• Show Date: 02/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pat Hutchinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

I had been looking forward to my debut awarding CCs in Shelties for some years, and was not disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, with a good quality entry and a super efficient steward who kept the exhibitors and spectators on their toes with his humour – thank you for relaxing us all!

During the forty years I have been doing my apprenticeship in Shelties, I have seen a huge improvement in type – a full complement of correctly placed teeth are now the norm, ‘apple’ skulls are now a rarity though the flatter skulls of many of the exhibits are still a bit ‘lumpy and bumpy’, so room for improvement there. However, ear carriage was excellent and movement generally good, and I didn’t feel a tail kink or see a single gay tail! Temperaments have also improved hugely and there was no sign of nervousness in any of the exhibits. Thank you so much for presenting your dogs in tip top condition.

Vet D/B (6, 2)

1. Rutterford’s Ch Kelgrove Just Blue at Stormhead ShCM, JW. B/m dog I judged as a youngster and delighted to see he is still on top form at 11 years of age. Although his colour has darkened over the years, this does not detract from his correct type, overall balance and elegance. He loves the show ring and moved effortlessly with plenty of drive. A well deserved RDCC & BV.

2. French’s Lindfern Enchanted Sunrise. S/w b in good condition and well balanced with sufficient lay-back of shoulder, good bend of stifle and sufficient bone and substance. Good head pattern with ample muzzle and good chin, lovely ear carriage though skull could be flatter to improve expression. She showed well and moved freely but did not quite have the overall balance of 1.

3. Rossiter’s Lorainian Starlight Wonder

4. Keltihope In The Frame At Yasleyrose

MPD (3,1)

1. Poupard’s Burraland Rocket Man. Raw 9 month old s/w boy, with sweet temperament, who needs time to mature. Coat developing well but I would prefer harsher texture. Head pattern is developing OK with sweet eye and neat ears. He has fair reach of neck and front angulation but would prefer more hind angulation to give him more drive on the move.

2. Hamzaoui’s Burraland Leap In The Dark. 6 months old tri baby who also needs lots of time to mature. Attending his first show, he was a little overawed but coped quite well. His stop needs to clear and I would prefer a better underjaw, but he has correct ear carriage and a sweet eye. Although he has a fair reach of neck and his front assembly good, he is a bit ‘bum-high’ at present. He moved OK though a little loose in front, but time is on his side.

PD (5,1)

1. Thornley’s Felthorn Barnaby Rudge. 11 months tri with central blaze, well up to size. Harsh jacket, ample bone and substance and neat feet. Well balanced pup with good reach of neck and fair angulation. Head developing well with ample muzzle strength, good chin, flat skull, correctly placed dark eye and neat ears giving desired expression. Rather full of himself and enjoying his day out, he needs time to settle down to the job but did enough and moved well – one to watch.

2. Winfield’s Lirren Quickstep To Oakcroft Naf Taf. Promising and confident rich s/w of 9 months, with pleasing profile but lacking the maturity of 1. A good length throughout, his head pattern was typical with good foreface and chin, super eye placement and correct ear carriage but his stop still needs to clear. He showed well and moved soundly. Just preferred overall head pattern and expression of 1.

3. Pierce’s Philhope Flame Thrower

4. Burch’s Bordamour All Fired Up

JD (4,2)

1. Creamer’s Lyngarso Captain Tom. Tri of correct size/length ratio, with pleasing head properties, good chin, neat ears and dark eyes, though they were a little full which detracted from his overall expression. He showed steadily and moved soundly with good drive.

2. Fillery-Hammonds’ Wavesongs Chasing Rainbows. S/w in good coat of the correct texture. Head developing well but I would prefer a flatter skull to give the more desired finish and expression. A dog of correct size and fair substance, though a tad more bone and better front assembly would improve his elegance and extension on the move.

YD (2)

1. Robinson’s Lavika Starlight Salute. Quality eye-catching dog, this beautifully groomed pale s/w was in superb condition. Well up to size with full coat of correct texture. Although he is well balanced throughout, with all the essential breed points, I considered him to be over standard size, which prevented him from gaining top honours today. He showed steadily and moved soundly with good extension and plenty of drive.

2. Goldie’s Blenmerrow Mazurka. S/w dog of finer type than 1 and not masculine enough for me. Well presented and in good coat, his head handled quite well with good ear carriage and sweet dark eye, though I would prefer more fill of foreface and chin. Sweet temperament, he showed well and moved quite freely though better angulation of the forequarters and tighter elbows would improve his reach and overall elegance.

PGD (7,3)

1. Hillman’s Lavika Lifestyle. S/W boy in good harsh coat who, on first appraisal, would not have been my class winner, but on handling him found he was well put together with pleasing head, flattish skull, good underjaw, sweet eye and neat ears. Well boned with good substance, angulation good and fair reach of neck. He moved soundly.

2. Withers & Thornley’s Felthorn Cover Story. Well presented and quality tri d in good condition and with coat of correct harsh texture. Good height/length ratio with balanced head, sufficient foreface, chin and neat ears. Slightly fuller in eye than 1. Good bone and substance with ample depth of chest and spring of rib, but would prefer a tad more reach of neck for extra elegance. Moved freely.

3. Pattinson’s Kyleburn Hidden Dream

4. Blenmerrow Mazurka

LD (8, 1)

1. Robinson’s Lavika Deep Blue Ocean. Quality b/m d with dark tan points and a narrow central blaze, in good coat with with well-broken merling and correct harsh texture. So typical of the breed, I found him beautifully balanced and elegant with the correct height/length ratio, good forechest, bend of stifle and graceful sweep over the loins to a low set tail. His head handled well with good underjaw, blue eyes and sweet expression. He has great ring presence, showing steadily and moving effortlessly. An easy winner of this class, and I was also delighted to award him the DCC & BOB.

2. French’s Lorainian King’s Ransom At Lindfern. Another eye-catching and typical Sheltie, beautifully presented and balanced throughout though I found his expression a tad hard. Good substance and depth of chest, and well off for bone. Alert and moved freely.

3. Hull’s Mohnesee’s Dream Date Of Lizmark JW

4. Stock’s Shemist Sea Dragon

OD (5,1)

1. Walker’s Ch Marsula Shogun JW ShCM JW Sh.cm (imp Aus). Tri d with dark tan points and a long coat which he was starting to cast. A bit excited to start with, he was not immediately my class winner. However, on handling him found he is well balanced with excellent reach of neck, good forequarters with ample forechest. Head handled well with sweet eye and neat ears. An alert d, he showed steadily and moved soundly holding his topline level.

2. French’s Ch Lindfern Light Sabre JW. Beautifully presented s/w of heavier type than 1. Head balanced with sweet eye but slightly deep in stop. Fair reach of neck, good angulation, bone and substance. Moved freely with good drive.

3. Fagg’s Dukeson Golden Fleece At Lynscot

4. Robinson’s Lavika Lush Life JW

Good Cit D/B (6,2)

1. Riding’s Achor’s Surprise Percy Polaris for Torinska (imp Che). Well presented b/m d, full of character and of correct size with lovely clear blue coat. Head properties good with brown eyes which could be darker to improve expression. Good angulation fore and aft, good depth of chest and spring of rib though a tad overlong in loin. Showed well and moved OK though would prefer more drive.

2. Weller’s Evad Halloween Queen JW. Feminine s/w b. in good harsh coat. Well balanced b with good reach of neck and good forequarters. Head of good proportions with sweet dark eye and neat ears but would prefer more fill of foreface to improve expression. She showed steadily and moved freely but lacked the ring presence of 1.

3. Burch’s Myter Fire And Ice For Bordamour

4. Carr’s Wansvale Limelight

MPB (4,1)

1. Mettan-Ure’s Oakcroft Simply Starstruck At Savendie Naf. Promising and feminine 7 months old s/w pup, developing along the right lines. Very raw pup at moment but her coat is developing well and she has a good length of tail, fair spring of rib and good angulation. Her head tops a good reach of neck and is balanced with ample foreface, though still high between the eyes as yet, sweet eye and neat ears. She moved quite well for one so young. Pleased to award her BPIB.

2. Walker’s Tooralie’s Twostep. Very raw 6 months old tri baby with deep tan points, daughter of my OD winner and of similar type. Head needs refinement yet, with more fill of foreface and clearing of stop. Sweet dark eye and good ear carriage but as yet they appear too big for her head. She has a fair reach of neck and good angulation and moved OK though a bit close behind.

3. Hamzaoui’s Burraland After The Dark

PB (5)

1. Haensel’s Philhope Summer Time To Sherkari. 11 months old pale s/w of good proportions and in good coat of correct texture. Head balanced with sweet dark eye and neat ears but would prefer more fill of foreface. Fair reach of neck and angulation, ample bone, substance and depth of chest. Showed steadily and moved soundly with drive.

2. French’s Lirren Lasting Love. 9 months old s/w in full puppy coat. Balanced body outline, with good depth of chest and fair angulation and reach of neck. However, her heavy neck ruff appeared to make her head look small and out of balance with the rest of her at present. Having said that, she has a super eye and ears, and a good rounding of muzzle with sufficient underjaw and stop. She looked good on the move.

3. Stockden’s Willowgarth Raspberry Fizz

4. Norris’ Sabema Glitter In The Air

JB (6)

1. French’s Lavika Soul Of Gold For Lindfern Naf. Nicely balanced, feminine s/w b in good coat with fair angulation and reach of neck. Head handled well, with sweet dark eye and good ear carriage, though would prefer more fill of foreface. She was in new ownership and was not happy about her mouth being checked, but all OK. She showed herself off well and covered the ground easily.

2. Norris’ Saxonoak On The Beach. B/m b with blaze. Not in full coat but what she had was a body-fitting jacket of clear blue with well broken marbling. Fair angulation and reach of neck, good depth of chest and spring of rib but would prefer a tad more bone. Pleasing head properties with sweet dark eye and well placed and expressive ears. Moved freely though a little close behind.

3. Matthews’ Esterbon Time Will Tell

4. Symons’ Sendora To Be Special

YB (7,2)

1. Chan’s Sharndah Memories Of Us (imp Aus). Well presented rich mahogany feminine s/w b in excellent coat of correct texture. Well balanced body, sturdy bone and good substance with ample lay-back of shoulder, good reach of neck and well turned stifles. Pleasing head pattern with flat skull, ample underjaw, well filled foreface, dark eye and neat ears. She moved efficiently with drive. Considered her for top honours but just found her legs a tad short which affected her overall balance and quality.

2. Straw’s Dukeson Laced With Magic. Happy pale s/w b. Pleasing profile with fair angulation and reach of neck. Head handled well with sweet dark eye but ears could have been tighter set. Moved freely with drive.

3. Lavika Soul of Gold For Lindfern

4. Winfield’s Oakcroft Cosmic Flower

PGB (12,3)

1. Keeling’s Kishdigra Lady Lunaella. Confident and elegant s/w b of good type and beautifully presented in full coat. Head balanced with good fill of foreface, flattish skull and sweet dark eye. Good angulation fore and aft, ample depth of chest and spring of rib and good bone. Showed steadily and moved soundly.

2. Whittington’s Esterbon Three Kisses For Tighness JW. Tri b of different type. A confident girl, she was sadly out of coat but excels in reach of neck and forequarters. Balanced head with good muzzle and underjaw and neat ears. Moved freely with good front extension and drive.

3. Withers & Thornley’s Mitchfields Cover Girl At Felthorn

4. Stock’s Shemist Summer Romance

LB (8,3)

1. French’s Lindfern Bee Enchanted JW. Elegant s/w b within standard size and well put together under her coat, with good angulation and substance. Balanced head with good muzzle and chin, sweet eye and good ear carriage giving desired expression. Showed steadily and moved freely with drive.

2. Symons’ Sendora Songbird. Well up to size b/m b of good clear colour and correct texture She had a pleasing profile with ample bone and substance, blue eyes and neat ears though a flatter skull would improve her expression. Moved well though would have preferred a little more extension at the front.

3. Winfield’s Carolelen Classic Star By Oakcroft JW

4. Pierce’s Philhope Summer Flame

OB (8,3)

What a super class – I wish I had had several red cards to hand out!

1. Hateley’s Mohnesee Millybelle JW. A confident and elegant rich sable b, so typical of the breed. Beautifully balanced throughout, she was in super coat of good harsh texture and well presented. Ample bone and substance, good depth of chest and spring of rib, fair reach of neck and well-angulated fore and aft. Pleasing head pattern with lovely expression, well placed dark eye and neat ears. She moved effortlessly with drive keeping her topline level and tail low. Delighted to award her the BCC.

2. Robinson’s Lavika Black Beauty JW . A tri b of similar type to 1, she is the dam of my DCC winner and has obviously passed on many of her attributes to him. I was splitting hairs between these two b’s but just preferred the eye shape of 1. Another quality b, she fully deserved the RCC.

3. Robinson’s Lavika Time Of My Life JW

4. Creamer’s Clanavon Touch of Blue at Lyngarso

Pat Hutchinson (Judge)