• Show Date: 25/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Penny Pallister Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Belfast & District Irish Setter Club

Breed: Irish Setter


25th September 2022

Special thanks to Dorothy, Karen and all the committee for their kind invitation to judge their Championship show, for their hospitality and to Jane for driving me around and stewarding. I enjoyed my day judging and thank the exhibitors for turning out with their lovely dogs, low numbers were more than compensated by the quality of the dogs.


PUPPY DOG (3, 1 absent)

1st Chorley- Newton & Chorley & Flinders. Kerryfair Just Be, handsome well

balanced head with dark eyes. Arched neck with well laid shoulders, has well

sprung ribs and gently sloping topline with well set tail. Rear movement just

needs to tighten. Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Show..

2nd Park, Hough & Kelly Ladysdale Seamus Heaney RAF. Pleasant headed dog

with dark eye, has well arched neck and good tail set, needs ribs to spring


1st Walker Gwendariff Ucant Touch This, would prefer less rounded eyes but he

has a long lean head, mature body with good spring of ribs and good tail set

and moved well.

2nd Park,Hough & Kelly Ladysdale Oscar Wilde RAF. He has well balanced head

with lighter eye, well balanced outline but less mature than 1


1st Walker Gwendariff Ucant Touch This.

2nd McKelvey Edenaveys Unforgettable, Tall rangy boy at present but promising

and needs schooling. 15months handful for his handler, good movement

NOVICE DOG (4, 2 absent, 1 withdrawn)

1st Park,Hough & Kelly Ladysdale Seamus Heaney RAF.

GRADUATE DOG (2, 1 absent)

1st Walker Gwendariff Flags Are Flying. Oval skull, well shaped eyes and

moderately deep muzzle. Strong dog with a deep chest,well angulated front and

rear and gently sloping topline. Nice boy.



1st Gardners Quensha Walk Me Home To Danwish. Has a handsome head and

strong neck, well balanced dog with a lighter coat. He is mature and well

angulated front and rear, with a deep chest and good tail set, would prefer a

straighter front. Moved well.

LIMIT DOG (3, 1 absent)

1st Crocker & Lewis Riverbrue Morning Glory. Slightly smaller dog but so well

balanced with a handsome head with oval skull, raised brows showing stop and

dark eyes. He has an arched neck setting cleanly into well laid shoulders, a

deep chest with well sprung ribs and gently sloping topline into well set tail. In

excellent coat and free flowing movement Dog CC and Best in Show. His 3rdCC


2nd Clarke Ardbraccan Urban Myth. Tall dog with higher shoulder placement,

has a long lean head.

OPEN DOG (4, 1 absent)

1st Alcon & Ingram Gwendariff Red Light Show Farnfield Sh Ch ex. Well chiselled

head with raised brows showing stop and dark eyes. Strong neck leading into

well angulated shoulders, deep chested and in good coat. Moved well. Reserve


2nd Dewar Gwendariff Here I Come, nice dog with well angulated shoulders and

good tail set, preferred 1 in depth of chest and head.

3rd Donnelly, Forfarian Mind Your Manners. 3 nice dogs.


1st Toms Ir.Sh Ch Toberbilly I Wish You Luck Ir Jnr Ch JD. Handsome headed

boy with oval skull and dark eyes. Well balance with gently sloping topline,

good depth of chest and well angulated shoulders, good width of thighs.

VETERAN DOG (3, 1 absent, 1 withdrawn)

1st Toms Clannrua Birch, nice dog. Handsome head with oval skull and dark

eyes. Balanced outline, lighter boned but with a deep chest and arched neck, in

good coat. Best Veteran Dog.




1st Toms Ladysdale Maud Gonne(ATC NAF), fine boned bitch with a lean head,

low set ears. Has a strong topline with a deep chest and good width of thighs.

Best Puppy Bitch.


YEARLING BITCH (2, 1 absent)

1st Robinson Clannrua Morrigan, well shaped dark eyes, has a good neck and

shoulders. Is a little wide in front and drops off slightly in croup.




1st McKelvey Toberbilly Element Of Luck For Edenaveys Jun ch. Pretty head

with well shaped eyes and low set ears. Well balanced 5 year old in good coat,

good neck set into well laid shoulders. Feminine with good bone.

MIDLIMIT BITCH (2, 2 absent)


Lovely class of bitches 1st Humphreys Riverbrue Flaxbax At Henaleas, smaller

but well balanced bitch, excellent excellent neck and shoulders,gently sloping

topline into tail set. Oval skull, well raised brows showing stop and dark

eyes.Pleased to award her the Bitch CC and Reserve best in show,


2nd Hinslea Gwendariff Guess Who’s Coming To Northamber JW. Feminine

head with oval skull and lovely soft expression, dark almond shaped eye. Well

balance outline, slightly higher at the shoulders, moved well. Pleased to award

her the bitch reserve CC.

3rd Gawn Clonageera Sweet Caroline


1st Loughlin Ir Sh Ch Rohanmor Along Came Polly JD Jun Ch CW22. Beautifully

turned out. Well shaped skull, dark almond shaped eyes. Well balanced with

well angulated neck and shoulders, good bone and good tail set, moved well.

2nd Brady Forfarian Red Or Dead (ATC AX00263912) Nicely balanced bitch

with a light frame. Pretty head and moved ok.


1st Sterritt Ir Sh Ch Corranroo Just One Kiss With Riversett CJW 18 Jun Ch. Well

balanced bitch in good coat, with good bone. Slightly lighter eye, oval skull and

low set ears. Moved well.

VETERAN BITCH (3, 1absent)

1st Donnelly Int. & Ir Ch. Millcroft Whispering Moon Jun Ch, An Ch 15, 19. 10 year

old well balanced bitch in good coat with a sweet face with raised brows. Moved

ok. Best Veteran Bitch.

2nd McKelvey Ir Sh Ch/ Int Ch Caemgens For Heavens Sake At Edenaveys ( Imp

Swe) Jun Ch CJW 16 CW 19. 7 year old upstanding bitch in good coat, would

prefer a more feminine head, well shaped eye. Moving close behind today.


Penny Pallister

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