• Show Date: 02/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

National Whippet Association

Breed: Whippet

I have been looking forward to this appointment for a long time. It was an honour to be invited by the committee to judge at my local club club show. Thank you so much to all the exhibitors who allowed me the privilege of judging your beautiful whippets and for accepting my decisions graciously.  

The KC building is a brilliant venue for whippets; having an even floor and large rings means that we really get to see them at their best. I was fortunate to have 2 brilliant steward Jeannie and Becky who ensured things ran smoothly. Thank you ladies. 

It was a pleasure to share the ring at the end of the day with my Co-judge Jackie Whitaker and to find ourselves both so complimentary of each other’s CC winners. we therefore decided to leave the BIS decision in the hands of the referee. 

A few overall observations; starting with the negatives. I was surprised to see more than a handful of suspect bites and really disappointed that a number of exhibits had very little muscle tone, which consequently negatively affected their movement. I found rather a lot of bitches to be rather “Tube like” in outline; with no discernible topline and not enough tuck up. That curvy outline is the real distinguishable breed characteristic of a whippet and one we must hold on to. 

On the positive side, I was able to find lots of whippets who had the attributes I was looking for; Quality, moderate, sound moving bitches with unmistakable whippet curves. My CC and RCC winners both had the icing on an already delicious cake in that they were both of correct size. I am happy to forgive a little size wise when elegance and type are maintained but it is such a treat to get the complete package. I loved them both. 

As an exhibitor my favourite class to show in is Veteran; so it seemed a fitting start to the day to be presented with a class full of gorgeous Special 7-10 veterans (10,2). All a credit to their owners but the top 5 really made for a difficult decision. However, just edging it on the day was 1. Mcconkey’s Barmoll Bag O’ Tricks. 7 year old Fawn brindle who is in the most fabulous condition. Full of quality with the ideal combination of substance and elegance. Her front assembly was one of the best in the entire entry, smoothest of shoulders flow into a lovely topline, she has lost none of her underline at all - therefore presenting the curvy outline I was looking for. She has moderately angulated and well muscled quarters. On the move she was foot perfect; covered the ground effortlessly and completely true up and back. Loved her! My co-judge and I were in agreement that she was a very worthy BVIS. 

2. Glaholm’s Gazenorth Gan Canny Fawn bitch who was also presented in first class order. Super size and moderately angulated throughout. Good fill, correct bladed bone, neat feet and well sprung Pasterns. She was so sound coming and going; just couldn’t quite match the winner in profile. 

3. Brown’s Ardencote Star Maker

Special Veteran 10+ (4)

1. Hawker’s Mollytop Dreamy Lady This fawn bitch is a real credit to her owner/breeders. She is quite simply fabulous for 11.5. I loved her type and overall outline; moderately angulated, beautiful coat and condition. She excelled on the move in all directions. 

2. Vaughan’s Shirotae Gin Sing red fawn out of a slightly larger mould; sharing many of the same attributes as 1. Shapely and well angulated throughout. Beautiful head and expression. Not quite the movement of the winner. 

3. Healion’s Anywhere and when at Clynecourt 

MPB (11) 1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Chasing Rainbows. 7 month old fawn bitch of the highest quality who has everything in the right place at this age. Perfect size, good bone but still feminine. The prettiest of heads, well laid shoulders, excellent return of upper arm and corresponding curvy top and underlines. Strong quarters and short hocks. She had the ideal muscle for her age which was evident in her movement; fluent and true from all angles. She was presented in first class order and I was delighted she was awarded BPIS on the referees decision.

2 Wheeler’s Ranveli Glowtini. Another super puppy. Very different in type to 1 and I’m sure these two will change places many times. Brindle bitch with the most beautiful head and expression. Another who is of a good size. She is all curves, strong, elegant neck flowing into the best of shoulders. Standing on super feet, and presented in fabulous condition. She excels on the move; her profile movement is outstanding for her age and she is equally impressive on the up and back. The winner was just that bit more settled today.

3. Jones’ Jothryn Black Eyed Blonde

PB (16,6) 1. Gillespie’s Penbriar Bewitched 10month old black with the most beautiful glossy coat. She presents such a balanced and curvy outline. Well filled front, good upper arm and lay back of shoulder. Well muscled, moderately angulated quarters. Neat feet and adequate bone. She moved very soundly and with sufficient reach and drive in profile, holding her lovely topline at all times.

2. Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop True Love 9 month old fawn bitch who was very similar to first in a lot of respects. She is developing super curves, good front assembly, smooth shoulders. Really good tuck up and the right amount of rear angulation. Very sound coming and going. Just preferred the shape of 1 in profile. 

3. Tyson’s Starceylon She’s a Mover 

JB (10) 1. Perkins Silkridge Jasmine Fawn brindle parti - a real pocket rocket! Ideal size and substance; she is so feminine. Prettiest of heads. Moderate in all respects; balanced in angulation, curvy and elegant. Lovely feet and well sprung Pasterns. She was presented in excellent order; super muscle tone which allowed her to move with real purpose when viewed in profile and with accuracy away and back. 

2. Fryer’s Osterfen Lakota at Stonefox. This fawn bitch is ultra feminine, like the winner she is of correct size. So elegant and when stacked she is a picture of gentle curves. Adequate substance for her size. She moved very well viewed from any angle. I just preferred the topline of first on the move. 

3. Maxwell’s Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne 

YB (5,2) 1. Salkeld’s Crosscop A Dream Come True. Fawn bitch. Exceptionally pretty and inquisitive expression. Lovely size and overall balance. Super front construction; good fill and bone. Really curvy. Moved out very well and soundly up and back. 

2. McConkey’s Barmoll Bayou. Blue bitch who is of a heavier type but still a classic whippet shape. Super front assembly and well muscled quarters. Excellent side gait.

3. Wilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron

NB (9, 5) 

1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Chasing Rainbows 

2. Courtney’s Courtbirch Love over Gold. Very attractive dark pigmented fawn. Slightly larger than my ideal but she is curvy and clean in outline. Quality coat and skin. Correct, moderate angulation and a sound mover.

3. Leathart’s Ringmore Iona

GB (12,1)

1. Service & Poole’s Crosscop Proud Mary. Fawn and white parti bitch. Perfect size and an unmistakably whippety outline. Correct bladed bone, neat feet and well sprung Pasterns. She is very well made throughout; presenting a very neat and unexaggerated package. Moving really well for her sympathetic handler who got the best out of her. 

2. Wood’s Elmanash Mist O The Moon. This blue bitch was a lovely find. She is so good for type and quality. Her outline is shapely but moderate. She moved very well in every direction. Well handled and presented

3. Brodie & Owen’s Wolfcastle Dare to Dream 

SBB (7,2)

1. Maxwell’s Maxwell’s Maccus Rosa Gallica Daphne. This red fawn bitch was placed 3rd in a competitive junior class. There is so much to like about her; as she is so Sound and balanced. Presented in beautiful condition and moving with drive and front extension and accuracy coming and going. Superbly presented.

2. Wood’s Elmanash Mist O The Moon

3. Salkeld’s Crosscop A Dream Come True 

PGB ( 16, 3) This was a really lovely class. 1. Yacoby Wright’s Cobyco City Lights. This fawn bitch appealed to me very much for type. She is of the highest quality and is so smooth to go over. Her coat was gleaming. So shapely in top and underline; without being in any way over done. Her neck into shoulder was one of the best of the day; she just flows from head to tail. Balanced in angulation. She moved with purpose in profile and once settled I could see how sound she was coming and going.

2. Rees’ Kierpark Dancing Queen. This sparsely brindled and white girl is so appealing. She is elegant, balanced and moderate in angulation. Moving well in profile and coming and going. I preferred the neck into shoulder on 1st

3. Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Gin Fizz 

MLB (11, 2) 

1. Richards’ Kierpark You Are My Sunshine. Aptly named fawn parti bitch. She was a real surprise for me today; I admired her return of upper arm and lay back of shoulder, which was incredibly smooth. Her rear quarters were moderate in angulation. She was so balanced with nothing out of place. Moving she did not disappoint. In the challenge she was strongly considered for top honours. 

2. Turner’s Gilnockie Have Faith. I have admired this bitch from the ringside on several occasions and found her just as I had expected to go over she has the most beautiful black jacket, she is smooth, clean and elegant in outline. Excels in profile movement. I felt the winner moved better up and back on the day. She is a super quality whippet. 

3. Wood’s Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote 

LB (17,3)

1. Brown’s Ardencote Sweet Destiny at Bluestreak. I judged this beautiful fawn and white almost 2.5 years ago and liked her very much then but in the intervening years she has matured into a really fabulous whippet. Spot on for size, moderate, elegant, smooth and with nothing out of place. She draws the eye as she is just so correct. I was pleased when going over her to find that she was well muscled and that she moved incredibly soundly and with reach and drive. She was my RCC winner and I firmly believe she would make a worthy champion. 

2. Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscop Candle in The Wind to Supeta. What a beautiful outline this classy fawn bitch has - so smooth and clean. She is of super quality. Ultra pretty and feminine; beautiful head and expression. Moderate angulation throughout. Very sound on the move and moving well in profile. A close decision. 

3. Robertson’s Moonlake Medium Blonde 

OB (7) 1. Lain’s Lolani Tennessee Honey. This red fawn bitch was the full package for me today; correct size, but with enough substance, curvy, nothing over done, undeniably whippet and wow she can really move! She has the most beautiful head, coat and skin. Outstanding in front assembly; return of upper arm and lay back of shoulder, meaning her front legs fall perfectly beneath her. She is so smooth under the hand; just a series of gentle curves. Hind quarters were moderately angulated, well muscled and were used to move round the ring with purpose and Grace. She was absolutely foot perfect and her added sparkle on the move won her the CC today. I hope her crowning CC soon follows as she is a beautiful example of the breed.

2. Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik Misty Eve. Very classy fawn bitch who looked the best I have ever seen her. She exudes quality and breed type. So classic in her outline. As always from this kennel she was presented in beautiful condition. She moved very well. 

3. Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell’s Crosscop Just What I Need 

Special Open Racing/Lure Coursing (2,1)

1. Leathart’s Ringmore Hectate. Cream bitch who is so whippety and elegant in outline. Lovely for size and substance. Very feminine. Balanced in angulation and matching curvy top and underlines. Presented in excellent condition.

Rachel Smith (Citycroft)