• Show Date: 18/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: patsy hollings Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Veteran Groups

Best Veteran In Show

Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings

BEST : 2891 HALL, Miss M D Ch Shenedene Miss World JW - LHASA APSO – Bitch. I have judged this one years ago and she appears to get even better with age. Absolute immaculate condition and her carriage and outline defy her years. Clean ,healthy and just right for body weight and muscle. She took the days heat and in the final pulled out all the stops ,to go all the way. A beauty.

RESERVE : 1236 DAVIES, Ms Jacqui Ann Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor JW - BULLMASTIFF – Dog. Strength and power depict this dog. So balanced with an impressive head ,well fitting eye with solid expression. Muscular ,dry neck good forehand and width to chest . Excellent bone and tight padded feet. Level back to defined rump and strong hard hind quarters. Goes with ground cover and purpose.

Working Group - Veteran

1st : 1236 DAVIES, Ms Jacqui Ann Ch Hyerdunscar On A Mission With Coulbymoor JW - BULLMASTIFF - Dog

2nd : 1608 WHATSLEY, Miss Sophie Ch Hyperborea Tantum Glittering Violet (Imp Rus) - SIBERIAN HUSKY – Bitch. Striking in outline and not weak or overdone ,just so well balanced. Made right and holds it together on the move to present a smooth effortless action.

3rd : 1321 TYLER, Mr & Mrs S J & A J & TYLER, Miss S E Ch & Lux Ch Jojavik Bulletproof Bomb JW SHCM JW Sh - DOBERMANN – Dog. Fit, shapely and hard as iron. He is impressive standing and moving which he does in harmony of his handler.

4th : 1381 VEAL, Mr Michael Ch Philoma Man After Midnight - GIANT SCHNAUZER – Dog. A dog which presents an outline of the breed and .Totally masculine ,he gives his all standing and retains his shape and style on the move .

 Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings.

 Utility Group - Veteran

1st : 2891 HALL, Miss M D Ch Shenedene Miss World JW - LHASA APSO - Bitch

2nd : 3042 MCLACHLAN, Miss L & J & PLOURDE, J & MACFARLANE, Am Ch GCHG CH Whispering Pines Lover boy ( IMP U - SCHIPPERKE – Dog. Quality prevails here. He is alert to his clever handler and a lesson in presentation. Cobby and firm throughout ,he stands and moves absolutely soundly.

3rd : 2728 PEARCE, Mr Gary & FRANCIS, Mr Dale Ch Longsdale's Dilemma - GERMAN SPITZ (KLEIN) – Bitch. He catches the eye at first glance with his profuse well turned out coat. On closer examination, one just confirms why he appeals, being so well constructed .

4th : 3218 CHESSELL, Mr Brian Araki Areu Ready for this at Stylaxian Sh.CM ShCEx - TIBETAN TERRIER – Bitch. Size and shape are there to see. This one is super to go over and works with handler to advantage. A quality T.T. that is presented so well and deserves the rewards in this good class.

 Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings.

 Toy Group - Veteran

1st : 3629 FRANCIS & BLATCHFORD, Mr & Miss JW & W Ch Witchstone Not Apache On Me For Peopleton - ENGLISH TOY TERRIER (BLACK & TAN) – Dog. Shapley ,typical and fit. Looks the part standing and on the move ,really sets the standard to the rest ,so had to have it.

2nd : 4063 HILL, Mrs Alexandra & HILL, Miss Lucy Ch & Lux Ch Be Ch Calaquendi Nebuchadnezzar JW Sh. - PUG – Dog. A merry one that has an outline that is cobby and balanced .Never gives up ,attentive to handler and smart on the move.

3rd : 3697 MORRIS, Mr & Mrs Wayne & Gaynor Ch Classy cleo ShCm VW - HAVANESE – Bitch.I was drawn to this sturdy one with the good proportions and profuse ,well prepared coat. Good head carriage and tail, went with a sound springy gait.

4th : 3578 CROW, Mrs Donna Ch Just Kidding Of Angel's Legacy At Casacavallo J - CHINESE CRESTED - Dog .Active with pleasing head ,carriage of neck ,firm in body and smooth skin with correct plume. Smart and attentive.

Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings.

Terrier Group - Veteran

1st : 5872 BURNS, Mrs A & BURNS, Miss M Ch Burneze Our Marnie - WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER – Bitch. When you look at her head piece with correct pigmentation and dark expressive eyes ,you are drawn in . Think this owner has a cast that they all come out of! I am a big fan, nothing you would change here .Lovely .

2nd : 5400 BURRAGE, Mr & Mrs D & L Ch Komidion Night Music at Sametova Sh.CM ShCEx VW - CESKY TERRIER – Bitch. What a good one to go over. Shape and style ,in super condition and shapely . Very deserving of the place here.

3rd : 5820 LEWIS, Mrs Jayne & LEWIS, Mr Karl Ch Biggleswick Splash of Ginge - STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER – Dog. He just made me smile .I was very taken by his strength and clean muscular lines. Did not disappoint on the move .A grand sort.

4th : 5371 DANIELSSON, Mrs Veronica Lis-Marie Int Ch Nord Norsk Ch Swed Fin Stubby Sox Ridhir Ro - CAIRN TERRIER – Dog. He caught my eye on first look and I was very impressed when going over him, nor did he let me down when he went ,with his determined sound action.

 Judge: Mrs Patsy Hollings .

Hound Group - Veteran

1st : 4878 MIDDLETON, MR MRS BRIAN AND LINDA Ch Graythor Norwegian Lights Sh.CM - NORWEGIAN ELKHOUND – Bitch. Felt she could hold her own in any company, certainly did not look or act her years. She is fit, perfect weight and has an agile alert action .

2nd : 4286 MAKEY, Mrs Ann & MAKEY, Mr Colin Ch Int Ch Bel Gairside Good Lord JW Sh.CM ShCEx CW - BASSET GRIFFON VENDEEN (GRAND) – Dog. A real hound with a balanced outline and quality construction. Appealing head with good leathers. Length to body but firm at all times .Goes with a gait that suggests he could just keep going .Has real type and quality.

3rd : 4434 HARVEY, Mrs L Ch Ir Ch NL Ch Albaneiler Aquae Sulis CW17 (ai) - BORZOI – Bitch. Lithe with a typical graceful action. Has the length of head and aristocratic outlook. Shape throughout and Silky well presented coat.

4th : 4220 CLINTON, Miss A Ch Ir Ch Lux Ch Westlawn Diablo Sh.CM - BASENJI – Dog. Smart ,sassy ,clean in outline .Correct bone and nothing overdone to present the breed type. Balanced with fit body properties . diligent action with good deportment .