overall condition of 1.

3 Shaws’ Testevarde Waiting for Anya

Minor Puppy (2,1)

1 Luff’s Lyndyck Hot to Trot, 6 months brown roan, nice head with lovely expression, raised occiput and divergent head planes. Square outline with good oval bone, nice front angulation. Movement erratic but will come as she gets older.

Puppy (1,0)

1 Allum’s Macarica Fair and Square, 11 month o/w puppy, nice head with good eye colour giving soft expression, divergent head planes. Very mature for age, square outline with correct and tailset. Good oval bone, correct front and rear angulation. Harsh coat with correct skin. Moved well and happy to award BPIB

Junior (1,0)

1 Rossiter’s Inostricani Viola, brown roan, loved her head and expression, soft expression with correct head planes. Well laid shoulders, good oval bone, harsh coat, good width of thigh. Didn’t move her best today which let her down.

Yearling (1,0)

1 Kruglow’s Amberellie Rosanna, o/w, square in outline with correct topline and tailset. Typical spinone head and expression, correct ratio and correct divergent planes. Strong neck onto well laid shoulders, harsh coat and thick skin, correct rear angulation which allowed easy movement.

 Post Graduate (7,0)

1 Pughs’ Gellini Indian Moon, brown roan, walked into her stance, doesn’t immediately stand out but it’s all there to see if you look. Lovely head with correct proportions and head planes with that soft expression. Good front with oval bone, correct topline held on the move, with correct tailset. Correct rear angulation, harsh coat with thick skin. Moved well and pleased to award the RCC.

2 Longstaff’s Kevardhu Life of Rylea, o/w who was very close up to 1, slightly longer in body and a carrying a little too much condition for me today. Pushed 1 all the way.

3 Mortimer’s Scodinzolare Philomen

Limit (5,0)

1 Sharp and Berrys’ Affilato the Other Women, brown roan, pushed all the way in this class (as it should be) and had to be at the top of her game. Lovely head, eye and expression. Strong neck onto well laid shoulders. Harsh coat and thick skin, correct in angulation front and rear. Held her topline well on the move and moved with the correct gait. Pleased to award her the CC

2 Kelly and Wain’s Lajatico Aida JW, brown roan, another quality bitch who will surely push for top honours. Close up to 1 with correct square outline. Lost out today on movement but will surely change places with 1 in the future

3 Pughs’ Sunsanna all that Jazz at Gellini

Open (5,0)

1 Sharps’ Sh Ch Affilato All about Me JW,o/w, another quality bitch, lovely head and expression, strong neck onto well laid shoulders, good front and rear angulation, square outline with correct topline and tailset. Moved really well in the class but lacked sparkle in the challenge

2 Rossiter’s Sh Ch Inostricani Eightpunts, brown roan, best of heads which she scored in, strong neck onto well laid shoulders, preferred front of 1, correct topline and tailset, slightly longer in body than 1, moved well

3 Lea’s Sh Ch Piccolonoce Sweet as Candy JW