• Show Date: 27/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Paul Eardley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Glen Of Imaal Terrier Association

Breed: Breed Club Ch Show

The Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Ch. Show- 27th November 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon with the Glen’s. Thank you so much for a good entry. The show had a lovely atmosphere. Overall, I was pleased with the current state of the breed. I certainly found enough good ones to make my job interesting. There was a bit of variation in size (which is to be expected) and one or two mouth faults. On the positive side movement was generally pretty good and temperaments were excellent.

Puppy dog-2 entries

An interesting contest between two litter brothers.

1st O’Grady’s Romainville Blue Indigo

This boy is well grown. Just at the moment he is a little tall. I liked his temperament and tail set and carriage. Currently a little narrow behind. Good headed boy.

2nd George’s Romainville Rock On Ronnie

This boy was not quite as mature as his brother. He was a touch lower to the ground, which I preferred. Ok in head and pleasing rear movement. Unfortunately was a bit shy today which was pegging him.

Junior dog-2 entries, 1 absent

1st Withers’ Pajantick Darknite

Nice young dog of good type. Head developing well, good body proportions, correct outline, nice rear and correct front for breed. With maturity and furnishings should finish well.

Post graduate dog-1 entry

1st Lark-Jones’s Boudivella Arlo

I like the overall look of this boy as he was a pleasing type. Head has developed well – I liked his rear angulation. Good coat and well presented.

Limit dog-3 entries

1st Bailey’s Zippor Brenden

My notes on this one said a nice moderate dog which is exactly what he is. He’s not the biggest but is beautifully proportioned with a good head, decent front, decent rear and correct outline. Ultimately his beautiful soundness continued to catch my eye and he earned a well deserved Res CC.

2nd Garner’s Jeonty Murphy Shading Dark

There was no denying the type and style of this dog. He is still maturing and is currently a touch long. He powers round the ring and possesses a good rear. Unfortunately, I felt that his trim detracted, rather than enhanced him. It was just too much like a Dandie. Extremely well handled to get the best out of him.

3rd Kirkwood’s Jeonty Kylo Rew at Cazcade

Open dog-5 entries

1st Rogers’ Ch Jeonty Dameron Anakin

Just my sort of Glen and no surprise to see that he has his title. So typy. Smart and tidy but in no way over done. On closer examination he ticked a number of the boxes. Good headed boy, correct front and back and was the best mover in the class. Masculine but not coarse. Will get even better with maturity. Well deserved CC.

2nd Hannington’s Boudivella Osca

Strong boy who is fully mature with a decent head and a lovely outline. Excellent coat of good texture. Just not quite the movement of the CC and Res CC winners.

3rd- Harley’s Abberran Running Down A Dream at Donvalset

Veteran dog-2 entries

Interesting contest between these two veteran boys who are both fully deserving of their titles.

1st Rogers’ Ch Gleann Dynamo Man at Jeonty (Imp Fin)

This boy is busy growing a new coat. However, there was nothing to hide. Really good proportions, looked good in the side gate and was really good in the rear. Certainly a dynamo even though he is now a veteran. Best veteran. 

2nd Alstead’s Ch Golden Spurs

Lovely, headed boy. Another with good proportions and a really good coat.

Not quite the outline of the winner.

Puppy bitch- 3 entries

This was a lovely class of puppy bitches.

1st Kirkwood’s Cazcade Betty Boop

Very promising indeed. Super type and is developing well. Good head, delightful temperament and really good mover. This breed are slow maturers but nothwithstanding that I did give serious thought as to whether she could take the Res CC. However that would have been my heart rather than my head. Best puppy in show.

2nd George’s Romainville Class’N Sassy

This young lady is very promising and has lots to like about her. The deciding factor really was that the winner was in better coat.

3rd Riordan’s Shevenabrehan Meabh at Lishmar

Junior bitch-3 entries

1st Hardy’s Anhard Rapid Beat

This one put on a good performance. Nice and steady up and back and decent in profile. Excellent proportions. Feminine but with enough substance. Developing along the right lines.

2nd Hannington’s Mo Stor Ailin of Tatler Jacks Clan at Boudivella

Appealing girl, decent proportions, delightful, temperament, Ok in outline. Just not as strong in the rear as the winner

3rd Saletti’s Jojase Ailing Pixie

Post graduate bitch-2 entries

1st Hardy’s Amhard Raspberry Fizz

Decent sort and was giving a bit away in age in this class, but I liked her head, I liked her proportions, good coat and was sound up and back.

2nd Harley’s Amhard Peanut Brittle

At first I thought this girl might win the class on maturity. However she was carrying just a little too much weight. Not quite as animated as the winner. Decent front and ok in the head.

Limit bitch-3 entries, 1 absent

Interesting contest between these two girls.

1st Sage’s Wickholm Bohemian Rhapsody

Really eye-catching when she first came in, super headed girl, decent size, good show temperament, nice outline moved well in all directions, well presented and handled and pressed hard for top honours. Won the Res CC and ultimately Res BIS.

2nd George’s Romainville China Blue

I liked the proportions and type of this girl. Unfortunately not very assertive. Lovely ears, good coat, will be more competitive with confidence.

Open bitch-6 entries, 1 absent

1st Rogers’ Ch Jeonty Gyn A New Hope

Very much my sort and very similar to the dog CC winner which is not surprising really as she is his mother. Super proportions, is fully mature, lovely temperament, good mover in all directions, super head, in good coat and well presented. CC and BIS and so well deserved.

2nd Forbes’ Jeonty Dream’s A Dream with Karensbrae JW

A similar type to the winner, although not quite as much substance all through. Good moving girl and well handled. In quite a short jacket. Decent head and is clearly a quality girl.

3rd Kirkwood’s Jeonty Letty Be Magic

Veteran bitch-2 entries

1st Hardy’s Amhard Indy Kate

Nice headed girl who moved well. Won the class as she was overall better proportioned and a bit more together. Nice headed girl.

2nd Perry’s Romainville Maggie May

I liked the head and coat on this girl. Not quite as good behind as the winner and not quite as good in tail carriage.

Paul Eardley