• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Snelgrove Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

Breed: Whippet

Houndshow 2022

Whippet Bitches

I would like to thank the Houndshow Committee for the invitation to Judge Whippet bitches at this
prestigious show, what an honour it was to be able to do this. Also a huge thank you to the exhibitors who
entered under me and who withstood the heat as it built during the day.

The quality of the bitches was extremely pleasing and on another day some of the placings could have
changed. My only criticism in a very few was, for me, a slight over exaggeration in rear quarters which
then does affect the rear movement in profile and up and back. A Whippet should be balanced throughout
giving that ideal picture. Another small niggle, again in a few, was the lack of a correct bite and teeth. But I
was very pleased with the overall entry for type, confirmation and movement and was delighted to hear
that the BPIB when on to win BPIS.

MPB (6,0abs)

1st    Smeaths – Royaltudor Storm Minime At Willingwisp

Striking brindle bitch of quality, lovely head & eye, with a correct jaw and bite, good length of neck flowing into a well laid back shoulder and good fill. Lovely depth of body for her age, good length of ribbing & correct over the loin, she held her topline on the move and when standing. Curvy & muscled hind quarters, she moved out well to head this class.

2nd    Whitehead, Smith & Mixides – Citycroft Seattle

Feminine young lady with a lovely head & expression, good length of neck & lay of shoulder, body of the depth expected for her age, good tuck up and well ribbed back into a firm loin. Firm in topline with nicely angled croup into her conditioned hind quarters which were set correctly. I just felt that she now needs to come together a bit more on the move & slightly settle into her frame more.

3rd    Downing Christie & Christie – Falconcrag Rumour Has It.

PB (10,3abs)

1st    Howgate & Hull – Palmik Chasing Rainbows

A quality, balanced fawn bitch of lovely overall type and shape and with no exaggerations.  Her neck flowed into her well laid front, lovely for depth of body with good tuck up, firm across the back and loin making for a lovely topline stood and on the move. Correct in her muscled rear quarters with a lovely sweep to her stifles and hocks well let down. Good bone, feet and pasterns. Moved out very well, delighted to award her BPB, later with my co-judges agreement BPIB and finally BPIS.

2nd    Hoopers – Veredon Veuve Cliquot

Another quality fawn bitch who could head a class on another day, balanced with no exaggerations and of correct proportions. She has a gorgeous head & expression, a good length of neck flowing into a correct front assembly with sufficient fill for her age. Good underline and lovely firm topline and well ribbed back all flowing into her unexaggerated and well conditioned rear quarters, very sound mover.

3rd    Mitchell – Crosscop Just A Notion.

JB (16,6abs)

1st    Newton – Nevedith El Lte

Brindle bitch that caught my eye on entering the ring. She has a good head & expression, a lovely length of neck into well laid back shoulders with good infill in front. She is well ribbed back with a good length of loin, curvy underline line and firm in topline. All flows into nicely angled rear quarters, well muscled and as her construction allowed, she moved out well.

2nd    Perkins – Silkridge Jasmine

Brindle parti that I have always liked from the ringside, she is a correct size bitch with good overall balance and shape. An unexaggerated bitch from her lovely head, neck and front construction, she is well ribbed with good topline & underline into correctly angled rear quarters. Just felt that the heat affected her on the move today.

3rd    Reed – Dejare A Dash Of Hope

YB (13,2abs)

1st    Whitaker-Crosby – Mulcair Dun And Dusted JW

Another bitch that was extremely pleasing to go over as your hands just flow over her. Good in head & expression, a nice length of neck flowing into her good front construction, body with lovely depth and tuck up and a firm top line. Well angled rear quarters with good muscle tone and no exaggerations, moved out well from all angles.

2nd    Blake – Silkridge In A Moment

A brindle bitch of quality, beautifully handled to bring out her best attributes. Good for size with a lovely head & expression, a correct length neck flowing into her well laid shoulder set, good infill and a lovely shapely underline and topline. Well ribbed back, curvy & well conditioned rear quarters, moved out well.

3rd    Jones – Mac Bells Purple Patch Over Chelynnah (Swed Imp)

SBB (12,5abs)

1st    Blake – Silkridge In A Moment;  2nd in YB

2nd    Lloyd – Barnesmore Snow Fairy Via Penwincoed

Placed 5th in a hot puppy class, this correct size bitch was very shapely with good depth of body, firm over the back, nicely angled front and rear, good fill in front, nicely conditioned throughout and well ribbed back. She is a baby yet and needs to fully settle into her frame which will come with maturity.

3rd    Dickinson – Collooney Queen Aslaug

PGB (10,4abs)

1st    Service & Poole – Crosscop Proud Mary

A very feminine and attractive parti bitch that caught my eye on entering the ring, she did not disappoint on going over her. Good clean lines throughout, lovely for size and a good head & expression, definitely no mistaking she is a bitch. Lovely length to her neck leading into a well laid shoulder, correct ribbing and loin, good depth of body and firm topline, in great condition. Did give her further consideration for top honours.

2nd    McMillan, Morris ,Waddell & Irving – Crosscop You Are My Destiny At Ardencote

Another balanced bitch with no exaggerations that was beautifully handled to show her qualities. Built on a very slightly larger frame to 1st she was nonetheless a feminine bitch with a good shaped head & lovely expression, good length neck into a well set front with fill, lovely depth & well ribbed back, firm topline and loin and well angled rear quarters in good muscular condition.

3rd    Vaughan – Walls- Shitotae Paws For A Song

MLB (8,1abs)

1st    Rees & Jones – Kierpark Dancing Queen

A quality parti bitch of lovely size with a lovely head & expression, correct bite with lovely eye & ear set. Flowed from her neck into her shoulders and front with fill, good for bone and stood on nice feet from a correct pastern. Good length of ribbing and loin, depth of body and a topline held on the stack and move. She moved out well, nothing exaggerated and showed herself very well making a difference in these hot top bitch classes.

2nd    Yacoby Wright – Cobyco City Lights

It was a very close decision between these two bitches but just felt that, on the day, this shapely bitch was not so happy which slightly unsettled her movement. Another built on flowing lines from her feminine head through to her correctly angled rear, well muscled and with no exaggerations. Well laid front, good depth of body and ribbing, correct length of loin and a flowing, firm topline with slight rise over the loin.

3rd    Whitaker-Crosbys – Crosscop May Be One More At Mulcair JW

LB (9,1abs)    

1st     Richards & Richards – Kierpark You Are My Sunshine At Richclass

Another I have admired from ringside and was delighted to be able to judge her today. Another balanced bitch of correct size, she has a lovely head & expression with gorgeous dark eyes and a correct bite. Good length & width of neck flowing into her well laid front with fill and a good depth of body & ribbing. Firm topline flowing into correct rear quarters, another with no exaggerations and in lovely condition.

2nd    Browns – Ardencote Sweet Destiny For Bluestreak

A really feminine bitch of lovely size and balance, with a lovely head & expression and nice ears. Neck of good proportions into her well laid front, good for body depth & tuck up, well ribbed & firm correct topline held at all times. Well muscled rear quarters of correct angles and well let down hocks, again nothing exaggerated on this bitch.

3rd    Smeaths – Dejare Only Dreaming At Willingwisp

OB (13,3abs)

A quality class of lovely bitches which was a delight for me to be able to go over them.

1st    Yacoby-Wrights – Cobyco Cover Girl

A bitch that I have always admired from ringside and she didn’t disappoint me on going over her today. I just couldn’t get passed her today, from her lovely head and expression, correct bite & rose ears all set on a neck of good length which flowed into her correct front with fill. Well ribbed back into a firm loin, lovely depth & tuck up, firm across the topline flowing into well angled rear quarters. A balanced and shapely bitch that just flowed and was shown in very good condition. Delighted to award her the BCC and with my co Judges agreement BOB

2nd    Hoopers – Torbers Rare Magic

Of a slightly different type than 1st but another that I was delighted to go over on the day. There are no exaggerations on this bitch, she is built on correct proportions in front and rear and is so very true on the move. Lovely in head, expression & bite, good firm neck into well laid front, good for depth, tuck up and topline with firm loin. Her rear angles are correct with fabulous conditioning and when called back into the challenge I could not deny her the RBCC. A bitch that needs to have hands on to be able to completely assess.

3rd    Halliday & Green- Ch Collooney Queen Of Dragons With Brochinbelle JW

VB (8,2abs)

1st    Whitaker-Crosbys – Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW Sh.Cm

Fawn bitch of 9.5 years and looking fabulous for her age but just felt that she was feeling the heat when moving later in the challenge. A balanced bitch of correct proportions, lovely head and good neck flowing into her well laid shoulders, stood on good feet and bone. Shapely body with depth, good ribbing and tuck up, firm in loin and all flowing into correctly angled rear quarters. BVB

2nd    Miluk & Miluk – Mollytop Lady Babu With Tumblers

Parti bitch of good size and proportions with no exaggerations. Lovely head, expression & eye and rose shaped ear, firm neck into her shoulders, body of good depth, length of ribbing and good tuck up. Firm topline and croup into correctly angled rear quarters and shown in good condition for her age.

3rd    Smiths – Ranveli Swede Dreams At Elequal Sh.Cm

Spec Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (1,0abs)

1st    Leatharts – Ringmore Hecate

Lovely overall, shapely bitch placed VHC in a hotly contested ML class today. Good headed bitch with a lovely neck into her well laid shoulders, deep brisket, flowing tuck up and topline with firmness and good firm loin.  Correct rear angles, well muscled stifles with width across and stood on good feet and bone. Could have settled into her movement a little more today but a sound bitch from all angles.

Judge Miss Rachel Snelgrove