• Show Date: 07/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Lock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

West Of England Chow Chow Club

Breed: chow chow

West of England Chow Chow Club Championship Show

Firstly may I thank my very able and helpful steward who kept the ring going in such an efficient and cheerful manner. Excellent Job. The weather was extremely hot and dry which may have affected eyes and movement

PD 1 (0) Alekseenko-Simpson Ledgend of my Heart Angel Gloria (imp Bir) Cream, open faced with beautiful pigment, broad skull well placed ears. Lovely outline, deep chest, balanced throughout moved freely BPD

JD 3(1ABS) 1. Stewart-Beavis Booneeks Chewie Broad Head, carried well, clean eye. Well ribbed up , short coupled. Moved ok 2. Biddle Booneeks Obie similar comments apply, better outline than 1, eyes smaller and a little wet today

Sp Jn, Nov no entries

GD 2 (0) 1 Rogers & Cummins Booneek Red Emption Smaller, balanced, masculine head, clean well place dark eye, exc pigment, deep broad chest, in between coats. 2 Cummins Kweichow Spencer At Dragonsway still maturing, and between coats. Different head type to 1, preferred eye shape of 1, gd mouth, gd forechest and set on of neck, front movement ok needs to tighten on rear

PGD 2 (0) 1. Green Jamarhys Koal Dragon black, gd overall balance and width throughout. Strong Masculine head, upstanding with gd set on neck, gd shoulder placement just needs to tighten on move. 2. Phillips Lechan Black Muse at Fulang lots to like with this one, well laid out head, ex pigment, lovely outline. Less width to forechest, needs to tighten on move.

LD 3(1) 1. Alekseenko-Simpson Jupitor-Rising Angel Gloria (Imp Bir) Square, beautiful in profile and in full coat. Well laid out masculine head. Gd spring of rib, well laid shoulders, short coupled moving well. Lovely presentation. RCC BAOC D. 2 Lovell Dragonsway Bodgen At Pamlor out of coat today, showing his lovely shape, and gd width throughout. Masculine head, gd ear and eye placement, broad skull and gd pigment. Needs to tighten on rear movement

OD 1 (0) 1 Hollies & Carr Ch Janqbu Valentio, Beautifully presented, lovely profile, square, balanced and in top condition. Well laid out head, set on of neck and layback of shoulder. Gd with throughout, short coupled and moving freely and well. CC & RBIS

SP O AOC 1 (1) SP O Smooth no entries

VD. 1 (0) Rogers & Cummins Ch Dragonsway Tom Thumb Red in reasonable coat. Masculine well laid out head, clean dark eye, Gd Pigment, gd construction throughout, gd forechest and shoulder, balanced moving freely BVD BVIS 2. Mackenzie-Haverson Browns Bodhi Bear at Cheuntao Cream heavily coated well presented. Preferred bone structure of 1. Well proportioned head, gd clean eye, ear set gd, pigment ex. Preferred front movement of 1.

MPB 3(1abs) 1. Attfeild Rosebulls Midnight Magic V Feminine and light on her feet. V much a baby. Lovely in profile standing square. Sufficient breadth to head, gd eye and ear placement. Gd front assembly, depth and breadth of rib, high tail set and sufficient bone. Moved well. 2 Alekseenko-simpson Valtinchows Mon Amour not the balance of one, broad head, gd eye and ear placement. not quite the reach and set on of neck. Presented beautifully

PB 3 (1) 1. Halliday It’s Kelda Dajlo At Kyleash Lovely Black, square, balance, Gd reach and set on of neck, gd head properties, gd eye and ear placement. well-constructed and moving well. BPB & BPIS 2 R Midnight Magic.

JB 4 (0) Nice Class 1. Hollies & Carr Jabrevia Dotty Doris. Loved the head, perfect chow scowl but still v feminine. Broad skull, dark clean eye, ex pigment, gd shoulder placement, gd reach neck, short coupled, standing square and moving well. RCC 2. Phillips Fulang’s Follow me Stargazer very similar comments apply, preferred head, expression and reach of neck of 1. Soundly constructed with gd forechest, short coupled moving ok. 3. Irwin Beaconpride Sisdatu Raya JW

NB 2(1) 1 R Midnight Magic 2. Palmer Raining River Larger type, heavier in head than 1, well bodied up, slightly longer coupled, gd tail set, movement needs to tighten

GB 1 (1) PGB no entries LB 2 (2)

OB 5 (1) 1 Absalom Bon Triumph Dinasty At Wengeordy Quality class. So feminine, sweet well laid out head, carried proud, gd reach and set on of neck, gd shoulder placement, deep chest with gd spring rib, short coupled and high tail set. Sound construction showing in movement. BCC & BIS. 2 Clucas Ch Hiswin Star Dreams, so soundly constructed, with gd clean head properties, gd set on of neck, correct shoulder and front assembly, altogether a healthy active veteran moving well and looking great. 3. Jakeman Charids Chantilly Lace Amongst Tanlap BVB.

SPOAOC 3 (0) 1 R Midnight Magic 2 McCullum Burlesk Something Wicked Just a baby in full coat, not quite the balance of 1. Otherwise well put together, soundly constructed, clean eye, gd pigment deep, well sprung chest, short coupled. Moving well and excellent presentation.

VB 1 (0) H Star Dreams BVB

Judge Pauline Lock (PAULIN)