• Show Date: 15/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rob Wheeler Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Thankfully the punishing heat had dissipated by the Monday at Bournemouth and show conditions were ideal, with a ring plenty big enough. I thought the entry overall was very mixed and males in particular, just didn’t have any real depth of quality, i was however, very happy with my main winners. No scales here today!

Minor Puppy Dog (3) 

1) Hambling’s Chaseover Moonshine - Up to size but very well balanced. nicely up on leg, correct front assembly, with enough chest for this age. Ribs well back, very smooth to go over with a lovely topline, probably the best head I saw today, with the correct eye too. Moved very well when settled. Probably a fraction long. RCC

2) Burrell’s Bronia Chevalier - Built on much more compact lines than 1, carrying a little too much weight which didn’t help. OK in front, not the head of 1, strong rear, with well let down hocks, moved soundly when settled.

Puppy Dog (1)

1) Lovekin’s Mabledax Christmas Teddy - 3rd in MP, overall looked big to me, quite a heavy head, ok in chest, good neck, little chest, straight in shoulder, a little long but moved well and a good temperament.

Junior Dog (2)

1) Bullis’s Amaffrey Jessie James - 12 month old black & tan, very smart dog, a little heavy in head, excellent forechest, good shoulder, ribbed well back, good overall length, great mover, I just would have liked more ground clearance.

2) Lovekin’s Mabledax Christmas Teddy

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1) Stevenson & Mitchell’s Rioday Dishy Master Digby at Penwooddax - Overall presented a balanced shape, a little heavy in head with round eye, OK front assembly, nice topline and ribbed well back. Moving, went well in profile but a little untidy behind.

Limit Dog (5)

1) Strange’s Stargang Magic Alfie Moon - The best overall shape of this class, super head and eye, long/strong neck, enough forechest, clean shoulders and correct upper arm. Level topline and on the move, very sound, just was carrying his tail a bit hight to spoil the overall picture.

2) Mason’s Teckletown Masterpiece JW - Another well balanced boy, not the head of 1, clean neck into shoulders, smooth topline and ribbed well back - sound mover.

Open Dog (4)

1) Tite’s Ch Ayseebee Twinkling Star - Most balanced and best overall shape in this class, OK head and would have preferred more neck, clean shoulders, super topline and ribbed well back, nice low hocks which he used on the move, super little mover! Dog CC.

2) Mason’s Teckletown Something Special JW - Well handled boy and close up to 1. Not quite the front of 1, nice neck to shoulder, ribbed well back, strong rear quarters, moved very well indeed.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch (4)

1) Herald’s Winterfield’s June of Arabia. Comfortable winner here, again the best overall picture stood and moving, appealing head, into good neck and shoulders,well proportioned and nice flow to the topline, moved very soundly.

2) Poulier’s Auradach Alfred the Great - Overall not the the flowing shape of 1, could do with more forechest and running up in topline. Good ribbing and well set back, moved very soundly.

Minor Puppy Bitch - (3)

A Difficult Class.

1) I preferred this ones proportions overall, more leg. Lovely headpiece, good neck, ok in forechest, level topline, bit straight in upper arm. Moved out very well.

2) Built on more compact lines and not the head of 1, not as strong over the loin than 1, strong hocks, moved out well. Good feet.

Puppy Bitch - (5)

1) Gardner’s Riowood Red Dress at Vanitonia - Still looked very much the baby today but the correct head proportions on a good neck into shoulder. Presented the best overall shape stood when stopped fidgeting, well ribbed and set well back. Just enough ground clearance for me and very confident mover.

2) Cox’s Rayol a Kind of Magic - Super long head on this baby, not quite the front angulation of 1 and tending still to run up in topline at this stage. Well ribbed and strong hocks, used with real purpose on the move.

Junior Bitch - (9)

By some distance the best class of the day!

1) Rudkin’s Dynastydax Alfreda JW - I just loved this one as soon as she came in the ring, full of quality for me. So good to go over, great little front with the correct angulation, good forechest, OK in head, good neck to shoulder and lovely flowing topline, well ribbed and went well back. Super sound on the move in all directions, really thought she was the best here today CC & BOB.

2) Tite’s Rijobeau Ella Vaday - Close up to 1 and much of the same virtues could be said about this young lady. Not quite matching the front of 1, but presented another beautiful flowing shape stood. Moved with real purpose and drive.

4) Morris’s Crosscop Gabriella - This red bitch puppy was 4th in Junior but ended up best puppy bitch and best puppy. Well constructed girl, wasn’t the most enthusiastic in the class but got better each round to best puppy. Good head, and excellent in neck, she’s more substance than some but still elegant, correct front assembly, ribs well set back. She went a little untidy behind in the class but in best puppy bitch and against the dog, went so much better. Best Puppy.

Post Graduate Bitch - (9)

1) Mason’s Teckletown Lady in Red, Nice smart red bitch, Would prefer a leaner head but a super long neck into well laid shoulders, so smooth! Enough forechest and upper arm. Well ribbed and well set back, level topline. Moved with drive and purpose.

2) Bullis’s Amaffrey Bridget Jones - I liked this one, just a little lower to the ground than 1. Nice headpiece, good in upper arm, enough forechest, flowing topline and moved very well in all directions.

Limit Bitch - (8)

1) Mason’s Teckletown Your’e the One JW - Comfortable winner of the this class. I would like a leaner/longer head but she had a good neck, a very good front assembly, very smooth over the shoulder and croup. Nicely up on leg and I loved her shape and size. Moved with drive and purpose RCC.

2) De Lacey’s Gelljam’s Midnight Lady of Mabledax - Super head and expression, good neck, just lacking angulation in front, well ribbed, good string hocks, a little high in the rear but super sound on the move.

Open Bitch (3)

1) Rudkin’s Ch Keydax Layla for Dynastydax JW - A very balanced bitch I thought, nice headpiece and expression, OK for neck, decent front assembly and forechest. Smooth over the shoulder to a flowing topline, moved out very well, was tending to come in a little towards.

2) Rose’s Ardenrun Foolish Whisper at Rosencrantz - A well put together bitch, not quite the front of 1. Lovely head and neck to shoulder, a little wider in front, good forechest, well ribbed back, strong rear and moved out excellent.

Rob Wheeler