• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ray Strudwick Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Gundog Association

Breed: A V Stakes

National Gundog Association Championship Show 

Three Counties Showground


Sunday 7th August 2022

Stakes Classes 

YKC Members Stakes D/B (15/0a)1st Bonapartist Snow Goose (Brittany). 

 1st Junior bitch of good type, feminine head with correct proportions, straight fore legs, firm level topline, short loin, moderate turn of stifle, good width of quarters, moved out well sound and true. 

 2nd Firey Dancing Queen(Golden). 

 Minor Puppy bitch of good size, reachy neck into good lay of shoulder, level topline well turned stifles, not so positive on the move as one.

3rd Sh Ch Eusanit Naughty But Nice For Croftwell JW (NSDTR)

A.V. Puppy Dog Stakes (22/15a). 1st Pitswarren So Nex Century (Vizsla).

 Very promising young male with excellent overall balance and confirmation, developing head of correct proportions, reachy neck into well laid shoulders, straight well angulated quarters, sound on the move. 

 2nd Pelenrise All Guns Blazing (GSP) 

 Another promising puppy with well proportioned head, moderate arched neck, well laid shoulders, straight forelegs, good turn of stifles, just preferred one’s movement, on the day. 

 3rd Purbarn Friends Together (Golden)

A.V. Puppy Bitch Stakes (28/20a)

1st Firey Dancing Queen (Golden).                                                                                                            2nd in the YKC Stakes class but her improved movement here won her the class.

2nd Yankeetank Snowbird (Am Cocker)

Quality minor puppy with correct proportioned head, good reach of neck into sloping shoulders, straight forelegs, short bodied, well angulated quarters with good turn of stifle, covering the ground well on the move.

3rd Thornywait Starshine At Cherrimar (Golden)

A.V. Junior Stakes D/B (26/13a)   -   Excellent class with just not enough cards.

1st Trimere Time Flys (ESS)

This young female just ooze's quality, loved her type feminine head and expression, she has a lengthy neck into a good lay of shoulder, straight forelegs, good spring of ribs, well angulated quarters with good width, looked so good on the move with her forward reach and driving rear, handled to perfection.

2nd Quintana Diamond Dust At Friarsbelle (GSP). 

 Judged this youngster earlier this year and pleased to see how well he has developed, now such a striking male with a well proportioned head on muscular neck, straight forelegs, well angulated at front and rear, strong quarters with good muscle tone, sound on the move. 

 3rd Vizslanya Mafila To Tragus (Vizsla).                                                                                               

A.V. Open Stakes D/B (25/13). 1st Goldmarker Luminara (Golden). 

 Quality bitch with super balanced head and gentle soft expression, straightest of fronts, reachy neck into well placed shoulders, strong level topline which she held on the move, deep in chest, well sprung ribs, short in loin, strong well angulated quarters with good second thigh, she just powered round the ring with excellent reach and drive, handled to perfection. 

 2nd Tessmene Talk Of The Town (Curly) 

 Upstanding liver male with excellent overall balance, loveliest of wedge shaped heads with true expressions, superb front, neck and shoulder placement, deep in chest with good spring of rib, short coupled, strong quarters, correct coat of crisp tight curls, moved soundly covering the ground well. 

 3rd Tivalake Let’s Misbehave JW (NSDTR).

A.V. Champion Dog Stakes (16/12a). 1st Sh Ch Winterwell Maida Stone (GSP) 

 Well named 3year old male of lovely type, strong boy with excellent overall balance and conformation, well proportioned head on muscular neck into sloping shoulders, deep chest, firm back, strong well muscled quarters with good width, looked excellent on the move covering the ground so well. 

 2nd Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW, ShCM (Curly). 

 This male has good correct curly balance, a well proportioned wedge shaped head, strong neck into well laid shoulder, deep chest, well ribbed back, moderate turn of stifle, correct coat crisp in texture, strong quarters which he used to power round the ring with good drive. 

 3rd Sh Ch Gloi Dubh Fingel JW, ShCM (Flatcoat)

A.V. Champion Bitch Stakes (13/9a). 1st Sh Ch Trimere Taylor Swift (ESS).

 Compact female with the most lovely feminine head and expression, straight forelegs, deep chest, well sprung ribs, short bodied, strong well developed quarters with good angulation, loved her free flowing movement with excellent reach and drive. 

 2nd Pt Ch Pointoak Thief Of Hearts Ew22, Lw22, (Portuguese Pointer). 

 My reserve best bitch from the import classes today who certainly moved with more enthusiasm than earlier today. 

 3rd Sh Ch Brockchime Besta Both To Incadar Vw R12 (Munsterlander)

Ray Strudwick. (Judge)