• Show Date: 20/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Johns Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Bichon Frise

Welsh Kennel Club – 20th August 2022

Bichon Frisé – Judge Pauline Johns

Despite dwindling numbers in this breed there were some nice Bichons to whom I awarded Top Honours. Breeders need to be mindful of rear movement - ‘Legs moving straight along line of travel’ but a few too many are moving close behind with a weaving action. Temperaments were very good. Heads and expression were generally good but let us not forget eye size and shape ‘….. fairly large but not almond shaped’. Thank you to my stewards for keeping the ring running smoothly.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1 Douwen’s Vanilla Dreamchaser Van De Dyksteinhoeve. A raw 6 month old with good head proportions and excellent pigment. Nicely balanced with good tail set and carriage. Mature coat and furnishings. Sound fore and aft and moved out well for one so young.

Puppy Dog (2, 1)
1 Douwen’s Vanilla Dreamchaser Van De Dyksteinhoeve
As above

Limit dog (3)
1 Pike & Carter’s Cartikes Midnight Madness What a dapper youngster! A quality Bichon in all areas. Perfect head proportions with dark round eye and dark haloes creating an excellent expression. Lovely arched neck and good shoulder placement gave him a great head carriage. Well defined chest. Nicely balanced, level topline and good rear angulation. Free flowing movement and a confident performance. Perfect coat texture and very well presented. Res CC
2 Robinson’s Louisianna Storming Norman Good head proportions but not the eye or expression of 1. A tad heavier in bone. Well coated with correct tail set and carriage. Well sprung ribs and broad loin with good muscle tone. Moved out well.

Open Dog (3,1)
1 Mault’s Ch Limartine Mr Blue A top quality stylish dog. Well proportioned head with dark round eyes giving a true bichon expression. Nicely arched neck combined with correct lay of shoulder gave him a proud head carriage. Strong body and well sprung ribs. Good rear action. Moved around the ring effortlessly holding a level topline. Perfect coat and beautifully presented; he ticked all the boxes. CC & BOB. Delighted to see he took Group 2
2 Venables’ Beausox Love Actually Loved the shape and balance of this boy. Very attractive correctly proportioned head with large dark round eyes and excellent pigment. Good tail set and carriage. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Looked great in profile but moves a little wide in front. Dense coat with soft texture, excellent presentation.

Puppy Bitch (3)
1 Russell’s Rusmar Forgive and Forget At 9.5 months is still a raw baby but shows a lot of promise. Lovely head and expression with round dark eyes. Well constructed and sound on the move with good rear drive. Will come into her own once she bodies up. BPIB
2 Marquiss’ Quissmar Chasing Lightning Nice proportions on this10.5 month old. Pretty head and feminine. In good coat for age. Well defined chest, correct tail set and carriage. Moved out confidently but not the front or rear movement of 1.

Junior Bitch (1)
1 Macleod’s Languilla Stand By Me A very pretty and feminine youngster. Good head proportions and round eye with strong pigment gave this girl a lovely soft expression.Nicely arched neck, good strong body with defined chest. She used her front and rear
to advantage and moved out fluidly. Great texture to coat and very well presented. Res CC

Limit Bitch (2)
1 Venables’ Beausox Miss O’Hara So feminine and pretty with a truly lovely head. Dark, round eyes surrounded by the darkest of haloes which gives a wonderful Bichon expression. Well bodied, good chest, well angulated fore and aft. With correct tail set and proud head carriage she looked good in profile. Moved around the ring with drive keeping a level top line. I understand this is her second CC and hope her third is not far away. CC
2 Parrington’s Chazbam’s First Lady at Melcia A sound bitch with deep chest, well sprung ribs and good neck length. Reasonable head but would want a rounder eye. Longer is body than 1 but with good construction and moved out well.

Open Bitch (5,1)
1 Pike & Carter’s Deizi Miss Tinkerbell at Cartike Nicely balanced with good head proportions, pretty and feminine. Would like stronger pigment. Developed chest, strong body, broad thighs and correct tail set. Good texture to coat. Moved out well but not the drive of my winners.
2 Douwen’s Tres Magnifique Poupée Van De Dyksteinhoeve Another pretty bitch with good head proportions creating a soft and appealing expression. Strong pigmentation. Well constructed, good tail set and lovely coat texture. Not as mature or as confident on the move as 1.