• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Patricia Pike Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Irish Setter

Ladies Kennel Association

11th December 2022

I would like to thank the Ladies Kennel Association for inviting me to judge Irish Setters at what will be their last show at the NEC, before moving to Stafford next year. Thank you to my stewards Lyne Jones, David Steven and Dave Hemming for taking my photographs.

I was very pleased with the overall entry and it is good to see the lower classes well supported following the lifting of COVID restrictions. Post Graduate and Limit Bitch in particular were very strong classes with some exhibits changing places on another day.

The ring surface was far from satisfactory, dogs were sliding when stacked and losing their footing on the move. It would have been nice if the rings could have had a mat for the dogs to stand on when the judge was going over them. For this reason, I had to make allowances for movement so as not spook the dogs for any future shows.

I was thrilled to see my BOB achieving his all-important third CC and going on to win the Gundog Group under Mrs. S Marshall (Lowerdon)

Minor Puppy Dog 9 (1)

1. Bentley’s Pencilippin Jubilee Flame; - Upstanding puppy with a lovely head, showing enough stop. Good length and arched neck. Adequate return of upper arm, firm topline and good correct tailset. Moved well. I’ll watch this one with interest.

2. Parson’s Quensha Thinking Out Loud at Bransett: - Lovely shape and balance to this 6-month-old puppy. Classic head proportions with a lovely soft eye. Front and rear angulations are balanced. Moved steady.

3. Crocker & Lewis’ Riverbrue Ophelia Winky.

Puppy Dog 2

1. Harris’ Zakhan’s Rough Diamond by Konakakela: - A very nice puppy, with nice head and for age already nice body and balance with good angulations. Excellent in bone and feet. Moved well covering ground well.

2. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Diamond Jack:- Litter brother to one. Handsome, attractive dog, head nicely balanced, with correct stop, lovely reach of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. He is well balance with excellent angulations, bone and feet. Nice masculine head. Strong and well made in body and ribs. I am sure these two will swap places many times during their show career.

Junior Dog 4 (2)

1. Davison’s Bardonhill Million Reasons: - Handsome boy, well made, with no exaggeration. Nice masculine head and expression. Excellent body and angulations. Nice gently sloping topline and tailset. Moved steady and soundly.

2. Gratton’s Glenlaine Never Say Never Again. This dog was very unfortunate to come up against one. A classic head. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, super gently sloping topline and tail set. Moved with drive.

Special Yearling Dog 3

1. Macauley’s Harreds Lachlan at Stylersetts: - Nice type of dog, balanced with good proportions and correct moderate slope in topline. Very handsome head, eye and expression. Excellent body, angulations, bone and feet. In the class moved well, but during the challenge lost his confidence. I would have considered him for the Res CC.

2. Coreless’ Swiftlark Invincible JW: - Liked balance and shape of this dog. He has a lovely head and expression. Good body properties but I would prefer a little more return of upper arm. Covered the ground well but not the positive hind movement of one.

3. Foster’s Chantries Bel Re

Graduate Dog 9 (3)

1. Beresford’s Jetsetter Wind of Dreams (imp Russia): - Good outline. Head has well defined stop and pronounced eyebrows. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulder Excellent forehand construction with deep chest. Well ribbed back. Correct gently sloping topline. Well-made hindquarters with short rear pasterns. Moved well. In excellent coat and condition. Was pleased to award him the ResCC.

2. Corless’ Swiftlark Spellbinder: - Masculine head with raised brows and a soft expression. Good reach of neck. body has substance and strength. Would have preferred more front and rear angulation.

3. Pine’s Seaowns Snoop

Post Graduate 8 (4)

1. Harris & Hoeksema’s Blazing Bronze Happy Clappy Sings Konakakela (Imp NLD) JW: - A well balanced dog with good quarters and bend of stifle and width through first and second thighs. Very nice bone. Good head planes of equal proportions, dark eye, good ear set. Lots of work in the head. Moved well considering the slippery surface of the ring.

2. Richardson’s Bluesprings Now I’m Here at Forestfire: - Unfortunate to meet 1. Racy in appearance, typey dog, Super head with plenty of work giving a true Irish quizzical expression, ears set on well, good front angles, nice straight legs with small cat like feet, deep in brisket and muscular in loin, well developed rear quarter, moved well holding top line and tail.

3. Foster’s Goidnavam Endurance at Shonoah.

Limit Dog 7 (2)

1. Davison’s Bardonhill You Don’t Fool Me: - A handsome headed dog presenting a clean and balanced outline. Strong, arched neck set beautifully into correct well laid shoulders, gently sloping top line. Balanced angles fore and aft. with strength over the loin. Strong, wide quarters, well-muscled first and second thigh which he used well on the move.

2. Holehan’s Loganrish Lets Go Crazy: - This was the first time this person handled this dog and he did not always get the best out of him, but his qualities shone through. Pleasing head, with a nice dark eye and low set ears. Good topline and tail set. He has good shoulders with corresponding upper arm. Good ribs, moderate in hindquarter, plenty but without exaggeration. Presented in good coat and muscle.

3. Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique JW: -

Open Dog 3 (1)

1. Russell’s Sh Ch Lynwood Hocus Pocus JW: - No exaggerations here. He has a lovely outline, topline correctly sloping to the end of his tail. Pleasing in head, clean over neckline and good angulation both in fore and aft. In full and well-presented coat. He moved soundly.

2. Crocker & Lewis’ Sh Ch Riverbrue Morning Glory: - Well-presented eye-catching dog, pleasing head and expression, handsome with oval skull, raised brows showing stop and

dark eyes.. For me personally a little short in the leg and he dips behind the shoulders giving him a level topline.

Veteran Dog 2

1. Edward’s Gwendariff Ps I Love You JW: - This dog was at his best today at 7 ½ years old he definitely showed the other dogs how to show. Presented in hard condition. Excellent in body, angulations, bone and feet. Gently sloping topline and correct tailset. Masculine head and expression. Presented in good coat. Moving well around with drive, style. I was pleased to award him his 3rd CC today and to top it all off going on to win the Gundog Group under Mrs. S Marshall (Lowerdon). CC and Best Veteran

2. Russell’s Strathmead Huckleberry of Settesoli: - Racy type, elegant in outline. Masculine head. Excellent body. Good front angulation. Nice topline with correct tailset.

Good Citizens 1 (1)

Minor Puppy Bitch 8 (1)

1. Bridgewater’s Bridgella Jubilee Queen: - A very elegant 6-month-old puppy, who shows a tremendous amount of potential. Lovely head with a beautiful soft expression and dark eye. Striking outline and a beautiful overall shape. Good rear angulation and straight front. The handler needs to work with the puppy to ensure she gets the best from her. Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Bentley’s Pencippin Celtic Asthore: - Another promising 6-month-old puppy. Very feminine pretty girl loved her head and expression. Correct shoulder placement, nice straight front. Excellent body, angulations and bone.

3. Bell & Barker-Bells Say It Isn’t So.

Puppy Bitch 5 (1)

1. Rorke’s Zakhan’s Diamond Queen: - This 10-month old quality bitch. Oval skull from ear to ear without any coarseness, good foreface and skull in equal measure. Correct dark almond shape eye. Strong neck into well placed shoulders, with a pleasing gentle sloping topline. She has a lovely rich dark coat. Moved well.

2. Maple’s Pollnac New Miracle: - Elegant feminine head well balanced. soft gentle expression. Correct upper arm angulation, with a strong reach of neck into well laid shoulders, with a nice straight front, small firm catlike feet. Move well.

3. Dufrat’s Glimmer Noblesse Easy Peasy.

Junior Bitch 6 (1)

1. Mugford’s Lynwood Rather Scrumptious JW: - This 13-month old bitch just demanded attention from the moment she entered the ring, absolutely stunning outline nothing overdone or exaggerated. Shown in good condition. Good reach of neck, correct lay of shoulder, deep, well sprung ribs, well developed fore chest. Strong bone, well arched feet. Moved out well.

2. Holley’s Gwendariff Thistle Be Jills at Wynjill: - Another quality girl. Balanced racy outline. Feminine head of good proportions foreface to skull with adequate stop, pleasing eye shape with, dark eye, Clean in neck into well laid shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Moved well.

3. Hardy’s Cafotaliena She’s on Fire

Special Yearling 5 (2)

1. Bott’s Bardonhill Carry on Cleo: - Lovely head with a defined stop and soft expression. Good reach of neck which flows smoothly into well laid shoulders. Good depth in the chest and loin. She has a nice turn of stifle. A good croup and small neat feet and a lovely rich dark coat and moved well.

2. Kassube’s Twoacres Chocolate Delight By Cararua: - This bitch has the most exquisite head you could wish for. good finish to muzzle, dark well shaped eye with defined stop. Correct front angulation with enough pro-sternum, deep ribs carried well back to loin, good finish to croup and tail set. Outline is very balanced and racy.

3. Corless’ Swiftlark Illustrious JW.

Graduate 7 (2)

1. Box’s Fernstart Hearts Delight JW: - This lady really stood out in this class. Exceptionally well-presented quality from head to tail. Superb head nicely balance not course in any way with soft gentle expression. Correct reach of neck with good lay of shoulders. Powerful hind quarters with short hocks which she used to her advantage when covering the ground.

2. Jones’ Wenflaen Déjà vu: - Her profile when stood is so balanced and unexaggerated, but also shapely and feminine. She has a quality head piece, balanced and proportionate, lovely oval back skull, expressive eyebrows. Elegant neck smoothly flowing into a strong topline. Good depth to the ribs, and carried well back, firm over the loin. Nicely angulated hindquarters.

3. Fox & Flinder’s Kerryfair Heart to Heart

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (4)

1. Bridgewater & Green’s Bridgella’s Don’t Push It: - Gorgeous head with a soft quizzical expression, good stop and correct almond shape eye, muscular arched neck into good lay of shoulder, good fore-chest. Gently sloping topline, Good powerful hind quarters used to advantage on the move.

2. Bell & Barker-Bells Balintyne Let It Be Me JW: - A very elegant and powerful lady, superb head and expression, strong topline and tailset. Balanced, excellent body and substance moved with excellent drive and strength, glorious coat and condition, a very pleasant overall balanced girl to look at.

3. Tapper & Leyland’s Lynwood Merry Mayden at Kedalita

Limit Bitch 14 (5)

1. Elkins’ Twoacres Promise of Spring With Avacet: - This girl has the most beautiful feminine head, good stop giving the correct eye position dark unshelled almond shaped eyes, giving that quizzical Irish expression. Lovely reach of neck into correctly angulated front assembly. Gently sloping topline. Good bend of stifle and width of thigh. In good muscular condition. Was pleased to award her the CC.

2. Holly’s Gwendariff Look This Way to Wynjill: - I previously judged this bitch back in 2020 and she has grown into an elegant Lady. Lovely head with a defined stop and soft expression. She has a good reach of neck which flows into well laid shoulders. Good depth in the chest and loin. She has a nice turn of stifle. A good croup and small, neat feet and a lovely rich dark coat and moved well.

3. Frampton & Piggin’s Riverbrue Cloudburst Over Strathmead.

Open Bitch 8 (5)

1. Mugford’s SH CH Lynwood Abracadabra JW: - Lovely type, shape and balance. Feminine head and expression. Excellent fore chest, angulations front and back. Moved really well, strong and extended front and back and straight forwards. Please to award her the Res CC today.

2. Catling’s Sh Ch Teleri Indian Summer (AI) JW: - Beautiful well shaped lady with lovely outline. Pleasing head with a kind expression, well arched neck, solid topline, correct tail-set. Well angulated both front and rear, deep in body with excellent spring of rib, glorious coat and condition, moved with powerful reach and drive.

3. Pil’s Gwendariff The It Girl.

Veteran Bitch 3 (2)

1. Stevenson’s Lochlorien True Detective is Andley: - A really beautiful feminine head and a true Irish expression. Low set ears of good length, nice depth to chest and a true straight front with good rear angulation. Perfect topline which she held well on the move. Moved well with drive and animation.

2. Parson’s Braidmount Lady of the Lake at Bransett: - A very elegant bitch, superb head and expression, strong topline and tailset. Balanced, body and substance moved with excellent drive and strength enough reach in front. In good condition, a very pleasant overall balanced bitch to look at.

David Pike