• Show Date: 18/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Rachel Cooper Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Spanish Water Dog

Firstly, thanks to the Secretary and committee of Darlington Dog Show Society for their kind invitation to judge CCs in Spanish Water Dogs for the first time. Secondly, thanks to all of the exhibitors for entering and allowing me to go over their precious dogs.

I am pleased to report that there was no evidence of aesthetic grooming of any of the dogs entered. I have been concerned recently that there is a tendency to breeding our breed with longer necks than required by the standard. Again, most of the dogs at the show had ‘short, strong’ necks. Mouths were good, all dogs shown possessing correct scissor bites. Temperament was very good.

VD 1 (0)

1st GLAYSHER & DONALDSON’S Prizelands Adormidera Jacsen Solo. Black faded (Natural Bob Tail) NBT ½ tailed male, on the larger side. Confident and assured in the ring, his handler getting the best from him. He has nice head proportions, a good wide skull allowing wide-set, expressive dark eyes. His neck is short and strong. He is balanced front and rear, giving a pleasing outline, movement is brisk and covers ground. He had a correct medium tailset. His coat is abundant, and shown in great rustic condition. RDCC and Best Veteran.

PD 1 (0)

1st PHILIPSON’s Silvestre of The Marjohrita (Imp). Solid black long tailed 11mo puppy. Confident in the ring at such a tender age, he has a lovely head with wide-set, dark expressive eyes with a short, strong neck. He stands well over his front legs, which are straight and parallel, as are his hind legs. He has the correct outline for the breed, when he stands still long enough to see it! He moves nicely with strong hocks pushing him through. Currently he has a softer puppy coat. A pleasure to see him shown on a loose lead, when possible! I look forward to watching him mature. BP.

JD (0)

PGD 3 (1)

1st PREECE & COOPER’s Janamorio Northern Arlo. Brown and white NBT male, well-muscled. This boy catches the eye, in his beautifully presented, rustic coat. His head is wide and masculine, with well-set eyes and nice proportions. His neck is short and strong. He stands over his straight front legs well, with strong bone and matches at the rear, giving a balanced outline of super proportions. Correct moderate angulation. He moves positively, covering ground well. Lovely to see a close bond between dog and handler. DCC and RBoB. Lost BoB to bitch on movement, but it was splitting hairs, the situation could easily be reversed next time. I look forward to following his career, both in the ring and working.

2nd WOOD’s Chanderhill Eagle Eye. Brown faded NBT in very short coat. This boy was a little shy today, due to a dew-claw injury, but I was able to examine him thoroughly. The proportions of his head regarding length are fine, I would like to see a slightly wider skull with correspondingly wider set eyes. However, he has nice eyes with a soft expression. When he relaxes, his movement is fine, his slightly straighter front keeping his strides a little shorter. He presents a nice outline in profile when standing.

LD 1 (0)

1st ABRAHAMS’ Adormidera Ziggy Star Dust. Black faded long tailed male, up to size. Calm and confident. Lovely head with wide-set, dark eyes and nice ear set, his neck is short and strong. He has good bone, and stands well over his front legs, which are straight and parallel. His hindquarters match his front, with moderate angulation, giving a pleasing outline overall. His tail is medium set and carried well on the move. He can lose his topline in profile if he doesn’t stand well at the rear, so watch this! Correctly presented, rustic coat, medium length. In contention for RCC today in good company.

OD 2 (1)

1st PEART’s Josalyn Rio Ziggystardust Via Janamorio. Brown long-tailed, medium size. This dog has a sweet head, with correct proportions and great ear placement, above level of eyes. I wouldn’t want his neck any longer. Would prefer his brisket dropping to fully reach his elbows. He has correct moderately angulated hindquarters, tailset is correct. His movement, both in profile and away, is balanced. His coat is medium length and beautiful.

VB 2 (1)

1st ABRAHAMS’ Adormidera Princess Leia. Black and white NBT. Calm and confident. This was the dog who most enjoyed her day today, she never stopped wagging! She has a lovely, sweet head of correct proportions, with dark eyes and good ear placement. Her neck is short and strong. She stands well over her straight, parallel legs, good bone. When she stands well, she has a pleasing outline and nice topline. Her movement was fine once she was on the move! Rustic coat, well-presented. BVB, RBViB, lost out to VD on overall outline and slightly reluctant movement, but it was a close thing.

PB 0

JB 1 (1)

LB 2 (0)

1st GLAYSHER & DONALDSON’S Kurlibears September Aurora. Brown and white long tailed bitch. Confident, calm bitch. Sweet head with great proportions. Eyes dark and expressive, great ear set. Wouldn’t want her neck any longer. Stands well over straight, parallel front legs with strong bone. Hindquarters correctly moderately angulated. Tight feet and correct medium tailset, tail held correctly on the move. In profile, lovely proportions, a classic picture of the breed. Moves positively, handled beautifully. The longest coat of the day, well-presented, rustic cords. BCC, BoB, Group 4.

2nd GRIEF’s Oh You Are Magic Vom Hause Kristo of Goldfly (Imp). White and black bitch in shorter, immaculate coat. Slightly reserved on examination. She is slightly narrow in skull but her eyes are dark and expressive. Wouldn’t want her neck any longer. Outline in profile is pleasing. She stands well over her front legs, which have good bone. Her hindquarters are moderately angulated. She has tight feet and a good, medium tailset. She moves well both in profile and going away, she flows around the ring.

PGB 1 (0)

1st PEART’s Josalyn Ria Nessa Via Janamorio. Brown long tailed. A little reserved at times, this bitch has a sweet head of correct proportions, eyes are wide-set and dark, ears are correctly set, neck is short and strong. She stands well over her front legs, which have good bone. Hindquarters match, with moderate angulation. She presents a lovely outline in profile and moves briskly and energetically, using her hocks well. Lovely coat, well-presented. RBCC. Lost out to BCC winner on substance but a lovely bitch.

OB 1 (0)

1st GLAYSHER & DONALDSON’S Prizelands Sweet Truffle. Brown faded long tailed. She has a sweet head, with dark, expressive eyes and, to my mind, slightly low set ears. Her neck is short and strong. She stands over her front well, with good bone, hindquarters are correctly moderately angulated. Her feet are tight and her tailset is medium. In profile, presents a pleasing picture, lovely proportions. Movement is slightly close behind but she still covers the ground well. Rustic long coat, well-presented. In contention for RBCC today in good company.

Rachel Cooper