• Show Date: 05/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Lawless Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Of Scotland

Breed: Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)

Many thanks to the Association for inviting me to judge at their show. While the entry number was not very high, I was particularly pleased with the quality and had many close decisions to make. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their support and for sportingly accepting my choices.

Puppy Dog (4,1)

1. Matthews’, Craigycor Giovanni, almost a year old, he is very pleasing type with a nicely balanced masculine head of good proportions. He has a lovely eye and expression, ears of good size, well placed. He has an excellent reach of neck and good topline, good spring of rib, excellent bone and feet. He was excellent coming and going, would have preferred him a little more balanced in side gait. Best Puppy Dog.

2. Coulson’s, Woodhenge Star Conqueror, 10 months old, another quality puppy with a very pleasing outline. He has a nicely balanced head with a lovely eye and expression. Good neck and topline, balanced angulations, good bone and feet, could be a touch firmer in pastern. He has an excellent side gait, would have preferred him slightly better coming towards.

3. McColl’s, Unita Mentale Ernesto.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Blance’s, Penliath Write About This, 16 months old, he immediately took my eye. A pleasing size and shape for his age, he was beautifully presented and handled. A lovely head of good proportions with a very pleasing eye and expression. He has excellent forechest, excellent bone and feet and he stood well front and rear. Lovely reach of neck and excellent length and spring of rib. Good angulations front and rear and his movement was balanced coming and going and in profile with reach and drive. Pleased to award him the Dog CC.

Post Graduate Dog (1)

1. Franchi’s, Saniaquinto A Kind of Magic, 2 years old sturdy chap with plenty of substance, masculine head with a medium dark eye and a nice expression. Ears well placed and carried, good reach of neck, would prefer a slightly better topline. On the move he had a nicely balanced side gait, I would just prefer him a little better coming towards.

Limit Dog (1)

1. Bruce’s, Woodhenge Star Mariner, 22 months, very shapely male, with a balanced head of medium strength, nice eye and expression. Medium sized ears well placed, good reach of neck, could have slightly better topline. He has good bone and feet, was very good coming and going, though in profile he could have shade more drive from the rear.

Open Dog (5,1)

1. Irving’s, Born To Be Your Stars Align at Twinan, 18 months, this boy has a very pleasing outline, balanced head of good proportions. Good ear size and placement, lovely eye and expression. Good reach of neck and super topline, excellent spring of rib. Balanced angulations, moved well coming and going and he was balanced in his sidegait. Pleased to award him the Reserve Dog CC.

Puppy Bitch (4)

1. Matthews’, Craigycor Let’s Dance, I was very taken with this youngster, she has the most beautiful outline, a lovely feminine head with a beautiful eye and expression. Good neck, excellent topline, good angulations front and rear, excellent bone and feet. She moved well coming and going with a nicely balanced side gait. Did seriously consider her for the Res CC, but she will have her day I am sure. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Irving’s, Twinan Reflections of Love, 8 months, a lovely puppy with a very pleasing head and a gorgeous eye and expression. Good neck and topline, excellent chest for her age, good bone and feet. Balanced angulation, she just needs to settle on the move.

3. Irving & Logie’s, Twinan Loves Got A Secret.

Junior Bitch (2)

1. Irving’s, Twinan Hand In The Cookie Jar, 16 months Tri, feminine youngster with a very pleasing outline. Balanced head of good proportions, lovely eye and expression. Excellent ear size and placement, good neck and topline, could have a shade more length to rib cage. Good coming and going and nicely balanced in her side gait with good reach and drive.

2. Snedden’s, Twinan Blissful Symphony for Nesden, 16 months old substantial bitch, strong head with a medium dark eye. Would prefer a shade more volume to her muzzle and her ears are carried rather erect. Good bone and feet, angulations are good front and rear and she moved freely, just losing topline slightly.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,2)

1.Irving & Logie’s, Born To Be Your Caramel Popcorn at Twinan, 23 months old, Medium Size with a balanced head, medium dark eye and nice expression. Good flowing topline and excellent croup. Good bone and feet, angulations are balanced front and rear and she was very well handled and moved really well in all directions.

2. Franchi’s, Saniaqunto Moonstruck, 2 years old of nice size and shape. Would prefer slightly better proportions in her head, Medium Dark eye, ears are OK,. Excellent bone and feet, moved well coming and going but a little erratic in her side gait..

3. Snedden’s, Twinan Blissful Symphony for Nesden.

Limit Bitch (3,1)

1. Coulson’s, Woodhenge Star Enchantress, 22 months,lovely female, excellent head proportions, excellent eye shape and expression, ears well placed. Good substance, excellent neck and topline, Good spring of rib, good bone, would prefer feet a little tighter. Excellent in side gait on the move, pleased to award her the Reserve Bitch CC.

2. Brown’s, Calwinii’s Valentina Rose, 18 months old, attractive female, pleasing head with good proportions, eye could have been a touch darker. Good neck, she was losing topline slightly in stance. Good bone and feet, could stand a little better in front. Angulations are good front and rear, moved well.

Open Bitch (4,2)

1. Blance’s, Ch Penliath Bill me Later, almost 4 years old, beautifully presented female. Excellent type, harmonious outline. Feminine head of excellent proportions, lovely eye and expression, ears of good size, well placed. Excellent reach of neck and good flow onto a level topline with good spring of rib. Angulations are good front and rear, she was balanced on the move and was good coming and going. Pleased to award her the Bitch CC & BOB and to later see her shortlisted in the Pastoral Group.

2. Brown’s, Daleabbey Aria at Calwinii. 4 years old strong female with a medium length head. Pleasing eye, ears well placed. Good neck, topline is a shade soft. Angulations are balanced front and rear, she has a balanced side gait, could be better coming towards.

Judge; Paul Lawless