• Show Date: 10/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pauline Amphlett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Siberian Husky

Fortunate to receive a quality entry of Siberians post lockdown, so huge thanks for supporting the society.

Picking up our hobby again after COVID has quickly become very expensive with the increase in fuel at almost £2 a litre along with the general increases in running our homes, vets bills and buying dog food. But getting out again showing our dogs is very important for us with our mental health and it is essentially a way of touching base with our canine friends who live in the main all over the UK. I’m sure we’ll all agree that being around like-minded folk makes for an enjoyable day out with our beautiful dogs. So long may the show scene reign.

Noted when the schedule for this show was first published that it didn’t seem to have a very good range of classes on offer like yearling, graduate and mid limit for example. Seems others agree so I will pass this information onto the show secretary for consideration next year. Fingers crossed we get a better range of classes made available to us next year.

On the day I was really pleased to note that the quality of our entry was extremely strong and this resulted in some very difficult decisions having to be made with final placing’s in a few classes. Seriously this really made my heart sing to see our breed in such a strong position.

A few points for us to consider, relates to the handling of our dogs firstly we are all paying a lot of money to have our dogs peer assessed and we should want to make the best use of the opportunity! Sorry to say witnessed a lot of poor handling on the day, which does our dogs no favours in the show ring. When asked to do a triangle, let’s remind our selves what is it? We all know it has 3 straight sides and 3 angles and remember the sides of a triangle are straight and when asked to do the out and back it should be run away from the judge in a straight line and back in the same direction and not be a meander to the side of the ring running away from your judge. We are asked to do this so the judge can assess our dog’s side profile on the move and assess it’s front and rear movement and many of us will have been told at our ring craft groups to always observe where the judge is standing and remember not to obscure the view of the dog to them at any time whilst in the ring.

On a final note there were a number of long curly dew claws visable on the day? So might be worth checking that this comment doesn't relate to your dogs before going out to your next show.

PD (2/0)

1 Bryson Inukshuk O’Aningan

Almost 9 mths old, piebald with brown eyes, attractive head with good ear-set, firm topline, correct croup and tail carriage and moved well for a young dog but needs time to mature and grow into itself. Related very well to his handler which bodes well for the future. BPD

2 Bryson Inukshuk O’Naniitchuk Kulu

Another promising 9 mth dog, B/W with firm topline, croup and tail-set, covered the ground well for a young dog. So wanting to please his handler whilst learning he learns what is required of him in the show ring.

JD (1/0)

1 Grice Elleonia No Matter What

12 months old, G/W boy with dark brown eyes and gentle expression. Loved his outline and has good proportions, nicely-angulated front and rear with level topline, good croup, tail carriage and leg length. He was a bit unbalanced on the move and noted he was running very wide in the rear.

PGD (9/1)

1 Seaward Elleonia Unbreakable Heart

12 months old, G/W boy who seemed a bit flat on the day, lovely head and blue eyes, good angulation front and rear, moved well coming and going with no sign of weakness, lovely breed type and has started to come together nicely for a young dog.

2 Biddlecombe & Biddlecombe Tsaritsa Tucson

3 yrs, piebald, brown almond eyes, another good looking dog, attractive head and excellent ear-set, well muscled condition and put together well, good angulation with level topline, croup and tail carriage. Plenty of drive in the rear, true on the move coming and going with much to like about him.

3 Bryson Azgard Padron of Inukshuk

LD (8/2)

1 Tapper & Leyland Icynight’s Feeling Good at Kedalita

2.5 yrs, the most gorgeous white boy I have seen for some time, loved his breed type and as soon as he stepped into the ring and I couldn’t really keep my eyes off him. Glad he didn’t disappoint, excellent angulation front and rear, firm topline, correct arch over the loin, good croup and tail carriage. In good coat and overall condition and well muscled. Attractive masculine head with well placed ears and lovely dark almond shaped eyes, ideal proportions throughout and correct leg length to height. He moved out confidently with no wasted energy. Extremely well handled on the day and represented our breed well in the group ring and was a very worthy winner of both the CC and BOB.

2 Smith & March Trailhunters Tsutey

4 yrs, wolf G/W dog, bi-eyed almond shaped eyes with lovely head and gentle expression, excellent ear set. In good coat and well presented on the day, well-muscled, good angulation and level topline, accompanied with the correct slope of croup and tail carriage, moved soundly. Liked him a lot but just preferred the type of first placed dog on the day.

3 Keen Norste Dusty Miller at Nashanessen

OD (7/0)

1 Biddlecombe & Biddlecombe Tsaritsa Veyron

5 yrs, G/W dog, good breed type with lots to like about him, functional and very workman like, with attractive head, gentle expression and a good ear-set, excellent angulations front and rear, firm topline, good croup and tail carriage. In lovely coat on the day and presented in well muscled condition and as I understand this dog is actually the father of the BCC winner. How about that for connections! He is another dog with outstanding, ground covering gait, which was smooth and light-footed, true coming and going and it has to be said pushed very hard in the challenge.

2 Sargent & Sargent Ch Hushwing Wezztlee with Keriquel

5 yrs, B/W, lovely dark almond eyes, well angulated with lovely outline standing, good topline, croup and tail carriage. Light footed and covered the ground well from the side and sound in the rear. Presented and handled very well and in super well-muscled condition. Lots to like about him but unfortunate to meet first placed dog who was very strong competition on the day.

3 Robinson & Robinson Frostynights Blood Raven

VD (2/1)

1 Platt Rykalov’s Sparks at Wightflight

10.5 yrs, W/G and one I have wanted to get my hands on for some time. Mischievous dark eyes, super masculine head, well set ears and in great overall condition and coat, at one with his handler who brought the very best out in him, looks lovely in profile, easy light footed movement was a joy to watch on the move with lots of drive from the rear. He is a real credit to both owner and breeder. Interestingly learnt from his owner at the end of the day writing out the cards that he has not been made up. RCC

PB (4/1)

1 Bellcourt Tsaritsa Augustarwen at Hysglyddraig BP

10 mths, W/G bitch, feminine head and gently expression, brown almond shaped eyes, good ear-set, well angulated throughout with a lovely outline on the stand, nicely muscled, good slope on the croup and excellent tail carriage. Demonstrated light- footed ground covering movement on the day from the side and the rear. In fact she was a real sweetheart and I was very drawn to her. A real credit to her owner and breeder. Represented our breed well in the working puppy group later in the day. BP

2 Bryson Inukshuk Quinuitug O’The Night

Almost 9 mths, W/G, beautiful dark almond shaped eyes. Well presented and in lovely coat, beautiful soft expression in her eyes, nicely constructed and looked good from all angles, a little unsettled on the move but she did improve during the class. Just needs more confidence on the show lead and needs to be moved a bit quicker. One definitely to watch for in the future.

3 Bryson Inukshuk Quinuitug O’North

JB (6/2)

1 Robinson & Robinson Elleonia One More Light

1 yr old, gorgeous pie girl, with dark almond shaped eyes, lovely feminine head and expression, well set ears, light footed and covered the ground well when she finally settled, sound coming and going, well angulated with good proportions and firm topline, croup and tail carriage and lovely length of leg to height ratios. There was so much to like about this young dog.

2 Bellcourt Seppstasja’s Lynx at Hysglyddraig

11 mths, has a number of lovely attributes, beautiful feminine expression and refined foxy head, well set ears, sympathically handled to get the best out of her on the day, demonstrated light ground covering movement. On another occasion the final placing’s for this class may well be reversed.

3 Seward Elleonia Whisper In The Dark

PGB (12/1)

1 Wakker & Wakker Shaytaan’s China White at Ceannabeinne (Imp Can)

6 yrs, white feminine understated bitch with dark eyes, gorgeous head and knowing expression, well placed ears, pleasing overall angles with firm topline on the move, croup and tail carriage, which really did create a lovely outline, good leg length and correct bone. Holding nice weight. Light footed, ground covering movement on the day, sound coming and going. Didn’t put a foot wrong to be honest and took the class with her handler. RCC

2 Platt Wightflight Einich

2 yrs, B/W bitch, bi-eyed, nicely put together with lovely shoulder angulation and firm topline, croup, tail carriage and good overall angulations, covered the ground well on the move, light footed and sound front and rear, attractive feminine head with good ear-set. Well presented and handled on the day. Positions could easily swop at another show with another judge. Just preferred breed type of first placed dog on the day.

3 Munday & Cunningham Icebex Morning Steeler

LB (16/5)

1 Biddlecombe & Biddlecombe Zarchenski Taboo at Tsaritsa

3 yrs, gorgeous white girl that ticked all the boxes in relation to the breed standard. Gentle expression, dark almond shaped eye, made me smile every time I looked at her. Excellent angulations front and rear, firm topline on the move, nicely angled croup with good tail carriage. Extremely sound coming and going, light footed and covered the ground with ease. Very well handled as I would expect from this owner and beautifully presented. A real credit to her breeder and very pleased her owner entered her for the show. She was a very worthy winner and very pleased to award her the CC.

2 Spruce Mysticwolf Diesel’s Dream

3.5 yrs, G/W female, blue eyes, lovely gentle expression. In fact a very understated girl who is standard fitting in all respects, very unlucky to meet one on such good form today, many of the same comments above apply to this gorgeous girl. In lovely coat, well presented and handled and very nicely muscled, well angulated with super outline, firm topline, nicely angled croup and correct tail carriage. Confident light footed movement and very sound in the front and the rear. Unfortunate, to meet first placed dog today.

3 Jones Shaytaan’s Upyours at Icynights (Imp Can)

OB (8/0)

1 Leich, Leich & Koops Forstal’s Tsula

5 yrs, wolf grey, blue eyed female in good coat, she has an attractive head with ear-set a tad wide, but has good overall angulations front and rear and is very attentive in the stand to show her profile to full advantage and when asked moved out well around the ring, impeccably handled by one of her breeders earlier in the class before someone else stepped in for them to finish the class on the day.

2 Wakker & Wakker Shaytaan’s Ooermissus at Ceanabeinne (Imp Can)

5 yrs, white girl with lovely almond shaped eyes and gentle expression, very nicely made throughout, good lay of shoulder and angulations front and rear. Confident light-footed movement, covered the ground well from the side profile and sound in the rear. Unfortunate to meet the first placed dog who was on good form today.

3 Sargent & Sargent Keriquel Rose Royale

VB (7/4)

1 Shaw Norste Gazelle

12 yrs, very attractive white female whom I have admired for some time, she has the most beautiful head and foxy expression, accompanied with a good ear set. Pleased to see this girl again and wished on the day I had more green cards to give out as she was very deserving. Excellent example of the breed, well put together with good angulations, topline, croup and tail carriage. Moved very soundly and covering lots of ground without great effort, light footed and smooth, handled expertly as always. In well muscled condition for a dog of her age and in A1 coat on the day. BVB

2 Seaward Forstal’s Crystal with Elleonia JW

8 yrs, piebald, blue eyes, feminine girl, attractive head with good ear-set, another in good overall condition and holding the right weight. Lovely outline in the stand with good ratios of leg length to height, nice controlled movement with reach and drive from the rear, light footed and ground covering. Again just preferred the overall picture of the winner today.

3 Norman Skimarque Anna Pavlova

Pauline Amphlett