• Show Date: 02/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Akita

Many thanks to SKC Committee for inviting me to judge Akitas. Thank you for a very nice entry on paper, unfortunately a number of absentees on the day, particularly in males, but I was pleased with the quality, so no issue awarding the Cards. Thanks to the exhibitors for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions.

Puppy Dog (1,1)

Post Graduate Dog (1).

1. Hunter & Allen's, Casakura Aurora Borealis, 17 months old, he has excellent substance, a pleasing head of good strength, lovely eye, ears of good size, well placed and carried. Good strong neck , topline was a little soft in stance, though he carried his topline well on the move. He has good bone and good feet, well developed chest and balnaced angulations. He was good coming and going and was well presented and handled. Pleased to award him the Res Dog CC.

Limit Dog (1,1)

Open Dog (5,4)

1. Davies', Ch Redwitch This is Me at Shinzam, a very striking 3 year old of excellent size and substance, seemed to be quite a handful today for his handler. Head of good strength, he has a nice eye, ears are well placed, a shade on the tall side. Good reach of neck and excellent topline and tailset. He has good bone and feet, could have a little more fill in the forechest. Angulations are OK front and rear, very nicely balanced in his sidegait with good reach and drive, could be a shade tidier coming towards. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

Veteran Dog (1)

1. McLaren's, Ir Ch Barranod Ballyshannon Boy, 7 years old of medium size, balanced head with a nice eye, ears are well placed but tall. He has a nice reach of neck, good topline and tailset, would have preferred more substance in the body. Enough bone, he was a shade weak in the pastern and while he was good coming and going, he was unbalanced in his side gait. Excellent condition for his age, Best Veteran in Breed.

Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1. Hunter & Allen's, Casakura Highland Dream, just a baby of the minimum 6 months who needs a little more experience and training. She has a nice outline, head of good strength for her age, ears well placed and carried, good reach of neck and topline was OK. Excellent set on of tail, good angulations front and rear, good bone and feet. A little loose in front at this time and a shade unbalanced in her sidegait, but for sure will all come together soon. Best Puppy in Breed.

Junior Bitch (2)

1. Kirk's, Ivoryridge She's A Belter, well named, this 15 month old shows lots of promise. She is very pleasing type with a balanced feminine head, nice eye, ears of good size well carried. She has enough bone, good feet, balanced angulation front and rear. She just needs to fill in the forechest and a little more substance in the body. She moved well and was well handled with lovely temperament, just in the run off for the Bitch challenge she looked raw against the older girls. One for the future I am sure..

2. O'Neill's, Geilsaven Toote Sweet, 17 months of excellent substance, good strength to her head and nice dark eye, though perhaps shape and expression could be better. Good neck, topline and tailset. She is well angulated in the rear, a little straighter in front. She has good bone and feet and was presented in excellent condition. Could improve in front coming towards and be a little more balanced in her sidegait.

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1. McLean's, Causepark Cover Girl at Melodor, a pleasing type, this bitch has a balanced feminine head but still with good strength. She has a nice eye and expression good ear size and placement and an excellent neck. She has good substance in the body and was presented in good coat and condition. Topline was a little soft in stance but OK on the move. I would prefer a little more strength in the pasterns, could be a little better coming and going but in her profile her movement was excellent. Reserve Bitch CC.

Limit Bitch (6,2)

1. Connor's, Tazfuji's Liberion Girl, 4 years old of nice type with a feminine head, nice eye and expression, ears of good size, could be placed a shade higher. Good powerful neck, topline could be better in stance and I would prefer a shade more substance to her. Good bone and feet, good body proportions, good coat and condition, excellent coming and going on the move.

2. Iason's, Whitewreath From the Ashes, strong brindle female of excellent substance. Strong head, nice eye, good ear carriage. Good reach of neck, good bone and feet. Rather deep in chest which spoiled the balance of body proportions. Good topline and tailset, angulations are OK front and rear, would have preferred a little more balance in her sidegait.

3. Simpson's, Snowbeach's She's All That to Rominjay.

Open Bitch (3,1)

1. O'Neill's, Ch Geilsaven Suzie Que, 4 years old, well presented and handled, in lovely coat and condition, She has a balanced feminine head, with a lovely eye and expression, ears of good size well placed and used to full advantage. Excellent reach of neck flowing into a good topline with an excellent tailset. Well angulated with good bone and feet, excellent body proportions and a wonderful temperament. Good coming and going, she was very balanced in her side gait, pleased to award her the Bitch CC & BOB.

2.Frasers, Seishido Zetta, 22 months old of good size and with good substance. Balanced head with nice eye and good ears. Good bone and feet, just a little weak in the pastern. Nice topline and tailset, she could be more balanced in her sidegit. I believe that it was one of the exhibitors first shows, so she and her dog did very well, keep up the good work.

Judge; Paul Lawless