• Show Date: 18/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Samoyed Association

Breed: Samoyed Association Championship Show

Samoyed Association Championship Show – 18th June 2022

Judge’s critique

An honour to be invited to judge the parent breed club championship show. However, a little of the gloss was lost with the continuation of the recent slump in entry numbers. The bitches were stronger both in numbers and in quality. As far as type is concerned, we appear to be going through a transition phase now with a lot of diversity. Hopefully this is a natural dip following the lockdown and the temporary cessation of shows, and we will see the strengthening of type as we go forward. Breeders need to watch for light eyes, which are creeping in and do not enhance the looked-for Samoyed expression – and would be disastrous in their original habitation. Everything is in the Standard for a reason.

It is good to see some new faces appearing and I hope that these newcomers enjoy showing their Samoyeds and stay with the breed and the hobby.

Finally, presentation and ring training are important – while it is the judge’s task to find the best exhibits, some help from handlers’ is appreciated.


Special Yearling Dog (2)

Two teenagers both in need of body condition which should come with maturity.

1. Drummond’s Oki Doki Xsara’s Hope at Sasoolka (imp SVK). Nice for size with good head and neat ears; while I would prefer a slightly darker eye, his expression is correct. Overall proportions good with moderate angulation front and rear, sufficient neck and good topline. Correct harsh coat, well presented. Moved out well.

2. Dodds’ Bondsmoor Autumnal Breeze. Liked this boy’s overall outline, correct for size and showing good breed type. Really liked his masculine head and expression. Just preferred front of 1 and this translated into his movement which was not quite as rhythmical. Well presented.

Post Graduate Dog ((2,1)

1. Richardson’s Sasoolka Ury . Promising boy. Lovely head on this 2 yo – well placed ears, good skull, dark, almond-shaped eyes. He presents a very nice picture standing. Good for bone and in fine body condition. Good coat, presented well, with lovely feathering. Would like slightly less loin, but back is strong. Moved out nicely.

Limit Dog (1)

1. Fremlin’s Jazzmonta Thunder at Icewind. Very nice, medium sized, cream-coated dog. Correct in head with lovely ears and soft expression. Would have liked a slightly darker eye. Very good front assembly, compact outline, short in loin and well-muscled. Moved out soundly.

Open Dog (3,2)

1. Kirkwood, Carruthers & Rear’s Neopisuemly Schastlivchik D’stary S Hutora Dyanki (imp UKR). Very attractive biscuit shaded boy of 5 years. The silver tips on his lovely harsh coat shone in the sunshine. Super masculine head with lovely ears, good eye shape and correct Samoyed expression. Strong without coarseness. Loved his proportions. Good bone and fine feathering and presented well. Would like to see him stronger in front pasterns. On the move, once settled to a slightly steadier pace, he moved out well with good foot-placement. Handled well. RDCC.

Veteran Dog (6,1). Nicely filled class of good veterans.

1. Gregor’s Ch Lumiere De Lavie Dreamlike Felix (imp). Quality champion male of 8 years. This dog whispers ‘moderation’ in all respects and was great to go over. Lovely outline and proportions, good body and bone and great feet. Quality plush double coat well presented. Excelled on the move. DCC

2. Wilson’s Samnouska Chase The Ace. Well-proportioned boy with a lot going for him. Correct head, good neck and compact body, short loin, good bone and feet. Moved out well. More emphasis on presentation would make the most of his qualities.

3. Short’s Zakaytia Angel of Mine

4. Divers’ Nikara Dancing By the Light at Murmansk ShCM

5. Youngs’ Furzeland Devon Blaze Avec Cocosamel


Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Dodds’ Bondsmoor Kiss Me Kate. 8mo. Very pretty and feminine baby. Liked her neat ears. Correct proportions and in good puppy coat. Nice tail set. Steady on the move. Promising pup.

Puppy Bitch (2)

Two girls having fun and games.

1. Ballantines’ Khorobroi Maybe Mayhem by Whitespirit. 10 mo neat and feminine pup. Head still to develop, but pretty eyes and good ears. Lovely puppy coat. Nice front and rear angulation; good tailset. Moved well when engaged. In the challenge more settled. BPIS

2. Youngs’ Cocosamel Camelia. Another nice pup, slightly taller and a little more mature. Good head and in super body condition. Biscuit touches in her well-presented coat. Determined to play up her handler, which was a shame. Moved soundly. She was more settled in the next class, which she won.

Junior Bitch (2)

1. Youngs’ Cocosamel Camelia. As above, but more settled this time.

2. Lepley’s Sarnoushka Silver Spirit. Pretty bitch with biscuit-tipped ears, very feminine expression. Unfortunately did not do herself justice as was determined to give her handler a very hard time. I hope she gets it together in the future.

Novice Bitch (2)

1. Scott-May’s Vandreem Imperial Macy. Very nicely proportioned 2yo with lovely head and excellent front assembly. Plush coated with good tailset, nice bone and the best feet of the day. Moved out with drive.

2. Helm’s Annecy Dream of Reality. Pretty, feminine bitch with pleasing expression. Not the angulation of 1, which showed on the moved where she needed to extend more.

Graduate Bitch (2) Notes as before.

1. Scott-May’s Vandreem Imperial Macy

2. Lepley’s Sarnoushka Silver Spirit

Limit Bitch (6). Pleasing class of quality to judge. Decisions very close down the line.

1. Drummond’s Sasoolka Chase The Wind. Lovely head and expression, good proportions, correct for bone and overall size. Well presented in good coat and in lovely hard condition. Moved out well. Considered strongly for RBCC.

2. Ballantine’s Whitespirit Spring Fling. Close up in quality with lovely biscuit shaded coat. Well constructed and balanced. Another very fit and well-conditioned bitch. Very sound on the move.

3. Gregor and McWilliam’s Istramac Serendipity

4. McGreade’s Nikara Neverending Dream for Frostia

5. Dodds’ Mangata Jade Knight

Open Bitch (3) Three lovely girls.

1. Brandenberg and Smith’s Ch Taronakits It’s Kwest JW. I last judged this girl in 2019 and gave her a class then. Lovely to see how she has matured and blossomed. Lovely head and expression, neat ears. Good neck into super front assembly – matched with correct rear angulation. Lovely bone and feet. Standing she just ‘grows’ out of the ground – so natural. On the move the topline never wavers and she is a joy to watch. BCC and BIS.

2. Johnson’s Nikara Sweet Dreams for Kimeekasams. Another quality bitch. Very pretty in head with super expression. In tip-top condition and presented beautifully. Moved out well. 1 just edged it on the day, but I have never seen her look better and had to award her the RBCC.

3. Dent’s Whitespirit Madam Mischief

Veteran Bitch (3,1)

1. Short’s Ch Zeelukzak Ice’n Glorious at Zakaytia JW. At nearly 10 years, this girl still has it. I love her overall outline and proportions. In great fit condition and in super coat which was well presented. It was on the move that she secured her place – so sound and maintaining her topline. BVB and BVIS.

2. Collinson’s Ch Nikara Diamond Jubilee with Norjack. Another lovely champion bitch still at the top of her game. Lovely and naughty – which always appeals. She is well made and of correct overall balance. For me today while she moved well, she was not quite as smooth as 1.

Special Open Bitch (1)

1. Young’s Cocosamel Misia. Very nice biscuit-shaded bitch with everything in the right place! Good angulation for and aft, good proportions. Correct coat, well presented. Very sound on the move. Liked her a lot.

In show :

BIS: Brandenberg and Smith’s Ch Taronakits It’s Kwest JW

BOS: Gregor’s Ch Lumiere De Lavie Dreamlike Felix (imp)

BPIS: Ballantines’ Khorobroi Maybe Mayhem by Whitespirit

BVIS: Short’s Ch Zeelukzak Ice’n Glorious at Zakaytia JW

Special Stud Dog

1. Wilson’s Samnouska Chase The Ace


1. Young’s brace

2. Lepley’s brace


1. Youngs team

Judge: Penny Roberts (Archaeus)